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9 Easy Ways To Have Better “Second Day Hair”

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For Healthier Hair, Embrace “Second Day Hair”

If you have oily hair, you may think you absolutely must wash your hair every day. If you’ve been doing this for a long time, it may be hard to break that habit, but less frequent shampoos can actually benefit your hair and scalp. Today I want to tell you about the benefits of “second day hair” and give you some tips to help you transition away from the daily shampoo grind!

One of the biggest reasons to quit daily shampoos is something I’ve learned the hard way — hair that is washed everyday is more susceptible to breakage. Too-frequent shampooing can dry out the strands, and the older we get, the more gently we need to treat our tresses.

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Forgoing the daily washings also saves money, which, of course, is something I always strive for. If you color your hair, shampooing every day means your color doesn’t last as long, so you spend more on trips to the salon. Plus, even if you simply skip every other day, your shampoo and conditioner will last twice as long!

So to help all of us have great looking hair and save money in the process, here are some tips that will help you break the habit of every-day shampoos. You can have great-looking 2nd day hair (and beyond)!

9 Second Day Hair Tips To Use Between Washes

collage: hands - one holding a glass container of dry shampoo, the other holding a fluffy makeup brush/woman reviving her hair by tamping dry shampoo onto her hair with a makeup brush

1. Use Dry Shampoo

Make dry shampoo your friend. Whether you buy a bottle at the store or DIY it, dry shampoo is a life-saver when you’re trying to go longer between regular washes! Learn how to choose it, use it to revive your hair, and even make your own dry shampoo in this post.

smiling blond woman wearing a pink shower cap so she can wash her bangs

2. Wash Your Bangs

Sometimes dry shampoo just doesn’t cut it for oily bangs! If you have bangs, I highly recommend getting a shower cap so you can wash your bangs without washing the rest of your hair. (Also, the sink is a perfect spot to wash just your bangs!)

It won’t take you nearly as much time to dry wet bangs as it does to dry your whole head of hair. Plus, clean bangs will help hide any oily roots on the rest of your head.

blond woman looking at mirror while holding a section of her hair

3. Fix The Sections That Need Fixing

Instead of re-heating all your hair with a blow-dryer on day two, separate it into sections that have fallen flat or crimped in a funny way and sections that are fine as is. Use your hair styling tools to revive only the sections that really need it to limit heat damage.

blond woman sitting on bed holding a pillow with a green silk pillowcase on it/blond woman asleep on green silk pillowcase

4. Switch To A Silk Pillowcase

Did you know that some pillowcase fabrics are so dry that they can actually draw moisture out of your hair while you sleep? Also, the friction created when you move your head around can lead to tangles, static buildup, and even split ends!

A silk pillowcase can solve many of those issues (and as an added bonus, it’s nice to sleep on!) Silk will help your hair retain moisture while you sleep, and you’ll experience far fewer of those friction-related hair issues too.

Personally, I’ve found my hair to be much more manageable since I switched to a silk pillowcase! You can discover more about how silk benefits your scalp and your skin in this post.

Back of blond woman's head as she tries a hairstyle with a pink silk scrunchie

5. Use Silk Scrunchies

Silk is the perfect way to maintain happy hair between washes, whether in the form of pillowcases or silk scrunchies. Pulling your hair up into a ponytail with a silk scrunchy won’t leave a dent or kink in your hair like a regular hair tie can, and the silk minimizes hair breakage as well. A silk scrunchy is a great way to put your hair up without having to commit to an elaborate up-do hairstyle.

Blond woman refreshing and volumizing sections of her hair

6. Volumize

Dirty or oily hair lacks volume and can look flat, so revive it by adding some lift. To add a bit of extra volume between washes, try teasing your hair at the roots around the crown and adding a spritz of dry shampoo. You’ll have some added lift in seconds!

back of blond woman who is wearing a long braid and a pink silk scrunchie

7. Try A New Hairstyle

All the fun braids, buns, twists etc., that you see all over social media actually work and look better when done with second day hair! Slightly dirty hair is much easier to work with because the oils help all the pieces stay together. (If you’ve ever tried to braid freshly washed hair, you know exactly what I mean.)

Some of the braids and up-dos may look complicated, but are actually easy to do. Just spend some time online reading or watching a few tutorials of hairstyles that you like, and pick one or two that you can learn to do quickly in the morning. Here’s a great tutorial on How To French Braid Your Hair In 6 Steps!

Blond woman looking in mirror while spritzing her hair with an amber glass bottle.

8. Clarify Your Scalp

When your hair is feeling heavy and dirty, even after a wash, it’s time to detox with apple cider vinegar. The acidity of ACV helps exfoliate dead skin cells and wash away buildup from hard water and hair products. You’ll notice how easily your shampoo lathers up after using ACV on it. All you need is about a half cup of apple cider vinegar! This post has all the details.

blond woman wearing a blue cardigan and a cute straw hat with a blue hatband

9. When All Else Fails, Throw On A Hat!

My husband is an absolute hat fanatic and his favorite accessory of choice has rubbed off on me. And why not? There are so many cute hats out right now! I love everything from a big, wide brimmed floppy hat, to a straw fedora, or even a knitted beanie.

Baseball caps, scarves, headbands…there are so many choices that it’s easy to find a look that goes with any outfit. A fun hat covers up a multitude of hair sins and leaves you looking ultra stylish in the process.

How do you refresh or revive your hair between washes?

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  • Thank you so much! I have short hair. I keep it that way because I have some of the world’s slowest growing hair and some really freaky curls. I stopped washing my hair every day a few years ago and find I can really go 3 days and still look great! Short hair is much easier to deal with, but I found if I use a 1/2 inch curling iron instead of a 5/8, my curl lasts all three days with just maybe a touch up curl or 2 on day 3 right on top in front. I’m going to get some dry shampoo and see if I can get it to only needing to wash it weekly.

  • Everyone says I have enough hair for 3 people, and it’s true. My hair is very thick, beautiful and will do anything. For many years I have pretty much washed my hair once a week. However I have discovered the most wonderful place, Wigs by Cheyenne in Destin, Florida so for 2 years I have been wearing beautiful wigs to match my outfits. The new wigs are wonderful. Wear them 30 times before washing, put on the stand and leave alone for 24 hours and they are preprogramed to go back to the original style! Reasonable too. I still have my hair, BUT it was taking me an hour and a half to roll it, then sleep in it and even though I only had to do that once a week I got tired of having to always be mindful of my hair. Not anymore! Just grab a wig to match my outfit and or my mood and out the door I go. Ladies, I ‘m telling you this is the absolute best way to try a new color or style without committing. It’s wonderful , it’s freedom, And it’s fun!

  • Good ideas. I often when I’m not working skip washing it for a day. Two days is really pushing it for me. I can use baby powder to absorb some of the greasiness. I’ve also used an old nylon over a hair brush and spray some perfume .Then you brush it through your hair. Also a dryer sheet is good for if your hair gets wild looking.

  • Kaitlyn I love your post, they are so relatable!! I myself use suave daily and can’t tell you how many times my hair dresser has told me to stop washing my hair everyday. Like you, my head secretes oil and I look and feel dirty and always think everyone is saying how oily my hair is. I am going to take your advice and give my head a break, invest in a pricier shampoo and try some different styles from the sires you provided! Thank you so much for your post!!!

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