Organizing The Dreaded Pots and Pans Cabinet!

Let’s talk about PET PEEVES. We ALL have them, but I feel like I have a lot of them. Probably too many. Although I’m not sure…how many pet peeves is too many pet peeves? And what exactly does it say about a person when they have a lot of them? I like to think I’m a fairly positive and upbeat person, I really don’t like to dwell on negative things.

So why am I plagued with PPS??? (pet peeve syndrome).

I of course had to do some research on the subject and while I didn’t find a whole lot on the subject…I did find this helpful article about how to use MEDITATION to get over your pet peeves! I might just have to try “replenishing my aura with fresh golden cosmic energy”. :-)

Then maybe cupboards like THIS won’t make me want to hurl profanities at innocent bystanders and throw heavy objects.

By a show of hands please….who else has a “pots and pans cabinet” that drives them crazy???  I know I can’t be the only one who fights with their cookware! 

Well, after today….the fight is over! No more heavy lids tumbling out onto my bare toes….and no more cookie sheets being accidentally dislodged from their precarious perches and making enough noise to wake the dead! I finally reached my pet peeve boiling over point today with that cabinet and took action. The ironic thing…it really didn’t even take that much ACTION! I have been grumbling and murmuring about that stupid cabinet for YEARS and it literally took me a couple of hours TOPS to rectify the situation. Sometimes I can be so dim. :-)

Here is a rundown of the steps it took to turn the cabinet from hell 
into a happy, organized space:

1. Take all the crap out of the cabinet and lay it out on the floor so you can actually see what’s rattling around in there and causing all the trouble. 

2. Get rid of the stuff you don’t use! Seems obvious…but there was a plastic “vessel” of some sort I found in there that I had NO idea what it was…let alone where it originally came from. Gone.

3. Take the stuff that you RARELY use (but still use on occasion) and find another place to store it! There is no reason to be fighting with your pots and pans because there is a giant roaster in there that you only use once a year a Christmastime for roasting Chex mix!!

 4.  Put your “thinking cap on” and rethink the space. Focus on efficiency! Enlisting the hubster’s help….we moved the shelf just 3 notches higher…which allowed for the cookie sheets, muffin tins, etc to be stored VERTICALLY rather than HORIZONTALLY.  A MAJOR space and sanity saver! :-)  (The vertical organizers were less than $5 each.)

5. Spiff it up! First give it a good cleaning!  I sprayed a mixture of 1/2 ammonia and 1/2 water all over the inside of the cabinet…let it set for a few minutes…then wiped it out with a damp cloth. Then I gave both shelves a nice new layer of shelf liner.

6. Add a few “accessories” to complete the “makeover”. I hung two INEXPENSIVE adjustable curtains rods ($1.77 each) on four eye hooks (.97 cents) on the insides of the cabinet doors to create a place to keep my most often used lids. Searching for lids is….guess what? Another pet peeve of mine! lol.

7. Finally, return the pared down pots and pans inventory to the cabinet and stand back and admire your work! Ahhhhhh…..much better!

Stick a fork in this project because IT IS DONE! On to the next one! :-)
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  1. CTY says

    For what ever reason unorganized cabinets have always made me crazy. Other aspects are my house can be unorganized–but not the cabinets. First thing I noticed was–you had too much stuff in there.. Good you moved some to another spot (so long as it isn’t some dreaded dark forgotten place that can get out of control). Better too that DH moved the shelf (mine were built in– so I cut them out & installed adjustable). Jillee please know that I am not picking on you–but only saying what I see. I see 2 bundt pans, 3 muffin tins, & 4 large cookie sheets –do you really use that many at once? My 5 pots that are used over & over again hang on the wall near the stove. They take up 36″w x 12″ h of the back splash area. They are right where I need them. Their lids are in a drawer–in your case though I would probably use the roaster to hold them. The two larger pots are in the cabinet– the pasta pot has it colander and specialized draining lid (inverted) & nestled inside. The three skillets XL, MD & SM are nestled .
    One thing that is bugging me–what do the lids on the door go to?
    I kinda have my own ABCD rule of thumb—At hand, the most used are kept the closest (my hanging pots), Byway, often used relatively close(the lids), Co-mingled, the nestled ones (skillets), Dreaded–the overflow area (dark forgotten place where the home canning stuff is).
    I mean all this in the best way–sorry if I seem preachy.

  2. Denise says

    Another trick I had just learned is using small tension rods horizontally for your cookie sheets. :)

  3. garrettgirl says

    Totally off subject but… I noticed the Pampered Chef pots with the hard water stains.(: o sorry) I have had the same issue! I have moved and my new home THANKFULLY has not got the same hard water problems, anyway we could get a One Good way to get rid once and for all of the stains?!? Oh pretty please : ) BTW… Your after picture is totally inspiring and I felt an amazing sense of peace when I looked at it after the many mashed toes of days gone bye!

  4. Becky says

    Am I missing something? I clicked on the story to see the after pictures and all i can get to are the comments, that seems to happen on any of the topics here, do I have to be a member or pay or something?