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9 Things You’ll Want To Stock Up On In December

what to buy in december

Now that November is in the books, it’s time to deck the halls! December is here, which means it’s time for another installment in my monthly guide to what you should stock up on this month!

This month, there will be no shortage of sales, deals, and discounts that you can take advantage of! From gift wrap to baking supplies, here are the best things to stock up on in the coming weeks!

9 Things To Stock Up On In December

what to buy in december

1. Wrapping Paper

Post-Christmas clearance prices on wrapping paper can drop as low as 50 to 75 cents per roll. And when prices are that low, stocking up is a no-brainer!

Scour the wrapping paper selection for solid colors and basic prints. That way, you’ll end up with an array of wrapping paper you can use all year long!

what to buy in december

2. Gift Sets

Cosmetics and fragrance gift sets will be marked down considerably from just before to right after Christmas. This is a great opportunity to stock up on items from your own favorite brands at a great low price!

You can also stock up on gift sets to give as birthday presents later in the year! (The gift sets you buy this month will likely have holiday-themed packaging, but never fear! You can always ditch the festive packaging and repack the items into a more seasonally appropriate box or bag.) :-)

what to buy in december

3. Hams

Like turkeys during November, hams typically hit their lowest price during December. Stock up on hams for your holiday dinners, and put one or two in the freezer to enjoy later on!

Depending what sort of ham you buy, you can expect it to stay fresh in the freezer for 1-4 months.

what to buy in december

4. Flour & Sugar

December is the heights of the holiday baking season, so you’re sure to come across great deals on flour, sugar, and other baking staples. If you bake with any regularity, stocking up on these staples this month is a great way to save!

Sugar will last almost indefinitely in an airtight container, and you can keep flour fresh for months by storing it in the freezer.

what to buy in december

5. Photos

Deals on photo printing services are common during December. Take advantage of those low prices by ordering prints of your favorite photos from the past year!

In addition to prints, keep an eye out for low prices on photo gifts too. Photo albums, custom calendars, and other photo gifts make perfect gifts for parents and grandparents!

what to buy in december

6. Shelf-Stable Foods

While December isn’t exactly a prime time for produce, it’s a great time to stock up on shelf-stable foods! Look for low prices on instant potatoes, cake mixes, canned fruits and vegetables, sauces, canned beans, and more!

what to buy in december

7. Warm Clothing

Before Christmas, keep an eye out for particularly good deals on socks, mittens, gloves, slippers, and pajamas. Or wait until after Christmas, when nearly all winter clothing will see markdowns and discounts!

what to buy in december

8. Frozen Pies

Keep your eyes peeled for seasonally low prices on frozen pies this month. Use this opportunity to stock your freezer with easy, no-fuss desserts!

(If you’re anything like me, come January you’ll be very glad to have a dessert ready to go after all the baking you’ve been doing!) :-)

what to buy in december

9. Apples & Oranges

Whether you’re keeping with tradition by putting an orange in your Christmas stockings, or you just want to stock up on apples for pies, I have good news for you! You’re likely to find great deals on both apples and oranges this month.

Stock up now and make applesauce or orange preserves to make your bounty last!

…And More!

Looking for more information about sales and deals during the month of December? Check out this post for more ways to save!

What will you be stocking up on this month?

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