Turn Boring Socks Into The Perfect Gift For Dad

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

If you haven’t figured out a good Fathers Day gift yet, there’s no need to panic! You only need a few minutes to put together a great last-minute gift, like the one I’ll be sharing with you today. This project transforms a few pairs of dress socks into a cute and clever gift that Dad is sure to appreciate!

I know, I know…socks for Fathers Day is a bit of a cliche. But I think that practical gifts are often the best gifts, especially if it’s something your gift recipient wears to work every day! And besides, it’s hard to beat the combination of cute, practical, and easy when it comes to gift-giving!

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

This project is incredibly easy, and I love how cute the finished product is. Making the “flowers” took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of, but after that I was rolling those babies at lightning speed! Here’s how to make your own.

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

Sock “Bouquet” for Fathers Day

You’ll need:

*Note: My husband usually wears black dress socks, so I chose to make a dramatic bouquet of “black roses.” But you can choose whatever sock color that your recipient likes best, or wears most!

Father's Day Sock Bouquet


Step 1 – Roll

Start by laying one sock out flat. Fold it over once near the center of the sole area, as shown above.

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

Begin rolling at the opening of the sock, keeping the roll tight as you move along.

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

Step 2 – Pin

Roll the sock until you get to the toe of the sock, then grab a safety pin.

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

Pin the sock so that it stays securely rolled when you let go of it.

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

Step 3 – Skewer

Slide a bamboo skewer into the center of the rolled sock, just far enough so that the sock stays put on the skewer.

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

Step 4 – Repeat & Arrange

Repeat steps 1-3 until all 12 socks are rolled, pinned, and skewered. Place your “roses” into a vase.

Father's Day Sock Bouquet

Finish off your sock bouquet by adding a decorative piece of ribbon. I tied mine around the vase itself, but you could tie the ribbon around the skewers to achieve a more “bouquet-like” effect. Pair your bouquet with a nice card, and voila, your gift is ready! :-)

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  • Hugely enjoyed this article :), keep up the gret writing and I’ll keep reading.
    Will bbe sharing this with my injstagram followers and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it as well!

  • I loved this post! Have been reading your blog for a while now and your always putting out some great posts.
    I shared this on my facebook and my followers loved it! Keep
    up the good work :)

  • Great idea! I made this one for my father with white socks that have grey toes and heels. I tied a small piece of green ribbon below each flower to give the illusion of leaves. Came out great!

  • There are so many sites that entertain the snarky back and forth comments. Jillee’s is much too classy for that. I don’t use many of her suggestions, but I appreciate having access to her knowledge and creativity. The sock idea is cute. My husband’s usual answer to “What do you want for ….” is ” I could use some more socks.” That’s because in our 46 years together I have already bought him all of the electronic gadgets, golf gloves, shoes, shirts, etc. he needed. Thanks to Jillee, I may try to be more creative in the presentation of his gift.

  • I personally really like this idea, and may choose to craft it for my own Dad. Each Father’s Day, my sister and I take our father out for lunch somewhere nice, and each year he just wants a card.

    On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I take the time to reflect on my life and how my parents did their very best to raise us right. Sure they weren’t perfect, but they loved my sister and I, and the two of us turned out to be good women.

    My parents are now in their 70’s, they are still together, active and healthy. I’m proud to give him a few pairs of rolled up sock flowers! I think he’d actually get a kick out of them. Nice idea Jillee! :)

  • I think this is such a cute idea! It’s kinda hilarious and makes a boring gift so much better. Have you seen the bacon flower tutorials too? I think my husband is going to be getting flowers of all kinds this year. lol

  • I like this idea. I’ll have remember this next time I give someone socks. I’ve seen it done for baby showers. I don’t like the idea of the f. Sounds like your calling someone the f word.

  • I thought this was adorable as Well! My dad loves art/creative ideas…. I know my mom would LOVE this and probably never unravel them lol I had to take apart my friends’ diaper elephant cuz it was too cute to destroy!

  • It would be awesome if you could figure out how to make the beef jerky roses I tried to buy them but every occasion they’re sold out and they’re like $60 for a bouquet so if I can make him at home it would be wonderful thanks Jilliee I love your ideas

  • I guess we are short on ideas today, eh Jillie? God bless those of you who have the time to fiddle with socks. They are still socks and can’t imagine most men liking this.

    • I don’t think it’s the socks that the men won’t like I think it’s having to undo the safety pin and I don’t know my dude doesn’t really get into flowers so it doesn’t matter if the Sox are in a package or rolled up like a flower I don’t think he’d give a hoot either way but socks are good gift don’t get me wrong

    • Really? I thought this was a cute idea. A unique and usable gift. I think many dad’s would get a kick out of this. And how fun to do this with kids.

    • Hello, most men wear socks! All fathers have kids of some age! What a great idea to make an absolutely necessary item a little more fun and get the kids involved. Most dads are happy with gifts from there kids, just like mamas! And by the way, they sell things like this at many fancy stores for baby showers. I guess you could go spend a pretty penny on some “inspired” gift that will sit in a drawer unused for years, just so you can feel better about your busy busy life. Good idea jillie, keep them coming!

    • God bless those of us that have the time to make rude comments instead of just moving on. If you dont like the idea, dont use it. The rest of us dont have time to read your snotty comments. Also, too bad for you that you have such boring, stuffy men in your life.

    • There are some of us who are giving socks thanks for making me feel like a jerk for it although I did buy him the high-end socks that cost$24 a pair and say things like Fu on the bottom of them you know like f u

  • >