Homemade “Shout” Stain Remover


Homemade Shout

. . . Better Than The Real Thing!

I did my initial post about making your own homemade version of Shout Stain Remover not long after I started this blog….back in July of this year!  Wow…time flies.
At the time I hadn’t been using it very long and didn’t have any pictures to share….so I figured it was time for an update. Something I like to call “walkin the walk”. ;-)
I was actually inspired to DO this update after my 16 year old presented me with this shirt to wash last week.  He said it had been sitting in the bottom of his dirty clothes basket for awhile. (I don’t think I even want to know what HIS version of “awhile” is!)  All you “professional” clothes washers out there will know exactly what that is on the front of it.  Yep…chocolate. A chocolate stain on a shirt that had been in his closet for “awhile”. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to show how my homemade “Shout” performs under pressure!

First, let’s review the “recipe”:

homemade shout

Homemade Stain Remover (Shout)

(I had Palmolive on hand, so that’s what I used)

Mix everything together and pour into a spray bottle. I got this one at Wal-Mart for about a buck. (I actually got SEVERAL of them for the array of natural/homemade cleaners I have started using. My inventory continues to expand!)

Before you go to use it…if it’s been sitting for awhile…give it a good shake.  As you can see in this picture…it does tend to separate a bit. But after a quick shake it’s good to go.  To use: spray on stains as you normally would.  I usually let mine “soak in” for a few minutes at least.  Then launder as usual.

In this case, since the chocolate stain posed a bit more of a challenge…I took a few extra seconds (literally, that’s all it took) and rubbed the fabric together where I’d sprayed and when I was finished was somewhat shocked to see the stain was practically already GONE! It’s still there….but barely visible.  My old bottle of “real” Shout never did that!

Homemade Shout

So I tossed it in the washer with the usual suspects….homemade laundry soap, a little of my
faux “OxiClean and about a teaspoon of my favorite new laundry ally…Fresh Scent Downy Unstopables.  I just love how it makes my clothes smell! I know it’s a bit of an indulgence (it’s fairly pricey at about $8 at bottle) but with all the money I save making my own detergent…I’m OK with it.

And through the magic of the internet…….TADA!  Here is the “AFTER” shot.


Homemade Shout

Once again…clean and pristine. I think even my son was impressed with this one. I really don’t think he believed I could prevail with this one.  HA!  That’ll teach him to doubt my laundering prowess. lol.

So that is my latest adventure in “clotheskeeping” (Martha Stewart knows how to make anything sound more glamorous!)   I hope you find it helpful in your “battles” in the laundry room!

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  1. Fontaine says

    I have problems too with the sprayer getting clogged. The baking soda looks like it is all on the bottom. It still works if you can get it on the garment. Any advice? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says

    made the shout and it worked great. i am however having trouble with the spray bottles getting jammed up too. baking soda is clogging up the sprayer and baking soda is in chunks on the bottom.i used hot water to dissolve it in but it appears to have un-dissolved! any solutions or ideas. if its working with the baking soda all solid is the baking soda necessary? what does it do in this solution? thanks for any help

  3. Jill Nystul says

    I've been giving this some thought. Not sure why mine doesn't clog. I do make sure and shake it well before each use. Sometimes I'll get some dried baking soda residue that collects around the nozzle. When that happens I just run it under hot water for a minute.
    I'm guessing if you cut back on the baking soda, you would still see good results. A little experimenting might be in order. :-)

  4. Amanda says

    New to your blog…just had a question…do you know how to get white undershirts to stay white? My husbands turn yellow all around the neck. I've tried a few different methods, but so far no luck. And things overall seem to get dingy grey after a few months.

  5. katelynn says

    Do you think this would work for pen stain?? or what ideas would you have for removing pen stain? thanks ps love your blog!

  6. Anonymous says

    Is this "safe" to use on colored clothes? I so am going "greener" with my cleaning products! Love this idea!!!

  7. Jill Nystul says

    I have used this MANY times on colored clothes with no problems. As a matter of fact…last night I used it on a dark red t-shirt of my sons that had some mysterious grease spots on it. I even rubbed it in pretty good…no discoloration at all. :-) Hope this helps!


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