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My New “Mind-Reading” Moen Faucet…Plus, A Giveaway!

moen faucet 3


I don’t know about you, but I have never had a “nice” faucet. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t something I really even thought much about until my faucet started springing leaks and shooting all over the kitchen. I tried to “fix” it with duct tape, but alas, that was a short-lived solution. :-)

Since I was forced to replace that faucet, I chose to go with a tall, retractable faucet. It was a generic model I bought at Home Depot for less than a hundred dollars, but compared to my old, leaky faucet, it was amazing! Just the fact that it was tall and could accommodate large pots and pans was terrific. The retractable option was super nice as well. I figured faucets didn’t GET any better than this! That was until the nice people at Moen asked me to review their new Moen Arbor with MotionSense faucet!


moen faucet 6


While this faucet is almost identical in LOOKS to my old/new faucet, it is lightyears ahead in technology. It’s almost scary the way it can “read your mind” when it comes to your sink and water needs. :-) Allow me to explain!

The MotionSense faucet has sensors built in the top and the front that when your hand (or a nasty pan) passes in front of it will automatically turn on.

The sensor on the FRONT of the faucet will trigger the faucet to turn on when you put your hands in front of it for a quick wash, and immediately turn OFF when you move your hands away. It’s super convenient when you are cooking and have icky ingredients all over your hands! A note of caution: as NICE as this feature is, at the same time it takes some getting used to!


motion sense

The sensor on the TOP of the faucet is a bit different, but equally cool! All you have to do with this one is wave your hand over it to turn it on and it will STAY ON until you wave again to turn it off. You can also set the temperature you want the water to be at as well. I like mine at a “slightly warm, but not too warm” setting and after only a couple of adjustments, it was perfect!

moen faucet 5 This woman has obviously got the whole thing figured out! :-)

Now that I have the MotionSense in my life, I just want to spend all day washing dishes!

Haha! THAT is a lie! But I am being completely HONEST when I say this faucet has actually had a big impact on our family’s day-to-day life. The convenience of “hands-free” can really only be appreciated after you use it. We’ve only had it a couple of weeks and we are SOLD. Convenient, easy to use, and did I mention it LOOKS GREAT!? We chose the Spot Resist Stainless finish which resists fingerprints and water spots and easily wipes clean. Basically kitchen heaven!  Click here to check out product details and where to buy.


moen faucet


Would you like a “mind-reader” in your kitchen? One Good Thing By Jillee, along with Moen, is giving away a $100 Visa gift card to go towards your very own Moen Arbor with MotionSense faucet!

Here’s how to enter:

In a comment below, share how this faucet would help simplify your life!


Sweepstakes Rules:

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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/29/13 – 2/28/13

Be sure to visit the Moen brand page on where you can read other bloggers reviews and find more chances to win!

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1,065 thoughts on “My New “Mind-Reading” Moen Faucet…Plus, A Giveaway!

    1. Lynne

      Because my faucet now has three settings, too hot, just right and cold but the just right one is almost impossible to find. The sprayer has a voice of it’s own and then it sprays less an less and less until you are holding only a drippy, useless thing.

      A new faucet would be welcome for sure. And then I’d have to have a new sink. And then new counter tops. And then new cabinets and new flooring and then…

    2. Diana

      This would simplify my life because it looks incredibly easy to CLEAN! I like a clean sink and can’t stand it when there is gunk around multiple faucet heads in the kitchen area.

    3. bonnie b

      I think this would be a great option for my kitchen! I have my 82 year old mother-in-law living with me and she has arthritis in her hands and this type of faucet would symplify her life immensely! Thank you for all your helpful hints and comments! I love your website!!!

  1. Laurie

    Ok, I have really wanted a Moen for a LONG time. I love their designs and functionality. So glad to see the positive review. Hope I am lucky enough to win one. =)

  2. Becky Lindner

    This faucet is awesome! And talk about making life easier, have you had to make a bottle in the middle of the night while holding a screaming baby and realize you don’t have enough hands! This would be perfect! And with 3 older kids they can wash their hands with out getting crud on the handles, oh and my husband would benefit too! He wouldn’t have to hear me complain cuz he washed his greasy hands off and got the faucet and knobs full of grease!

    Hope I win this life saver!

  3. Renee Batson

    Love the idea of “hands-free” function! Making life simpler for us busy moms is greatly appreciated. Germs congregate on handles and sometimes forgetting to disinfect them, makes this faucet a dream! Make my dream come true! :)

  4. Cathy

    This would be wonderful for my Mom’s kitchen! She always takes care of dinner and is too tired to clean up so all the kids take turns doing the dishes after each meal since the washer is on the fritz and uses too much water and energy. This looks like a great alternative to her old school sink.

  5. liz

    What an awesome faucet!!! This would simplify my life greatly. I say this because I am meticulous about hand washing especially when preparing food. Not having to touch the faucet handle when prepping food or meat would greatly reduce the potential for illness and contamination of foods for my family which is very important to me. What a great invention!!!

  6. sheila burgin

    this would make my life so much easier in the kitchen having little hands to wash constantly among my love for cooking and always needing to wash something

  7. Camille Sylvester

    This would make life a lot easier than the twisting motioning have to do now that makes my hands hurt more . I would love the extra germ free thing too lol

  8. Virginia Cuppernell

    Wow, would I love to win this! With three adults and three kids in the house you can imagine the amount of dishes that get washed and meals we prepare! Hands free operation would be great for hand cleaning for both the busy cooks and those three adorable, dirty little kids! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I hope I win!

  9. Jenny

    This will be great to have in our kitchen because I am very meticulous when it comes to washing my hands when cooking or handling food. Also, having a hands-free faucet would be especially helpful when I’m decorating cakes because my hands would always get greasy from frosting and fondant greased with shortening; with this, our faucet will not get greasy again.. Now if only there’s a hands-free microwave oven: life will be so much easier. :)

  10. Miss Jean

    Right now we are renting so I don’t need the faucet. However, my daughter’s faucet has been broken for quite some time. She has to turn it on with pliers. She’s a hard working single mom of two great boys, she never complains, and I think it would not only simplify her life, she deserves it! thanks.

  11. Tisha Payne

    This would be amazing!! With the constant cleaning of large dishes, plastic food storage containers & sports bottles this would be so useful. It also seems great for water conservation! Refilling SodaStream & water bottles for school lunches would also be easier with this! Not to mention the fact that it is just beautiful especially compared to my faucet that is near the end of its life! ;-)

    Here’s my twitter link:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity & all your great posts!

  12. Marce

    Would love a faucet like this, beautiful, functional and high tech! I spend half my day in the kitchen and always have a house full of kids and grandkids. We would give this faucet a run for its money.

  13. Karen Ross Taylor

    My dishwasher broke about a month ago and I am striving to do things the old fashioned way and not necessarily replace the appliance so quickly (could make space for a new storage cabinet instead). Having a hands free faucet like this state of the art mind-reading Moen verson would make dishwashing duties much more simple and enjoyable than it is now. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful product :)

  14. Emma

    This would be a great addition to my kitchen. I really need a tall faucet and the motion feature but was unable to convince my husband of that. If I could win this give away I could show him that a faucet really matters when you remodel. We are the ODD Couple usually the wife is all about looks and the husband is about function. We are totally opposite. I was going to go with a shower head that did not “match” ******gasp ** so that I could have the features I wanted. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  15. Kris

    My husband has a partially paralyzed left arm but still does everything. This faucet would make all of his efforts in the kitchen much easier plus, unlike many items to assist with handicaps, it’s beautiful!

  16. Madonna

    This would be awesome. I have been on a new healthier way of living and have been eating more chicken. I just hate when I have raw chicken on my hands and have to wash them. Then I have to disinfect the faucet also. Having a hands free faucet would be a huge time saver.

  17. Cheryl Ferrarini

    Like you, I have never been able to afford a nice faucet. I have looked at the Moen from afar with hope, but was never sure if I would actually own one. Now I have a chance to win a Moen! Thanks OGTBJ!

  18. Stacie

    Just from your description I’m sold, but mostly I need this faucet because I assume that if I get it my kitchen will look as clean and organized as that woman in the picture.

  19. Anna

    With a baby attached to me almost 24/7 this faucet seems much more user friendly to the mommys of the world. I would love a faucet to help simplify jungling baby and sticky fingers.

  20. Elena

    Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway! My three children have multiple severe food allergies so I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. A magic faucet would help me to keep them safe and well-fed while making me feel pampered at the same time. Win win!

  21. Carrie Hood

    This faucet would simplify my life and help the environment. Think of how much water would be saved when you don’t have to leave the water run when dining dishes. Each dish gets just what it needs. Plus it is beautiful, and would look wonderful in my kitchen!

  22. Jill

    This faucet is a beauty, I too like Jillee have not had a “new” faucet. Funny, it just isn’t one of those things you put on your shopping list until you need to replace or fix one. This would be a dream in my kitchen. We have an older rancher style home with mostly orginal appliances, etc. Updating as we can and when able. I would love to have this as I am a kitchen lover and a fan of cooking. I am always in the kitchen! I can’t imagine having a “hands-free” faucet. It would be amazing and a very healthy, clean addition. I hope I am chosen to win….definitely would go buy this one, especially since Jillee is a fan!

  23. Terri

    Oh, how I’d love this faucet for all the reasons everyone has already mentioned! Alas, I will never be able to justify buying such an expensive faucet for my home. Frugality has to rule here, so we can pay the bills on the necessary stuff.

    Thanks Jillee for giving us a chance to win one!

  24. Michelle Priestley

    I too have suffered with a bad faucet…the people that we bought house from (thank you) poorly installed the kitchen faucet…it swivels at the base and traps all sorts of lovely (not!) disgusting things under it!..a new faucet would literally save a life!…pics can be sent if desired!(for those with strong stomachs)…did I mention..its wood under there? :’(


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