How To Make {Gluten-Free} “Crash Cake”!

crash cake

In honor of all the cake I ate yesterday on my birthday….I am sharing a cake recipe today! But not just ANY cake….Crash Cake!

This idea comes from Linda D. who shared it with us in one of my past “One Good Thing By You” contests!  That was back on January 7th…and I’ve kept it filed away ever since.

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Here is Linda D.’s “One Good Thing”:
linda d comment

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The thing I was most excited about when I read this idea…was the potential it had for making a good gluten-free dessert!  Sadly, the gluten-free cake mixes you can buy at the store really aren’t very good all by themselves. But I figured that if I could mix the cake in with some other yummy ingredients it might actually work!

Boy was I right on this one! *patting self on back*


How to make Crash Cake:


crash cake

Mix and bake one gluten-free (or regular) boxed cake mix according to package directions.


crash cake

When the cake has cooled, break it up into (or cut it up) into cubes. Put a layer of cake in the bottom of a bowl (I put mine in my Mom’s trifle dish that she left here a couple of months ago…and I have yet to get back to her! oops.)


crash cake

Add a layer of whipped cream.


crash cake

Add a layer of frozen berries, then repeat all 3 layers again. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


crash cake

I made this for dessert last Sunday and everyone really enjoyed it! You would have been hard-pressed to tell it was gluten-free unless you already knew. I am becoming quite skilled at the art of disguising gluten-free ingredients. ;-)

No. 2 son even took the leftover cake to a friend’s house later that night where a group of teenage boys finished it off. Pretty good endorsement I’d say.


crash cake

Thanks to Linda D. for sharing this idea with us. Can’t wait to try it again with other flavors…and possibly a layer of pudding too! :-)


crash cake 2


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  1. Sherrie says

    I was diagnosed last week with Hashimoto’s and I am waiting for to see if I have celiac diease. It is very limited even with Hashimoto’s what I can eat. No sugar, butter, milk, all meat has to come from grass fed animals. So Thank You! Right now I am overwhelmed and didn’t have any idea where to start!

    • Jillian says

      Sherrie, I know what you mean about being overwhelmed by change in diet. I’d like to suggest doing a web search for the words ‘paleo diet’ or ‘primal diet’. It’ll most likely fit in with your new regimen and you will find hundreds of blogs with great recipes. Wishing you the best.

      • Sherrie says

        Just a note probably only real interesting to me. We were born the same day but I am older by a few years. Bill is a friend. Today okay for a few days I have been overwhelmed and was feeling sorry for myself. Many times in my life at the exact right moment I meet people in what they think is nothing for them, but it is a life turner for me. I recognize it the moment I see or hear or read it. Today is that day for me. The right thing and the exact right time. And sometimes I feel the need to tell that person. Thank You for that!

    • Shan Leamon says

      It gets easier in time. If you start talking about the diet issues with friends, you are likely to find you know many people in a similar boat. I have learned that cooking with friends or family is the best cure for the diet blues. It does not even matter if they eat a Standard American Diet (SAD). It is just nice to experience learning this new way of life with some friends, laughter, and a good glass of wine.

      Chin up,


      PS I am a gluten-free vegan

  2. says

    Looks delicious. I think this would be wonderful with an egg white icing and some fresh strawberries. I’m gonna have to try it tonight! Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Cheryl Harts says

    Oh Jillee, do try it with pudding! I haven’t made it in a long time, but I used to make this basic dessert layered with pudding mixed with a little cream cheese. It was amazing! Great idea for gluten free. It would make it much moister and richer. I have 2 people in my life that have to eat gluten free and I can’t wait to try this for them!

  4. Cris Maxwell says

    Looks yummy and oh so said to put frozen berries on the whip cream topping, so you don’t have to let them defrost first to drain off excess liquid?

  5. Angel says

    My family calls this “Punch Bowl Cake” since we serve it in a punch bowl. My usually recipe is yellow cake made with pineapple juice for the water. Layered with whip topping, strawberries and pineapple chunks. Another favorite is chocolate cake layered with whip topping, hot fudge, caramel and toffee candy bits or other favorite candy topping. Yumm!! This dessert is on the menu this Saturday with a girls group. So easy and tastes so good.

    • Wendy Hampton says

      The basic recipe tasted wonderful but I read thru other responses for their suggestions. This will brighten up my new Gluten Free diet. Cheers!

  6. Patt Butti says

    I make this cake with storebought angel food cake, whip cream and fruit of the season.
    You can use cool whip…but real whip cream is the best. Any fruit. we usually use strawberries
    If you add 2 tab. regular flour and 2 tab. confectioners sugar when whipping the cream, it will not
    break down and will hold for several days. I found this hint solely by accident when I thought I
    put powdered sugar in and it was cake flour. Now I just use regular flour …it has no taste and the
    cream is great, holds it’s shape and you have it for several days just fine…like the first day.

  7. Melissa Sims says

    This looks delicious! I will add, however, that we have used the chocolate Pamela’s Product cake mix IF we use the option of adding a container of sour cream, as instructed in the options section on the package.