Frozen Yogurt Dots!

Here it is…another installment of Jillee’s Favorite Frozen Treats!  Everytime I see an idea for a new frozen treat idea…I can hardly WAIT to try it! This one was NO exception! Saw this on Pinterest and knew it was MADE JUST FOR ME! :-)

As much as I love the Frozen Yogurt Pops that I posted about a couple of weeks ago and have since probably eaten at least a dozen of! This idea had a different kind of appeal because I was pretty sure even my picky eaters who don’t like the yogurt with fruit pieces mixed into it would like these plain, flavored dots! And I was right!  They ate them like candy! After all, they look like they COULD be candy. :-)  But they are frozen, creamy deliciousness!  MUCH better in my book. :-)

Oh and they freeze SUPER FAST! So if you’re in a hurry for your frozen snack….pop some dots in the freezer and in less than an hour from now you’ll be enjoying your own delicious creamy treat!


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  1. Kay Johnson says

    Jillee, I found this on Pinterest and felt compelled to report it to you. It is your photos off this blog that have post without crediting you and no link. As fellow website owner it infuriates me that people break copyright and steal our work. Here is the Pinterest link…
    You can report it a copyright infringement to Pinterest and they will take it down. I've done this 3 times myself. Good luck!
    Kay Johnson

    • says

      When it’s posted on pinterest, it does link back (as does the one you linked to) and actually generates click thrus for the blog that originally posted it. It’s actually a great way to create buzz about your blog and get more followers. Definitely not a bad thing at all. You’ll notice when you click the link you posted, in the upper right it shows this blog name as where it came from… and when you click the image, it takes you to this blog entry. That’s how I got here :) Never had seen this blog before, and I’m a new reader thanks to that post on pinterest.

    • Lauren says

      I, too, found this via pinterest… And yes, it did link properly. It’s a GREAT way to get traffic to your blog. I have my own blog and very frequently pin my own things as “advertisement.” And I have had a VERY large increase in traffic. :) Happy reading & pinning.

    • Vanessa says

      I am sorry but you don’t seem to understand how Pinterest works. I checked out the link above and it does link to this website and it even says “ on top. You have to click on the picture and it automatically sends you here.

    • Vanessa says

      Kay I feel compelled to let you know that the fact the you don’t allow pinning on your website is a big turn off. Do you not realize that if someone pins your recipe it will link back to your website and create more traffic on it?

      • Carrie says

        I completely agree. While it is true about what Kay said about Copy Right Infringement, in this day and age that is kind of ridiculous to think this way. Don’t you want people to create the recipes? Like so many have said, Pinterest links back to the original location – bringing traffic to the site. Her comments are a complete turn off….

    • Michelle says

      you know what is most frusturating about your comment. If you read the begining of this post, she found the idea on pinterest and did it took pictures of it and uploaded them herself, whos to say thats not what the people did that you claim stole your work!!

    • Jay Joy says

      I realize this is old, but in this day and age if you’re still getting your panties in a bunch about people stealing things from your website, you’re really stuck in an era. Have fun back there in the 80′s…

  2. Jill Nystul says

    Kay…thank you SO much for letting me know! I saw the pictures being circulated by someone other than me….but I had no idea where they came from! Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Vanessa says

      I don’t get this. The link Kay posted above sent me HERE. It does give you credit. It seems it’s not you but Kay who has her panties up in a bunch. I went to her website and she doesn’t allow anyone to pin her recipes. Does she not realize that when someone pins her recipe it will create more traffic to her website? Oh well, that’s too bad for her. Like I said I found your website through that link she posted. I will have to try these. They look like they would be fun to eat especially for my kids. Thanks.

      • Erica says

        Lol I’m confused too. When I click the link it takes me to someones pin of these yogurt bites, but it was pinned via Jillee’s pinterest! Not even directly by the person from the website. That’s how pinterest works. If I repin something you pinned LOTS of other people can pin it via MY pinterest. I don’t claim it’s mine, I repin for my future use and other people happen to like it and repin it too. It all links back to the original pinner anyway. Also, you can probably find pins of MOST of the blog posts here on pinterest. That’s how I found out about the blog in the first place (I’ve seen atleast 3 pins of different posts, which has me now searching this page for other things that might interest me). The original report was intended to be helpful, but I think misguided. Repinners don’t claim credit, and they drive traffic to your site……thought that was the goal of most bloggers.

  3. Catch says

    Does this change the texture and bitterness (at least to me) when it's frozen? I'd like to eat yogurt, but I can't stand the texture.

    Also, if you use non-fat, plain yogurt, you can make these for dogs! :)

    • Tracey says

      It does change the texture and taste a bit…I froze mine and it makes them taste more like ice-cream that is super frozen….It only took a few mins and as long as you don’t hold them in your hand they will stay frozen for long enough. I filled the bottom of a small butter bowl/tub with them and my boys carried the bowl around while they ate them with no mess!

    • Sarah says

      Ours did :( I actually came back here to see if I missed some magic ingredient or something that keeps them hard like the store-boughts, but alas.. They melted before I could even get them all off the tray and it wasn’t because I didn’t keep them in the freezer long enough. I wonder if maybe the type of yogurt effects the outcome. Ours was full fat Lucern’s strawberry yogurt.

  4. Kay Johnson says

    Jillee, You have to report them to Pinterest.
    Beside the pin you see "Report Pin", click on it and then choose 'Other'. Next click on "Is this your intellectual property?" and that will switch you to a complaint form that you need to fill out. Pinterest will then check through their data and remove the offending pin. You will receive an email from them saying that they have done so.
    I'm now at the point where I'm truly considering pulling my work OFF of Pinterest for this very reason. Again Good luck!!

    • Give me a break says

      Seriously? The pinner linked the image to this site. And it’s not like this idea is a great national secret, cure to cancer, or personal manuscript. People have pinned my ideas and not given me credit. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? I’m glad something I’ve done helped someone else…period.

      • Prepper Jalapeno Gal says

        Kay, I think you are confused and need to stop trying to cause trouble for someone who actually got Jill more views on her web page. I do not understand how you dont see that all she did was repin jills article. The link goes right back to jills website. Stop causing drama.

  5. plentyofus5 says

    I see at least 2 people have asked how long they stay frozen and if they would be good for a kids lunch. Can anyone who has made these please answer that? Thanks much!

    • CaribouBarbie007 says

      I’ve been looking for the answer too.

      I made these last night with my fiancé with a blackberry yogurt, and as soon as we started taking them off the plate (it fit in our freezer better) and they instantly started to melt in our apartment. I keep reading to try and see if anything was added to the yogurt…. but no one has answered it yet

      • Elizabeth says

        I have made these for my kids with no issues. We used the exact yogurt in her post (that was just what I had in the house) and they stayed frozen for a long time. Maybe yours were not as cold as mine? I was able to put them in a bowl for the kids and they munched them down.

  6. Anonymous says

    it is also really really stupid that you guys are complaining about someone using your ideas. oooh im going to come up with this great idea.. BUT EVERYONE HAS TO GIVE ME CREDIT OR ELSE IM DELETING IT!

  7. Danielle says

    I made these today with Key Lime Pie yogurt and they were pretty yummy! However, they don't freeze solid. I froze mine for 3 hours and as soon as you pick one up, they get kinda mushy.

    As for the Pinterest ordeal, I think it's kinda foolish to report your pin. All of these people (including myself) are here because we found the pin and thought it was a genius idea! That is bringing a lot of new people to your site to look around and I don't think that's a bad thing at all!

    • Jillee says

      I couldn’t agree more! I never had any intention of “reporting” this to Pinterest, I was just curious where my re-edited photos had come from and was appreciative of Kay for bringing it to my attention.
      Thanks for stopping by! :-)

      • Toni says

        No one re-edited the photos. I found your blog through my son’s teacher pinning this and when I went to pin it from your blog it gives me a choice of what photo from your blog I want to use as the main image for others to see and click on. It gives no instruction at all and you have to click the photo and be brought to your blog in order to find out. You are getting full credit, plus no one is “stealing” your images since they link right to you.

        This is the 2nd person I have clicked on an awesome food idea picture that has lead me to your blog, so I think I may have to become a follower as I really seem to love your ideas. Without Pinterest, I wouldn’t be a “fan” and new subscriber :)

  8. Anonymous says

    I add a little instant free jello pudding (usually vanilla flavored)to my yogurt – it helps with that bitter taste and the texture. Doesn't take much maybe 1 – 2 teaspoons per 8oz cup.

  9. Anonymous says

    Obviously the Pinterest link has been reported and fixed. It's working correctly now. That's how I found you today!

    I'll answer the question about freezing/melting. Considering that yogurt is about the same texture as ice cream, I would expect these to start melting just as quickly.

  10. Anonymous says

    hi jillee,

    i too saw this on pinterest…just made them and my kids LOVED them. i would have never thought of this myself nor would have i ever stumbled across your blog had it not been for pinterest….everything on pinterest has a link from the blog it originated from below it…i've discovered many new recipes, as well as great blogs like this one because of pinterest. anyway, great idea on a new way for my kids to eat yogurt!

  11. Anonymous says

    How is this original? This blog didn't post until March 2nd and Ive seen these long before this month. Ive had pinned on pinterest since Jan. I just happened to do a google search to see if I could find how long they need to freeze for.. The idea of Pinterest is to PIN something you want to make at a later time! Not to "steal" anything from someone!

  12. Erin says

    To keep them chilled you could put them in a small bowl, then place the bowl in a larger bowl full of ice so the ice chills the bottom of the bowl keeping them chilled. Just an idea. I know that works to keep dip chilled for parties.

  13. Anonymous says

    How fast are your all's kids eating these things? I keep my house pretty cold and all of mine were half-melted within three minutes of removing from the freezer even after freezing for a solid 24 hours.

  14. Ms Co-Dependent says

    I need to try these.

    And, as far as all the Pinterest complaining goes, I think the main complaint was that people were stealing her pics, not the idea. It's not hard to use Pinterest…just use the "Pin-It" button the provide for you on your browser and Voila! It pins what you want, you get to choose the picture you use and it credits the original website. And when you re-pin, it does the same thing, as long as that pin credited the original site. It isn't rocket science.

  15. Anonymous says

    It is so hard to get my son to eat something – I hate giving him 'junk' so this idea was perfect, I was skeptical but he loves them, I can get him to eat raspberry, key lime pie, strawberry, banana, orange sherbert, blueberry, you name it he likes it in dot form :) I'm actually going through nearly a dozen things of yogurt a week

  16. LauraW says

    Odd she claimed she saw the idea on Pinterest but didn’t give credit for it (no mention of who’s idea it was) but is willing to get her panties in a wad for someone using her pictures (which by the way – that link in the 1st comment does show that it was pinned via Jillee, which is more credit than Jillee gave to the person she borrowed this idea from.)

    I think it’s time I book mark this site.

    • Jillee says

      LauraW . . .

      I just checked my panties….and no worries….they are just fine thanks! As a matter of fact…they were never “in a wad” over anything. I was just surprised someone had taken the photos I had taken for my post, re-edited them into one photo (originally they were all separate photos) and put them back up on Pinterest with NO link whatsoever. Just an “uploaded by user”.
      In addition, if you will scroll up to the original post…you’ll see I said I found it on Pinterest and linked it to the post I found it on….but unfortunately, that post also was simply a photo someone had uploaded with no link to the original submitter. Just a photo. To this day I have no idea where it came from. If someone were to enlighten me I would be MORE than happy to give them all the credit in the world! Because I absolutely ADORE this idea and so do apparently thousands of others!
      If you take a look at the more than 10,000 pins I have put up on Pinterest, you will see I give credit where credit is due whenever possible.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for book marking my site. :-)


  17. says

    I, for one, LOVE your website! I checked over my Pinterest board and noticed that so many of my pins bring me back to you! Everything that you post is AWESOME!! I can’t wait to have a super clean and healthy house thanks to you!!

  18. Kim says

    Just wanted to post a Thank You for sharing this. I live in the desert and summers are HOT. My kids are always hungry but I don’t want to bake… These are easy treats that would be great for our hot summer days. I added a bit of honey to my big bucket and it took that slight bitter tang out.

  19. JESS says

    I’ll be making these for sure very soon, it makes for an easy treat when you want something cold and sweet but its not terrible for you like ice cream could be, I will also be making a bunch for my dogs bday party, since I’m sure all his doggie friends would love to try these out.


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