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Under-The-Bathroom-Sink Makeover In 5 Easy Steps!

Under Sink Organization

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that one of the most FRUSTRATING places to organize in the house has GOT to be under the bathroom and kitchen sinks! Why is it that those are two places just seem to be magnets for clutter?? Apparently this clutter chaos is something that runs in the family because my daughter Britta has been complaining about the same thing lately. To her credit, she decided to DO something about it!

Today she is sharing with us her  “Under-The-Bathroom-Sink Makeover!”

Britta writes:

I like to think that for the most part, I’m a pretty organized person. I don’t like to have a lot of clutter in the house, and I am more likely to throw something away than to hang on to it “just in case.” But even the most organized people can have clutter hidden away in their homes, and I am no exception! I’m inviting you all into my bathroom today so you can see my “secret clutter” and how I took care of it!

Under Sink Organization

Under Sink Organization

My clutter happened as a result of limited bathroom storage. We have a medicine cabinet over the toilet, and the area under the sink for storing our bathroom necessities, and that’s it! When we moved in, we divvied up the space in the medicine cabinet between us, but the area under the sink was sort of a “free for all.” And let me tell you, it had gotten straight up CHAOTIC in there. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” definitely comes to mind here! I knew it was cluttered, but I always just closed those doors and tried to deny its existence.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago I was putting something back under the sink and thought to myself, “Seriously? This is like something out of Hoarders.” (OK…that might have been a BIT dramatic…but something needed to be done! )

Here are the steps I took in organizing under the sink that can be applied to ANY chaotic area in your home!

Under Sink Organization


Take EVERYTHING out from under the sink, and as long as it’s empty, give the inside of the cupboard a good cleaning.

Under Sink Organization


Take stock of the situation and TOSS anything you do not need or use along with anything EXPIRED (even if it’s your favorite product!)

Under Sink Organization


Organize what’s left into categories such as makeup, hair, etc.

Under Sink Organization


Ask yourself whether any of the groups you made would be better off stored somewhere else. For me, there was a lot of first aid items taking up space, as well as toiletries and things that are used exclusively for travel.

Under Sink Organization

I decided that those didn’t need to be taking up precious space in the bathroom, so I put them in their own boxes, labeled them, and stored them in the closet next to the bathroom instead.

Under Sink Organization


Find some system of organization to use, and put the groups you’ve made back in together. I found this great storage drawer at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $20. You could also make use of containers you already have on hand or check out your local dollar store.

Don’t be afraid of a little trial and error – take the time to figure out the best system for you.

Under Sink Organization

Here’s what under the sink looked like when everything was put back. It’s definitely still a cramped space but it’s clean and organized and everything I need is easily accessible.

In my opinion that was $20 and 20 minutes well spent!


Share YOUR tips for under-the-sink organizing!



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  • I have the same problem mentioned above… There are 2 sides dividend in the middle. But a smaller setup on one side and boxes on the other will solve that problem. Thanks Britta!!

    My $.02 addition is SHELF LINER, people, SHELF LINER!! My bff has had 5 under sink plumbing leaks in her house with old pipes in the last 2 years. Always slow enough to miss until there is standing water/mold growth. Cleaning the water mess is one thing, but cleaning mold from the wood cabinets, especially in a small closed in space, is a never fun and certainly not quick. I’m the “special cleaning project” person among my group of friends, so inevitability I get the call to “Check what Jillee suggests and come help me…” :) Which is why I can personally attest that the process is time consuming and multi stepped. We’ve finally got SHELF LINER under all her sinks, which doesn’t stop the leaks from happening or from water getting everywhere, but the wood has a layer of protection from water damages and/or mold.

  • I am in the process of doing this type of organizing under my kitchen sink, My bathroom is small and I came up with a better organizer, I bought one of those cloth shoe organizers and hung it up behind the door and use it for just about everything. It works great for the hair dryer, tall bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body wash, straighteners, curling irons, basically all the stuff you would be shoving under the sink. It works a lot better I think.

  • Jillee: I’ve been to two Bed, Bath & Beyond stores and went online to their website looking for this storage drawer and haven’t seen one even remotely like it. Can you tell me which store (or website) you found this? I’m getting frustrated; they don’t even know what I’m talking about at the store.


  • I store all non daily bathroom items in 2 plastic 6-drawer storage bins and 1 3-drawer storage bin all stacked on top of each other stored in my closet. They are the kind used by scrapbookers who store 12 by 12 pages. I love it. Drawer categories are: first aid, hair bling, teeth, eyes-eyebrows-ears, hair removal (razors, gadgets), facial stuff, manicures, pedicures, perfumes, sunglasses, qtips-cotton balls and make up.
    In the bathroom, little is needed on a daily basis so there’s room. I also, hang my mirror and blow dryer on hooks on the inside door of cabinet.

  • The apt. we bought has pedestal sinks in both bathrooms. I wish I had the problem with organizing inside the cabinets!!! Also, try resting a hair dryer or a mug on the sink edge — there is no room. There is such little space between the pedestal base and the wall and I cannot find a neat way to store things. The bins I use look awful.
    Does anyone have any ideas (besides ripping out the sinks)??? Thanks!

    • Try placing a shelf across the top of whatever you’re using for storage & then use a staple gun to attach a coordinating fabric to the edge of the shelf, with a split in the front. Also a clear over the door shoe holder works great on the back of the door

    • Maybe attach a skirt with stick on velcro. There would be a little room. Also, using CTY’s idea with the 3M Command hooks stuck to the pedestal in various place to hang a few things under the skirt. For under my kitchen sink I used leftover floor vinyl cut to fit. Looks really nice.

  • For whatever reason under my sinks have always been clean, organized & clutter free. However, my clothes closet neatness comes & goes. I should apply your principles there. For the bathroom though–I bought some containers from the dollar store that work great. From your pictures it looks as though there is some upper space that is going to waste. What I did was use those 3M Command hooks to hang a basket. They can hold about 10 lbs. My hair dryer & straightener fit there nicely. Easy to get to and more important, fast to put away when done.

  • I also did the peel and stick under both of my sinks. So much easier to clean. You did a great job, but I have so many tall bottles, moose, gels, sprays etc. soaps and lotions. Guess I am a high maintenance girl.

  • For under the sink I like to use rubber maid or similar boxes with tight lids and label boxes od contents. That way if a pipe bust or links all is not lost. The hair dryer and scale might be a loss if wet.

  • Hi Jillee & Britta,

    Your before photo actually looks like a cleaned up version of what is currently going on under my bathroom sink.

    You’ve inspired me to not only take this challenge, but to make a determined effect to keep the clutter at bay. It seems that I always have good intentions, but they are (for whatever reason) short-lived.

    I love the $20 BB&B tray – I will go out today and buy one for each bathroom and the kitchen. I think it has a really cool, streamlined look as well.

    Here’s to a clutter-free environment …. thanks for sharing!

  • What a fantastic change…it looks so much better. I really appreciate you sharing this because I think this problem plagues everyone. Excellent job!

  • You really need to make a trip to your local hardware store and get some of that foaming caulk and fill up those cracks and large openings around your pipes or one day you are going to find some little creepy crawly things crawling around your nicely organized storage.

    Hint – bugs love to live where it’s moist and what is wonderfully refreshing to them? Your pipes.
    Right now you are inviting them into your bathroom.

  • Something I have done under the bathroom sink and also under the kitchen sink, is I bought peel and stick vinyl tiles and used them to cover the bottom shelf. It’s easy to clean and because there are so many patterns/colors to choose from, you can create a look you enjoy seeing! I also used them on shelves where I put my shoes in my bedroom closet.

    • I used the tiles in all of kitchen cabinets & love it. Super easy to wipe down, looks nice &’the dishes glide right over them. Picked mine up @ Big Lots super cheap!

  • Excellent post, I just love it. It’s a small project I can handle with huge results. I have a hard time throwing out perfectly good shoe boxes and other cardboard boxes. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  • Hi Irene Cross. I have the exact vaniety. I bought mine from Lowes, it comes as a set vaniety and sink. The color is Java and a good vaniety, for one bought from the big box store. Have a great day and I hope the info helps.

  • @ Carol from West Chester: Before we redid our bathroom, we had that problem, too. My husband cut a piece of plywood (or 2, if you need to in order to fit it through the door) and we put it in the bottom to raise the floor to the level of the bar across the front. It worked out fine. I had a set of plastic drawers in there to store little things since we didn’t have a medicine cabinet. Maybe that solution would work out for you.

  • Love the idea. I know you are not promoting the organizer, but that looks amazing, where did you buy it from. I think that would be a good fit for my cabinet. Tia.

  • Good organization however after living 47 years I’ve finally realized that even things put under the bathroom cabinet get dusty. I choose to put my things in closed rubbermaid containers and label them appropriately like first aid, feminine hygiene, beauty and travel, etc. I find my things stay clean that way. I like it better!

  • Dear Jillee,
    I am looking for exactly the vanity and sink you have in the picture. Could you please tell me where you got it.
    Thank you,

  • That works great if the bottom of the cabinet is level with the doorway. I use the pullout wire bin system in the kitchen. However, the bathroom cabinet is home make, (custom made) and the floor is inches below the frame of the door. Any suggestions, I really would like a pull out system but have not figured out how it could work in my cabinet..

  • I use the stackable plastic shoe-size drawers (Sterlite) on one side of cabinet, leaving other side for tall cans like hairspray, mousse, etc. Works great for me.

  • Good ideas. We’ve been trying to find ways to control the mess
    Under the sink. Our bathroom has had a complete makeover
    Except for the toilet so everything had to come out.

  • My ” old fashioned” answer to this problem, is to use shoe boxes – with and without the lids.
    They’re a good size for small spaces and can be easily stacked and labeled.

    I also find that lining the bottom with newspaper makes cleaning a breeze.

    Just so I don’t waste anything, I use check book boxes for the medicine cabinet.

    • If you want to get creative, you can cover the shoe boxes and other repurposed containers with wall paper, scrap booking paper, gift wrapping paper, what ever suits your fancy.

  • First off, amazing job for a bathroom cabinet like that one. But, my problem is that I have a spacebar in between the cabinet doors. So in other words, it’s a double sided cabinet door. I like the box idea you had, but being able to put something that nice under there is near impossible. Thanks for the hints, and btw, if you think yours is cluttered, then you might just pass out over the way mine looks. I was impressed you were able to get you weighing scales in there in the first place. Kudos! :-)

    • My sink is like that too. I use several small baskets in mine. Need to fix my hair? Take out the hair basket. Need to do my makeup? Take out the makeup basket. One basket with extra toothbrushes/toothpaste/floss, one with foot stuff (foot lotion, pumice stone, lavender foot salts, inflatable foot bath…). Several of the baskets are stack-able, so the foot stuff (used once every couple weeks) is under the hair stuff (used every day).

      It’s organized, and the baskets are decorated with colored ribbon, so it’s quick and easy.

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