Homemade “Shout” Stain Remover


Homemade Shout

. . . Better Than The Real Thing!

I did my initial post about making your own homemade version of Shout Stain Remover not long after I started this blog….back in July of this year!  Wow…time flies.
At the time I hadn’t been using it very long and didn’t have any pictures to share….so I figured it was time for an update. Something I like to call “walkin the walk”. ;-)
I was actually inspired to DO this update after my 16 year old presented me with this shirt to wash last week.  He said it had been sitting in the bottom of his dirty clothes basket for awhile. (I don’t think I even want to know what HIS version of “awhile” is!)  All you “professional” clothes washers out there will know exactly what that is on the front of it.  Yep…chocolate. A chocolate stain on a shirt that had been in his closet for “awhile”. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to show how my homemade “Shout” performs under pressure!

First, let’s review the “recipe”:

homemade shout

Homemade Stain Remover (Shout)

(I had Palmolive on hand, so that’s what I used)

Mix everything together and pour into a spray bottle. I got this one at Wal-Mart for about a buck. (I actually got SEVERAL of them for the array of natural/homemade cleaners I have started using. My inventory continues to expand!)

Before you go to use it…if it’s been sitting for awhile…give it a good shake.  As you can see in this picture…it does tend to separate a bit. But after a quick shake it’s good to go.  To use: spray on stains as you normally would.  I usually let mine “soak in” for a few minutes at least.  Then launder as usual.

In this case, since the chocolate stain posed a bit more of a challenge…I took a few extra seconds (literally, that’s all it took) and rubbed the fabric together where I’d sprayed and when I was finished was somewhat shocked to see the stain was practically already GONE! It’s still there….but barely visible.  My old bottle of “real” Shout never did that!

Homemade Shout

So I tossed it in the washer with the usual suspects….homemade laundry soap, a little of my
faux “OxiClean and about a teaspoon of my favorite new laundry ally…Fresh Scent Downy Unstopables.  I just love how it makes my clothes smell! I know it’s a bit of an indulgence (it’s fairly pricey at about $8 at bottle) but with all the money I save making my own detergent…I’m OK with it.

And through the magic of the internet…….TADA!  Here is the “AFTER” shot.


Homemade Shout

Once again…clean and pristine. I think even my son was impressed with this one. I really don’t think he believed I could prevail with this one.  HA!  That’ll teach him to doubt my laundering prowess. lol.

So that is my latest adventure in “clotheskeeping” (Martha Stewart knows how to make anything sound more glamorous!)   I hope you find it helpful in your “battles” in the laundry room!


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  1. Anonymous says

    made the shout and it worked great. i am however having trouble with the spray bottles getting jammed up too. baking soda is clogging up the sprayer and baking soda is in chunks on the bottom.i used hot water to dissolve it in but it appears to have un-dissolved! any solutions or ideas. if its working with the baking soda all solid is the baking soda necessary? what does it do in this solution? thanks for any help

  2. Jill Nystul says

    I've been giving this some thought. Not sure why mine doesn't clog. I do make sure and shake it well before each use. Sometimes I'll get some dried baking soda residue that collects around the nozzle. When that happens I just run it under hot water for a minute.
    I'm guessing if you cut back on the baking soda, you would still see good results. A little experimenting might be in order. :-)

    • ~joanne says

      I’ve put mine in two different spray bottles…mine doesn’t appear to get clogged (even though there is baking soda on the bottom of the bottle..I just shake before use)…mine seems to be that the sprayer it’s self breaks…I’m guessing maybe the ammonia eats something in the sprayer???…I like the solution though….I will try in a dish soap bottle

  3. Amanda says

    New to your blog…just had a question…do you know how to get white undershirts to stay white? My husbands turn yellow all around the neck. I've tried a few different methods, but so far no luck. And things overall seem to get dingy grey after a few months.

  4. Jill Nystul says

    I have used this MANY times on colored clothes with no problems. As a matter of fact…last night I used it on a dark red t-shirt of my sons that had some mysterious grease spots on it. I even rubbed it in pretty good…no discoloration at all. :-) Hope this helps!

  5. Jill Nystul says

    Thanks Anony and Tonya. :-)

    Kathy…Yes, I still think baking soda is the way to go with this mix. Hasn't let me down yet.

    Elaine…I am fairly confident you will love it! Works every bit as good, if not better than the "real" stuff.

  6. tallykings says

    Love the site, used the carpet stain remover with my iron and i think i finally found out what that thing was made for, LOL! My question is clay baseball stains, i have tried everything even murphys oil soap, do you have a magical tip?

    • Tashia says

      I know your concern, because amonia usually say “don’t mix with Bleach” and other chemical agents. I learned that this is because the strong fumes of Amonia and Bleach, when mixed, creates a highly poisonous fume that is deadly to our bodies. It’s dangerous to inhale these fumes together. Dish liquid should be fine. I haven’t found anything wrong with that.

      • Eric says

        Yes, Tashia…never mix ammonia with “bleach”! The chemical reaction between the ammonia and the sodium hypochlorite solution (“bleach”) liberates the chlorine from the “bleach” in vapor form and it is a toxic inhalant. Ever heard of “mustard gas”? This is it.

        Mixing Dawn (the original formula), hydrogen peroxide, non-sudsy ammonia, and warm water in equal parts will produce excellent results and there are no solids involved that could clog up the nozzle on a spray bottle!

  7. Kristi says

    We have well water which turns all of our whites yellow. I made a batch of homemade Shout snd tried it on some of my girls' horribly-stained, should-go-in-the-trash shirts. We were AMAZED how clean and bright they came out! So my husband treated his "white" dress shirts with it–doused them all good, and was practically dancing over how white they are now!

  8. Jorjann says

    I made this and it works GREAT!!! The only thing I have noticed is that it seems to clog the spray bottle. I am going to put the next batch into a dish soap squeeze bottle. That should eliminate that problem!

  9. michelle rickard says

    i was reading your recipe for your homemade shout, would washing soda do better ? u used it in your faux oxi cleen where u switched out the baking soda for washing soda…

  10. Jennifer says

    Is there any hope at all for set-in stains? I have a bagful of clothes (mine and my son’s) that are perfectly fine save a stain or two. I absolutely hate the idea of tossing them.

    • Meaghen says

      I used a mix of one part dawn, one part baking soda and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide on a white shirt with a 10 month old stain from a juicy fresh peach. I had tried everything on it prior and nothing worked, until this mix! The stain was huge and obviously well set in due to time and numerous washouts and dryings, and the shirt looks brand new now. Give it a shot!

    • Susan says

      Sometimes coming out of the dryer, even when we’ve stain-treated, we end up with a round or oval dark spot on shirt fronts, especially polo’s and tees. You know — those set-in oily spots on shirts that went thru the wash and then dried on, from some type of oil or grease in food? Nothing I ever tried would get it out after it had dried on. This has ruined great new shirts but I have a messy boy. Well, I have one small bottle of a commercial condensed laundry detergent by the Melaleuca (sp?) people. ( To me, it looks and smells like Woolite, clear and thick liquid. The only difference I can figure is it has the tea-tree oil in it. ) I discovered by accident that this will remove those oily spots on shirt fronts, even if they have been there awhile. I have pre-treated with a little of that, and then used the stain remover like Shout here on the whole shirt front and sent thru the regular wash. Somehow the stuff gets those spots out. I couldn’t believe it! Somehow it binds the oil and sucks it out of the fabric. So I wonder if adding tea-tree oil to a little homemade laundry soap would do the same thing. Because this stuff is way over-priced and it’s not easy to buy just one little bottle.

      • Maija says

        Long ago I was told that dryer sheets themselves can leave spots that look like oil spots. I only use them now when there is something like towels in the load. I’m not positive on this, but it does seem to have made a difference.

        • Lucresia says

          Yes, dryer sheets leave greasy looking spots on my sheets. I don’t notice them on my other items but that doesn’t mean they are not there. New to this blog, getting so many great ideas and will try to make some of the solutions. Especially the ‘shout’. So many tee shirts ruined by spots that will not come out.

  11. Jessica says

    I LOVE this stuff but like others have said, I am having trouble with it clogging my spray bottle. First I just thought it was the cheapo one I bought so I bought a more expensive one from the hardware store. It clogged almost immediately. Other than putting it in a squirt bottle, has anyone found a solution? My 2 year old is MESSY so spraying and getting a wider coverage is what I need. I think I would go through it a lot faster if I was using a squirt bottle and would offset the savings. Thanks in advance for any help!

  12. Heidi says

    Would this be safe to use on stains and wash a few days later? I treat stains each night and throw the item in with the dirty laundry. It might be a few days until it gets washed. Thanks!

  13. Amanda says

    Ah! I JUST bought a new bottle and big refill of Shout at wally world yesterday, along with the ingredients you provided for homemade laundry soap. As I put the Shout in my cart, I thought, I haven’t seen a recipe on Pinterest to make THIS homemade, so I’ll just stock up. And look what I find :) Thank you SO much for sharing! They are such great ideas and I love trying them out. I’ve made the citrus cleaner but not found a spray bottle to put it in yet… It smells great though! Thanks again! Amanda

  14. Shelby says

    Does the amonia leave a horrible smell behind? Is it a overpowering smell when your using it, I have asthma and amonia flares it up fast for me. Was just currious before I start mixing it up. Thanks for any input!

  15. Sandy says

    I have a question. I’ve made this and used it, but had one problem…It got all of the chocolate “color” out of my son’s shirt, but left the “grease stain” part of the chocolate behind. I haven’t tried to respray and try again, but the dawn should cut the grease, right?

    • Susan says

      Sandy, scroll back and see the reply I made earlier about getting grease stains like this out by pre-treating with the Melaleuca laundry detergent. This is exactly the type spot I was talking about — you think you’ve got it with a stain remover but it leaves a grease spot behind. HTH.

  16. Lauren says

    Is this safe to use on all kinds of fabrics? Even delicate hand washes? I’m just starting to get into the homemade cleaning supplies world and I have no idea what ammonia does to clothes

  17. Jessica says

    Hi again, I tried an old shout bottle recently and still the same clogging problem. Maybe it’s the type of Dawn I used. All I had on hand was Dawn but not the original. It was the lavender scent. Anybody not having the clogging problem did you all use Dawn original or another brand? I really do love this stuff and the cost savings, just trying to figure out if the type of dishwashing liquid I used was the problem since that’s the only thing that was different than Jillee’s recipe. Thank you in advance for any help!

  18. Kathy says

    I just tried this to do a “spray load” of t-shirts. The colors all faded where I sprayed it and the grease spots stayed. I ruined a whole load of clothes. I followed the recipe and instructions to the T. Really disappointed!

  19. Stace says

    I also had troubles with the spray bottle. The baking soda would dry in the springs between uses. I just put it in an old shampoo bottle. I made my 2nd batch today and replaced the baking soda with washing soda. There were a few stains I could not get out of my kids’ clothes. So right now I have my daughters white shirt out in the sun with some lemon juice on it hoping to bleach the stain out. But for the most part it works really well. Hopefully with this change it’ll work even better! Thanks Jillee!

    • Stace says

      *update* after switching out baking soda with washing soda this recipe works so much better and the washing soda doesn’t separate like the baking soda does. This might help with the problems of clogged springs in the bottles. I think this is a great revision to the recipe! :-)

  20. Connie says

    Jill – Just wanted to say I am a “Pinner” and find myself at your blog more than any other. Love all your homemade products and appreciate the work you put into them – especially the sharing. I admire your willingness to share your recovery too.


  21. summer says

    Would love to try this. My husband fixes large machines and he gets really greasy. The think black kind that is hard to get out. Do you think that this would work on his cloths.

    • Sarah says

      My husband is a mechanic as well. I always squirt a generous amount of Dawn in the washer along with my regular detergent & 20 Mule Team Borax. My washer is an older model that is not HE. I let the clothes soak in the washer overnight and then wash them the next day. It doesn’t take out all of the grease by any means but it helps. It might take out the grease if the stains were pre-treated with the faux Shout. Quite frankly, though, my husband is usually grease from head to toe when he comes home & I would have carpal tunnel if I sprayed all the grease stains ;) He doesn’t seem to be bothered with a few grease stains so I don’t go that far.

      • Eric says

        Regular Coca-Cola has sugar in it and if the laundry load isn’t run with an extra rinse cycle, some of the sugar may be left behind in the clothing’s fibers. Use Diet Coke which has the same stain-fighting properties but without the sugar.

        Regular Coke in the toilet bowl will clean the heck out of some stains there, too!

        And if you have a buncha corrosion built up on your car’s battery terminals, use Diet Coke as well!

  22. Annette says

    I just tried this homemade “shout” recipe, and I LOVE it! I tried it out on dried blood (someone had a bloody nose and got some on their shirt). It got all of the blood out! I’m wondering if you’ve tried making it replacing it with some homemade dish soap? It’s an interesting thought, but I wondered if you had tried that yet or not.

  23. Jennifer says

    I had to add my two cents, also! I love this stuff! I use orange scented Ajax dish soap and substituted vinegar for the ammonia. This stuff gets blood out beautifully — I’ve never had anything that worked so well on blood. Usually there’s a little tinge of red left over, but not now!! Also, it works great on cat urine! (A little random, I know….) We have an aged cat who now pees on the floor AROUND the litter box instead of IN it. Our laundry area is in the basement near the cat boxes, so when I needed something to clean up a mess, I reached over and grabbed this stuff, sprayed it on the cement floor and WHAM! Clean floor again, no left-over pee smell. Thanks so much for another fabulous, money-saving idea!!!

    I do have some problems with a clogged nozzle, but once this batch is used up, I think I’ll try another poster’s idea and use washing soda instead of baking soda. Or maybe use HOT water to try to dissolve the baking soda first…?

    • spitefulilsprite says

      Does this substitution work just as well as the amonia based recipe on other types of stains too? I have a seven y.o. tomboy whose clothes get covered in who knows what all the time, but rarely blood (suprisingly). I cannot STAND the smell of amonia, just opening the cap is enough to make me feel ill, but would love to try a home-made stain treater.

  24. Faith says

    I have been using this stain remover for a few months now. I dissolve the baking soda in the hot water and don’t have problems with clogging any more. Occasionally, my dark clothes have a white blotchy spot. Originally I thought it was only when I was using the last of the spray. However, last time it happened and I was not at the end of the spray. I have been very impressed with how well this homemade product removes stains. I did some research, and it seems, that neither baking soda nor ammonia cause dark colors to fade. Any thoughts?

  25. Susan says

    FYI: You might want to mention that the fumes from ammonia are poisonous and dangerous; if inhaled for even a short time can make one sick, nauseous. dizzy etc. super NOT a good idea for pregnant women. SO: handle with care.
    Also… AMMONIA is a chemical so mixing it with all sorts of different types of other cleaning solutions , unless you know what you are doing, is not really a great idea either. You could end up with a type of acid or some other gas as a by product with semi- or very serious consequences.

    • Patti's Paraphernalia says

      I’ve made this with ammonia and had no problems. Mine didn’t even come out smelling like ammonia. Many dish detergents in the past have been made with ammonia as an ingredient. Before self-cleaning ovens, I’d soak all the trays, shelves, and burner grates from my stove in a basement sink with the hottest water available and a whole bottle of ammonia. Left overnight, the black crusty stuff softened and came right off my stove parts and nobody died from the fumes.

      I love the “faux Shout” and it works great! Better than the “real” stuff! Thanks, Jillee for going through the hard work of testing all these recipes and taking time to blog about your inventions and discoveries. I’ve pinned many of your “recipes” and tips and love your site! God bless you!!!

    • Patti's Paraphernalia says

      I have been using this for 6 months and have no problem with the ammonia. It works better than anything else I’ve found! I’ve given the recipe to numerous friends and they LOVE it!!! One friend who raves about this has migraines which are often triggered by certain scents. She has no problem either mixing or using the mixture, so I would consider it safe. I dissolve the baking soda in hot water before adding any other ingredients, then let it cool a bit before adding the ammonia. Hot water seems to make the ammonia scent stronger. I have no problems with either separation or clogging. I bought a large spray bottle from WalMart and it works fine. This is a great help for laundry. My friend used it on a bunch of her son’s t-shirts that were bound for the rag bag because they had stains on them that wouldn’t come out and he wouldn’t wear them with the stains. She treated them all with this and all the stains came out. Her son was very pleased to have his shirts back!

      Thanks again Jillee…your faux Shout and the homemade laundry soap (the powdered version) have revolutionized my laundry, and for a bunch of my friends! Keep up the good work!!!

  26. Kelly Williams says

    I made this and it did really well on light stains, like make-up. However, on deeper set in stains, it didn’t work as well. I washed the items twice and left it on longer the 2nd time and it seemed to work better. My question is, does it matter if the baking soda has expired? I had some that had been sitting on the shelf unopened that I bought when it was on sale. It had already expired, but I went ahead and used it anyway. Does it affect the strength of it in any way?

    • Rebecca C says

      the dates on products are not really expiration dates. they are usually best if used by dates. they are mostly to cover the butts of manufacturers, in my experience. i wouldn’t think that would affect it at all.

  27. Tammy Yates says

    I have tried everything under the sun on my husbands work shirts , they are the bright green city shirts, I looked at the fabric and it says 100 percent polyester and I can’t find anything to get the stains out. Any suggestions, they have already been washed and dried which I know makes the stain set in..

  28. Lyndsay says

    So I ran out of shout and we live quite a ways from the nearest store. I threw this together in a bottle and then used it on the ultimate test…my 7 and 10 year old boys’ baseball uniforms. It got out ketchup, mustard, dirt, and grass stains. First time. Plus it washed out the cooking oil spots from one of my favorite shirts. I am in love! I did have a problem with it plugging the sprayer of my old shout bottle, but haven’t had any problems with the cheap spray bottles from walmart. I just shake it good before each use! Love it!

  29. Brooke says

    I just saw this recipe .. I won’t be making it because I refuse to have harsh chemicals in my home, I have small children, however about a week ago I bought my 2 year old a pair of light tan khaki shorts, he put them on and we set out to play. When we came in i saw that he had mulberry stains all over his shorts! I already make my own fabric softener and laundry soap so all I was missing was the stain remover. I threw the shorts in the laundry basket and was writing them off as destroyed. Then I thought hey, I should try to make my own stain remover! About 5 days passed. I took 2 cups of tap water hot water, 1 1/2 tablespoons of borax, and 1/2 a tea spoon of dawn power wash dish soap (you know over night soaking in 5 minutes) stirred it together, threw it in a squirt bottle and soaked each stain (there were several and they were huge spots) then I threw his shorts on the counter and forgot about them, the nest day, the stain remover was dry, and the stains were GONE! I threw them in the washer, hung them to dry, and they are now in his drawer with all his other wearable when we leave the house clothes!!

  30. says

    WARNING!!! Do NOT use this on colored clothes!!! I did, and now, where the “greasy stain” was, there is a spot that is lighter than the surrounding area. Boo! It did appear to get out the greasy stain, though…

  31. Christine says

    Has anyone had problems with this mixture making spray bottles stop working? The mixture itself does indeed get spots out, but I’ve poured it into 2 new spray bottles only to have them stop spraying after a while. I wonder if the ammonia or baking soda are messing with the spray mechanism. Anyone else?

    • says

      Christine….some people have complained about that. I personally haven’t had it happen. I think it depends on the spray bottle you use. I use a big one I found in the cleaning aisle at the store.

      I have read that some people have started putting it in a bottle with a pull-top (like dishwashing liquid) and using it on their clothes that way. I thought that was rather ingenious and plan on trying that myself one of these days. :-)

      Hope this helps!

      • Christine says

        Jillee, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with this issue. The same thing happened when I tried to keep diluted bleach in a spray bottle. Rather than spend more money on yet another spray bottle that may or may not work, I will wait until I can reuse my dishwashing soap bottle with a pull top. Appreciate your reply :-)


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