Homemade Carpet Stain Remover…NO Scrubbing Needed!

OK…I realize it’s Christmas Eve…and I really should be posting something about food or parties or family or…I don’t know…something FESTIVE!  If that’s what you were expecting to read about today…my apologies. I’m just too excited about my new carpet cleaning discovery that I simply HAD to post this…TODAY. :-)

It started with this post about making your own homemade version of “Shout” laundry stain remover.  A couple of people asked if they could use it on their carpet stains too.  I didn’t know the answer to that because I’d never thought to try it…but was definitely going to give it a go.

That was before this comment was posted by Tammie:

homemade carpet stain cleaner

Let me let you in on a little secret about me (ok it’s not really a secret…maybe a really badly-kept one!). I am a naturally CURIOUS, IMPATIENT, AND OBSESSIVE person (which would explain a lot about my choice of a career in TV news), and I simply can’t read something like that and not give it a try myself, immediately!
So….instead of finishing up the 101 things I still had to do before my Christmas Eve dinner party I was hosting in a matter of hours….I was sitting on the floor with my steam iron, a bottle of ammonia and water and several white towels!

(Don’t ask about the carpet color…it came with the house when we bought it. My best guess is that when the builders of the house originally put the wall-to-wall berber carpet in…they were a smidge short and just grabbed whatever was on sale in the remnant department of the carpeting store to finish up this basement bedroom.)

All I had to go on were the two lines written in that comment above….but honestly…that’s all you need to know.  I filled an empty spray bottle with 1 part ammonia & 1 part HOT water, sprayed it LIBERALLY on the stain, laid the clean white towel on top of it and started ironing away!  Within literally SECONDS…this is what the WHITE towel looked like.

homemade carpet stain cleaner

I repeated the process maybe two more times….and the stain was GONE.  A stain that has been there for I don’t even remember how long! Gone!  G O N E!

homemade carpet stain cleaner

My 16 year old son was helping me and he and I were AMAZED!  We could hardly believe our eyes. It was so easy and quick and there wasn’t even any scrubbing involved.  Who would have ever thought to use a steam iron and a towel to draw the stain up out of the carpet? Well, probably some of you…but not me! lol.  Simply brilliant.

This smashing success spurred me on to tackle the MUCH bigger stain in the same room. Another stain I have NO idea how long it’s been there or even HOW it got there. And once again….success at getting out MOST of the stain.  If I didn’t have a dinner party deadline pressing on me….I would have probably kept at it all night long….but I had to “call the game” after about an hour because I was running out of time to get everything done.  But as you can see by THIS before and after…the miracle carpet cleaner was definitely doing the job!

homemade carpet stain cleaner

Just look at the PILE of white towels I went through before I called it a night!  That was a serious stain!

homemade carpet stain cleaner

Since most of your stains will probably be more like the first stain I showed you. I am MORE than confident in saying……TRY IT!!! It truly is amazing stuff! Can’t wait to try it on more stains! :-)

Oh….I almost forgot……




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  1. Jess in MI says

    Did this today! AWESOME!!! Warning, dont have your face to close to the steam or it will not feel so good in your eyes. DUH!!!! (Learn from my mistakes people LOL)

  2. Jess in MI says

    Did this today! AWESOME!!! Warning, dont have your face to close to the steam or it will not feel so good in your eyes. DUH!!!! (Learn from my mistakes people LOL)

    • Carmel says

      Suggestion~Use lemon ammonia instead of regular…it’s less harsh on the nose!! I put my iron on ‘cotton’ because that’s the towel material (my rational)…hehe!

      Thanks so much for the tip!! It worked great on ‘rubbed in dog poop’ (ugh…don’t ask)

  3. Anonymous says

    I tried for 3 months to get bright red dog barf stain out of the carpets in our year old house. I was so embarrassed, and tried everything from carpet cleaners, to resolve, to countless other home remedies. I tried this as a last hope, and it WORKED!!!!!! I can't tell you how happy that I am that someone pinned this idea on Pinterest. I'm sharing this with everybody! Thank you!!

    • Annette says

      So it even worked on dog barf? They had first mention Koolaid and it is not organic. Glad to know it worked on blood and lemon ammonia and that is what I have!

    • Nancy says

      I just tried this on some kid barf. It worked great! The stain and smell were completely gone! I got excited and tried it on some red fingernail polish that got spilled in the hallway carpet closet. I was amazed that it worked. It isn’t completely gone, but it is less noticeable.

  4. Chris @ Freckle Face Girl says

    I accidentally came upon your post…on Pinterest. And spent the entire morning walking around my house with white towels, an iron, and a spray bottle. I have taken up red dog vomit, I don't know how many juice stains, some sort of kid crust that hardened like plastic on the floor, and all sorts of other random stains too. I can't believe I have spent who knows how much on stain removers when this is better than ALL THE REST! Thanks so much!!!

  5. Jessica Lewis says

    Look like it works great just one tip for people for pets Clean afterwars with vinegar to neutralize the amonia so you puppies wont think that this is a place to potty!! I will be tryn this one tho!!

    • Kitty says

      Thank you, I was wondering what people with pets did. I don’t want my cats to use everything but the litter box as a potty! Did you just spray the vinegar on after?

      • says

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    • Lauren Fish says

      great tip about the puppy peeing! I wouldn’t have thought about that until it was too late!

  6. Miss Summer says

    @Penny I clean beach houses for a second side job and I have found that dryer sheets for soap scumb works awesome! just wet the door and use the dryer sheet rubbing in a circular motion, you may use more than one depending on the door size.. then just wash away. Viola! ;)

  7. Anonymous says

    Rain x works great to keep shower doors clean after you have scrubbed them! Just use a squeegy every day and you are good to go! :)

  8. Anonymous says

    My kids dropped a gallon of glue on my carpet. I have clean and clean and got it so it is just hard. Today a did a tiny part of it witht he iron to see if it helped and it did. Right now I am in the middle of remodeling my den so I will finish it at another time (in kid's play room). Thanks for all the great info!

  9. Trista Z says

    :( I tried this but my stain from can ravolli is still in the carpet It is lighter, yet still very noticable:( I ironed and sprayed for like 3 hours even… have any more ideas?

    • Jessica says

      Try a degreaser because of the grease in the ravioli. Mr. Clean, Mean Green, or even Pine Sol.

    • says

      So, I was on pinterest. For grease stains, you can get regular white chalk. The chalk will absord the greasy stains. I tried it and was pretty impressed, then after that try the ammmonia trick!

    • Laneybird says

      Trista, I’ve been working on spots in my carpet for the past week. A friend told me to try the 1/2 and 1/2 ammonia, water, but it didn’t do the job completely. So, I used another solution I found on Pinterest. 2 c warm water and added a good splash of white vinegar and a dribble of Dawn dish soap and I added a small handful (about a 1/8 c of baking soda to the mix.

      I scrubbed and scrubbed my carpet specifically hitting the most awful stains first. Then, I went over it with my steam cleaner using very warm water and about 2 c of white vinegar. It took most of the stains out as well as most of the regular traffic path. Have two fans on the carpet and I’m waiting for it to dry right now so I can move on to the last area that needs help! I’ve used my steamer with the commercial cleaner several times AND had a professional come in twice and the stains reappeared each time!

      I also had a sick dog who puked all over the carpet (still don’t understand why they won’t throw up on the kitchen floor so I can wipe it up easier!), plus grandbabies and their spillproof sippy cups! HA!

      So far, it looks good! This project so far has been broken up in 3 stages because my arms cannot take a whole day of the scrubbing and the ammonia got to my nose and throat, so I had to quit that one.

      I’m experimenting to see which does the best job, the combination of the ammonia, then the vinegar solution and steam, or the vinegar solution with baking soda and then hit it with the vinegar water in the steamer. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I’m finished!