Homemade Nesquik . . . Chocolate Milk Makes A Comeback

homemade nesquik Nesquik has been around for as long as I can remember. I remember drinking it as a kid and my kids drank it when they were small as well. It can be a “parents best friend” when they are desperately trying to get their kids to drink milk…ANY milk.

Unfortunately, chocolate milk has been under seige the last few years by people complaining of too much sugar. I’m not encouraging the drinking of chocolate milk on a regular basis…but for an occasional treat…it’s a pretty good choice as far as “snack foods” go, especially when you consider studies that show a three-fourths of teens suffer from calcium deficiency.

And if you’re making your own out of 3 simple ingredients you already probably have in your pantry, you know exactly what you’re drinking.

homemade nesquik

So here’s to a chocolate milk comeback! (within reason)  :-)

Homemade Nesquik Recipe

2/3 C Sugar
1/3 C Cocoa
Pinch of salt

Combine the three ingredients and store in a sealed container. That’s it! Crazy easy huh?? (I ended up tripling the recipe because I knew the single batch wasn’t going to last long in this house!)

FYI…I added about two tablespoons to this pint-sized mason jar…but I would add to your taste. I found you need a lot less than the commercial stuff!

homemade nesquik

Thanks to Sarah at Sugar Bananas for sharing this homemade version of a childhood favorite AND for sharing a GREAT TIP for getting it to dissolve all the way in the cold milk.

One of the drawbacks to making chocolate milk with Nesquik is getting a smooth consistency. The powder tends to not want to “melt” in COLD milk. (Pet Peeve #487). Sarah suggests putting a little bit of hot water (I just got it from the tap) in the bottom of a cup…adding the powder…swirling it or stirring it for a few seconds…and THEN adding the cold milk.

homemade nesquik

So I gave it a go and it worked brilliantly! Result: perfectly smooth, creamy and cold chocolate milk made from scratch!

homemade nesquik

Had No. 2 son give it a taste test and he gave it a very positive review! (Especially the “smooth” part.)  Then decided to do a taste test of my own…cuz momma needs a treat every now and then too! :-)

homemade nesquik

I also gave it TWO THUMBS UP! Really tasty!

Of course it would also make a good hot cocoa….but I refuse to think about winter yet! :-)

I even found a Wendy’s Frosty CopyCat Recipe using Nesquik! Need to try that next!

Any other Nesquik ideas floating around out there???


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  1. Gigi says

    I have tried this version along with a few others. I have problems getting it to dissolve. I finally tried: 1/2 cup powdered milk; 1/2 cup powdered sugar; 1/2 cup cocoa; and 1 and 1/2 cup sugar. I put it in my food processor until its ground up fine. Store it in a glass jar. I just use 1 tbsp per glass of milk. It doesn’t clump up, the sugar doesn’t just fall to the bottom of the glass and it all mixes up easily.

  2. Patti White says

    I was raised in the country back in the 60′s and most everything was made from “scratch”. We had hot chocolate almost every morning before school, except we called it cocoa and Mother made it using one spoon of Hershey’s cocoa powder, three spoons of sugar, she then filled the cup almost up with boiling water and finished it off with a generous dollop of canned milk. Just an idea for those who might want to get away from the packaged hot chocolate.

  3. nicole says

    we made something like this when we were starving college students, pretty sure we just added a tiny bit of cocoa and a little sugar but we also added a drop of vanilla right in the glass. Really good. I might whip up a batch of this i have a big chocolate milk drinker in my house.

  4. says

    Seriously! Homemade Nesquick! My husband makes me buy the stuff in the giant container and I am always complaining about it. I’m going to try a small batch and see if he notices any difference but I have to do it on the sly. He is brand crazy.
    I’ve got to tell you, I am loving this site and glad I’m following you on facebook because you surprise me with the stuff you come up with. Thanks

  5. Christine says

    You can use stevia or Truvia ( if you buy the stevia from I herb in the 5 lb bag). It tastes just like sugar, comes from a plant and has no side effects. We love it in all our drinks!

  6. Lyndsay says

    So glad to see this recipe- just saw the price of Nesquik has gone up in the store and told my husband no more chocolate milk for us! Now I can just make our own! Good news for my son who has flavored milk every evening before bed. He is 4, and is on a liquid medicine that is very bitter. We have found that it is easier for him to take if he swallows the medicine, and has the milk right after. Whatever works, right?

    • Lisa says

      I wonder if you could melt strawberry jelly and mix with milk? Or use strawberry Kool-Aid or Jell-O. Could be time for an experiment! There are also a lot of recipes for strawberry milk made with fresh strawberries.

      • Laurel says

        I think the entire point of this recipe is to avoid the chemicals, artificial flavor and color. Using kool-aid or jello would entirely defeat the purpose. Those are two of the last things you’d want to put in your body!

      • says

        Great idea Lisa..but I think the jelly would not mix well, from previous experiments:) Maybe the kool-aid or jello-o since they are powdered. Part of being a great mommy is providing those special treats for your little one. SO sweet of you to ask for ideas on this one! Shows you are desiring to please your little girl.

        Visiting from Pint-sized Treasures

  7. Tanya says

    I made this last night and it was a hit! So yummy!! I have a small glass of chocolate milk every night to satisfy a big sweet tooth and add some calcium to my day. I must say this was divine!! Thanks for sharing. My grocery budget and I couldn’t be happier Jillee!!

  8. krista says

    I have been doing a similar recipe for years, 2/3 dark cocoa:1/3 sugar (without the salt). I mix a tablespoon into my morning coffee to make it into a mocha…delicious! I will have to try the cold version sometime!

    • LAS says

      I saw this suggestion and tried it. SO good! I even use it to make instant coffee palatable! It is actually very good even in instant – makes it smooth! This is a really great replacement for those flavored instant coffees!

      • Erinlea says

        You would think that you could add a 1/4 cup of instant coffee powder to the recipe.
        I like to buy the pre made instant French vanilla cappacino just add water and throw it in my coffee pot with a filter.

  9. Patti White says

    Jillee…I was reading back over your article and caught the line where you said it would make good hot chocolate but that you refuse to think about winter….lol…I live in East Texas and that’s all I can think about some days!

  10. says

    I notice that there is a slight cinnamon taste to the Nesquik. Anybody care to figure out how much to add to the homemade recipe? When You say a pinch, Jillee, do you mean 1/8 or 1/4 tsp? I have a set of spoons that actually have the measurements for dash, pinch and smidgen. The dash is 1/4, the pinch is 1/8, and of course the smidgen is 1/16. I just wanted to clarify. Thanks! =)

  11. Summer says

    I can’t get my 2 year old to drink anything BUT chocolate milk. (he only gets enough to give it flavor, which in most cases it’s usually still white) I’m glad i found both this and the one for the hershey’s syrup. I feel better knowing i control how much sugar is going in and there’s not all kinds of wierdo chemically preservative goodness going on in his little body

  12. Diana says

    If you live in an older home do not use hot tap water to help make this easier to mix. Doing so may add lead into this drink. Better to microwave cold tap water (run water for about 30seconds to clear any lead reside that your last use of faucet) for 15 seconds to warm.

  13. Ronda K says

    I grew up on this… My parents didn’t have much money and I figured this out on my own in desperation for chocolate milk. Added to hot water it becomes cocoa….. Add some marshmallow cream and yummmmmm

  14. Sarah says

    YUM!!! I am sipping away at my home made hot chocolate as I write this. My daughter has been begging for chocolate milk but I normally don’t buy it (too much sugar and who knows what else is in there). Had everything in the pantry and even used my home made vanilla sugar. Tastes great and I am sure we will be adding this to our regular staple of treats. Thanks again Jillee for one more thing!

  15. Kathy says

    I tried this with the hot water. Kids loved it. I tried it again without hot water, (at kids’ urging) and I stirred and stirred and stirred and couldn’t get it to dissolve. With water from now on. I was going to use someone’s recipe above, but looked like an awful lot of sugar (1/2 c powdered and 1 1/2 c regular). So, we’ll just stick with the hot water method. Maybe I’ll try adding in some powdered milk for some extra vitamins. We usually use ovaltine, but I’m all in favor of making it myself if I can.

  16. Erika says

    Thank you Jillee for the recipe. I work out often and my instructor says that chocolate milk is one of the best things to drink after weight training. I will take your recipe and sub it with xylitol. Yum!

    • Cassie says

      There is oxalic acid in chocolate that binds to the calcium in milk that prevents it from being absorbed into the body. However……..there is WAY more calcium in milk than there is oxalate in chocolate, so there is plenty of calcium left over for your body to absorb.

  17. Trisha says

    YUM! Just made this (While the kids are in school).. Tried the hot water in the bottom of my cup (worked perfectly) added about 1 1/2 tbsp of mix to my mason glass stirred it into the hot water and then topped it with cold milk. This is delicious! SO much cheaper than buying cocoa or nesquick from the store! I am only made 1 batch to make sure we would like it but if I love it this much I know my kids will as well. Thank you!

  18. Lynnette says

    Oh my goodness this is going to save me some money. I make homemade hot cocoa mix and it calls for the Nesquik. My kids go through the hot cocoa mix so fast this is going to make my life so much easier. Thank you tons.

  19. Jen says

    I just tried this and my very picky 11 year old loved it … claimed it was better than Nestle or Hershey’s. :)
    I did add a tiny bit of hot tap water to dissolve before adding the milk, and had no issue with it not mixing or any settling to the bottom.

    Thank you!!

  20. michele maloy says

    Wonderful. It’s my pm hot chocolate. You can change the deepth of chocolate flavor by the type of cocco used. Too bad about the calcium…… “Forget about it!…..” Take a sublingual supplement. :)

  21. Lynette says

    I have a battery operated frother (mini-whip) that I use to stir any kind of powder into drinks. Makes short work of Nesquik, instant coffee, etc., even into cold milk. My favorite kitchen gadget!
    On another note, I usually add a small pinch of instant coffee to my chocolate milk for a rich dark chocolate taste. Yum!


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