DIY Cookie Basket Made From A Paper Plate

DIY Cookie Basket

My heartfelt thanks goes out to It’s Always Autumn for helping me out with today’s blog post while I am in Washington, DC for the United Nations Foundation Global Issues Fellowship & Shot@Life Champion Summit. I just love this super SIMPLE and CREATIVE idea! I know you will too! Take it away Autumn……..


Hello, One Good Thing readers! My name is Autumn, and I blog at It’s Always Autumn, where I share sewing, craft, and photography tutorials as well as printables and recipes.

I’m excited to be here today to share a crazy easy DIY cookie basket made from a paper plate. I love baking and I love giving cookies as gifts, but sometimes cookies piled on a paper plate don’t look quite as fantastic as they taste. At the same time, I’m just plain cheap, so I’m not likely to spend more money on cute packaging for my cookies than I spent on the ingredients to make them!




That’s why I love this little cookie basket – it takes five minutes, one paper plate, and a few pieces of tape to assemble.

Cookie Basket


Once you have your basket put together, you can stack the cookies in next to each other like this:

DIY Cookie Basket


Or in a one long row like this:

DIY Cookie Basket

Either way, eight cookies fit perfectly. (Cookies shown are my favorite ones to share: they are the never fail, never flat, absolutely perfect chocolate chip cookies.)


To make this simple paper plate basket, here’s what you do:


DIY Cookie Basket

Just cut along the dotted lines in the first photo, fold along the dotted lines in the second photo, tape up the ends, and fill the basket with cookies! I lined the basket with a piece of wax paper just to make sure the buttery cookies don’t leave grease marks, then tied it up with ribbon so the cookies look as fantastic as they taste.


I hope you’ll come visit me at It’s Always Autumn for more simple craft, sewing, and photography tutorials, including another paper plate basket just the right size for gifting muffins!

DIY Cookie Basket


Thanks so much for having me here, Jillee!



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  1. Shelley says

    What a fantastic idea!! Sure beats the ol’ zipper bag! Thank-you for two fabulous ideas at once! I will be using this one quite regularly, I’m sure.

  2. Janet T says

    I know I’m reading this in the middle of the night … but I don’t quite get the picture, how to move from one step to the next. It’s a really attractive and practical idea, but I could have done with more photos showing the actual folding, etc.

  3. Grannie_4_7 says

    Me too! So glad I’m not the only one. It just seems that if there was a picture that showed the cut lines and the fold lines in the same pic, then I could figure it out much better. I just can’t quite figure it out. Think I’ll practice until I can figure it out. But not tonight – headed for bed.

    P.S. What a cute idea this is! As well as practical. Thank you.

  4. Rachel says

    Oh. My. Goodness! This is genius! Now I need to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Any reason is a good reason to bake cookies!

  5. Judy C says

    This is a wonderful, practical idea, and the presentation is beautiful. I would love to RECEIVE a little basket like this, too! Thank you for this little craft. With Easter coming, I’m already thinking about putting my own twist on it!

  6. Laurie S. says

    Just in time for Purim baskets containing hamentaschen and other sweet treats – thank you!


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