Sunday, March 25, 2012

Edible Easter Basket

Wow…I don’t know what has come over me lately…but I can’t seem to stop making stuff!

I had so much fun today creating this “Edible Easter Basket”! 

I call it my Frankenstein craft…because I combined ideas from several different websites to construct my “creation”.

But even though there were several sources…overall, it’s very easy to put together!

My favorite type of craft. :-)

The project that kicked this whole thing off was done by Beth over at BethAPalooza. I just LOVED the idea of “edible” Easter baskets! Not so much because you can EAT them (although that IS a very nice aspect)….but more because you don’t have to STORE them! (Except for maybe a few extra pounds stored on your hips.)

I was looking for something a little bit bigger, however, and these Peeps fit the bill perfectly!

I just taped the four boxes together using clear packing tape. Very strong, and almost completely invisible. Worked great.

For the bottom, I simply used a piece of thin cardboard, cut it to size, sprayed the edges with adhesive, and set the basket on top.

Next I turned to Ellinee for inspiration. I took the cute, braided handle idea off of this tutorial for a Grocery Bag Easter Basket.
I thought it was so unique, I wanted to give it a try. This was definitely the most challenging part of the whole project…but only because there were a few steps involved. It wasn’t hard to do.

  1. Take one sheet of scrapbook paper (or whatever paper you decided upon.)
  2. Fold it into 4 sections, and cut into strips.
  3. Take 2 of the strips and tape them together, end-to-end.
  4. Now take the long strip and fold it lengthwise in thirds.
  5. Then fold it one more time, in half.
  6. Repeat two more times. You need 3 long, thin strips to braid.
  7. Clip the ends of the 3 pieces together with a clothespin or clip of some sort, and braid.
  8. When you reach the end, clip that end also. Then attach to the basket/box with more clear tape.
  9. Feel free to use plenty of tape to make it sturdy. The tape will be covered up by the next step. :-)
The next part of the basket comes from the creative minds at Ellinee as well.

I downloaded the template for their darling Paper Ribbon Bows, printed it, cut the pieces out, and traced them onto some coordinating scrapbook paper I had. I easily got 3 bows out of one piece of scrapbook paper.
Then I attached one bow each to 2 sides of the basket and 1 more box on the top of the handle.

The final step of my little “Frankenstein” creation was coming up with something to fill the basket!

I found inspiration for making your own Easter grass at this darling website for PRESCHOOL Teachers of all places!

I guess that’s just proof that I appreciate the SIMPLE things. :-)

All I did for this final step is drag the paper shredder out of my craft closet and fed a few sheets of scrapbook paper through. Since I didn’t really want to “waste” too much of my scrapbook paper on shredding…I first shredded up a few pages of newspaper and stuck that in the bottom, then topped it off with the “good paper” (and a few plastic eggs)….and no one was the wiser! ;-)

And there you have it……
the cutest little “Frankenstein” you ever did see……
a very enjoyable weekend craft…….
and one step closer to being ready for the Easter holiday!

An edible Easter Basket….no STORAGE REQUIRED…is today’s…..

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18 thoughts on “Edible Easter Basket

  1. RG

    If you want to go completely edible, they sell edible Easter basket "grass". It's really just colored candy in strips that look like the Easter grass flling.

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  8. Andrea C

    Thanks Jillee! I made 6 of these! I used the “peep bunnies” that come in 4 rows, 16 a box to make the basket larger, used old cereal boxes that I was going to recycle anyways for the cardboard and covered it with large pieces of scrapbook paper I had lying and just shred the weekly store ads that come in the mail for “grass” (So I didn’t have to use more of my good paper) and it actually looks cool with all the color! I am going to fill it with all home-made play-doh, finger paint and I am going to make the crayons you made with the chocolate mold and broken crayons (except animals) which I’ve done before and they came out GREAT! I adore you!!!!!!! <3

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  10. Tavette

    The Peeps is a more cost effective way to go because those bags of candy get pretty expensive plus, as you noted, they’re not very big.

    The braid is really cool, but my question is – it would seen you’d need TWO sheets of 12 X 12 contrasting color scrapbook paper? If the first sheet is cut into 4 strips, if I’m following correctly, and you tape two strips together – that will give you just 2 long strips and you need 3 long strips – right?

    If you can send me a response – that would be wonderful.


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  12. Peaches

    Absolutely love this web site – but I must say I absolutely hate the flashing Disney cruise add at the bottom!!! How friggen distracting and irritating is that. I realize you need the advertising, but sure makes me read & run quick from your site as there is no way of turning it off.
    Otherwise it would be an awesome site to spend lots of time on.

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