Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Turn A Mason Jar Into An Easy DIY Dispenser

mason jar dispenser

From the Simply Brilliant and Brilliantly Simple file…today’s post is short, but SWEET! I can’t believe I never thought to do something like this before. With as many mason jars as I use in my day-to-day life, being able to convert them into a dispenser of sorts is so helpful!

I first spied an idea similar to this on Pinterest, except it involved using the top of a salt container. Then I spied THIS idea and decided it just looked way too easy not to try.


mason jar dispenser


All you need is:

  • an empty juice carton
  • a mason jar
  • a mason jar ring
  • scissors
  • a pencil

mason jar dispenser

Start by opening up the top to create a flat surface.


spout 18

Using the jar ring as a guide, trace a circle around the juice carton opening.


mason jar dispenser

Cut out the circle.


mason jar dispenser

Press into the inside of the mason jar ring.


Screw on top of a mason jar.


That’s it! ¬†You just made yourself a VERY useful little dispenser great for holding all sorts of pourable contents.

I use mine to hold baking soda to tackle those seemingly ENDLESS tasks around the house that baking soda is good for.


mason jar dispenser

Like scrubbing your grimy cookies sheets…………


mason jar dispenser

Or removing those annoying black marks on your kitchen counter.

The possibilities really are endless!


What would YOU use it for?

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84 thoughts on “Turn A Mason Jar Into An Easy DIY Dispenser

  1. Janette

    Great idea! Did you notice that in your photo of you holding the cloth after wiping your counters, the baking soda looks like a little heart!? Love it!

  2. Frugal Mom

    This is great, I’ve seen the salt one as well,
    did you know the average green cheese and mayo lids fit right on a reg. mason jar, no questions asked. It is great!

    1. Anita

      Some peanut butter jar lids will fit canning jars too. Love this idea. Another person mentioned using Tupperware lids, this may just get me on the garage sale/thrift store hunt.

  3. Chris Smith

    Thank you Ms Jillee! Another great idea. As clumsy as I am tho, I’m thinking of using a plastic jar if I can find a ring to fit. I do have some plastic storage jars hanging around, so half the battle is won.

  4. kelly

    The lid from a powdered Parmesan cheese container also fits on a mason jar. I use these for hot pepper flakes, herbs, flour, and such…

  5. Barbara Tyler

    I have arthritis in my hands and am finding it increasingly hard to open my Tupperware containers. This will be an option for me.

  6. Dawn

    This is a great idea for homemade juice, salad dressing, or stock. You could put it onto a bigger jar for larger quantity items like juice or stock. Also would work for homemade kids paints or a cute sugar dispenser for coffee. You could also shake up pancake/waffle batter then use what you need today and store the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. Endless uses! Thanks so much for a great and easy DIY.

  7. judith

    Oh I like that! I also use Coffee Mate lids on jars. The small Coffee Mate lid fits a small mouth mason jar and the large fits the large mouth. Great for dispensing things like M&Ms but not truly air tight. This would take care of that.

  8. Jody

    Great idea. I have used so many of your ideas lately. I now have a sparkling dishwasher and clean pillows. Cant wait to try this. Love your website.

  9. Karen

    Here I was looking for some way to make a pour spout for a mason jar and you solved my problem! Love, love this idea, cheap and simple, what else could you ask for!

  10. Jody

    Cool! Have you seen the one where you save the green top from a parmesan cheese container? It fits a regular mason jar. I have one with baking soda in it. I can sprinkle or I can use a spoon.

  11. Sally

    I buy milk in mason jars from a farm stand. It’s awkward and messy to pour milk from a half gallon jar. I cut my inserts from the flip-top lids to old Tupperware juice containers that I was going to trash. They’re working great!

  12. Connie

    Oh my this is one of those fabulous ideas to use a mason jar! Love it, Pinned it too. I have a Mason Jar link up in my Pantry at my place if you would like to link it up.

  13. Rosemarie

    This is genius:
    Too bad I do not use these containers, I may buy one just for this. :)
    I make lots of green smoothies and this would be perfect to dispense my Flax seeds into my Vita Mix, they usually go all over whenever I open the jar.

    This has a multitude of possibilities, you can even use larger jars also, with the same size lids.

  14. Tauna

    GREAT IDEA!!!! I just bought some house dressing from a local restaurant, and it came in a small mason jar. It is runny and pouring it out is a mess! I’m going to do this right away!!!

  15. Carla S.

    Great idea. I use a salt top on a pint mason jar for my sugar. I just give it a quick coat of spray paint to “pretty it up”. Love all your ideas. Very helpful site.

  16. Tara

    This will be perfect for my laundry! I make my own Washing Soda (thanks for the recipe Jillee) and this will be perfect or pouring it out into a measuring cup!

  17. Beth

    m & m dispenser, paperclips, if you use a mason jar to grind your coffee, you could pour it right in the drip basket of you coffee pot, no scoop required. It would be great for rice, mini pasta, quiona, couscous, even small dry beans or split peas or popcorn.


    OMG! So doggone stinkin SMART! I hate housework – but love the idea for keeping your baking soda in a jar instead of that stickin ugly box. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Elena

    Love this idea!! Now I know what to do with all my jars. Love the idea of using it to store/pour pancake batter. Thanks, Jill; I found you at a crucial point in my life.

  20. Andrea

    This is something I have been doing ever since I have started cooking mostly GF. I have all my different flours in mason jars and I put spouts on them to pour and measure.

  21. Sheila A.

    Just when I thought I have seen everything possible with a certain ingredient, container, etc, you share something amazing! You make me look forward to seeing what is in my inbox! Thank you!

    1. Jillee Post author

      Hi Cynthia! If you put your cursor over any of my blog photos you’ll see a little “Pin It” button pop-up. Just click on that and you can pin the post :)

  22. Barbara

    I would use the top of a cardboard salt container but never one from an orange juice or milk carton. The reason? BPA. They put pink slime into our ground beef – would you trust them to not have BPA in the waxy lining on those cartons? Many cartons contain it, and most cans do, too.
    Or you can buy pour spout lids for jars like these:

    I use the dual shaker/pouring tops from Kraft shredded Parmesan (refrigerated section – not shelved) on my Mason jars.

    Even plastic milk cartons are not recommended by the preppers to be used for food storage because the proteins from the milk are impossible to remove, and they will spoil your food, they say.

    I’m all for re-uses, but they must be safe ones. It’s why I use glass jars in the first place instead of plastics. You could conceivably put a barrier between the OJ carton liner and the food in the jar, but is it really going to protect you, and is it worth the effort?

  23. CTY

    Well, I went to the beach & missed this post–just now “catching up”
    I can’t believe this! This confirms my belief that “Big Brother is watching [me]“.
    Seriously, I have been doing this for quite awhile–I saw the “salt pouring spout” all over Pinterest but was proud to think–”they didn’t get this”. {{sigh}}.
    Remember: “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”.-Joseph Heller

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