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10 Remarkable Reasons Why I Love Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

I’ve done a couple of posts in the past about the various programs available through Amazon Prime, but I’ve really only scratched the surface! In fact, there are so many benefits and programs available to Amazon Prime members that I’ve decided another post was in order!

Today I’ll be sharing 10 of my favorite benefits that I enjoy as an Amazon Prime member. And I thought I would mention that this post is not sponsored by Amazon. I’m simply sharing a program that I like and that helps make my life easier (I also receive a small affiliate commission from Amazon when you use the links on this page, thanks for your support!).

To experience the benefits for yourself, you can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. And if you do decide to stick with it after the trial period, I think you’ll find that it’s worth every penny. :-)

10 Benefits Of An Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime

1. Free 2-day shipping.

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for about as long as the program has existed. Back then, Free 2-Day Shipping was about the only benefit of being an Amazon Prime member, but it was enough to convince me! These days, I’m so used getting Free 2-Day Shipping that I don’t know if I could ever go back to standard, paid shipping!

Amazon Prime

2. Score great deals on Prime Day.

Another great Amazon Prime membership benefit is having access to Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale. Prime Day is a special day of deep discounts and great deals, like the summertime equivalent of Black Friday. You do have to be a Prime member to take advantage of these great deals, but like I said above, you can try a Prime membership free for 30 days. So if you’re not a Prime member yet, give it a try!

Amazon Prime

3. Shop for household basics on Prime Pantry.

An Amazon Prime membership allows you the option to take advantage of a program called Prime Pantry, which lets Prime members shop for regular quantities of many common household items, rather than the bulk quantities that are generally available through Amazon.

My daughter Britta loves using the Prime Pantry program, where as I am less familiar with it. She wrote a blog post recently to help explain how it works, why you might want to use it, and how it can help make your grocery shopping easier. Get all those details and more about Prime Pantry by following the link below!

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Amazon Prime

4. Read or listen to books for free.

I recently learned about the Prime Reading benefit, which is available to anyone with an Amazon Prime membership. Prime members have access to thousands of free ebooks, magazines, and audiobooks through Prime Reading.

I’m an avid Audible listener, so it’s great to be able to have a collection of free audiobooks to fall back on if I’ve finished listening through my latest Audible purchase.

Amazon Prime

5. Get early access to Lightning Deals.

Amazon offers limited-time “Lightning Deals” to shoppers every day, but Amazon Prime members can access them 30 minutes before everyone else. You can take advantage of the extra 30 minutes by looking for upcoming deals, and selecting the “Watch This Deal” option. If you do it in the Amazon App, you’ll get a push notification when the deal goes live, so you can snag the item before it’s available to non-Prime shoppers.

Amazon Prime

6. Listen to music without ads.

Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Prime Music, a collection of over 2 million ad-free and on-demand songs. Prime Music includes access to non-stop music channels and curated playlists that are perfect for playing at barbecues, parties, or just as background music during your work day. Access Prime Music through your computer browser, or download the Amazon Music app on your smartphone.

Amazon Prime

7. Stream your favorite movies and shows.

Amazon’s video streaming service has gotten a major facelift in the past couple of years. Prime Video is now competing with major streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and that competition means great things for Prime members! You can watch hundreds of thousands of movies, TV shows, and digital shorts for free, simply by being an Amazon Prime member.

I’ve been taking advantage of Prime Video quite a bit over the past several months, since my mobility has been limited due to my foot injury. My recent TV show obsession has been historical dramas, and I’ve found tons of them through Prime Video. You can access the Prime Video offerings through your web browser, or download the Amazon Prime Video app on your smartphone, smart TV, or game console.

Amazon Prime

8. Get unlimited photo storage.

Amazon Prime members can also take advantage of unlimited photo storage on their mobile devices. This is a major benefit for people who could use some extra storage space on their phones! Just upload your photos to Amazon through your browser or through the Prime Photo app, then delete them off your phone and free up that storage space.

Another cool thing about Prime Photo is that you connect up to 5 friends or family members to the same unlimited storage space, which Amazon calls a “Family Vault.” Everyone can upload their photos to a central location, making it simple to collect everyone’s snapshots from a day at the beach, a family vacation, or any other family events. You can even create and order prints, cards, and photo books too!

I haven’t personally taken advantage of Prime Photo yet, but now that I know about it, I’ll definitely be giving it a try!

Amazon Prime

9. Get discounts on your favorite video games.

Twitch Prime is marketed towards gamers, and is included free with your Amazon Prime membership. My boys love it, because they can get discounts on video game pre-orders, and they get release day delivery on those games.

Twitch Prime also gives gamers access to exclusive content for popular video games, including special characters, vehicles, and player skins. If you’re a gamer, or if you are mom or wife to a gamer, Twitch Prime can be another convincing reason to spring for an Amazon Prime membership!

Amazon Prime

10. Earn money while you shop with Prime Rewards.

The last Amazon Prime membership benefit I’ll mention is the Prime Rewards program. Prime Rewards is an easy way to save money if you tend to do a lot of shopping your on Amazon!

There are two credit cards that Amazon offers, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card, and the Amazon Prime Store Card. I have the Prime Rewards Visa Card, which I can use anywhere I normally shop. I get 3% rewards back for Amazon purchases, 2% at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores, and 1% back for all other transactions. I’ve been saving my rewards points up so I can use them in the future for holiday shopping!

The Amazon Prime Store Card is similar, but more limited. Using the Store Card for Amazon purchases will also earn you 5% rewards like the Visa Card, but you won’t be able to use it at other stores for additional rewards.

The third option for racking up rewards is to shop on Amazon using an Amazon gift card. You will earn 2% rewards every time you reload your gift card from your checking account. It costs nothing, and it’s a simple way to save some money on your normal Amazon orders.

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  • I’ll have to ask my Brother if this is what their family uses. My sister in law has it set up to get household basics .They have it set up so that they know what day of the month the shipment will arrive, and they get stuff for good deals.

  • Amazon Prime is about $100 a year. Depending upon your shopping, it might not be worth it.

    Walmart has a big push for online shopping and no lines for in store pick up, at least for now.

    I always comparison shop eBay, Amazon and Walmart online. I find the prices for identical items are different. Walmart also has free in store pick up and I am there anyway shopping for food.

    Amazon is great, but competition makes for better shopping as I always compare apples to apples.

  • Hey Jillee, One thing I found out about Amazon is that if you go to SmileAmazon instead of just Amazon you can pick a charity and they will donate to it everytime your order. Thanks, Mary Jo

  • The one thing I love about Amazon shopping is I can scan a barcode when I am out shopping locally to see if Amazon has it at a more competitive price.

    Finally if you love audio books, check out Bookbub.com. Daily recommendations to your preferences and they are offered at under 4.99 but everyday there is a free offering. Sometimes two! Download and stash in your kindle!

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