· Bright Ideas · “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part Seven

“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part Seven

Here on my blog, I strive to share simple, everyday tips and tricks that can help make life a little bit easier. But sometimes, the tips that I want to share aren’t something I can write a whole blog post about. And since I simply cannot waste a good idea, I tuck them away to use at a later date. Today I’ll be sharing some of those tips and tricks, in the seventh edition of my ongoing series I like to call “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”

Note: Many of the tips I share on the blog come straight from your comments. If you have a great idea you’d like to share, leave it in the comments, and your idea could be featured in the next “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” post!

Look for videos throughout this post to see some of these brilliant hacks in action!

why didn't i think of that

Toilet Brush Drip-Dry

If you put your wet toilet brush back right after using it, it probably isn’t getting the chance to dry properly. A wet toilet brush can breed mildew, bacteria, and all sorts of yucky stuff, so it’s important to let the brush dry out of bit before placing it back in the holder!

A reader of mine with 20 years of experience cleaning bathrooms once shared a brilliant tip for drying your toilet brush. She said that after she scrubs the toilet, she props the brush between the toilet and the toilet seat to let it dry. The brush gets plenty of air circulation, and any water drips just drop right into the toilet bowl. So smart! You can find more brilliant bathroom cleaning tips at the link below.

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"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - Part Seven

Tongs Trick

Large or thick cuts of meat can be tricky to sear or grill properly, especially if you’re trying to cook them on all sides. The flat sides are easy, but what about the sides with less surface area?

There’s an easy solution – just grab a pair of locking tongs! Clamp the tongs onto the meat near the edge you want to cook, then lock them in place. Put the meat down on your cooking surface, and the tongs will help keep the meat stable while it cooks.

YouTube video
Get a beautiful sear on all sides of your chicken breast.
"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - Part Seven

Taco Assembly

If you’ve ever felt like you could use an extra pair of hands when you’re putting tacos together, this tip for you. You can use an inverted muffin pan when assembling tacos to help keep things in place!

"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - Part Seven

Nail Polish Spill Saver

I always thought that nail polish spills were a kiss of death for whatever was spilled on. But I recently learned that sugar can save the day in the event of spilled polish! If applied to a nail polish spill quickly enough, the sugar and nail polish will clump together, making it easy to sweep or wipe away. So next time you paint your fingernails or toenails, consider keeping a dish of sugar somewhere close by! :-)

YouTube video
Sugar could be your best friend in a nail polish emergency!
"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - Part Seven

Bandaid Fix

It can be tricky at best to get a bandaid to conform to the shape of your finger. Instead of dealing with an awkward fit, just grab a pair of scissors! Making a few small cuts along the edges of the adhesive part of the bandaid. When you apply it, those cuts will make it much easier to get the right fit on your finger!

YouTube video
Get a customized fit from your standard sized bandaid.

Bobby Pin Keeper

I don’t even have to ask if anyone else finds it impossible to keep track of bobby pins, because it’s a UNIVERSAL problem! (Okay, maybe people with short hair don’t have bobby pin problems, but the rest of us sure do.) But I recently came across a simple idea for keeping track of your bobby pins!

Place a piece of magnetic tape inside one of your bathroom drawers, then stick your bobby pins to it. Your bobby pins will always be stay right where you left them!

"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - Part Seven

Cherry Pitter

You don’t need a special tool to pit cherries if you have a small kitchen funnel! Just turn your funnel upside-down, then press the cherry against the narrow opening to pop the pit out. Easy!

"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - Part Seven

No Fork, No Problem

So you’ve just gone through a drive-thru for lunch when it hits you – they didn’t give you a fork! If you have a straw, you’re in luck. Just bend the straw in half and use it like a pair of chopsticks!

why didn't i think of that

Bread & Butter (& Corn)

Corn on the cob is one of summer’s simplest pleasures, but buttering it is always a tricky affair! You can make it easy by enlisting the help of a piece of bread.

Generously butter the piece of bread, then wrap it around your piece of corn. Give it a few twists to spread the butter onto the corn, and you’re done! Then you can either pass the bread on for someone else to use, or you can enjoy it as a side to your meal. For more corn on the cob tips and tricks, check out the link below!

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"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - Part Seven

Self-Watering Wonder

Going on a vacation? Fill a water bottle and push it into the ground near your plant, upside-down. The water the will keep the plant moist for days!

YouTube video
Your plants will love you (even more) for this!

The “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Series

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Bright Ideas

  • I always kept a small stash of plastic bags and newspapers under the bathroom sink when I had to dispose of feminine products., The newspaper mainly for privacy and camouflage., l would also save the perfume inserts for helping mask the smells.

  • Self watering wonder – Cut several smaller slits in a plastic water or soda bottle. Pull the leg of an old pair of panty hose up to the bottle opening and cut off the leg. Tie the leg in place around the opening so it won’t slip off. Bury the hose covered bottle the plant soil so only the opening appears. Fill it with water and put on the lid. The slips will let the water seep out slowly and the panty hose will prevent soil from getting into the bottle. It’s great for when you go on vacation. And there’s no water evaporation.

  • Use large safety pins to pin socks together when you take them off. (pin through the heel or toe) socks can go though the washer and dryer pinned together. When they are dry just toss them in the drawer pinned together. No more time wasted matching up socks!

    • I love this idea and I’ve done it for years, but sometimes the fabric of the socks would get wrapped up in the ring at the end of the safety pin. I ruined a few socks trying to get them untangled. Now I add a large plastic bead to the safety pin before I pin the socks together. That keeps the fabric safely out of the ring.

  • I soak my prescription bottles in hot water or use rubbing alcohol to remove the label. My daughters and I use them to carry our bobby pins in our purse or I also use them to store our cell phone cords. Tic tac containers are also great for bobby pins. We also use empty Pringles containers for our spaghetti noodles.

  • I save the wax paper liners from boxes of cereal. These work well for shaking chicken pieces in flour before frying. I also use them as an added layer when freezing meat in Ziploc bags. Put the meat in the cereal liner, then into the Ziploc bag. Double protection. I also cut the top and bottom crinkly parts off, then cut the side seam off. This gives me nice sheets of heavy, slick wax paper that I can cut into squares, for keeping hamburger patties, etc., separated before freezing. Use two layers between patties, because they still kind of stick with only one layer. Then put into Ziploc freezer bags. There are dozens of ways to use this nice paper! Maybe even in some craft projects?

  • I use empty orange medicine bottles for storing tons of things! Seed beads, tatted pieces that need to be starched,you name it if it fits they are easy to
    Stow, pack and use! My husband knows if I find one he has put in the trash that he will get the storage lecture!

    • I also use these for storage!

      Additionally, I use these (or any empty vitamin/supplement/otc bottle) for used feminine products. Keeps things a bit more private and eliminates odors so people don’t notice and pets don’t get their predator on.

    • We use those orange medicine bottles (the larger ones) for carrying 3-5 days worth of pills for weekend or short trips. I keep one in my purse. Why carry 3-4 bottles (some are pretty big too!) when 1 will do?

      • Why carry 3-4 bottles (some are pretty big too!) when 1 will do?
        You get caught without your pills in the proper labeled bottles you can get charged.

      • Really? You can’t carry prescription meds in a container labeled by days of the week? Never heard that one.

      • Legally, TSA could confiscate your meds if they are not in the original bottle. Most of the time they will let other containers through, but if you run into an agent that goes by the book, they can take them.

  • The tall medicine bottles are great for holding cotton swabs. I carry a container in a zipper pouch in my purse and also leave one in my suitcase.

  • On your whitening with laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent and borix and bleach. I can’t use bleach what do I use in it’s place

  • I have a dry-erase board on the inside of my medicine cabinet door. I write down when I need to restock something or when I start a new mascara (so I know when to change it out).

  • Thanks for the funnel/cherry pitter. Timely suggestion, as I was on my way to purchase a Cherry Pitter to make my Raspberry, Cherry, Orange jam.

  • For storing bobby pins I’ve used an old tic tac container. One way to use leftover baked potatoes is to refrigerate them.Then you can slice and fry them lightly with butter for a version of hash browns. These are delicious with scrambled eggs. My mom learned it from my Dad. She said Grandma did that when my Dad lived on their farm growing up.

  • In the hot summer, I remove the blanket and bedspread for cleaning and storing, then use just a pretty sheet over the top sheet. That way it keeps dust and cat hair from getting on the top sheet. We then can sleep under one or two sheets, depending on temperature. For sure we don’t need any blankets in the CA San Joaquin Valley in summer. Much easier to launder an extra sheet than a comforter or bedspread.

  • A candle somehow melted on my daughter’s polyester dress. Absolutely nothing would remove the large wax stain. I read somewhere to use Brakclean from the automotive dept. I went outside and sprayed it on her dress then laundered it. It worked! I would use this only as a last resort because the can stated to avoid breathing the fumes.

  • I store my bobby pins and hair pins in an old orange medicine bottle. When they come out of my hair they go immediately into the bottle to be stored in my bathroom vanity drawer.

  • I had a smile on my face when I saw the corn-on-the-cob trick. I am 70 and my grandmother taught me this trick when I was just a little girl (when she started teaching me to cook) and I still use it today. Just had never seen anyone else mention it…but my entire family still does it!!!! Love your tips. ;)

  • Does anyone have suggestions to get rid of the nasty black/brown spots around the burners on a white gas stove top? I do keep it clean but the spots around the burner do not come off and drive me crazy!

  • Here’s one- I’ve never seen anyone else suggest this. I have a small kitchen. I would love to hang my non stick skillets, or use a rack to separate them, but that’s not a possibility with the space I have. I put my non-stick skillets in the bags that jersey or flannel sheets come in so I can stack them in my cupboard & not damage them.

    • I do this with pieces of leftover packaging but I like your idea better. By the way, most people think I’m weird for doing that. But the joke is on them, my dishes aren’t chipped!

    • I use baby shirts. I stick the handle through the neck and slide the pan in the shirt. Everyone laughs at me also, but the pans do not scratch each other in that small drawer under the stove.

    • Get a large container of cayenne pepper powder and dust it liberally around where the cats go. I have had luck with this in the past. You will need to keep up on it until the cats get the idea they will get a hot nose if they go there. I have 2 cats and love them to pieces but there is nothing worse than cat litter in the garden! Hope this helps.

    • My mother had a similar problem with the neighborhood cats going to the bathroom around her house. She placed a row of mothballs around her house. It really did not smell bad at all and the cats went back to their own homes.

    • I had that problem too. I tried all sorts of weird concoctions of stuff but what works best for me is when I found some wire netting, like a chicken wire, and laid it in between the flowers where the cats like to poo. I held it down with decorative rocks. I have no more cats in my flower bed and I hardly notice the wire. Flowers grow in between the wire if you lay it down before the flowers come up in spring.

  • Another use for a brand new toilet brush is for cleaning the scum that gets on the bird bath every day. I use the brush on the bird bath and then pour in the fresh water.

      • No!…buy the foam cleanser at a hardware store or ice in the disposal with baking soda and vinegar…then run disposer. Pulling a bowl cleaner out of a disposal would fling germs everywhere. Then how to clean/store brush?

  • I love the awesome tips all at once! Some were new to me….about Joanna Gaines a little research will tell that it’s a money making scam!!

      • I’m somewhat skeptical about this one as I think capillary action from moist soil will draw all the water from the bottle. Time for an experiment :)

      • had a problem with my glass waterer getting clogged with soil , so I had my husband cut a piece of pvc pipe about 6 inches long which I then put into the pot leaving about 2 to 3 inches above soil to insert my glass waterer. Now, I can water my plant without getting the glass neck clogged…………………….

  • Is there a way to get rid milk stains in baby clothes? Baby sucks on the fabric and it’s really orange from breast milk and saliva mixing together. Oxyclean didn’t work.

    • Try covering the stain with blue Dawn. Let it sit awhile (especially if it’s set in). Launder as usual. I’ve had success with Dawn removing all kinds of stains even after going through the dryer. You can also make a mixture of vinegar and Dawn in a spray bottle then soak the fabric with the spray. I’ve heard others say it doesn’t have to be “blue” Dawn…or even Dawn detergent but that’s always worked for me.

    • Try Fels Naptha soap. (Kroger carries it. It is usually on the top shelf near the laundry supplies. It is a bar of soap) I keep mine in a plastic container along with a tooth brush. Wet the soap and brush and make the brush soapy. Scrub the spot with the tooth brush and wash as usual. You can’t use too much of this product, so make sure it is thoroughly covered. I have even had luck removing old stains that have been washed and dried. Sometimes it make take a second treatment.p

      • I love Fels Naptha or Zote or even homemade lye soap for so many things. These soaps are THE best degreaser. Well, that and vinegar and Original blue dawn mixed in equal parts. 1 cup of vinegar to 1 cup of Dawn. I use it in every room in my house. Spray it on, let it sit up to 30 minutes, us a scrub cloth, (not steel wool or anything like that), and rinse.

      • I may have this left over from Girl Scout camping (to soap outside the pots for easier clean up).

      • I bought Fels Naptha online at Walmart.com cheap! I keep it and a tooth brush with a spray bottle of water near the washer and dryer to use if I find a stain on anything when it goes into the washer or comes out of the dryer. It works great on old oil stains that nothing else will work on.

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