How To Make Your Own “No. 2 Spray” Bathroom Deodorizer

no 2 spraySomeone emailed me MONTHS ago asking if  I knew how to make a homemade version of the popular bathroom spray, “Poo~Pourri”.  Have you heard of it? I hadn’t, but it definitely sounded intriguing…so I immediately went on a search for it.

Turns out almost everybody who has tried this stuff, loves it! It’s a simple (but inspired!) concept. All you do is spray their proprietary blend of “Lemongrass, Bergamot, Grapefruit and other natural essential oils” in the toilet before you “go”, creating a film on the surface of the water, which traps any odors!

Sounds simple enough! Of course I’m sure their super secret, patent-pending blend probably has some fancy scientific formulation behind it that makes it Poo-rrific! But I believe in the power of essential oils to help just about any condition on their own…so I decided to let them shine in MY “super not-so-secret non-patent-pending blend”….Jillee’s #2 Spray!

no 2 sprayHere what you’ll need:

  • 10 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
  • 8 ounces of water
  • (1) small spray bottle

Fill the spray bottle with 8 ounces of water, add 10 drops each of the Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Bergamot Essential Oils, and shake.

Here’s how to use:

BEFORE “nature calls”, shake the bottle again and then spritz the #2 Spray into the toilet bowl. Approximately 3 or 4 spritzes should do it. Then do your “business”. The oils will disperse over the water creating a vapor barrier and trapping any offensive odors!

no 2 spray

Now, I can hear you all asking in unison…but Jillee….does it work?!  You bet your buttons it works!  And how do I KNOW it works???  Well, let me try to put this as delicately as I can……….I have been very well-acquainted with the toilets in our house over the last 24 hours because today I have the distinct honor of undergoing my first ever colonoscopy. So suffice it to say…I have tried thisand it works! And for some reason, this whole experience reminded me of the Poo~Pourri idea and I decided to give it a try.  Can’t imagine why. :-)

Now it’s your turn. Give it a try and let us know how it all comes out!  lol….I’m sorry….that was baaaaaad! Forgive me…I’m in a weakened state!  Must rest…big day ahead!

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    • Debbie says

      I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before either (in Northwest Canada) but am excited (can you believe that? lol) to try it. I find air sprays are hard on my respiratory system and gels are ineffective so this is awesome!

      • Amanda says

        You should go look up the commercial for Poo-pourri on Youtube just for fun. It’s hilarious. But I like your homemade version. My husband says I should make some for the bathroom at his office. :)

  1. Landon says

    I keep a bottle of Eucalyptus oil by the toilets. 2-3 drops in the water before doing your business eliminates any odors. The best thing about it is that the bottle is small enough to stick in a pocket or purse for those emergencies when you are not at home.

  2. Nancy M says

    How funny! Never thought anything like “#2 Spray” could exist. Definitely going to give this a try. In fact, I have tried several of your ideas and they have all worked, especially the “smelly” towel solution. Thank you so much for all you do to make this blog so great, I love reading it! Good luck with your procedure today:)

      • Jamie says

        Thanks! We are actually a colon cancer family so I get one every year since I was 19. Actually this time my mom and I had ours done together. We got qite a bit of attention when we checked in that morning. I hope yours went well. It really isn’t a horrible procedure to have done since you sleep through the whole thing!

    • Rachel says

      I’m new to the whole Essential Oils world, so I hope you’ll forgive my clueless question. Why do you need glass bottles to hold them and does the spray tube part need to be something other than plastic also?

      • says

        Hi there I am new to Essential oils also but that is an awesome question and was one of my first ones also. You are supposed to used glass and also dark blue or brown bottles. The Essential Oils I use from doTerra are so potent they can eat away at the plastic if stored for to long. I was using a plastic water bottle for drinking my lemon essential oils mixed with my water and started to notice a kinda film on the bottle after one day. I think it is the citrus oils for the most part. I was given a dropper for my oils that is glass and now I use a glass bottle for drinking. But I got a small plastic dropper in my order this month with a silver charm I got free to hang around my neck and I can put in my favorite oil in to have it handy and smell great too! I am pretty sure the dark glass is more for the oils to last longer and keep their potency by not getting too much light and not be contaminated by any other source. I will research the sprayer more but I’m sure it is ok since the oils are diluted with water and are used regularly.

      • says

        Hi Rachel. I see no one responded to your question, so thought I would comment. The essential oils are very powerful and can dissolve plastic bottles over time. You would not want that happening in your purse or bathroom cabinet.

        The sprayer tubes seem to hold up well. If one gets clogged just replace it.


    • Brigitte says

      Yes, because having it open to the air instead of flushed away and covered by water is better? Or are you attempting to perpetuate the myth that women are mythical creatures who don’t “Poo”?

  3. Linda says

    I bought the poo-pourri and it works even if you do not have time to spray in toilet before you go. I will spray it after and it works fine. I cannot wait to make my own. Thank you. BTW they sell poo-pourri on

  4. CTY says

    We are so pampered! Sounds intriguing. I wonder if it can be rigged in one of those bottles you turn upside down to allow bowl cleaner to drip into the tank. Is there a bathroom etiquette book out there? How would we get our guests to use it? I’m still plagued by the seat being left up. I can’t imagine my guests would know how to use the spray; also cannot imagine a conversation to enlighten them about it, what about a “poem” that you can attach to the bottle. My guess is that by the time they read–they are already seated. I remember the poems in the bathroom stalls when we drove from NJ to Florida– “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be sweet & wipe the seat”. What about…
    “Don’t you know?
    Before you go,
    In the bowl a little spray,
    Surely goes a long way!”
    I am just concerned any poem would sound like something that a boy scout troop would think up sitting around a fire. I am sure they would add something like–”Good to the last drop”. And quotes from Ace Ventura–”Do not go in there!” Jillee- what would your boys come up with (I say boys but mean men too, because let’s face it, they never grow up)? I remember when my boys played “themed Scrabble” and chose a bathroom theme (they even took a picture of it on the commode in my sister’s pool cabana). Plenty of onomonapoeias to go around.
    I do like the idea of a travel bottle and a at home bottle at least for personal use.

  5. says

    I was just thinking that this would come in really handy at Barnes and Noble. Something about that store just “moves” me. And if I by-pass the coffee shop, it’s cheaper than miralax! LOL! I just hate “going” in public- (having something to do with my mamma always putting a 3 inch thick layer of toilet paper on every public toilet seat before putting us on it, saying a prayer and a hail Mary while we stood there trying to not to go in our pants and the frightening thought that if I make any sounds that the person in the next stall will laugh hysterically at me-something that happens frequently at our house because I live with 3 teenagers who have had a very “earthy” upbringing.) So I think that I will definitely give this a try-as I do many of the wonderful things you share here! Thanks!

  6. Judy says

    Since perfumes are made out of essential oils, would that work like poo-pourrie? I have a couple of bottles of stuff that was purchased/given as a gift that don’t sit well me, but I hate throwing out stuff. I also use them for sheet sprays and air freshners. I can tolorate the smell as long as it isn’t on me.

  7. Ami says

    My daughter first told my about Poo-Pourri and where to find it – Hallmark stores of all places. Well, none around here had it so found it on Amazon, of course. We tried it, works terrific, nothing else like it. But the cost! Then found they had their own website with different scents…still didn’t want to pay the price plus shipping. So, I went in search of essential oils. Got to Bath and Body and was promptly told essential oils could ruin my toilet! Huh? So, not being familiar with essential oils I “obeyed” my advisor and haven’t tried making my own. I have yet to determine the milky substance of Poo-Pourri that I suspect may neutralize whatever in essential oils would ruin my toilet (apparently they were referring to the enamel). Any info on that?

    • Ayshela says

      hunh. that’s the first I’ve heard of essential oils being harmful to enamel. Sounds to me like scare tactics to sell their overpriced products. I’ve used a few drops of sweet orange oil for this purpose for quite a while now. Given what the enamel on bathroom fixtures stand up to, I don’t believe essential oils will be any more harmful than the chemicals in any toilet bowl cleaner.

    • Wildgeraniums says

      I have not read the ingredients listing for the poo pourri but I would make a guess that the milky/cloudy appearance is due to polysorbate 20 being added to the water in order to help mix the essential oils and the water. Fairly harmless and helps keep the mix from separating.

  8. Susan M says

    Jillee, thanks so much for this post. And I’ll join the others in wishing you the best on your colonoscopy. I’ve had 2 of those and a flex-sig (prep is the same, but I didn’t get any anesthetic). The most important part of the prep for me is to eat lightly in the days before when I can still eat. Then it’s Snapple, chewing gum, and popsicles. Kind of fun, really.

  9. LeeAnn S. says

    True story…I work at a doctor’s office, part of my job is to schedule people for colonoscopies. I called a lady to tell her when her appointment was and she said, “So is this an ‘in and out’ procedure?” I am pleased to say that I just said, “Yes. Yes it is,” without laughing. Until I hung up. :)

  10. Stefanie says

    I’d just like to add, that if you have a cat or house pets in gen. be VERY careful with the oils you use. Citrus if toxic to cat’s for sure. Not sure about the others. The only thing that I know of for sure that’s not, is Vanilla Extract. I know it’s not really an oil and it’s not as strong, but it doesn’t cause liver failure. Lavender, citrus, and many others do. Even the store bought plug in’s etc. can cause prob. It’s a great DIY if you have no pets!

  11. CTY says

    Well, day 2 of experimenting with this and here is my result.
    Day 1-All I had was lavender essential oil- I used 3 drops (not enough time to make the spray), the only smell was from the initial release & dissipated quickly and completely by the time I flushed.
    This got me thinking–what makes this effective? Is it the scent of the EO or is it the oil of the EO that makes it work.
    Day 2- I figured, test the “oil” part of my question. So I used 3 drops of olive oil (only kind of vegetable oil I had on hand). Same result for me. The only smell was from the initial release, & it dissipated quickly & completely by the time I flushed. I did notice that when the bowl refilled, there was already a thin layer of oil across the surface (may solve the “how do you get guests to use it” problem)
    My conclusion- I like the EO because it also leaves behind whatever scent you choose– For folks with allergies or breathing troubles the olive oil is the way to go. What of septic systems–don’t have one. What of clogging– I imagine 3 drops would not be a problem. A plumber told me that clogs have more to do with the thickness of the toilet paper used than any other factor. Also, I already use a borax cleaning for the toilet & I am sure that would take care of any build up in the lines. One other possible problem, if you add olive oil to a spray (with or without EO) it might turn rancid.

  12. KimH says

    Sooo… Im curious… oil & water dont mix.. If you are putting these EOs in water, then spraying them.. how do you know there is actually oil being sprayed out since it separates when it sits around? I think I would rather put them in a squeeze bottle that you can shake up & put a few drops in the bowl… just thinking.

    • says

      Kim, You’ve raised the question that I was about to raise. I’ve got as far as making my first batch of this stuff based on Jill’s recipe and have found exactly the issue you’ve described. The EOs can be temporarily mixed with the water in the spray bottle by shaking vigorously. But within a minute have fully separated out again. A drop of detergent added to the mix will probably overcome that resistance to mix. But if I do that I think it’ll also mess with the ability of the substance to form a film on the pool of water in the toilet bowl. So it’ll effectively become an air freshener!!! :-/ Keith

  13. Anne says

    I made a small batch of this yesterday with Geranium and Lime essential oils (the only ones I had on hand), and I can’t believe it, it actually works! I was able to convince my husband to use it, too, and it is like MAGIC! Plus, there’s the added bonus of not breathing in all of those chemicals from room spray, and stinky sulfur from matches. Genius, Jillee, Genius!

  14. Tab says

    Any oily substance works, even baby oil, hand lotion, hair conditioner, ….even a conditioning shampoo that you don’t like anymore works better than nothing. I wouldn’t use matches at someone else’s house, worried the match smell would make someone think there was a fire somewhere. ( I’m the panicky type and that’s what I would think.) and a candle left burning is good for burning any children or pets trying to play with it, or starting a curtain on fire, or someone’s hair when they lean back against the lid of the toilet. What the plumber is worried about is the oils damaging the rubber components of the flushing mechanism and the rubber seals. You don’t want to cause leaks, obviously. As long as you keep an eye on the condition of those, I think it would be worth it. LOL

    • CTY says

      Thanks– I have been experimenting with different products. Do you use the lotion/hair conditioner full strength? Maybe I can get rid of the conditioner that didn’t work for me. I have been using Dr Bronner’s liquid soap, super diluted with water & it has been working great.

    • Catrina says

      I did this with a rose fragrance scent and it works very well!! I didn’t have any lavender EO at the time and I don’t care for the citrus smell in bathroom, so used fragrance instead. My hubby and son LOVE it and never forget it. My girls and I appreciate it. ;)

  15. Kensie says

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to phrase my question delicately, but its just not possible so hear it goes. When my husband uses the toilet, there are always (and i mean ALWAYS) bits left behind and stuck to the bowl. Would this spray work against that, too? The only thing I can get it to come off with is my bleach spray and even when i use that, its just dirty again within 24 hours. I can’t be constantly be cleaning the toilet and with a 2 year old running around, its just not safe to use bleach all the time. i need something to prevent the sticking. Any ideas?

    • Diana says

      I don’t know if clorox still sells it but they use to have a toilet bowl cleaner with Teflon that worked great for keeping the toilet “sparkling”…just clean it first with something else just in case. I used it hoping it would help keep rust at bay a number of years ago and it actually made it impossible to get the rust off until the Teflon wore off. Worked great for everything else. Now I use borax to clean so it might be off the market by now.

  16. Jennifer says

    At my in laws for christmas eve this year and some gave it as gifts to each other and exclaimed with much excitement how this works…I just watched them with that ever so odd look on my face. Now I know what to make my mother in law who truly thinks her poop dont stink! Lol

  17. alison says

    Hey there! I am new to this homemade stuff. So far I have made laundry sop, fabric softener, dishwasher soap. Love every single one
    I even got two of my neighbors and my aunt doing it as well. This is by far the best site. I’m going to try the toilet bowl cleaner next. I to have three boys in the house. Yucky toliets! I was curious if there was a all purpose cleaner out there? Like I said I’m new to this and have not researched yet but if you know of one please let me know.

    • Erica says

      I was just thinking: what about Pam Spray Cooking Oil? I would think it would even be more discreet than having the essential oil smell in the bathroom when you leave it as well? Looking forward to responses…this is fascinating!

  18. Dawn A. says

    A couple of years ago, my 80 year old Mother described this product to me and asked if I had seen anything like that. I had not. She apparently had remembered using a product just like Poo-pourri in her young days and she wanted to start using it again. (Everything old is new again…)
    After she explained how it worked, I concluded that Eucalyptus Oil would probably do the job.

    That week, I was able to try it out with my little bottle. It worked and I told her so!
    Gross WARNING: If it splashes on you, it will burn. Yep, a few drops can really bother you.

    Jillee, love the site!


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