15-Minute Father’s Day Sock Bouquet

sock bouquet

Last Tuesday I told you not to panic if you didn’t have a Father’s Day gift in mind because it was still almost two weeks away!  Well today I’m here to tell you…it’s time to START PANICKING because Father’s Day is just TWO DAYS away (well, ONE if you don’t count today!)

Just kidding….it IS Father’s Day on Sunday, but you DON’T have to panic because I have the cutest, easiest idea for a truly USEFUL Father’s Day gift!   SOCKS!

I know, I know…socks don’t SOUND very “cute”…but the way Heather at HowDoesShe.com came up with presenting this practical gift is so adorable even DAD will have to be impressed! :-)

Besides, it’s hard to beat the combination of cute, practical and EASY to make!

sock bouquet

All you need is a package of at leasts 6 pairs of socks (enough to make a dozen “roses”) in whatever colors your Dad needs/wants/likes. My bouquet ended up being made up of the very rare “black rose”. :-)

You’ll also need some safety pins, some skewers, and a vase of some sort.

Now it’s time to get rolling!

sock bouquet

Start by laying one sock out flat, and then fold it over once at the bend in the sock, like shown above.

sock bouquet

Begin rolling on the “open” end.

sock bouquet

Keep the roll tight as you move along.

sock bouquet

Keep rolling until you get to the toe of the sock, then safety pin it closed.

Repeat 11 more times.

sock bouquet

The first sock flower took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of, but after that I was rolling those babies at lightning speed! I had a complete bouquet done in under 10 minutes.

sock bouquet

It took MAYBE another 5 minutes to stick the skewers in each flower and arrange them in the vase. 15 minutes and I was done!

sock bouquet

A ribbon to make it “fancy” is highly recommended (Hey…Dad’s appreciate finishing touches too), but definitely not required. :-)

Prepare to be amazed when Dad gets a load of this year’s present!

sock bouquet

Photos by Anna Gleave


True confession time….how many women wear your man’s socks? :-)


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  1. Heather C. says

    I’m all for inexpensive, practical & quick!! Now, I know this doesn’t take too much craftiness, so hopefully I can get down the folding technique fairly easily :O)

  2. Lisa R says

    Love the idea! Who doesn’t need more socks. And, yes, I do wear men’s socks sometimes, just not my man’s socks; I buy my own. They are so much more substantial than women’s socks and often a lot cheaper.

  3. says

    Bingo! Thanks! My husband just told me the other day that he cant find any of his short sox anymore. What every happened to them? I must admit I am the guilty party who throws away the ones with holey heels! It will be a “white roses” sock bouquet but I think it will work!

  4. Deb says

    I Love this idea… I am thinking there will be a large bouquet of ‘jumbo white roses’ in our house on Sunday! Thanks!

  5. says

    I am new to Jillee, if all of the ‘hints’ are like this one I am hooked on the site forever. I did intend to give the hubby socks for Father’s Day. This is a great way to present them.

    • Rhonda says

      This is the beginning of many amazing ideas! Welcome to the Jillee Fan Club! LOL. Make sure you check out her previous blogs, as she has been sharing her amazing ideas with us for a while.

  6. Jennifer says

    Very cute, I just might do this tomorrow, thank you!

    As for men’s socks, waaaaay too thick and they bunch in my sneakers. I prefer the thinnest socks I can find!

  7. Christy says

    This is something my father and father-in-law will enjoy. It is always difficult to find something to get my father-in-law for he is in a long-term care facility and has MS. This would bring a smile to his face, my own dad as well would think it is a cleaver idea.. thanks Jillee

  8. Linda F says

    LOL… I am just imagining the Thrill- the Excitement- on Dad’s face when he is gifted with this highly functional and unusual bouquet!?!?!?!!? (I’ve seen it done w/ women’s panties, but not socks) Fun, fun, FUN!

    Nope, can’t/won’t wear his socks! Too big, toooo ummmm stained!

  9. says

    Fantastic idea, I can see my house being filled with these at Christmas when we ALL get socks, lol!! And yes, I wear his socks, they’re the only thing of his that fits anymore!!