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This Is The Reason Why I Stopped Ordering Pizza

Stovetop Pizza Oven

I’ve always had a tendency to fixate on a particular thing for a short period of time. I suspect it might have something to do with my addictive personality… (Okay, they’re probably closely related. But hey, there are worse things to channel that energy into, right?) Anyway, the reason I bring this tendency up is because I’ve had a new fixation over the past couple of weeks, and it’s the reason behind today’s blog post!

What’s the fixation, you ask? It’s PIZZA—but not just any pizza. We’re talking fresh, homemade, handmade pizza. And I’ve been making a lot of it lately, with the help of a new “toy” that I received during a gift exchange at our OGT company Christmas party back in December. Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped a stovetop pizza oven (something I wasn’t even aware existed before then!) I’ve been so obsessed with this amazing contraption that I simply had to share it with you all!

Stovetop Pizza Oven

What Is A Stovetop Pizza Oven?

I thought I’d start by explaining what exactly a stovetop pizza oven is, so you can understand a bit more about how it works. It’s basically a big metal box with a narrow cooking chamber, which is lined on all sides (except the front) with special heat-retaining pizza stones.

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Stovetop Pizza Oven

This particular model is designed to work on gas-powered stovetops (though they also offer a model that will work on your grill!) You just place it over one of your burners, crank the heat up, and let the pizza oven preheat for about 20 minutes or so. Once the gauge on top of the oven indicates that it has reached the proper temperature, it’s time to start cooking!

Stovetop Pizza Oven

How Do You Use It?

Once the oven is properly hot, it couldn’t be easier (or faster) to whip up a delicious homemade pizza. It takes just a few simple steps, which I’ll tell you about at length here.

Stovetop Pizza Oven

Step 1 – Roll Out Your Dough

In order to cook a pizza, you’ll need to assemble one first! ;-) Start by rolling out a piece of pizza dough into a thin circle about 10” in diameter. Use your favorite homemade dough, a store-bought pizza dough, or try using my simple and versatile two-ingredient dough!

The oven comes with a wooden pizza peel, and I’ve found that if you just roll the dough out directly on the peel, you don’t have to struggle with sliding it on later. Just make sure to use flour or cornmeal underneath the dough to prevent it from sticking to the wood!

Stovetop Pizza Oven

Step 2 – Add Pizza Toppings

Once your dough is all rolled out, you can add your toppings. My favorite combination lately is based on a classic Margherita pizza: a thin layer of pizza sauce, dotted with bits of fresh mozzarella and basil leaves. (Mmm… I’m making myself hungry!)

But feel free to get creative with your own pizzas! Sprinkle them with veggies, meats, and cheeses to your heart’s desire. Half the fun of making pizza at home is trying out interesting combinations and finding new favorites!

Stovetop Pizza Oven

Step 3 – Cook The Pizza

Once your pizza is assembled and ready to go, simply slide it into the cooking chamber of the pre-heated pizza oven. And as your pizza will likely be cooked in about 2-4 minutes, this is not a “walk away while it cooks” situation. ;-) Just keep an eye on it, and use the metal spatula that comes with the oven to pull the pizza out when it’s done.

Stovetop Pizza Oven

Not sure when it’s done? I like to use the metal spatula to peek underneath the crust to check the color. Once the crust is golden-brown, it’s just a matter of preference as to when you take the pizza out. (If you like a slightly scorched pizza, leave it in a bit longer.)

Stovetop Pizza Oven

Step 4 – Cool And Eat

This might just be the hardest step of them all! Because once the pizza comes out, you do have to wait a minute or two to start eating it. (Trust me, it will be really hot when it comes out! It’s worth waiting a few minutes to avoid burning off all your tastebuds.) Then once your pizza is cool enough, just slice it up and eat!

Stovetop Pizza Oven

But Wait, There’s More…

As great as this stovetop pizza oven is a cooking pizza, that’s not the only thing you can cook with it! According to the manufacturer’s website, you can also cook meats, vegetables, and even baked goods like cookies and brownies! I haven’t tried cooking anything but pizza in it yet, but I’m looking forward to giving some of these a try.

Certain things can be cooked directly on the stone, like breads, quesadillas, etc. But wetter things like batters and meats should be cooked in a cast iron pan (which is one of the only materials that can withstand the heat of this kind of oven). If you’re not a “pizza every week” kind of person, you can still find a lot of ways to put this oven to good use!

Stovetop Pizza Oven

In Conclusion

While I had no idea that I would come out of our company gift exchange with a stovetop pizza oven, I’m so happy I did! I’ve had so much fun making (and eating!) tasty homemade pizzas over the past few weeks. It’s cheaper, healthier, and much more delicious than plain old delivery pizza!

Every person I’ve told about my stovetop pizza oven has had the same reaction I did. Which is: “I had no idea those even existed!” So at the very least, I hope this post has opened your eyes to more pizza possibilities! :-)

Do you ever make pizzas at home?

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  • I cook my pizza directly on the stove in a regular pan. Certainly it is not something for everyone, it requires a certain skill and knowledge of the technique, but my pizza is very good. I invited for lungh two friends of mine who ate 11 pizzas with various fillings one after the other, so I think my pizzas are good.

  • Good for you that you got a cool gadget, your pizza looks yummy! This should be obvious but everyone who doesn’t want to use one doesn’t have to. Buen provecho!

  • The only reason I would buy this is to add it to my disaster preps. O have a propane stove and grill but my oven won’t work without electricity. It might be nice to have pizza for my family when we are eating servival food.

  • So this thing needs to be heated for 20 minutes on high before it’s ready to cook? Just what I need in summer … or anytime, really.
    This is an expensive single use item, the kind that ends up in a cupboard after a few uses.

  • a true PIZZAIOLO would find this a useless disgrace. Seriously going to use an elaborate toaster maker to make pizza? Personally I use my high rated $35 pizza stone when we occasionally make our own. Otherwise we go to our favorite pizza place (which everyone has), pick up the take n’ bake, or have it delivered… Long comment, but just can’t believe this thing exists!!!

  • What an office you must have! Our gift exchange limit is only $25!

    But would never buy something like this. I have a pizza stone, best thing for making pizza in my opinion. This would take up too much space.

  • I’ve been making my own pizzas for years building my pizzas on parchment paper and sliding it onto a cast iron heated pizza pan with a peel. I bought one of these and returned it after the toppings fell off when trying to slide it into the device. I do not recommend it if you like a lot of toppings.

  • We haven’t made homemade pizza for at least 20 years. Shortly after we moved to our current house the chains where you can order and take out started to become popular and more affordable. I agree owning one of these would be one more device to clutter our kitchen. I kind of also have to agree with the body washes. Very expensive and with my sensitive skin I can only tolerate certain ones.

    • I agree with Kathy. We have a baking stone and have used it for years. One of my sisters gave me one year. We’ve have great success with baking our store bought ones on it. I might consider experimenting with making pizza with a gluten free mix, My sister in law is g free and I feel better when I cut back on the gluten. Besides the the g free pizzas are expensive.

      • Just order take out pizza on occasion when I have worked hard all day and do not have the energy to cook.
        Or you could buy some GF “bag dinners,” such as Udi’s Chicken Alfredo. In fact that is what we had for supper tonight. I washed sheets, made our bed, put the clean sheets away, and made the bed with other sheets, Swiffered all our floors. I, also, scrubbed the floors of our kitchen and two bathrooms and at my age of mid 80s that is tiring, but I am grateful that I can still do it. We had the Udi’s bag dinner with a small salad.
        As for curtains and windows, a good friend hires someone to do hers, and in the spring, I may do the same.

  • I’ve been making my own pizza for 30+ years. That gadget is a waste of money. You’ll get the same effect with a baking stone. (example http://tinyurl.com/y3j3xssg). The best part is that if you want to go cheaper you can get an unfinished tile from chain hardware or flooring stores. A baking stone is also a must if you want to bake bread, can be used in gas or electric ovens, and can just sit on the oven rack full-time so you don’t have to lift or store it. If you have lifting/bending issues, get yourself a pizza screen. You can get pizza peels (the wooden board with the handle) in both wood and metal, and rocker knives on Amazon.

  • Life isn’t easy and there will always be manufacturers putting out new products in order to make you spend more money. One of the biggest frauds to me is body wash. Sorry but there’s nothing wrong with bar soap which is significantly cheaper and lasts longer. Another item for the kitchen which does only ONE thing that you can do in your conventional stove oven or your convection oven is not wise spending. Also when it comes to pizza, yes, it’s good to want to make your own at home to save on cost but there’s nothing like a slice from a traditional Italian pizzeria. I’ll make my own using the weightwatchers form of the 2 ingredient dough because I need to lose weight, but when I want a real treat, I go my local Italian pizzeria.

      • I do not know any “Jones” anymore and the ones I knew have passed.
        At my age I do not need one more thing that I only use for one thing.
        I will pass on this and since we do not eat pizza that often and it has to have a Cauliflower Crust, due to my husband’s Gluten Allergy, I will order ours from our local Pizza Joint.

  • Sorry, but this just looks like one more thing to add to clutter. I love your posts but this isn’t something that is useful or practical for the average person.

  • >