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A Special Treat For Tired Feet: Make Your Own Peppermint Foot Rub!

For the past couple of weeks I have literally been “on the run”! Last week it was sprinting through airports in new boots that were killing my feet by the end of the day. Then the night before last I had to actually brave the madness of the mall in search of a particular gift that I hadn’t been able to find anywhere else.  I had to park a mile away (or at least what seemed like a mile anyway!) and, of course, the store I was looking for was on the opposite end of the mall from where I parked! So by the time I got home my “dogs were yappin!”

Finally, after a particularly grueling shopping session at Costco for my dinner party tomorrow, I decided some foot therapy was definitely in order.

First I decided to treat my feet to the amazing Homemade Foot Soak and Detox I posted about back in May. If you haven’t tried it before…you simply must! It is a must-do on those days when you run yourself and your feet ragged!

After soaking I made up a refreshing Peppermint Foot Rub and gave myself a mini foot massage with it. I don’t know what felt better, the massage or the cooling peppermint oil! It truly was a treat for my feet and my senses!

Peppermint Foot Rub For Tired Feet


Mix together all ingredients, and stir well.

Make Your Own Peppermint Foot Rub

To use, pour a small amount into your palm, and massage into feet.

The peppermint oil has a regenerating effect and refreshes tired feet. It also has antibacterial properties that help stave off infection.

Make Your Own Peppermint Foot Rub

After massaging the oil into your feet, put your feet up and relax for at least 15 minutes. Then put on thick socks and enjoy your “feel like new” feet! :-) I couldn’t believe the difference and vowed to do this on a much more regular basis! My feet deserve it after all the abuse they endure!

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  • Jillee, what did you use as a bottle? With so much peppermint EO it needs to be in a glass bottle. Is there a glass bottle with a good pouring lid for oil?
    Thank you! I have been looking for something like this to help my feet “feel” cool during the hot summer months.

  • Amazing how different the prices are on coconut oil!!!! I got some at Wallyworld for maybe $6 ish for a large (maybe quart?) size tub. I wen to the “Health Food Store” for herbs and noticed that their tiny little precious containers were many times this for a wee bit! And it did seem like it was the SAME stuff.

    Wonder why?

    I love these kinda places (and if you can find a Food Co-Op you will generally find these oils etc MUCH lower!) but WHY oh why are some of their things SOOOO much MORE than you can find the SAME stuff elsewhere??? You almost want to tell them –“Hey!—Head on over to Wallyworld and buy some and re-price it an it would STILL be a better deal than what you have NOW!!!”

  • en mi habitacion se ven 2 cuadritos producto de las persianas. pero prefiero la noche, se ve otro cuadrito al otro lado producto del foco de la esquina ¬¬ me pregunto q dia me dejaran dormir bien? jijijijiji y si te contara d lo q se escucha..

  • I would like to try this but what is fractionated coconut oil? I have never used coconut oil before other than cooking so i am unsure how to use it for this recipe. Also, do I melt the cocconut oil before mixing it with the other ingredients? I would like to mix this together and put it in a mason jar to give as a gift to my daughter and daughter in law. Thank you.

    • Fractionated coconut oil stays liquid. I can’t remember the exact process but virgin or refined coconut oil works as well. And you can melt it or leave it solid and mix. I prefer to slightly melt just because it’s easier to mix that way. I melt it even when I make the coconut oil deodorant (makes it easier to get into a used deodorant stick) or when making coconut oil toothpaste. It will solidify once it cools unless you live a warm climate.

  • I don’t have any peppermint oil on hand, but would LOVE to make this today after I finish digging snow after the blizzard that ended this morning. Will extract work for a small batch.

    • I don’t think extract would work as well as the oil – the peppermint oil has a regenerating effect and refreshes tired feet. But you might still get some of the benefit with the extract.

      • I’d think it would, in a pinch. But only if you use “pure” mint extract, since it’s basically just diluted mint oil.

  • This may be a well known answer to everyone, but I am curious as to what the vinegar does? Also, I have made a sugar scrub that was suggested on your pinterest page and absolutely love it, but I did not have coconut oil, so I went and bought some. I spent about $12. on a 10oz. container and was wanting to know how well these sugar scrubs would turn out using soybean or extra virgin olive oil because it is much cheaper. Sorry so many questions, but was curious.
    Love your pins and your blog!! Your tips have been lifesavers, =)

    • The acid in vinegar, acetic acid, is very gentle and softens rough, dry, heels. Vinegar also has disinfecting properties that help to get rid of bacteria.
      $12.00 for 10 ounces of coconut oil? wow. That’s really high. Are you in the U.S.? To answer your question…olive oil and sugar would make a great scrub as well. :-) Hope this helps!

      • I personally make the foot scrub using coarse Kosher salt with half grape seed oil and half EVOO, with a little vanilla extract to make it smell good. It has worked wonders on my dry heels!

        Jillee, would this foot rub recipe work using grape seed oil?

      • Virgin coconut oil (w/ smell) is usually a bit more than refined coconut oil (w/o smell). I know at my Walmart the virgin coconut oil is $10 for 12 oz. but I can get refined that is under $6 for almost 32 oz. I have never bought the fractionated coconut oil as I’ve never had any use for it. I’m fine with using the hard stuff. ;)

        Most recipes that call for any oil can usually be replaced with pretty much any other kind of oil. That’s the fun part about making your own items…playing around with the oils and scents, if you choose. Many people find oils that work for their skin (dry/oily).

  • I seriously don’t know how you do it. You manage to get your life done everyday, but still have time to explore the web and the world, and create new and fabulous things to share with us. I am in awe! Thank you, Jillee :)

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