33 Uses For “Baby” Wipes That Have Nothing To Do With Babies!

baby wipes usesWhy do we call them “baby wipes” anyway?  Shouldn’t they just be called WIPES? After reading what seems like a MILLION uses for baby wipes…other than for wiping the baby…I think there should be a regular wipes section at the store as big as the BABY wipes section. Have you ever noticed how much “real estate” is dedicated to baby wipes at your local Walmart or your local grocery store? It’s pretty impressive. But so are all the ways I discovered people are USING these handy little helpers.

I have to thank BabysittingJobs.com website for the idea for this post because they sent me a link to this article, “10 Uses for Baby Wipes Other Than What They Were Intended For“.  Not only was it a great little article…it’s a great website for anything related to babysitting.

Anyway, reading that article got me thinking about the fact that even though we haven’t had a “baby” in our house for more than 10 years…we ALWAYS have “baby” wipes around. hmmm. It also piqued my curiosity about what OTHER people (with or without babies) are using baby wipes for….besides their babies.

The uses I found were practically ENDLESS…but here is a compilation of some of MY favorites gleaned from a variety of website articles and comments:

  • Removing eye makeup. duh. This is probably the thing I personally use them for the most.
baby wipes uses
  • Toilet paper substitute. A poll I read showed 57% of us have done this! ;-)
baby wipes uses
  • Removing hair dye stains from your forehead and neck dying your own hair.
baby wipes uses
  • Cleaning the inside of the car when you are at a red light or stuck in traffic. I thought I invented this! lol. I guess I’m not the only one doing this. It’s a great use of “down” time in your car and of baby wipes!
baby wipes uses
  • Freshen up and cool down on hot summer days. Put some in a baggie and put it in the cooler for use at the beach or on day trips, or just put some in the fridge for those oppressively hot nights.
baby wipes uses
  • For use during pregnancy as hemorrhoid wipes. Get the ones with aloe, and then pour a bottle of witch hazel into the container. Much cheaper than the specialty wipes.
baby wipes uses
  • Wipe down the leaves of houseplants.
baby wipes uses
  • Attach to a dust mop (like a Swiffer) to pick up extra dust.
baby wipes uses
  • Pen, pencil, crayon and paint remover! From most surfaces! Even skin. :-)
baby wipes uses
  • Clean your rubber stamps when card making and scrapbooking. You can also use a folded baby wipe on a paper plate and add a few drops of different colors of ink from a re-inker and use the plate and wipe as your temporary stamp pad for a custom color mix.
  • Military uses:
    • Soldiers in Iraq used them because they were perfect for getting sand out of everything.
    • Use on U.S. Navy Ship when there are water restrictions (no showers) as a quick way to clean up.
  • Use for hunting to get the waterproof face paint off and for washing blood off hands. ewww.
  • Substitute “Tide pen”.  Someone who worked in retail said they used them to take makeup off clothes after people tried them on.
  • Clean bird poop off your windshield.
  • Use as a blotter to pick up stains on clothing, upholstery or carpeting. Especially useful on microfiber couches.
  • Get rid of deodorant marks on dark clothing. This is a lifesaver! BIG pet peeve!
  • Clean your puppy’s feet after playing at the park, before getting in the car.
  • They’re also great for cleaning cats. Messy cat faces, or for cleaning dingleberries. :-D
  • Remove stray hairs from pets. Give shaggy pets a daily rubdown with a baby wipe to remove excess hair and keep it off the furniture and rugs.
  • Temporary flyaway hair tamer.
  • Wiping down restaurant tables, high chairs, shopping carts, changing tables and toilet seats in public places.
  • Clean hairspray off of wood surfaces.
  • Use to wipe away too much spray or home tanner. Works wonders!
  • Shine your leather shoes so they’ll sparkle.
  • Wash baby doll faces.
  • Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a wipe and place it in a dresser drawer as a sachet.
  • Moisten envelope glue before sealing. Genius! I HATE licking envelopes!
  • Clean your Tablet/Touchscreen phone/PC monitors. They are soft and don’t damage the screens, and get all the sticky fingerprints off.
  • Cleaning a chalkboard wall.
  • Pull baby wipes through the slits in my dining chairs to get the dust out where the duster doesnt fit.
  • Diaper Genie cleaner. A quick swipe of a wipe on the blade (where you cut the plastic) immediately eliminates any smell. The alcohol on the wipe kills the bacteria on the razor.
  • And last but not least……..A MUST HAVE on camping trips – good for cleaning yourself when a shower isn’t available.

I hope it wasn’t just me, but I thought some of those were downright brilliant!  Never occurred to me there were SO many uses for “baby” wipes….which OBVIOUSLY aren’t just for babies. :-)

How do YOU do “BABY” wipes????

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  1. Donna says

    I keep a container at work, in my desk drawer. I use them to wipe my hands after touching door handles and office equipment, especially during flu season. Also useful before/after eating finger food/snacks at your desk.

  2. says

    We always have some on hand as well! Especially in the summer. We have one use that you have not already mentioned. We use them to wipe our feet clean after a day in flip-flops.
    I’d like to point out that not all baby wipes are flushable. I honestly have no idea what they would do to our plumbing systems if we do flush them, but I still think it is worth pointing out.
    Has anyone used a baby wipe to clean a tablet screen? I thought wipes contained oils, wouldn’t that just create a bigger, streaker, greasier mess on the screen? I’m not patient enough to experiment on mine, but I would love to hear from someone who has!

    • says

      You are RIGHT! I worked in an office where a guy used baby wipes instead of the toilet paper. After the 3rd time in one month that the plumber had to pull gobs of baby wipes out of the pipes, the guy quit using the baby wipes (or at least quit flushing them!) So, do NOT flush! They do not degrade in water!

      • patricia stanphill says

        You girls are right about most baby wipes not being flushable, but you should also know that Kleenex-type tissues are also not to be flushed. They are manufactured NOT to dissolve in water/moisture. The same goes DOUBLE for Paper Towels. There have been instances where the only paper in the house was a paper towel and they will do the job-just don’t flush. just sayin…

    • Mama T says

      I use them on my laptop screen, cell phone screen, and tablet screen. My cell phone and tablet have screen protectors, so occasionally it does smear. I find that if I let the wipe dry out a little bit before using it, it streaks less.

    • Eileen Smith says

      I have a cousin who flush baby wipes down the toilet after use on her toddler. Did not think it would bother plumbing. She found out differently after it over flowed from a upstairs bathrooom downstairs and ruinned the who lower level of house. Both Charmin and Cottonell make a wipe that is flushable. They a a bit smaller but do the job.

    • Laura says

      The amount of streaking varies depending on the kind of wipe you use. The aloe or shea butter ones are, obviously, the worst. The sensitive wipes are best. But honestly, I wouldn’t use them (in fact, I don’t). On a cellphone screen or tablet, it’s okay (other than the streaking) but on a laptop or flatpanel monitor, it’s a downright bad idea. I only use approved wipes for those, because they’re designed to be lint free, anti-static, and with a fine enough wood fiber that they won’t microscratch like other paper products can (paper towels, for instance, are the worst thing to use, next to sandpaper). ;-) There’s not enough alcohol in baby wipes to make them adequate for this use, unfortunately.

  3. Heather says

    hehe I thought I was the only one that called them “dingleberries”….. growing up, my family used this term all the time when talking about the dog! Jillee, you always make me laugh. Thank you for being the bright spot in my days!

  4. says

    Greetings from Spain!
    I bumped into your web just by chance and since then (4 or 5 months ago) I’ve been following you day by day. I’ve tried many of your ideas and they are simply amazing. I can never thank you enough!
    This post of today in particular makes me smile for I’m taking care of my Mom (90 with dementia) and Dad (78 with essencial tremmor). Being their only daughter means I have no one to give me a hand. As they need my assistance I quited working. Not having incomes isn’t an easy issue to make it at the end of the month (and one month after another….) Some days are not easy at all. Using these baby wipes has been life transforming. Not having time to do anything, having to sit next to Mom during hours for it’s the only thing that calms her down really boosts the need to simplify things. More than once I’ve found myself using these wipes in several of the uses you just mentioned… THEY REALLY WORK!
    Thank you for your lovely web and you always positive attitude… I’m convinved it really helps lots of us who are going through special circumstances.

    • MaryC says

      Dear Ana,
      God bless you for your loving care of your parents. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to care for parents who have given so much of their lives to us. I understand how difficult it can be at times. Just please remember that the good Lord understands your needs as well as those of your parents, and He will take care of you. Wish I could be there to give you a hug. I’ll just send up some prayers on your behalf and ask Him to send someone else to hug you and lift you up!
      In Christ’s love,

  5. Linda D says

    Baby wipes are great for removing stains from clothes. Give it a try as soon as the stain happens.
    My daughter and I always keep them in our purses for removing stains, wiping hands and faces,
    Etc, etc, etc.

  6. Sara Harris says

    It’s been years since I’ve had a baby in diapers, but I keep them in my purse. I use them to clean seats and dashboard in the car, wipe messy hands and faces, especially after eating a Hershey bar. If my daughter has a stomach ache, she thinks all she has to do is lay a baby wipe on her belly and it’s all better. After puking….yep, they need a baby wipe.

  7. mdoe37 says

    Yup, I do keep wipes in my hunting bag for cleaning up, but not only after “the kill”. Sometimes a girl hasta go, ya know!

    So likewise, there are wipes in my fishing gear as well. Can’t leave snack smells on the bait, the fish won’t bite things that smell like Cheez Its and Hot Tamales. And of course, wipes take away the “fishy” smell from your hands after cleaning them.

  8. Deborah Jennings says

    Even though I am 60, I still use the Baby wipes on my hind end. =) Always smell fresh! Hubby had a out with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and he used the wipes to wipe himself. Much better than regular dry tissue. He didn’t get raw and irritated like some people do with this.

    I also use these for all kinds of things! All of your uses are ones that I have used in the past. Oh, and did you know that you can cover some of the boxes (the ones that have a hinge on them) for storing odds and ends? I recover them with batting and fabric. They hold all kinds of things. I usually pack one with my make-up in it when we travel.

    I have used small ones for sewing kits, too, to take traveling.

    Jillee, thank you so much for your sharing with us. I love your site and never miss reading it when it comes in.

    • Ayshela says

      heh. having spent years battling IBS, he has my sympathies and total agreement. They aren’t useful only for baby bums. We still keep them in the bathroom for flares, or when someone has the flu.

      My mum is bedridden, and she keeps them around for quick clean ups when she feels sweaty or in need of a sponge bath, as well as a quick wipe up after meals. Kept in the fridge they’re awesome for a cooling wipe down on hot nights.

      When my kids were really little and they didn’t have the special “kid friendly cold packs” they have out now I used to fold a couple in half and put them in a zippy bag and throw in the freezer for that purpose. They mold to wherever you need them, give that bit of cold for as long as you’re going to get a kid to keep one on, and aren’t so cold they fight it instantly like gel ice packs are.

      • patricia stanphill says

        Thanks for sharing about using baby wipes as a cold pack. I have terrible neuropathies in both hands, and the burning gets so bad at times that sometimes my husband has put a bag of frozen corn wrapped in a towel on them.
        The problem is that the frozen veggies are hard and solid-won’t conform to fit the hands. Next time it gets bad, I’ll use the wipes-in-a-bag that I’m putting in the freezer right now!
        A million thanks for sharing this tip!

  9. susan says

    My husband uses them to clean his motorcycle helmet. My daughter always has some on her dining room table for wiping toddlers’ faces (she has three). The twins find all kinds of uses for them, including tearing them into little pieces and making designs with them on the black top.

  10. Monique says

    we ALWAYS keep a box of babywipes in our car…great for traveling when we are having picnics or when we HAVE to have an ice cream cone. (Those little wimpy napkins they give you just DON’T do the job!). When our youngest didn’t need his diapers anymore we stopped buying wipes and found we missed them for all these other great uses so we started buying them again :). DON’T flush them down the toilet though! They make flushable wipes just for that purpose ( which we also use!). Sometimes I’ll use a wipe just to quickly clean up the bathroom counter when I’ve spilled some make-up or something…so many uses!

  11. Judy Ann says

    I rescued my little dog in 2002, and have always used baby wipes for a quick clean up for him…expecially his feet. I rub his fur with them for a quick “remove the pollen” after walks in the grass.
    Now, Thanks to Dr OZ – and following his use of them (ones with aloe and vitamin E) instead of toilet paper on the bum! So much better for the skin and they do a better job! IF Dr Oz uses them, I know they are safe for me to use. P.S. I’m not paid to plug Dr OZ….lol

  12. Kathy says

    yeah, I love using them for everything too! But as a nurse, I know that baby wipes on the face and other parts of the body (other than the bottom) are often harsh on the skin because they are designed to change the ph (becuz of urine). When buying babywipes for the face and body-just look for the kind that says for the face and body. They are softer and gentler ont he skin. These are what are used in hospitals, in the military, etc for cleaning the body…you can find them right next to the regular baby wipes and cost about the same.

    And I agree with Paula, make sure they say “flushable” before putting them in the toilet!

  13. Jean says

    Great post! A couple of notes:
    *I wouldn’t use a baby wipe to wipe down my long-haired cats for fur control – cats constantly bathe themselves, so they would be ingesting whatever substance is on the wipe. If you have to ‘wipe down’ your cat, use water only. Keep brushing your cat daily and fur isn’t an issue. For the occasional dingleberry (!), they’re fine.
    *chalkboards are porous – the fine particulate of chalk gets into the surface and keeps the board smooth so you can erase it. As a veteran teacher, I learned years ago to only wash the board at the END of the year as water removes (and eventually pits) the board surface. Get a good foam eraser to keep chalkboards spic and span.
    *baby wipes can be used periodically to wipe down ghosting on white boards. Again, don’t use them all the time as the wipes leave a residue/build-up on the boards. My classroom helpers wipe down our desk boards once at the end of each quarter to keep them clean. For daily erasing during class time, use an old gym sock. Never use paper towels on a white board as the towels will scratch it. (And tissues and towels get expensive!)
    *teachers love baby wipes for getting most of the dry erase marker and vis-a-vis overhead marker off our hands. (You can always spot a teacher by the chalk/marker on their hands at the end of the day!)
    Love your blog, Jillee – keep the helpful hints coming!

    • Kimmer says

      I thought the same thing about kitties licking off whatever the soapy residue is left by the wipes. However, I have a kitty who is 21 yrs old (missing her teeth) and can’t clean herself properly and finds it difficult to bathe, so I think I will give her a going over once in a while as she is kind of smelling like urine lately. Then a going over with a clean damp cloth should make it better. Or spring for a can of cat shampoo/mousse.

  14. Cindy says

    I have used them to clean my white board/dry erase board. That is my family’s main method of communication when not face to face. Sometimes the notes stay there a bit long and are tough to remove. I grabbed one of them and it was fine.

  15. Cindy says

    I have used them in lieu of deoderant in a pinch. If we are out, you get sweated up and I like to use these at that time, too. Or for that girly time of the month thing, too. Zillions of uses for these things.

  16. Robin says

    Soo excited to read aboit using them on the swifter! Tired of paying so much for their wipes that don’t work all that well but are good in a hurry…

    I have been using them on my dry erase board but now the pens army working as well on them. I thInk I used them too much there.

    • Laura says

      A good alcohol-based cleaner (such as Windex, among others) will strip off the buildup from the baby wipes, without damaging the board at all. The pens are fighting through aloe and shea butter and other things that make baby soft. :)

  17. jo says

    We *were* big advocates of baby wipes at our house, but only the flushable kind. And now I’ve learned the flushable ones are also terrible on the sewers (http://www.koinlocal6.com/news/local/story/City-of-Vancouver-finds-flushable-wipes-not-so/88egXjt5KUK0Vgev5K_LrA.cspx?fb_action_ids=4512103807015&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366)

    Since I’m pretty against excess waste in my garbage can, it means wipes (baby, flushable, otherwise) are now on the outs at our house.

  18. Gila says

    2 things I use them for, not previously mentioned:
    1. to clean my computer keyboard and mouse from time to time.
    2. if my ceramic tile floors get dirt spots (spilled coffee, etc.), I use wipes to spot clean between floor washings.

  19. Sarah says

    I used cloth diapers and wipes for my daughter and have a super easy recipe for wipes Mix 1 drop grapefruit seed extract, 1tsp. coconut oil, and 1tbs. baby wash/shampoo in with 1 cup of water. Pour over cloth wipes, a roll of paper towels cut in half, or use in a spray bottle. These work awesome and do just as well store bought wipes.

  20. Deb says

    I buy dollar store baby wipes and add rubbing alcohol. Voila! – antiseptic wipes. Use them to wipe down doorknobs, bathroom countertops, toilet, tile floors, mirrors, walls, toys, keyboards, anything that you can safely sanitize.

  21. lisa says

    Once, along time ago, one of my preschoolers got a bottle of nail polish and our it down our carpeted hallway. I freaked out! I couldn’t get it out. A carpet company gave me a cleaner and it still would not come out. We would have to replace the carpet! I complained to a friend and she said that she had heard on Oprah once that baby wipes would do it. So, it took me a whole box of Huggies wipes but my carpet was good as new by the time I was done. Even now, when there are no little ones in the house, we have wipes! You never know!

      • Sherry W says

        Lisa, we had this happen and believe it or not, SHAVING CREAM is the solution. Put it directly on the nail polish spill and rub, rub, rub… eventually it is gone and so is the smell. Any shaving cream will do. We usually buy the kind from the dollar store to keep on hand just in case. 4 girls equals a lot of nail polish accidents.

  22. Lissi says

    I will just add that back in 2000 we lived in Ireland. There were wipes packaged and marketed for adults. They were called “After Dates”. ;) I think that was a pretty darned clever way to open the company up to a whole new bunch of sales!

  23. says

    I am a mixed media artist and I use them to clean up inks and paints in my studio, THEN I use the wipes which have all the beautiful colours on them for collage, they give great texture and colour to artwork.
    I always have some in my car for the times when you have take away food or coffee, can’t do without them. I also use the antibacterial wipes for my computer keyboard and the phones as I have read that these two areas are the most “germy” areas in any house.

  24. Marie says

    When working on a costume committee for a youth musical with over 100 students (ages 8-18 years old) in it, I learned that wipes were great for getting all kinds of makeup out of all kinds of fabrics. Our standard procedure is to first we rub the stain with a white bar soap and then wipe out with baby wipes. Worked everytime!

  25. Jenn says

    My husband is an avid hunter so every year at the beginning of hunting season, we have to go stock up on baby wipes. The place he hunts at has no running water or electricity, so he uses them every night to freshen up until he can make it home for a real shower. He is also missing a limb and wears a prosthetic arm. The inside of it always gets nasty and stinky especially during the summer months. Baby wipes are perfect for wiping both the inside and outside off and get it looking and smelling better.

  26. Abigail says

    I love all the ideas. I have three kids with a fourth on the way and we use a lot of wipes. I sometimes find that they leave a sticky feeling on my hands though. Also, I will use them on nasty surfaces that my kids have to touch but know they are not antibacterial. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  27. MPMom says

    I read once that the Kirkland brand (most often sold at Costco) have real fabric fibers in them and can actually be washed (in the washing machine) and re-used. My girls are 4 & 6, but we still keep a pack in each car and I always have some in my purse. I realized when my oldest was born that I will never stop buying wipes. Our uses are pretty much all the ones already mentioned.

  28. Sherry W says

    We don’t use them much (cloth diapering family) but I have got some laying around. They work great as car upholstery cleaner. Just scrub up the seats after the kids have accidents, food or otherwise.

    • patricia stanphill says

      Hooray for a cloth diapering family! I used cloth on my son and daughter, washed them at home and hung them out to dry. Works well except in the coldest weather when they froze solid on the line! I laughed so hard while I was bringing them in-they were frozen stiff as boards and I had to lay them in the basket like firewood, then crack them down so they would fit in the dryer. It was a little more work, but I was a stay at home mom and we had to economize. If anyone is still using cloth diapers, sticking the pins in a bar of Ivory soap will make them go smoothly through the cloth. I used a bar of Ivory for a pincushion. :)

  29. Jan says

    I have used wipes for the majority of the ways you listed. I have them stashed in my car and all over my house. I have found that the cheaper and more “green” refill packages fit in most of the different containers, but that some wipes are thicker and/or rougher than others. On the subject of using baby wipes for cleaning computer screens and cell phone screens, I carry in my purse the little “alcohol swabs” that diabetics use before testing their glucose. Wal-Mart and Kroger sell the boxes of 100 individually wrapped for less than $1.10 everyday. They don’t leave streaks on my phone and wipe off germs to boot with less waste (less than 2 inch square.) Look for them by the rubbing alcohol and band-aids. And your “dingleberries” reference had me laughing like a lunatic!

  30. chandra says

    I use them as everyday bathroom cleaners. Wipes toilets and sinks etc well. After done with the sink (not the toilet of course) i rinse it with fresh water and clean the mirror. Then just dry with a towel. Dipose when finished and voila nothin to wash or clean when ur done . Nothing worse than having to clean up from cleaning up lol


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  2. [...] 5. Baby baby wipes. The key weapon of oldsters over the land. Nothing you’ve seen prior I’d children did I suppose baby wipes might be so helpful and versatile. Clearly they are ideal for cleaning sticky hands and faces, they also can be used emergency loo roll once they exhaust it in your four hour flight (true story) in addition to cooling you lower. You should use dried up baby wipes like a paper alternative for drawing. You may also rely on them as make-up remover, shoe-polish, to wash stains and also to get fingerprints off screens. Never go anywhere without one. [...]

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