Conquering Frozen Yogurt Pops!

Orange “Creamsicle” Frozen Yogurt Pop!

Ever since I started making my own “frozen yogurt pops” with the help of ALREADY MADE Activia yogurt…I have been dying to try them using the more “exotic” flavors that Yoplait has to offer. Like Pina Colada!  YUM!

But alas, the silly inverted shape of their yogurt cups make it impossible to turn them into yogurt pops using the “popsicle stick through the lid method”.

Of course being the obsessive person that I am…I just couldn’t let it go!

So yesterday I  bought 3 kinds of Yoplait yogurt I’ve really been wanting to try frozen on a stick…PINA COLADA, ORANGE CREME and, of course, LEMON BURST.

I figured I would either FIND a way to make it work….or just dump it out into a bowl and freeze it that way. (Of course it’s not the same…but I would have to suffer.)

When I got home I turned the yogurt container upside down and decided to see what I could do with my small paring knife. Much to my amazement….the bottom of those things is VERY easy to just cut out! It popped out easily on all three yogurt cups I tried.



After removing the bottom (which is now the top), I covered the top (which was the bottom) with a small piece of foil, stuck in the popsicle stick, and threw it in the freezer.


A few hours later…..I was enjoying the frozen yogurt of my dreams.  :-)

If you haven’t tried these (or the Activia ones) you are really missing out!

They are the perfect summertime (or ANYTIME!) treat!

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  1. Penny Hannah says

    Jillee, I’m dying to know when you write your blog, It must be very late at night, as there it is, every morning, waiting for me in Scotland. Thank you – I enjoy it so much.

  2. Kaye White says

    How about just slitting the bottom to stick the popsicle stick in & then cutting the bottom out when you eat them…would save the aluminum foil.

  3. Liz says

    You should try doing it with Greek yogurt! (NF, of course ;) ) It’s much, much healthier than the Yoplait stuff :) My favorite popsicles are ones with fruit chucked in–so you don’t have to get the flavored ones with all the extra (unnecessary) sugar! It’s like froyo except in popsicle form :3

  4. Pam says

    This is one of “hello, why didn’t I think of that” things. I don’t do dairy but love frozen treats while watching tv at night. There are some nondairy yogurts so I will try freezing them, thanks.

  5. Catherine Hoffman says

    Thanks for the great Frogo idea! Since I’m convinced you are the end all when it comes to household issues I have a question for you. We live in a rental with pea soup green walls….I know BLEH but that isn’t the problem….The same Nimrod who put pea soup green paint on all the wall used flat paint. Kitchen, bathrooms, halls……everywhere. Painting is not an option. How do you clean flat paint? Some areas are just scuzzy but everything I’ve tried just takes the paint off. So thats my sad dilemma.

  6. Jennifer says

    Just so you know, you are killing the active cultures in activia by freezing it.

  7. Kitty says

    It’s great isn’t it? I’m in England and logging on to a new post from Jillee every morning is a great start to the day.


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