[3 ingredient] Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I can’t think about Fall and not think about these cookies for some reason!

I first tasted these when I worked as a producer on a morning talk show in Salt Lake City called “Good Things Utah”. I can’t remember who made them on the show…but I DO remember we all liked them so much we put them in our 1st cookbook! :-)

That was a few years ago and a quick look around the GTU website didn’t bring up the recipe, but thankfully I found the very same recipe here at:  Ladybird Ln. (Thanks Carlee!)

Not only are they moist and delicious….with only THREE INGREDIENTS..they are a SNAP to make!

Our Executive Producer George liked them so much he would make batches of them and bring them to our remote shows at the Scrapbooking Expo for the viewers to try!  Ahh..good times!  Miss you George! :-)


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Betty Crocker Spice Cake Mix
  • 15 oz can pumpkin
  • Chocolate Chips (about 1 cup)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix all ingredients together, plop on cookie sheet in heaping tablespoons,  bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes until just firm.

Funny thing is I’m not usually a fan of pumpkin and chocolate together…but there is something about these cookies that my taste buds make an exception for.
Go on….give them a try.  You probably have everything you  need for them in your pantry already. :-)
Oh man….now I’m HUNGRY!!!

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  1. Lauralee says

    I'll send along a "caution" not to use any no-name brand Spice Cake mix. I tried it with a thrifty brand and they were so awful I had to throw them out. Stick with quality!

    • Karissa says

      I wonder if this Lauralee is my sister… I don’t know a lot of Lauralees. :) Is it you, LQS? I just made these cookies, but they were really just cake bites. I guess they’re still warm… maybe they’ll get hard when they cool down? So far… not a fan. :( I like my cookies like my crackers: with a crunch!

  2. Billie says

    I'm thinking cinnamon chips would be as good with these as with the cupcake/muffin version. One box spice cake, the large can pumpkin, 1 cup cinnachips, bake in cupcake pan at 350* about 40 mins or so.

  3. Anonymous says

    I have never made these as a cookie before, but they are wonderful in (greased) mini muffin tins. Mine take about 13-14 minutes and turn out wonderful!

  4. Life's a Bowl says

    I love pumpkin and I love chocolate! Never have combined the two but it sounds tasty :D I've substituted applesauce and pumpkin puree in baked goods before and love the taste/ texture!

  5. Beverly says

    I have been making these cookies for some time now. My sister gave me the recipe. When I make them for a function or to share with friends for the first time, I get rave reviews. I use a small cookie scoop and drop them fairly close together on my baking sheet as they do not spread. I get about 5 dozen that way. LOVE this recipe. (By the way, I do not save this recipe for just the fall season. I make this recipe throughout the year.) Most of the time I use Betty Crocker, but I have also used Duncan Hines with the same great results.

  6. Shareen says

    I got this recipe from Weight Watchers. They called them the 1 pt. cookie. They are so good my son would eat them faster than I did and he wasn’t on W.W. For only 1 pt. you can totally feel like you cheated without the guilt!!!

  7. Abby says

    Just tried this only omitted the chocolate chips and used apple butter instead of pumpkin. Delicious and full of flavor.

  8. Mary-Ann says

    Question, what do I omit in the cake and put the pumpkin in.?? I love pumpkin cookies and this sounds yummy and easier.

    • says

      Just follow the recipe exactly as stated above and you’ll be good to go. :-) Just the 3 ingredients. No other ingredients listed on the cake mix box are necessary. Hope this helps!