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30 Creative Uses For Your Steam Cleaner

Uses for steam cleaner

I’ve had a Haan Steam Mop for several years and I absolutely love using it on my tile floors! Gone are the days of dragging out a big bucket of water to mop the floor. I’ve never used my steam cleaner for anything other than tile, but I recently came across some great ideas for putting it to work on an amazing array of other things! A standard steam mop, like the one pictured above, should work for a lot of the tips you’ll find below. However, I have also read some amazing reviews of the HomeRight SteamMachine. It has lots of attachments for all kinds of different cleaning jobs. After writing this post, I may just have to order one! :-)

Before we get into the rest of the post, I wanted to give a few words of caution for using a steam cleaner…

  • Do not use a steam cleaner on painted walls, waxed or polished items, unsealed floors (hardwood, cork, unglazed tile), musical instruments, nylon mesh screens or antiques.
  • Don’t linger too long on wood or any painted surfaces to avoid distorting or staining the item.
  • Only use a steam cleaner on wood if the finish is polyurethane-based.
  • If you have hard water, use distilled water in your steamer.

Clean Tile and Grout 

I wish I had known this trick when working on my how to clean grout post a couple of weeks ago! Get the instructions from Lindsay at Makely School for Girls

Dust Your Ceiling Fan

This job is even easier if your steamer has a long arm attachment! Get all the dust off ceiling fans without having to drag out a ladder.

Disinfect Doorknobs & Light Switches

This is a quick and easy job with the help of a steam cleaner!


Clean Grills

I did a post a couple of years ago about how to clean your grill without chemicals but this method looks even faster than mine! Get the instructions from Matt & Jacque at The DIY Village.

Clean Patio Furniture

Use a steam cleaner to get dirt, grime, bird poop etc. off of patio furniture. You can even use it on upholstered patio furniture and umbrellas.

Clean and Disinfect Wire Pet Cages

Steam gunk and grime off of wire pet cages. Much easier than having to haul them outside to rinse with a hose!


Clean the Entire Kitchen 

You can use a steamer to do just about every cleaning job you can imagine in the kitchen! Don’t forget to hit up the bathroom as well. Get the instructions from Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof.

Clean Your Car Engine and Tire Rims  

Use a steam cleaner to degrease your car engine and tire rims.

Dust Baseboards

This is one of my most dreaded cleaning tasks! Now I’m dying to try cleaning my baseboards with a steam cleaner.


Clean and Disinfect Toilets and the Surrounding Area 

Raising three boys has taught me just how dirty a toilet can get! I love the idea of the getting the toilet clean and disinfected with a steam cleaner. Get the instructions from Beckie at Infarrantly Creative.

Remove Hard Water & Limescale from Faucets

 So much easier than scrubbing forever to remove lime deposits! Can’t wait to try this on my jetted tub.

Steam Wrinkles Out Of Clothing

Just be sure to check the label on your clothing to ensure that a hot blast of steam won’t ruin the fabric.


Clean a Mattress

Such a genius idea to clean something that is impossible to wash any other way! Get the instructions from Stacy at Not Just a Housewife.

Clean & Disinfect Toys

Get rid of nasty germs on toys and stuffed animals.

Clean High Chairs, Car Seats, Strollers Etc.

Heaven only knows what kind of grime ends up on any of those items! A steam clean can tackle it all.


Detail Car Upholstery 

Getting car upholstery professionally detailed can be very expensive! This is a money-saving and effective way to DIY. Get the instructions from Tips Bulletins.

Clean the Inside of the Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Dryer

I’ve written posts in the past about how to clean all of those things but never thought about steam cleaning them!

Clean & Disinfect Garbage Cans

What a great way to get all the nasty gunk out of the bottom of your garbage can!


Remove Wallpaper

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the words “easy” and “wallpaper” in the same sentence! Removing wallpaper can be a total pain but this tutorial makes it look so easy. Get the instructions from Kristin at Bliss at Home

Clean & Remove Wrinkles from Curtains

I always hate having to take down my curtains to wash and iron them! With a steam cleaner you can clean and remove wrinkles with the curtains still hanging. This same technique would work on bedding that comes out of the package super wrinkly.

Remove Gunk from Corners, Cracks & Creases

If you have a steamer with a detail attachment you can use it to clean just about any hard-to-reach spot!


Wash Windows 

This method would work on sliding glass doors and mirrors as well! Don’t forget to use the steam cleaner to get all the grime out of the window tracks as well. Be sure not to use this method on cold glass, as the steam may cause it to crack. Get the instructions from Anna at Ask Anna.

Defrost Your Freezer

Quickly defrost a freezer with the help of a steam cleaner.

Clean Upholstery

Easily remove dirt and stains from upholstered furniture with a little steam.


Clean the Oven 

I thought my ammonia method was the easiest way to clean an oven but this method looks just as effective and a little less smelly. Get the instructions from Jenn at Clean and Scentsible.

Dust Faux Plants

I’ve never found an easy way to dust faux plants and flowers but this might be just what I’ve been looking for!


Clean Carpet and Rugs 

I always use my steam cleaner on my tile floors but never thought to use it on my areas rugs. Get the instructions from Best Homely Tips.

Clean Garden Tools

Get rid of caked-on dirt on garden tools and leave them sparkling clean!


Ice & Water Dispenser

After I saw these instructions I was a bit horrified at all the grime that gets stuck in the ice and water dispenser! Yuck! Get the instructions from Steph at Crafting in the Rain.

Clean and Disinfect Pet Beds

Many pet beds are too large to fit in a home washing machine. A steam cleaner would be a great way to clean and disinfect them without having to haul them to a laundromat.

Do you have any other creatives uses for your steam cleaner?

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  • Wow, I had no idea that people steam clean mattresses! Now that you mention it, I should probably have mine cleaned. I mean, we’ve had it for ten years and it’s never been cleaned. Sadly, I don’t own a steamer. Looks like I’ll have to have mine professionally cleaned.

  • I know a military wife who swears by the McCullough Heavy Duty Steamer. The last transfer they moved into a home that hadn’t been cleaned in 3 yrs. The bathroom was especially filthy and they had a toddler with multiple allergies so cleaning with chemicals was out of the question. Their McCullough did the trick and cleaned the whole house beautifully. I’m hoping to purchase one in a few months. Amazon carries them.

  • Looked on Amazon at this steam cleaner n there were gReat reviews for 50%, 4 star from a number of people and then AWFUL reviews from a lesser number of people. So what is one to do? Never. Had anything thing but elbow great to work with and a bit sceptible . You input would be appreciated!!

  • Wow! A steam cleaner came with a vacuum I purchased and for 6 months it has remained unused because I thought it was a pain in the butt to haul it out of the closet, fill with water, empty again and store. (The mop and sink were closer) Never did I think about using it for something other than to clean floors. Thank you for this post!

  • Do you think it would be okay to use the steam cleaner to clean vinyl window sills? I have fairly new windows and would not want to ruin them. I have used a toothbrush and water but if it won’t hurt the window, wow it would be so much easier to clean them.

    Wonder if Haan could tell us?

  • The flooring expert in my town told me to never, ever steam clean wooden floors. He has signs all over his store stating that as well. He says that the edges of the wooden planks will eventually curl. I sure wish I had known that before I purchased my steam cleaner.

  • How do you clean the ceiling fans with it? Wouldn’t that just turn the dust into mud that you would then have to wipe off? Seems like more back/neck breaking work to me than just using the pillowcase method or duster.

    • I would definitely not buy a Haan all purpose model. I have been through two in less than two years. Both had the same issue. They stop heating and therefore do not produce steam. The first time it was under warranty so I was able to replace it but the second time of course it was out of the one-year warranty. While it worked I loved it. I have over 2000sf of tile in my home and it was wonderful for the tile floors. However, for over $200 after coupons and the short time they last it was not worth it. I’m going back to hand scrubbing.

  • You must have a different steamer than I do. Mine is way to big and bulky to do anything besides clean the floor. There is no way I could clean ceiling fans with it. :)

  • Thank you, Jillee, you’ve convinced me to purchase this Haan steam cleaner. What kind of steam cleaner COVER do you use? Are they single use or washable to reuse? Our tile floors aren’t going to know what happened to them when I get finished cleaning – Ha!!!!


  • Thank you!!! I attempted to clean my ice despenser last week and not sure if I got everything. This is such a great idea! I have been using my steam cleaner for the toilet crevices for years and using it for my ice despenser had not crossed my mind.
    Steam cleaners (and q-tips) are also great for cleaning tub jets!
    Thank you for all of your helpful cleaning posts! Helps makey life easier and cleaner :) !

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