Make Your Own Gardener’s Hand Scrub! {Best of Jillee}

Gardener's Hand Scrub

Welcome to “Best of Jillee Week”!

As many of you may know, I am in the middle of writing a book that is scheduled to come out next Mother’s Day. Sounds like a long way away huh? Well, in the publishing world that is like right around the corner! :-) The deadline for the manuscript to be finished is September 1st!  And get this…September 1st is only 10 weeks away! Plus, in 8 weeks my daughter is getting married! Needless to say I have a lot on my plate.

“Best of Jillee Week” was created to serve two purposes: To give me some much-needed breathing room to write, but more importantly, to re-introduce the top viewed pages of all time to those who weren’t around when they were first posted!




We are thrilled to be joined by the good people at Lowe’s who are sponsoring this week by giving away $50 Gift Certificates today through Thursday and a GRAND PRIZE on Friday!

Yep, one lucky reader is going to win a new WASHER and DRYER!! (I feel like Monty Hall from Let’s Make A Deal!!  Uh oh…dating myself here!)  :-)

Check back tomorrow for Day Two of Best of Jillee Week to find out more details about the GRAND PRIZE!

Let’s get started shall we???


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Originally posted on March 16, 2012, Gardener’s Hand Scrub, has received (as of today) 1,237,688+ Pageviews;  822,000+ Pins; and 1,600+ Facebook Likes! :-)

I love a great idea that is both useful for my home AND something that would make a great GIFT!

This “Gardener’s Hand Scrub” fits the bill PERFECTLY!

Kate at The Gaines Gang made these as end of the year Teacher Gifts…but this would make a wonderful gift to just about ANYONE who does any gardening at all!


Gardener's Hand Scrub

I used two different sizes of Ball jars, the 8 oz. and the 12 oz., and filled them 3/4 full of sugar.


Gardener's Hand Scrub

I then added Dawn dish soap (the pink kind with with Olay Beauty Hand Renewal in it) until it reached just below the bottom of the mouth of the jar.


Gardener's Hand Scrub

Stir the sugar and soap together….adding sugar a little at a time until it’s a paste-like consistency. You don’t want it to be too runny!

It smells SO good and the light pink color it makes when mixed with the white sugar is SO pretty. :-)


Gardener's Hand Scrub

I added a round label and I THOUGHT about printing out a cute instruction label too…but didn’t quite get around to it.  Yet.

But a label could include the instructions: To wash the dirt off your hands, use a small amount and rub. The sugar works like an abrasive to remove the dirt, and the soap washes it all away.


UPDATE:   Since I have been potting (a LOT) of flowers this week….I have used a LOT of this scrub!  And I had to come back and give an update on how much I LOVE IT!  It is SO great at getting my hands CLEAN and it makes them feel so soft!!!

If you do much gardening (or really ANY greasy/grimy activity)….I highly recommend whipping up a batch!  You won’t be sorry! :-)

Gardener's Hand Scrub


ogt line


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  1. PoorCollegeKid says

    I’m not sure it counts, but I put it under ‘health’… My favorite and most used homemade thing is laundry detergent powder.

  2. says

    My favorite homemade health and beauty product is white wine vinegar. I add it to my wash and it makes my clothes sparkle and there is no static cling in the dryer!

    • says

      I, too have used vinegar to enhance my washing. My son is a chef, needless to say his chef coats and under shirts are stained by foods, grease, and anything else you find in a restaurant kitchen. The vinegar treats the smell and softens the clothes.