Make Your Own Lemon Dust Cloths

Lemon Dust Cloths

Dusting just happens to be about my LEAST favorite household cleaning chore. Why?  I have no idea. I just hate dusting.

So when I saw this idea at…I thought it might be an incentive/motivator for me to dust more. I have no problem with “bribing” myself to do unpleasant chores.

I think one of the MANY reasons why I like making my own cleaning products so much is trying something new to keep things interesting. Because let’s face it….until we all have robot maids (like Rosey from the Jetsons’), housecleaning is not likely to get any easier.

So make up a batch of these lemony fresh dusting cloths (you probably already have everything you need to make them)….turn on the “Happy Working Song” from “Enchanted” REAL LOUD….and enjoy a truly special cleaning moment. :-)

Lemon Dust Cloths

  • Water
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • Rags
  • Lemons
  • Airtight glass container

Lemon Dust Cloths

First, peel some lemons. I had about 6 small Meyer lemons that I had intended on making into a delicious lemony dessert, but instead were almost ready to be compost material.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Mix equal parts water and vinegar. Add a couple drops of olive oil.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Soak rags in the solution until fully saturated. I used old cloth napkins that I cut into fourths.

(One of these days I HAVE to remember to buy some pinking shears!)

Lemon Dust Cloths

Wring out the rags leaving them just damp.

Lay the rags out flat, and place a couple lemon rinds on each cloth.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Roll or fold the rinds into each cloth, and place into your glass container.

Lemon Dust Cloths

Add a few extra lemon peels, and make sure the lid is tight. Store until needed.
Once used, wash the dust cloths and make a new batch!

Note: Vinegar is a great mold killer so I wouldn’t worry about these getting moldy.

I let my dusting cloths sit in the jar most of the day and get nice and lemony and then used a couple tonight on our entertainment center. Just as I thought…it made my least favorite household chore a MUCH nicer experience. :-)

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  1. Michelle says

    The oil and lemon juice won't hurt your furniture, you can actually just mix the two for a furniture polish. It's a great alternative to something like Murphy's oil to keep wood conditioned and looking shiny! I always make a small batch, otherwise it can go rancid. As for everyday dusting, I just use equal parts water and vinegar with essential oil in a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. Works great to clean most surfaces. I do like the adding of fresh rinds, though, may have to try infusing some vinegar!

  2. ronikins says

    well i hope you like country life! i'm in the middle of nowhere aka missouri ozarks :) spring is in full bloom right now! now for some spring cleaning :)

  3. Jill Nystul says

    I didn't notice any sticky residue at all after using it to dust my entertainment center. You are only using a few DROPS of olive oil.

    This didn't smell vinegar-y at all. Just lemony. If you really don't like the smell of vinegar…maybe use 1/2 as much.

    ronikins…yes…I will come live with you! (Have laptop…will travel…and blog!) lol! :-)

    Thanks for all the comments! Glad you liked the post. Off to dust something! (I have the Happy Working Song stuck in my head!)

  4. ronikins says

    Zoquara- a great way to get rid of fruit flies… place a small dish (about 2-3 ounce size) in the corner on the counter. add half dish soap and half apple cider vinegar. the flies are attracted to the vinegar but get stuck in the soap. change every day or so (as it fills up with flies). it works! i have a problem with fruit flies every summer.

    i love your site, jillee!! will you just come live with me? please? i'm building a 'scrap' book off all these wonderful 'recipes'. i'm a data hoarder ;) as my husband would call me.

    i'm also wondering about using the bottled lemon juice or essential lemon oil too. makes me miss my meyer lemon tree that we had in l.a.


  5. Jessica S. says

    Have you tried them yet? I've read different variations of this and always wondered if the oil or lemon leave a stick residue on the furniture. What do you think?

  6. Alyssa B says

    This looks like a great idea…but I hate the smell of vinegar so I'm not sure if I want to try it. Can you smell the vinegar? Or just the lemons?

  7. EmilyM says

    Do you think it would work to add some lemon essential oil to the water/vinegar/olive oil solution rather than use lemon peels?

  8. Anonymous says

    You are quickly becoming my favorite DIY guru! LOVE your tips! So practical! THANKS

      • LINDA E says

        I just reread the instructions & I believe that they are to be left damp. I go by her statement “Note: Vinegar is a great mold killer so I wouldn’t worry about these getting moldy.” I would think that that would mean to put them in the jar damp.

  9. Zoquara says

    I notice you use a lot of fresh lemons (or, should I say real lemons? lol) for your cleaning stuff. I tend to avoid fresh fruits of any kind unless I know they'll be used FOR SURE within a day or two since we got a nasty fruit fly infestation at my house last year (I blame the local WalMart!). Can lemon juice be substituted?