Streak-Free Window Cleaner…No Wiping or Squeegeeing Required!



Finding this idea on Pinterest could NOT have come at a better time! Just this past week the weather has been nice enough to start working outside AND after a long winter…the windows on the outside of the house are looking pretty grimy!



See what I mean???

 It really makes it hard to enjoy the beauty of Spring unfurling all around us when you’re looking at it all through THAT! But never fear….Homemade Streak-Free Window Cleaner is here….thanks to Jill (what a great name!) at creativity, musings and more.

Jill shared a “recipe” for a homemade window washing concoction that she got at a church function…and get this….no squeegeeing or drying required! Just spray, wash, spray again and sit back and let Mother Nature take care of the rest!

Wanna know the “recipe”???  Of course you do!

Homemade Streak-Free Window Cleaner

1/2 bottle of “Jet Dry” (the bottle I bought was just under 7 ounces so I measured out 3.5 ounces)
4 Tablespoons Alcohol (I used rubbing alcohol….70% I believe)
1/4 Cup Ammonia
1 handful of powdered dish-washer soap (which depending on the size of your hand could probably vary quite a bit! lol.  I used a “handful” which looked to me to be about 1/4 cup.  Give or take.)
2 Gallons of Hot Water


Squirt windows with powerful spray nozzle.

Use long handled brush (we used one of those car washing microfiber thingies) to dip in solution……

……and scrub windows thoroughly.  The hubster putting some muscle into it!

Then spray windows thoroughly to rinse.

Just LOOK at that sheeting action!!

{{{insert Jeopardy theme music here}}}

A little while later….the windows will dry to an even shine with no wiping or squeegeeing!

{{{insert loud whistle here}}}   Looking GOOD!

A SHINY, STREAK-FREE WINDOW! Just as “advertised”! :-)

SO shiny I captured Son No. 2 practicing his 3 point shots in the reflection!

The experiment on the bay window was such a resounding success….the hubster promptly started making his way around the house.

Oh happy day! I think I’ll keep him around. ;-)

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    • Cakebaker says

      I have made this and cleaned the outside windows…perfectly!!!! Then I’ve poured a small amount in a spray bottle and diluted it with water to do the inside of the windows…then I just took a wet/dampened cloth and polished the window then dried with a soft cloth…perfect again!!!!!

  1. says

    You have no idea how MUCH I love your posts, English is not my native language, but I am always waiting to read what’s next from You. Thankssssssss for all the tips! ( I made my laundry detergent, And I am loving it.)

    • CJ says

      Ammonia is a natural bi-product of the decomposition of protein – it won’t hurt your garden
      Vinegar is made from decomposition of fruit – it won’t hurt your garden
      Dish Soap – can have phosphates and other similar chemicals.
      Try not to use so much that you have a great deal of “run off” down the house until you rinse. The worse any of these should do is mildly change the PH in the area directly below the application. Should not harm or poison any ground or plant.
      Jet-Dri – that is an unknown
      “JET-DRY® products are a special combination of nonionic surfactants, a chelating agent, dye, and fragrance* (*for our fragranced products). On a more detailed note, they are kosher and don’t contain phosphate.
      How it works: Rinse agents help your dishwasher rinse away residue that causes spots and film on dishes and glasses. Rinse agents for automatic dishwashers, such as JET-DRY® Rinse Agent, are designed to lower the surface tension of the water, causing it to sheet off the dishes during the final rinse. This prevents the formation of droplets of water that can remain on the surface of the dishes and are ‘set’ by the heat of the drying cycle, forming spots and film. Rinse agents are also helpful in obtaining dry dishware when dishwasher energy savings switches are activated, or when dishes are left to air dry.* *Source: The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA), visit: (”

  2. Cherie says

    Not sure if this will help but, I always wash the inside of my windows with about a quart of hot water in a bucket with a splash of ammonia and a few drops of dish soap. I use a rag for scrubbing and then dry with microfiber rags or paper towels.
    What I like about this is that I can clean the frames and ledges at the same time.

  3. says

    I was wondering if the windows will still self dry and be shiny if we are using hard well water (we have a water softner for the inside water). I drive a school bus and asked my hubby to clean the buggy mess off my windshield. Well…… he cleaned it ok, but rinsed it with the hose water and did NOT squeegy it. Good intentions but it was worse than before with white water spots all over. LOL If this works, not only will my house windows sparkle, but I will have the shiniest bus in the lot. LOL

    • Sarah says

      I’m going to say no. We don’t have a well but we do have extremely hard water and this recipe/method does NOT dry streak-free here. I’ve tried it 3 times, same result each time. Major bummer!

  4. Elaine says

    Thanks for the recipe – I did try it today but had some really fine water spots. I quick wipe with some window cleaning took it right off and the windows are sparkling! I did use water that went through the water softener so I can’t blame it on hard water. Maybe I needed more jet dry?

    • nicole says

      ok this is just a question mainly, isn’t water softened with salt, could the spots be residue from that?? I do not have a water softener but my boss used to bring us in water to drink (anyway long story) and it always tasted salty to me

      • Colleen says

        I just found this post through Jillee’s ‘good thing’ for July 20th regarding windows. Windows seem to be my nemesis. Always glad to have new ideas (thanks for doing the legwork, Jillee! You’re awesome) Nicole, we have naturally soft well water and it is just at the upper limit of acceptable sodium content. Yes, soft water is softened with salt, whether naturally or manually. I am challenged when it comes to washing windows because of the salt in our water. I was just pondering how I could use this formula and have it work despite rinsing with our softened water. Will take some experimentation. Maybe one of those fertilizer distribution thingies that you attach to your garden hose with a little rinse aid added to the canister.

  5. says

    Wonder if I can improve on an already good thing? I have an amazing hose attachment that has a wand with a brush at the end and a reservoir for car wash soap. What’s your opinion on using all the ingredients minus the water and using it on the outside of my windows?

  6. Dorothy says

    I read in an article on the internet that Jet Dry is really only acids. Ammonia is an alkali. Alkali react with acid to form a salt and water. So using both in this recipe is pointless. I think the salt that results can produce white spots on the glass. I am going to try some vinegar (acid) and skip the ammonia.

  7. DeAnne Hill says

    I would mix this outside and DoN’t breath the fumes: dishwasher soap has chlorine bleach in it and remember what happens when you mix ammonia and chlorox? Very TOXIC chlorine gas which will damage your lungs. Be careful!!

  8. Jenna says


    This worked MARVELOUSLY! Not even any “muscle power” needed (I did it myself!) but then again, maybe my windows weren’t as dirty as I thought ;-)

    Regardless, I am looking through crystal clean windows, and I’d like to thank you! You’re the best!

  9. Tiffany says

    Part of the reason I’m trying homemade cleaners is to go green for myself and the environment. This recipe has too many chemicals for me. I’d love to know the best non-ammonia, non-toxic window cleaner. There are so many variations out there and I wonder which one I should try. Suggestions welcome!

  10. June B says

    Just have to tell you….THIS IS ANOTHER WINNER!!
    Used this tonight…after work…and my windows, doors, shutters loof FAB! Have about 40+ family coming for Mother’s Day and this certainly sped up outdoor prep for the event! Love your blog, your ‘Good Things’ and your witness! Keep it Up!
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  11. Mary says

    Just tried this. We live in Arizona where the windows are very dirty from blowing dust and dirt and the water is very hard. The water did not all sheet off, so I just gave the windows a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth and they are great looking. Not perfect, but then I don’t require perfect. Must easier that other methods I have tried.

  12. Tracey Tilson says

    Hi Jillee!

    I just read aloud and “showed” my husband this post. We’re impressed and going to try this concoction this weekend. WhoooHooo! Whoever would have believed we’d be excited about cleaning windows!

    I have a question though. Can I pour this same solution into spray bottles and use on my interior windows, as well? If so, I was thinking I could use a squeegee to clean them.

    I am sooo addicted to your blog! I have made your homemade laundry detergent, homemade fabric softener and this weekend will try this window cleaner…… oh and the (no-rotisserie) rotisserie chicken, too!

    Happy weekend to you and your family!

  13. Vanessa says

    Ammonia isn’t really something some of us try having in our homes; especially with children around. (Cause let’s face it… you could padlock rooms and they’d still figure things out lol) We just use warm water and vinegar for our windows and it works fine.

  14. Katherine says

    I tried this myself today and cleaned all the outside windows of my house including some high bay windows. I am extremely happy with the result and my windows are sparkling. Way to go on this recipe! I have to admit that my neighbor just cleaned his windows two weeks ago and it took him two whole days. I did it in approx 3 hours. Thanks for the advice!

  15. CC McCart says

    Can not tell you how thrilled I am with your recipe for clean/sparkling windows. Yesterday I broke down, mixed it up and got down to business.

    We have 3 large windows in our tiny home. Living room, kitchen and dining area…oh and a small one in the bathroom. I decided if that stuff cleans the outside so well I’d used it on the inside as well. I protected the sills with rags, sprayed on water, sprayed on you magic formula, scrubbed, sprayed on water and wiped dry with my $.99 store coffee filters….SUCCESS!!!!

    This morning, over coffee, we saw 3 birds fly into the living room window (thankfully only dazed), now that is a sign of crystal clear windows.


  16. CC McCart says

    I forgot to add…as I’m always writing ‘recipes’ down, using them and then losing them I decided I wanted to keep this one safe. I wrote it down, put in it a zip lock bag and taped it to the gallon jug I’ve stored this magic formula in. A safe place I’d say.


    • jeanene smith says

      I have found out that I just write all these cleanings formulas in a little sprial notebook by my computer drawer. Then I never loose them … And they are close at hand…..

  17. Miriam says

    We have wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows on two floors of our ranch walk-out. I am only 5’1″, so scrubbing these windows is normally quite the chore! I made this recipe today, but didn’t have powdered detergent . All I did was replace the commercial dish det with a homemade recipe I found: 2T Borax + 2T baking soda. It worked like a charm! We had so much fun cleaning, the kids actually took over! A million thanks! This one’s a keeper!


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