Tips For Eating Healthy On The Go!

eating on the go

Sometimes I feel like I LIVE in my car! Which is really no way to live! The problem with the car being your “second home” is your options when it comes time to eat are definitely limited! With a fast food joint on every corner, the temptation to “drive-thru” is ever-present. And we all know how much “healthy” fast food is available through the drive-thru. Not much.

Nowadays I make sure I ALWAYS have snacks in my bag when I hit the road. Not only does it save me from making less healthy choices when I get hungry, it also saves me time and money!


drive thru

Despite its’ convenience…running through the drive-thru STILL takes time (and if you’re me you ALWAYS get stuck behind the vehicle ordering food for an entire Little League team!) It also takes $$$! And there’s nothing more frustrating that having to PAY for food you are forced to eat in an eating emergency.

So here are a few tips and tricks for eating healthier when you’re on the go!


Pack a Snack!


We often think of packing a LUNCH to take to work or school, but even if you’re just running errands or on your way to or from work or school, you never know when hunger may strike! Be prepared with healthy treats.


snacking on the go

Lately my go-to snack has been Triple Berry Newtons. When I am driving to meetings (that are always at least 30 minutes away from my house) I will throw several in this “stylish case” I found in the cereal aisle of my grocery store and tuck it in my purse. (It’s actually a plastic “Pop-Tart” container that I pried the front off of.)


snacking on the go

It’s comforting to know that no matter WHERE I am, I am covered if the hungries strike!


Stock Up On Snacks


If you have a work fridge, an office drawer, a locker, or a book bag – fill it up with easy to grab snacks.


snacking on the go

100% Whole Grain Newtons are great for keeping in an office drawer or a locker. If you decide to keep some in your purse, just make sure you put them in a side pocket rather than in the bottom of your bag (or try the “stylish Pop-Tart container”). I speak from experience on this one! There are few things more disappointing than to find a smooshed snack bar in the bottom of your purse. Of course if you’re REALLY hungry…they still taste fine! :-) Again, the voice of experience speaking.


eating on the go

Other great choices would be whole grain crackers, dried fruit (mangos, raisins, cranberries, etc), almonds (another personal favorite!), sunflower seeds, baked veggie chips….and so on. I think you get the idea. Things that are healthy AND handy and don’t require being kept hot or cold.


Pack Ahead Of Time


When you are getting ready to leave the house, mostly likely you are in a hurry! Well, I guess I shouldn’t assume that. You could be a very organized person! Let’s just say…if you’re like ME, you’re most likely in a hurry.


late for work

And when you’re in a hurry…all the best intentions go out the window! Including packing a snack! But if you have taken time the night before, or the weekend before, to strategically stash some snacks in your purse, book bag, office desk or car, you are covered even if you are having to make a mad dash out the door!

It’s all about being prepared. It takes extra time but it pays off in the long run. Make healthy snacking EASY and you set yourself up for success!

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What are YOUR tips for eating healthier when you are on the go?




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  1. says

    My go-to snack is bananas. Yummy, filling and easy to grab when you are running out of the house. I suppose any other fresh fruit would work too (grapes, cuties, apples) but bananas are the comfort food of the produce section – they really fill you up. :)

  2. Aimee says

    Hi! Don’t see the disclaimer at the top of this post that you’d said in the past (in the comments section of your post about Newtons two months ago in Feb) would be on the few sponsored/advertisement posts you did…

    • mdoe37 says

      And maybe she really likes Fig Newtons, plain and simple. Not everything is an advertising conspiracy.

      * ** ** * *
      now my response to the original post

      I’m really bad about keeping things with me. Especially, something to drink. I’m so accustomed to just grabbing something at the checkout…and I have bottled water by the garage door!!!

  3. Tiffany says

    I always make sure to pack a snack for my munchkin when we go run errands. Sometimes it’s Cereal, craisins, raisins, crackers, fruit leather, just to name a few. Gotta keep that girl happy!

  4. Laurat99 says

    I always bring an insulated tumbler filled with ice water (my preferred drink) with me in the car. I see so many friends wasting their money with drinks from the drive thru or convenience store.

  5. says

    I have been into healthy smoothies but they are not easy to pack and go but I try to drink one for breakfast as often as I can…..they are filling and I dont find I want to snack as often. I do buy individual size bags of trail mix and dried fruit that i leave in my bag at all times with a bottle of water. Love all of your tips….health news/favorite things…

  6. Joyce says

    I keep bottles of water in the trunk so I always have them handy. Jillee’s granola recipe has become a favorite plus I’ll buy single serving crackers, etc. just for on-the-go. I like bananas too…it’s just not good if you forget them in the car…lol!

    • Andrea says

      I used to keep bottled water in the trunk of my car as well. Until, that is, I read some article somewhere (sorry can’t remember where) that it wasn’t a good idea to store bottled water in a high heat environment like the trunk of the car or an uncooled laundry or storage room, It had something to do with the heat releasing chemicals used in the plastic of the bottle. Don’t know how true the article was but I also started noticing that my water started tasting like the plastic bottle after being stored for a while in the trunk or the back seat. Yuck! I stopped keeping it in the car after that.

  7. Deborah Jennings says

    I like to take some kind of fruit, bottled water, and whole grain crackers or cookies or something like that. These are good to have on hand for grandchildren, too. Why is it that they will drink water out of a bottle, but will not drink it out of a glass? LOL

  8. Vicki W. says

    I’d like to share about something I just bought that is great for families on the go. It’s a thermal cooker. What?! It’s like a crock pot, but you don’t keep it plugged in. You just bring your food up to a boil on your kitchen stove in a stainless steel pot. You then place the pot in an insulated container, which allows the food to continue to cook. You keep the food in the insulated container until the minimum cooking time is reached, or you can wait up to 8 hours. The unit is totally portable – you can take it in the car, boat, camper, etc. and you can eat on the go. Or you can leave it at home for up to 8 hours and come home to a meal completely cooked and ready to serve – without leaving something plugged in. I love mine! If interested, go to and check out their helpful video that explains how the unit is used. I have a feeling this will forever change how my family will be “eating out” from now on!

  9. Katie says

    I try to make breakfast and snacks on the weekend when I have more time. Some of our favorite breakfasts are omelet cups made in muffin tins, English muffins with egg/cheese/meat, oatmeal packets, and pumpkin muffins! Also, when I put dinner left-overs away, I put them in single portion sized containers which makes for an easy grab in the morning on the way out the door!!

  10. Karen says

    Great post and great ideas! I try to pack healthy snacks and it is a huge money saver. My husband was the one who started this and he does most of the snack packing. Saves lots of money and keeps us healthy and it gets my son to eat more fruit. If he is hungry enough he will eat the fruit while we are out and about! Thanks for all of your ideas Jillee!

  11. says

    I have always had a basket in the back of my car filled with snack bags to nibble on. I fill them with raisins, granola bites, crackers, nuts of all varieties and bottled water. I started doing this when I had kids because it seems they are ALWAYS hungry. Now, carpool kids expect it, which apparently makes me a ‘cool’ mom. Nothing expensive, sometimes I even throw in homemade cookies as a surprise at pick-up for all the kids.

  12. says

    I have always had a basket in the back of my car filled with snack bags to nibble on. I fill them with raisins, granola bites, crackers, nuts of all varieties and bottled water. I started doing this when I had kids because it seems they are ALWAYS hungry. Now, carpool kids expect it, which apparently makes me a ‘cool’ mom. Nothing expensive, sometimes I even throw in homemade cookies as a surprise at pick-up for all the kids. Remember- keep it simple & as healthy as possible.

  13. Lori says

    I usually pack separate Ziplocs with cashews and crackers. If I don’t eat them and they get stale I can crumble them up and throw them out for the birds. Always have water too.

    Great idea with the Poptart/Newton holder! ;)

  14. Amanda says

    One of my favorite on-the-go snacks is prunes! They are low-cal, healthy, and they fill me up. You can buy them in little packages or just package a serving in a Ziploc baggie.

  15. CTY says

    Thanks for the reminder. With the nice weather I seem to dash out a lot more.
    I have a set of pretty mixing bowls on the counter that I fill up with fruit & Kashi granola bars; I keep chilled water in the refrigerator so I have something to grab before going out. Then every night as I clean up the kitchen, I add to the bowls as needed and fill another water bottle.
    DH always has pumpkin seeds on hand & I pack water for him because he rarely thinks of it (until the pumpkins seeds remind him).
    Also– I keep a 1/2 gal jug of water with a bowl in the car, in case the dogs are in tow. In the nice weather we take them to the woods often.

  16. Heather C. says

    I keep Zone Perfect bars in the trunk of my car. They are marketed towards kids and the new “Birthday Cake” flavor is my FAVORITE. Should I say they are “hidden” in the back of my car? ;o) My kids have never tried them- LOL. That & a banana are quick, easy, tasty & offer up a fruit and a protein.

    My favorite drive thru quick snack is a smoothie from Starbucks. 20 grams of protein & they also throw the banana right in there!

  17. robin says

    I always have a Larabar, they are already smashed so they can’t get more smushed. I also always have a container of water. An apple is an easy grab and go choice. My best trick I stole from someone else is to fill up an old Altoids tin with almonds. Then you have a perfect serving. Gluten free and paleo friendly.

    • says

      Love the use of the altoid tin! I have an empty one on my counter and now know exactly what to do with it!

      As for snacks, I’m honestly not a big snacker. But, I often have cucumbers and carrots with me or an apple with peanut butter.

  18. Kimmer says

    Finding a mouse in the glove compartment of my car has forever turned me off of having food in my vehicle. Unless I’m transporting groceries home from the store, or bringing my lunch to and from work, there is an absolutely NO FOOD IN THE CAR policy. Any fast food bags are disposed of as soon as the car is stopped. My partner had a “family” of mice in his vehicle because we kept dog food in the back for a few days and the mouse smell literally totalled the vehicle. One experience like that can finish you. That said, Jillee, how about some tips on mice/rodent prevention.

  19. Sharon says

    As I am gluten free as well as hypoglycemic, I have found it wise to keep a container with shelf stable items in my car. That way I do not have to worry when I have a “snack attack”. Cookies (not chocolate), crackers, etc. as well as some dried meats (gluten free of course).

  20. Ana says

    There’s a great variety of things that can be packed for eating during the day. But it takes commitment that’s all.
    We are willing to make our own laundry soap, actually leave lemon and orange peels brewing for weeks, fcollect all kind of ingredients to get things done at home, and then stop at a drive through? give me a break!

    Whatever explanation anyone comes up with, is just an excuse, period. Look in the mirror and see if you can keep a straight face when you say that explanation out loud.

    Make up your mind and decide if you want to eat excrement-like substances or if you want to eat food.
    Are we going to put all natural ingredients with essential oils and all that inside our lungs and all over our skin, but then turn around a have processed junk inside our bodies? I think it is crazy and hypocritical.

    Maybe my foreign ways are coming through, I find it disgusting.

  21. Stephanie says

    I work out of my car, it’s been quite an adjustment! I found that crock pot makes a single size version. Since I work out of my car, I have a converter, which means I have a place to plug it in! So in the winter, when it’s cold and I want something hot, I don’t need to go to the drive thru :) (The hubby usually makes a pot of something…soup or chili…for the week)

  22. Kelli says

    Water. Water. Water. I keep a stainless steel bottle half filled with water in my freezer. It’s easy to fill the next morning and stays cold through my errands. I usually have a granola bar in my purse too.

  23. Cindy says

    I keep my granola bars in an old eye glasses case (hard sided). They don’t get broken and I can find them easily in my backpack. I also make my own “trail Mix” of nuts, raisins, chocolate and sunflower seeds.


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