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DIY Nail Polish Remover In A Jar

diy nail polish remover

Removing nail polish isn’t one of those things that is necessarily hard to do…but when you’re in a hurry (and who isn’t?) these “dip and twist” nail polish remover jars are so convenient! Just dip and twist!

No need for cotton balls or toilet paper….just insert your finger into the sponge and twist to remove polish. Perfect for when you want to do a quick polish change.

Here is a how to make your own quick and easy version of the store-bought jars:


diy nail polish remover



DIY Nail Polish Remover In A Jar


What you’ll need:

  • (1) 4 ounce mason jar with screw on lid
  • nail polish remover
  • sponge




diy nail polish remover

Cut the sponge in half lengthwise.


diy nail polish remover

Take the two pieces of sponge and wrap them around each other in a swirl configuration.


diy nail polish remover

Put the tightly-rolled sponges in the jar. The roll should fit nice and snug.


diy nail polish remover

Pour enough nail polish remover in the jar to saturate the sponges.


To use:  

Insert your finger into the center of the rolled sponges and rub until all the polish is gone. It’s great for removing dark colors and glitter polish. No muss, no fuss.


diy nail polish remover



In between uses, keep the cap tightly on the jar so it won’t evaporate. When it gets used up or really dirty, replace the sponge and add more nail polish remover.


Now if I could just figure out how to make one for my TOENAILS! :-)



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51 thoughts on “DIY Nail Polish Remover In A Jar

    1. ChrisP

      With nail polish remover, I wouldn’t be concerned about the bacteria. It’s acetone.
      But I see this as more of a waste of sponges… not the best hint I’ve seen on this site.

    2. Gwyn

      Wonder if adding a little hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol would solve that. I might just make sure there wasn’t any interaction first but…or even some essential oil like Tea tree or something. Also for those that don’t like the idea of acetone non-acetone remover is readily available and has been for a long time, it’s probably what Jillee is using.

  1. Debbie

    Why did I not think of this?? This will be so inexpensive to make compared to buying it. Also, great gift idea!! Going to dollar store for sponges and jars..should save even more money. OR, recycle some small jars you already have!

  2. Brenda

    I buy the little jar of remover which works much better and less mess – I just pour more polish remover into the jar whenever mine starts getting low. A nice fresh jar with the sponge is a much better idea!

  3. Constance

    Just a hint, acetone is a solving agent, i.e. it dissolves plastics.
    If you’re having artificial nails out of gel or acrylic it makes them soft and damages them when you leave acetone on them for too long. Acetone is actually used in the nail parlors when the nails shall be removed.
    Use acetone-free nail polish remover! (I am also not sure what acetone does to the sponge, depending on the material the sponge is made out of. I guess, it is also some kind of plastic, so the same problem will apply.)

  4. Mary-Ellen

    Nail polish remover contains Acetone and it will do damage to the nail bed. Try using Absobine Junior, will not damage nail bed and it really works !!

  5. KL

    I’m not a big polish person (I use my hands too much) but this is a good idea.

    I bought a polish remover years ago. From time to time I empty out the old remover and add new. That works well too!

  6. Rebecca

    Love this idea. If your super cheap (me), you can extend the use of the sponges bu re rolling them clean side to rhe center. There are 4 sides total. So that’s 4 times more use.
    This is an environmentally friendly as well as cheap tip. Conservative use of resources is a win win.

  7. Sharon

    It certianly does. After washing down my horse with this “old school” product I ended up with severe chemical burns on my hands (which years later tured into pre cancer). I like the ease of soaking my nails so the polish will come off but it seems adding risk to unnessary skin is not a good idea. I struggle to get toenail polish especially with having a fused back. I started treating myself to Pedicures. They must use heavy duty stuff as the polish comes off easily. But not all Pedicures are the same even in one shop and to pay the money for a poor job and later foot fungas I’m not sure it’s worth it.

  8. Drugstore Cowgirl

    I’m not sure why some people are pooh-poohing this nice DIY tip. The jar-dip is especially great if you need to remove one or two nails so you don’t accidentially get remover on the nails of your other hand when using a cotton ball.

    Thanks Jillee for sharing another creative tip.

  9. Ruth E. Chidley

    I use to have the nail polish remover jar but somehow got away from getting it again after it wore out. I’m going to make my own…what a great idea!
    Thank you again, Jillee, for all your wonderful money saving, time saving ideas!

  10. CTY

    I can see this being made and used in say a YW activity of Mother-Daughter DIY Spa Night. Your site has as sooo many DIY spa ideas it would be easy to put together.
    I just wish I had a daughter.

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  12. April

    Great idea. Great gift idea especially for the young girls who spill (accidentally of course) remover on your hard wood floor! I am going to find some jars this weekend!

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  19. Jen C.

    I used to love these back in the day when you could actually buy them this way. But I do have to say, as I learned way back in Cosmetology school: Just remember your skin is a sponge as well, the nail polish remover is absorbed by your body. It is then processed through the liver. I’m not perfect by any means, but I like to eliminate crap going into my system when I can. Also, for this very reason, is why pregnant women cannot/should not get a regular mani/pedi! Because of the chemicals going into the body. Just wanted you to be aware – do with the information what you’d like. :) (I mean, I know how bad Coke is for the system, but I still drink them! ;) )

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