My Kitchen Miracle Cleaner – Part Deux!


So…the other day I was finishing up the dishes of the day and hand-scrubbing the jelly roll pans (cookie sheets), because they don’t fit in the dishwasher, and was quite appalled when I realized just how stained and nasty-looking they were!

In my defense…I have had these pans a LOONNNGGGG time! I think my Mom bought them for me when we were first married from Orson Gygi.  They have seen a LOT of kitchen “action” since then.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when I became a Giada deLaurentis groupie, that I started using foil on my cookies sheets EVERYTIME I used them. Saves me SOOOO much clean up time…and grief.  But these pans have seen a LOT of abuse over the years.

As I stared at the pans I wondered how my “miracle” cleaner would work on these.  A couple of weeks ago I shared how the “miracle” of baking soda and peroxide had pretty much changed my life. ;-)

Miracle Cleaner 13

Miracle Cleaner 14

Well, ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration…but I was FLOORED at how well it works on pretty much everything in my kitchen.  I mean look at these hard water stained utensils! They look like new!

But my jelly roll pans….these were a whole different level of stained! My “miracle” cleaner couldn’t possibly work on them….or could it??  hmmmmm.  You know I had to find out.

Well, like they say….a picture’s worth a thousand words!


Miracle Cleaner 15

I’m a leftie, so I work left to right

I cleaned HALF of this pan and left the other 1/2 untouched to show the stark difference!  And honestly, it really didn’t even take a whole lot of scrubbing to get it to look like this! My husband thinks I am insane….I was practically GIDDY cleaning my disgusting pans! :-)  I DO have to tell you though…the stuff in the corners and on the sides of the pan were MUCH harder (almost impossible) to get completely clean.  I managed to get a LOT of the build-up off…but those areas were much more of a challenge. I doubt I’ll get them completely clean…but it’s such a vast improvement…I really don’t even care. :-)

Anyway, I just couldn’t resist sharing another cleaning success story using my “miracle” cleaner. Hopefully some of you out there get as excited about this stuff as I do.  If you haven’t tried it yet….do it!  You’ll be amazed!!!

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  1. Anonymous says

    It mostly worked! Now going to combat the stubborn stain with ammonia vapor (few drops of ammonia and cover the spot with bowl for 12 to 24 hours). *fingers crossed*

  2. DeDe says

    When my pans are gunked up and can't be cleaned with routine cleaning, I use what I use in my oven: oven cleaner! Lay newspaper down, spray, let sit as for a cold oven, and proceed with the cleaning. I've used this method on Pyrex to Stainless Steel. Perhaps someone else mentioned this above, but I didn't have time to read them all. Love your site! DeDe :)

    • Beth says

      Oven cleaner on pans. Place in black garbage bag. Set out in the sun. Solar energy warms it up and does a nice job. You can even do the clean up outside and get your dose of Vitamin D for the day. O, if you forget that you put it out today, you can do it tomorrow. Or maybe your husband will clean up for you.

      • Samantha Will says

        USing Washing Soda and water to Cover Gunky Grills then putting Trash bag Over night and you are supposed to be able to Clean them with a hose.

      • Mimi says

        USE PLAIN OLD AMMONIA IN PLACE OF OVEN CLEANER OUTSIDE in that black plastic bag in the sunshine–works perfectly, is way cheaper, and this is how we clean the burned-on gunk from our outdoor grill racks! :D

  3. Anonymous says

    Love your hints!! They are awesome! I have to throw my two cents in on this one-even tho it's not a 'natural' cleaner, the white sponges (the big bald guy!! LOL) work great on most all of the problems that people have listed here. It doesn't take a whole lot of elbow grease either. They are not as expensive as when they first came out-WalMart even has their own version of them. My sinks stay white, every bit of old grease comes off of pans (with a little bit of elbow grease) it keeps the white part of tennis shoes white, keeps the fridge door clean, just so many uses!! It's my miracle sponge!!

    • Megan says

      The Mr Clean Magic Erasers? I bought some at Deals (dollar store) 2 for $1 and they work just as well. I was amazed at how it got the rust stains out of my so-called stainless steel sinks AND black scuffed paint off of our white walls and baseboards. My husband thought I was nuts for going around the house and looking for things to try to clean with them lol

  4. Anonymous says

    Another little hint for baking soda: add 1 cup to your bath water and it will get rid of yeast infections. If you use it every time you take a bath you'll never have another infection. A very nice side effect is that it softens your skin. Learned this from my child's pediatrician about 37 years ago and have been free of them for that long; which is amazing for me. Hope it helps — I know that I try and share it with everyone that I know about this little trick. It's a whole lot cheaper and a lot cleaner then all of those medicines they sell. If you have an infection it does take a little while to clear it up. That is why I recommend using it all of the time and be free from them.

      • Deb says

        I will have to try this one, and then let my friends know about it. Thats so much better than the awful creams etc. that are on the market.

      • Beth says

        I am diabetic. Sometimes I get lazy about taking my insulin (always poking a finger to test, then 7 injections thru the day & bedtime). Maybe that is discouraged, as sometimes without b/t shot my am sugar is good & with the b/t shot the am sugar is high. Anyway a few days of laxness leads to yeast insanity. I don’t like to sit in the tub and don’t have one at the camp. Hmmm… maybe a baby bathtub will fit my posterior. I heard plain yogurt, no added sugar or fruit, applied daily works for some along with probiotic capsules 12-25million/cpsule 1/d (2 if you are desperate & can’t get to the drug store). The greek yogurt is thicker so it might be less mess. I do like the new product that is no longer requires a perscription. It has fluc… in its name. The pharm said that it was the new Cannes brand – No Way!

      • Samantha Will says

        the Yogurt Usually Works the Same Day. Might be the Cold helps the Burning. I used to clean for a pediatrician and she told me to do this. I thought she was crazy, but it worked. Also Up your intake of Orally taken Yogurt. That helps as well.

  5. Anonymous says

    I tried this tonight with a drop or 2 of ammonia on the inside of the oven door. I covered the paste with plastic and let it sit for about 30 minutes. A few swipes with a plastic onion bag got most of the crud off. Then I finished it off with a magic eraser…beautiful! I've been trying to clean this thing for a week!

  6. Anonymous says

    Do you think I could try this on my ceramic cooktop? I have stains that I can't get off with the cooktop cleaners or a razor blade.

      • Deb says

        I use dawn overnight soak in 5 minutes let it sit for atleast the five minutes then clean the detergent off with a magic eraser then a microfiber cloth. Works perfectly every time.

      • kimberly gomez says

        I do the same as you. Dawn Overnight Soak in five minutes cleans anything and then I just use the magic eraser. Works great!

      • georgia says

        I used Dawn Power Dissolver on my baking sheets and it got the gunk off, however, it made my food taste like chemicals. Tried putting them in the oven for self cleaning, scrubbed with steel wool, soaked them. They still had a weird taste, so I tossed them

        It only took about 5 months of my kids using Pam spray on the new pans for them to get gunked up. This time I tried this “Miracle Cleaner” but it did not work for me either. :( I’m sad and disappointed.

      • Sandy says

        I use the magic eraser on my cooktop as well and it comes right off, no scrubbing like before!

    • Samantha Will says

      I use Baking Soda & Borax to clean my Kitchen. If I want a Paste I have a bottle of 1/4 C Peroxide, 1 Tblsp Baking soda, 1 tblsp Borax, 2 Tblsp dawn or Dr Bonners & 1 C water. Shake it up good, but make sure there is room in the bottle for expansion or leave lid off Trust me on this. Mine Expanded all over the Kitchen.

      First I sprinkle just the Baking SodaBorax mix on the counter/Stove. Then lightly Moisten with the Liquid mixture. It works just like Soft Scrub. I wipe down several times to get the grit off, but it really works and there have been no Ants this Summer. Oxy Clean is Just Washing Soda(Bake your Baking Soda for a couple of Hours till its Ashy) and Peroxide. I often add the Washing Soda to the Mix above to kick up the power.

    • Sue says

      The best and easiest way to clean glasstop or ceramic cooktops is….Bar Keepers Friend. You can find it at just about any grocery store…right next to Comet. Use the powder form, not the liquid or gel. Clean your cooktop as well as you can, use the razor to get off any burnt on stuff. Add just a little water to the entire cooktop…just get it damp. Sprinkle on the Bar Keepers Friend. Use a rag, sponge, Mr. Eraser….anything and scrub in circles. You want a paste so add more cleaner or water to get the texture. Wipe off leaving a haze. Let dry then come back with a clean rag and wipe off the haze. CLEAN!!!

      • Michelle says

        I use a salt, vinegar, lemon, borax rub. just rub it in circular motions with my hands, it gets so clean it is almost brand new! Clean off with my all purpose kitchen cleaner. 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 tbsp dawn, 1/3 c borax and 10 drops tea tree oil. Warm a cup of water up, pour borax in to dissolve. Add all liquids to spray bottle then fill to top. Be sure that the borax is dissolved before using. I sometimes add a few tbsp of lemon juice for scent. This spray can be used for everything from counter top cleaner to windows!

    • says

      I have used it on our glass top before and it works good. I actually just sprinkle the baking soda on the stove and cover it with a soapy wet towel (wrung out a little) and let it sit for 30 minutes then start scrubbing with the towel and it comes pretty clean…My stove top is black so I am not sure how well it works on white :)

    • Cheryl says

      I have used it on my ceramic cooktop and it works wonders. Leave it on for about 5 minutes then scrub lightly with a sponge.

  7. Anonymous says

    I think I'm doing something wrong. Tried the miracle cleaner, didn't work at all! Thought maybe my peroxide was old, bought new, still didn't work. Left it on for 1/2 hour, no go! Poured boiling water on it and then did peroxide, baking soda another 20 min, nothing!
    Has anyone else has success with this process! Am I doing something wrong? (Tried it on cookie sheet and frying pan)

    • Ann says

      I just read a similar post. The trick, I think, is this: Mix the baking soda and peroxide. Wait until the fizzing stops. Then use the baking soda at the bottom of the mixture to clean with. This was suggested as a cleaner for moldy looking stains on refrigerator seals…scrubbed with a toothbrush!

      • Sarah says

        What fizzing?? I didn’t have any fizzing at all, and used a brand new bottle of peroxide and fresh baking soda.. didn’t work for my pans either. :(

      • says

        There should be no fizzing whatsoever. Baking soda is a base and hydrogen peroxide is a base… Both will react with an acid (ie vinegar or lemon juice) but do not react with each other. If your mixture fizzed you’ve got a problem with your baking soda in that it might be contaminated with some bacteria…

    • AmyR says

      Dozens of people have blogged about their attempts to replicate the results described in this post and no one has gotten the fabulous results promised. Many of them tried it several times, several different ways in case they were doing it wrong. Steel wool does the job or just put some aluminum foil down and ignore how the pan looks underneath. But, no, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, left for a few hours, does not yield the results shown with a little rubbing and scrubbing. Most testers posted before and after photos and it took out a little of the overall bronze patina, but did nothing to restore the pans where the darker harder deposits were burned onto them. Just get a new pan or find someone strong to use the steel wool on them.

  8. hbs1991 says

    I am confused? Where is part one of this post? I would like to know the process you used to clean the pans, I am moving soon, and would love to clean my baking sheets the way you have BEFORE I move. I have looked for a link to the the first part and cannot seem to locate it and looked in the archives.
    Thanks for your help! I am looking forward to nice clean and shiny pans again.

    • Amanda Collins says

      she has the link to the first ‘miracle cleaner’ page on this page. If you scroll up, it’s the red, underlined words that say “the miracle of baking soda and peroxide” Hope this helps, :)

  9. Margaret says

    Aw, it didn't work for my cookie sheets at all with brand new peroxide and baking soda. I scrubbed really hard, too! Oh well :)

    At least it was cheap to try.

      • Denise says

        I have to wonder if any of you are actually scrubbing/rubbing the baking soda peroxide paste onto the stain/grease spots.. I mixed my paste, scooped it out of bowl I mixed it in with my fingers, spread it across the pan I wanted to clean.. let it sit for a minute and then started to rub.. the paste starts to get dry.. I used my index finger and a big clump of dried paste and just rubbed the spots.. they were slowly disappearing and the paste turns a yellowy brown color (which is the grease being removed from the pan and absorbed into the paste) It works.. and I used NO sponge just my fingers!

      • Karine says

        It would have helped immensely to give the insturctions on how to do this in your article . Including how much bakeng soda and how much peroxide to make a paste. I have some items which need cleaning and I willt ry this out …

      • Karen says

        She pretty much did the directions when she said make a paste. So make a paste, put the baking soda in first and than slowly add the peroxide and mix till it is paste like. If you make home made gravy using corn starch, this is the same concept.

    • Martha says

      Just put them in the oven @ 500 for 1 1/2 hours and they come out like new :) …The first time I left them in was when I put my oven on self-clean and since them I do this all the time.

      • Gordy says

        OK, so this worked! My pan (I threw two others away, unfortunately) was really pretty far gone. I’ve been procrastinating about going online and ordering some more. We use sheet pans all the time. AND WE WASH THEM thoroughly after use! But they still end up this awful residue.

        Anyway, I put my poor lonely old pan in the oven at 500 degrees for 90 minutes and let ‘er rip! There was a lot of smell at first, but that’s what the range hood is for, right? It’s not like new, but it is still totally ready for kitchen combat.


        P.S. Not excited about all the heat and electricity needed to do this, but for now…I’m a convert. None of the other solutions work.

    • Samantha says

      Brillo/SOS pads work great. Let the pans soak in some hot water and vinegar, then start scrubbing. Takes quite a bit of elbow grease, but works!