Coconut Oil & Olive Oil . . . A Beauty “Mash” Made In Heaven!

mash made in heaven moisturizer

Whenever I see a new homemade beauty solution involving COCONUT OIL, I always take notice and almost always have to try it! This one I found at was such a simple idea that it appealed to both my practical side AND my frugal side. :-)

Basically it’s just blending COCONUT OIL and OLIVE OIL to form a wonderful “mash” of sorts that you can use on pretty much anywhere on your body in need of a little tender, loving moisture! I especially liked it on my lips and my face.

Some might be hesitant using something so “oily” on their face…but trust me on this…coconut oil and olive oil are BOTH great for skin!

The fatty acids in COCONUT OIL have been shown to possess antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, and in many cases actually improve many skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Coconut oil also contains free-radical-fighting antioxidants which help prevent premature aging and degenerative diseases.

OLIVE OIL is a natural, hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin, and also has contains strong antioxidants, like Vitamins A and E. These help repair and renew skin that has been damaged from overexposure to sun, air pollution, and other modern-day environmental hazards – like cigarette smoke and fast food. These antioxidants also stimulate cells and return skin to a firmer, smoother, and healthier state.

So as you can see, these two ingredients TOGETHER form a formidable team!

How to make your own “Mash Made In Heaven” Moisturizer:

What you need:

3 parts extra virgin coconut oil
1 part extra virgin olive oil
Lavender essential oil (optional)


  • Add coconut oil and olive oil to a small bowl…and “mash” together with the back of a spoon.
  • Mix together until it’s a nice, smooth consistency.
  • Store in the refrigerator for a “hard” lotion or at room temperature for a soft lotion. Either way, once the mixture hits your skin it will liquify and absorb. (Coconut oil will liquify at 76 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • I used approximately 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil, combined it with approximately 1 Tablespoon of olive oil, and added 4 – 5 drops of Lavender essential oil (for its’ skin calming effects.)


mash made in heaven moisturizer

  • I then put it in a recycled hard lotion bar container I had saved. At first I put it in the refrigerator, but it was pretty hard when it came out, so now I just store it at room temp.




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  1. Caramel says

    It is also a fantastic combination for the hair. You wouldn’t make the mash, you would do it in liquid form. I would also add a couple of drops of rosemary which is a good conditioner and good for growth. So for European hair, you would just need a couple of drops.

      • Aparna says

        Yes, just use liquid coconut oil. Its a very well known Indian (south-asian) house-hold formula. I add few drops of olive oil to it sometimes but it makes it super sticky to wash off. It conditions your hair. But you have to be consistent like every trick to let it work its magic. I put it on my scalp for 30 mins before I wash my hair every alternate day. I like it luke-warm on my scalp so I put it in the microwave for a couple seconds. On the weekends, I add olive oil and leave it on hour a few hours.
        beware: it does smell funky if the oils are not washed off well. :)
        hope this helps.

    • alice says

      I also would like to know how you use this. Is this a pre-wash treatment or something in between washings? Going through menopause has caused my scalp to itch in some sort of crazy way!! I’ve been using rosemary oil as a pre-wash treatment.

      • Susan says

        Alice, this might sound VERY crazy, but I’ve had some itchy scalp also…Listerine. Depending on the length of your hair, a couple of tablespoons of Listerine (I had mint so that is what I used) in warm water and use to rinse your hair after the conditioner. The mint smell fades like vinegar does as it dries (might leave a hint of it which is nice) and it stops. Do this a couple of times a week….weird, but it works.

        This ‘beauty concoction’ works great on the hair itself, but sometimes it is hard to get to the scalp with it and then get it out again :D

      • says

        Alice, bay leaf essential oil in combination with rosemary is a GREAT combo for dandruff. You can even part your hair with a comb, and actually oil your scalp, leave it on for 30 minutes or so, then wash it off. Like Aparna said, you have to be diligent about it. Good luck!

          • says

            Why buy fractionated coconut oil?Probably cost a much greater amount and they would have to either add something to keep it liquid or alter its wholesomeness,in some way.Therefore this fantastic oil which helps our bodies,in so many ways,would be damaged & most benefits lost! I buy my organic virgin coconut oil by NOW,at a Health Food store it costs me $14.99 for12oz-cold pressed- which is what you want if you plan on ingesting it!I take 1-2 Tbsps/day,it,also helps with weight loss.Can use to fry up chicken pcs,put in pancakes,etc….My friend made a cheese sauce,using it in it,for broccoli and her 9yr old son gobbled it all up!Delicious!!I live in Northern Ontario,Canada and think that in the U.S. this coconut oil would be much cheaper.Am curious at the cost there-if someone would kindly share.Almost forgot-do not worry about it being solid,at most room temperatures,you can take some out with a teaspoon and as soon as you touch it to your skin it melts-glides right on! Hope that I was not too Lenghthy!

            • Patty Jones says

              We get 30 oz. of cold pressed, organic, Coconut Oil at Walmart (here in Illinois, USA) for $ 5.99. I cook with it, use it for ‘oil pulling”, moisturizing my feet, legs, hands, arms, etc…..I also use it to clean my face with. Olive oil weighs too heavy on it.

              • Casey Hall says

                I wouldn’t trust anything that WalMart sells. “Organic” doesn’t really mean organic especially if it comes from WalMart. Always buy ingredients locally. They cost a bit more but you’re supporting local farmers and businesses and can rest easy knowing that it hasn’t been loaded with chemicals for a longer shelf life.

                For example in Eugene, Oregon, I buy from this company (they sell at local stores-I don’t buy in mass bulk.)

                • Dani K says

                  I found the Wal-Mart product to be comparable to all the other places I’ve purchased from – including locally and online – within a reasonable price range. The cost at Wal-Mart is significantly lower without compromised taste, texture, or processing methods that I could find so I recommend it highly.

                  My second choice is through Nutiva 30 oz $15 (free Prime shipping)

                  For best quality regardless of price:, handpressed, very organic and high quality, $40 plus shipping per 32 oz.

                  “Always local” isn’t the best option here in the midwest for tropical oils, but I envy those on the west coast with those options =)

    • says

      I live in WNY, and the air gets pretty dry here! I fill a spray bottle with Baby Oil and leave it in the shower. I give my body (and Back!) a quick spray before drying off with a towel and my dry skin is soft & silky for the day! Love it! Easy and Cheap! I also spray a little on my hair, it help tame the frizzies!

      • Krystal says

        Instead of baby oil (which is a petroleum product)use olive oil and/or grapeseed oil – which can be found at your local grocery store. Just mix in your sprayer or pour bottle. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil or oils for scent (don’t use fragrence oils!).

  2. laurel says

    Have been using the coconut oil/sugar scrub on my face for about a month. I was hesitant at first, having always had oily skin, but my 24 year old daughter convinced me to try it. It is WONDERFUL! My skin is nice and soft. Use the scrub on my hands as well and follow that up with your wonderful coconut oil,/vitamin e/baby lotion cream which I love and have orders for at work. LOVE YOUR SITE!

  3. Karen423 says

    I wash my face with coconut oil only, and the only time I ever break out now is that rare occasion I am so tired I go to bed without washing my very well.

    I use and LOVE your lotion, and have friends order it from me all the time. But can’t get my back, going to mix up some of this and apply to a back scrubber in the shower.

  4. Stephanie A. says

    I’ve been using olive oil to cleanse my face, and to moisturize it. I use it for just about everything body wise. I’m definitely going to add coconut oil to my routine now. :) Love this idea!

  5. Donna says

    You would never think that oil like that on the face is a good thing, but IT IS!! I take my make up off with Jojoba oil, get in the shower, don’t wash my face with soap at all, get out and then mix a few drops of Jojoba oil, (or coconut oil and olive oil) with doterra frankincense, and lavender and massage into my face, neck, and chest. I absolutely love it and in fact, I’m hooked. I look so forward to massaging my face with these oils. It may feel a little oily at first, but it just melts right into your skin in 20 or 30 minutes. And, these smells get on your pillow and really helps me relax. The lavender relaxes, and helps to sleep. Of course, frankincense is just a “miracle oil”, helps with cell growth, immune function, awareness, LOVE IT!!

  6. Rosewood says

    I have been thinking of doing half and half for cooking so it spreads or scoops out more easily.

    But why do you mash it why not heat it a bit and mix while softer and not so hard, so nuke it low for a few seconds and it will be spreadable, coconut is also good for your dog but start small at first..

    • Dolly says

      Hi Rosewood. I have a rescue dog with ABSOLUTELY THE WORST SKIN IN THE WORLD. He sheds his skin and it looks like it snowed. The vet tried everything and I’d like to know how you would use it with your dog. Can you please reply? Thank you and stay well. Dolly

      • Rita says

        HI: I’m not Rosewood but I do know that dogs can eat coconut oil. It’s good for their joints. I would just melt it or soften it with my hands and rub it on the hot spots. It may not be necessary, though, as taking it internally helps the skin, too.

      • Catheine Heather Graham says

        I have helped others with this problem..those who didnt have the money to keep on going to the vet. I use peanut oil on the dog food every day.About 1 tbsp. over the dry food and brush dog with a soft bristle so as not to agitate skin .Dont bath th dog often and if you do make sure he’s rinsed wellas soap can cause problems to the skin .on bad cases I rub coconut oil on the skin. Sometimes the food itself can cause this problem. Dont feed our food to the dog and try a different brand.It may be he’s allergic to what he is eating.Watch out for brands that are on the recall list. Don’tfeed brand that have corn gluten in them.. I hope this helps

  7. Melanie says

    Excellent idea. This is what I used as a “spread” for toast instead of buying Earth Balance or other products. Add herbs and garlic, maybe a little sea salt, and flavor the spread and its simply delish!

    I’ll have to try it your way now. Thanks!

  8. says

    I love this idea! I was wondering if this mash could be used around the eyes but I guess Pam just answered it. :) I bet it will be great for nails and cuticles. And lips! Now I just need to hurry up and use up one of my face creams to empty a nice, pretty, non-reactive glass jar for this wonderful mixture. :)

  9. says

    I’ve got incredibly sensitive skin as does my son, has anyone experienced a bad reaction to this mash?
    All that oil and it doesn’t clog pores or irritate the skin?
    Is there a soothing balm for underarms after shaving?

    • CTY says

      Love the versatility of coconut oil. I have been using coconut oil exclusively for underarm care for about 8 weeks now. It helps with razor burn and is a very effective deodorant. I am on the treadmill daily and it is effective against body odor even after that. Summer time will be the test for sure. It has not stained any of my clothes– After showering I dry, and rub a pea size amount underarms, once it absorbs (2-3 minutes) I dress. Some people recommend applying talc or cornstarch over the coconut oil before it soaks into the skin to absorb sweat throughout the day. I haven’t needed it.

    • Nicole C says

      I haven’t tried this yet, but my daughter has horrible eczema and had three different steroid creams. I hated putted them on my then 2yr old, but it was the only thing that gave her relief, until my sister that is a nurse gave me an article on using coconut oil. It really keeps her skin stay healthy and I like not having to use steroids all of the time!!

  10. Debra Way says

    I have jus emptied my jar of Clinique makeup remover(which I loved), and I am going to refill it with this. I have roseaca and oily skin, but the Cliniques was wonderful, and this is probrably alongthe same formula! Thank you Jillie!

  11. kellye says

    I have used olive oil to wash my face for years followed by coconut oil as a moisturizer. I add drops of lavendar and frankincense essential oils to the coconut oil for additional skin health and its fabulous. The olive oil is a great cleanser and makeup remover and the coconut oil is an irreplaceable moisturizer…I suggest it to everyone who will listen :-) Never is my skin oily or clogged. I am 52 and will never use anything else! Highly recommend!!

      • Susan says

        Coconut oil has a natural SPF in it.

        As for removing makeup, pour a small bit onto your fingertips and massage it into your skin. Use a washcloth as warm as you can stand it and put it over your face, then leave til it cools. Gently clean off face with washcloth. You can followup with toner if you like, but I just use coconut for a moisturizer. We’re so dry here in Co that I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night for water and reapplying the coconut oil.

        You can also search “oil cleansing method’

      • kellye says

        I simply rub about a nickel sized squirt of olive oil all over my face, and remove with a warm washcloth. Takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin very soft…then I follow up with the coconut oil to moisturize! :-)

  12. Jenn says

    I am pregnant and trying to find something to moisturize with to prevent the dreaded stretch marks. I have heard that there is really no way to prevent them, but that olive oil or cocoa butter would help. Do you think this would be worth a shot?

  13. Carol Samsel says

    I’ve been using this for months my skin is so soft. In the mornings I just slather on straight coconut oil and it soaks in a few minutes and I’m ready to go for the day. I gave up on makeup years ago… too many chemicals that bothered my shin but with coconut oil I have a healthy glowing skin complexion now.

  14. Phyllis says

    A really dumb question, I know, but can anyone please tell me where I can purchase all these essential oils you are using?? I’d love to give some of these ideas a try. Thanks much from a newbie!

  15. Wendi says

    I made the lotion with vitamin E and baby magic however the coconut oil never evenly distributed and i have lil bits of coconut oil thruout. I used electic beaters to make it. Any suggestions to smooth it out? Thanks so much!

  16. Christine says

    I buy all my essential oils from mountain rose herbs, organic and a great price. Love your website and the many suggestions, I am now ready to try EVO & coconut oil on my face, been using on the rest of my body for months, just never thought about using on face. Thanks

  17. lori says

    Love this site! I like to add maracuja oil to coconut oil at night for my face. Got mine from Natural Bliss. Maracuja is also a great smoother for coarse curly hair – just a few few drops. Looking forward to trying olive oil and frankencense tonight – always fun to add variety to the nightly ritual!

  18. says

    I had the worst dry cracked (to the point of bleeding) right hand palm (who knows why) and I had tried Every type of lotion, potion, salve & oil I could find…nothing worked until I started using coconut oil. I love it! I take my makeup off with it, I slather it on after my shower, I scrub with it, I slather it on my face and neck before bed, I run a very small amount into my dry hair and once a week or so use it as a deep conditioner with egg, coconut oil & glycerin on my scalp and hair for as long as I can keep it in and my scalp has never felt better! I do still have an itchy scalp and irritation behind my ears, but it is much better after using coconut oil. I can’t say enough great things about it! The palm of my hand was cracked and horrible for years before I used coconut oil!

  19. Sue says

    I’ve been reading a lot about almond oil lately as a cleanser and moisturizer. What do you think about using it in your mash instead of olive oil? It seems to be a little lighter and pretty much odorless. Love your blog, Jillee!! Have passed it on to many friends.

  20. Helen says

    This sou des like another winner from Jill! Your homemade solutions have helped rejuvenate and restore this stressed out burnt ou teacher. My family thanks you too! Any particular kind of evoo suggestions would be great…

  21. Alex says

    I have been using cocnut oil for several months. Being pregnant and in the winter with all the combined skin issues its been amazing! Finally decided to try the whipped version and wont do it any other way! Throw whatever combo you like in the kitchen aid until fluffy. It doesnt harden again and is super rasy to apply.

  22. Shelly says

    I have been using Olive Oil on my skin for the past few months and love it, but I’m definately going to give this combo a try!! I’ve been researching soap recipes to try that have the combination of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil & Almond Oil. I am making some hot process soap with this combo SOON!!

  23. Ana says

    Coconut oil is my skin savior!!! I ONLY use coconut oil on my body. It is the PERFECT lotion. It leaves me feeling like I just experienced a spa treatment, and it is so soothing to just smooth it all over my body. I normally use something a little heavier for my feet though. Olive oil I’ve used in masks and stuff, but I don’t find it as appealing to use on my body on its own. I love this idea for my face though! I already use only coconut oil as a face moisturizer, but I really like the idea of having a smaller container for just the face and lips, and maybe the olive oil will help keep it soft. If you’ve never tried coconut oil as a moisturizer, TRY IT! It is all you will ever need! I’ve known so many women in their 60s (you would never know) who swear by it, and my skin has never felt better.

  24. Heather says

    This method is called Oil Cleansing and has been used since ancient times. Personally I can’t use too much coconut oil in my mixture as I find it does clog my pores after about a month of using. I would recommend anyone read up about using other oils and experiment which combination is the best for you. The other thing I’ve learned from my own experience is that my skin is too sensitive to use this treatment on a daily basis- so I’m now using it 2 times a week with amazing results. I have had acne prone skin for years, and with our dry winter climate my face can be flaky and oily at the same time! GRRR. The oil cleansing has really helped clear my skin (once I found which combination worked for me) and it’s always moisturized and looking radiant. I don’t wear makeup anymore. Hazaa! Check out the link if you want more info on combining different oils.

  25. CTY says

    GREAT POST! So many great ideas to try. Any thoughts about helping the coconut oil be a little more solid? I want to fill a lip balm tube & don’t want to chance a “meltdown” in my purse–it gets really hot in S Cal. Was thinking about Crisco.
    Just a thought about essential oils. I use some of the cheaper oils for my DIY cleaning products and they work great. As for me, personally I do not want to add any of the cheaper oils to anything that will be absorbed through the skin or ingested. So far I don’t have the extra money for the doTerra so I go fragrance free. Am hoping that will change soon.

  26. kathy says

    Betsy coconut oil can be found just about everywhere nowadays, health food stores, grocery stores, even Costco sells it. If you can’t find it in your area you can order it on-line, check out they have anything you could ever want.

  27. Mary Kearney says

    You can find organic coconut oil at Walmart & Wegman’s, or your local grocery store. Look in the baking section where the olive oil is. I love the coconut oil, baby lotion body butter! It’s so rich & does wonders for my dry skin. I also started cleaning my face with coconut oil & I love the results! Once a week I’ll add a little baking soda for an exfoliating scrub on my face, hands & legs.

  28. Gayle Flowers says

    WOW I can’t wait to try this. I’ve always had nearly perfect facial skin till I hit my 60′s, and now I have dry patches, scabby patches, and roseacea! Who’d’a thought! ALSO, someone asked for the coconut oil/vitamin E/baby lotion recipe and no one has answered that one. Please, I’d love that recipe too. Thanks! (Jillee, you rock!)

  29. Minnie says

    I tried the OCM for removing mascara and had horrible blurry vision (vaseline is the only thing I can use -yuck), other than that I have been cleansing my face every night with it followed by coconut oil for moisturizer since November. All ideas I got from your blog. Now I am trying to convince my son to try it!
    Love all your great tips. Thanks for all you do.


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