Homemade Nesquik . . . Chocolate Milk Makes A Comeback

homemade nesquik Nesquik has been around for as long as I can remember. I remember drinking it as a kid and my kids drank it when they were small as well. It can be a “parents best friend” when they are desperately trying to get their kids to drink milk…ANY milk.

Unfortunately, chocolate milk has been under seige the last few years by people complaining of too much sugar. I’m not encouraging the drinking of chocolate milk on a regular basis…but for an occasional treat…it’s a pretty good choice as far as “snack foods” go, especially when you consider studies that show a three-fourths of teens suffer from calcium deficiency.

And if you’re making your own out of 3 simple ingredients you already probably have in your pantry, you know exactly what you’re drinking.

homemade nesquik

So here’s to a chocolate milk comeback! (within reason)  :-)

Homemade Nesquik Recipe

2/3 C Sugar
1/3 C Cocoa
Pinch of salt

Combine the three ingredients and store in a sealed container. That’s it! Crazy easy huh?? (I ended up tripling the recipe because I knew the single batch wasn’t going to last long in this house!)

FYI…I added about two tablespoons to this pint-sized mason jar…but I would add to your taste. I found you need a lot less than the commercial stuff!

homemade nesquik

Thanks to Sarah at Sugar Bananas for sharing this homemade version of a childhood favorite AND for sharing a GREAT TIP for getting it to dissolve all the way in the cold milk.

One of the drawbacks to making chocolate milk with Nesquik is getting a smooth consistency. The powder tends to not want to “melt” in COLD milk. (Pet Peeve #487). Sarah suggests putting a little bit of hot water (I just got it from the tap) in the bottom of a cup…adding the powder…swirling it or stirring it for a few seconds…and THEN adding the cold milk.

homemade nesquik

So I gave it a go and it worked brilliantly! Result: perfectly smooth, creamy and cold chocolate milk made from scratch!

homemade nesquik

Had No. 2 son give it a taste test and he gave it a very positive review! (Especially the “smooth” part.)  Then decided to do a taste test of my own…cuz momma needs a treat every now and then too! :-)

homemade nesquik

I also gave it TWO THUMBS UP! Really tasty!

Of course it would also make a good hot cocoa….but I refuse to think about winter yet! :-)

I even found a Wendy’s Frosty CopyCat Recipe using Nesquik! Need to try that next!

Any other Nesquik ideas floating around out there???

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  1. ashley says

    I wonder how well it would work with a sugar/stevia blend to healthy it up some. Now to think of a good way to smuggle in some vitamins like Nesquik does :)

    • megz says

      You can buy liquid vitamins- Vitamin D is readily available in most places that carry health products. But health food stores carry a wide variety of liquid vities and minerals

  2. Gigi says

    I have tried this version along with a few others. I have problems getting it to dissolve. I finally tried: 1/2 cup powdered milk; 1/2 cup powdered sugar; 1/2 cup cocoa; and 1 and 1/2 cup sugar. I put it in my food processor until its ground up fine. Store it in a glass jar. I just use 1 tbsp per glass of milk. It doesn’t clump up, the sugar doesn’t just fall to the bottom of the glass and it all mixes up easily.

    • Sara says

      I also mixed it with powdered sugar but mine still clumps. I will run it through the processor and try the hot water trick.

  3. Dana says

    Chocolate milk is a great drink, post-workout. Carbs + protein + calcium. A little star and sodium, too.
    A guilt-free way to enjoy chocolate milk!

  4. Patti White says

    I was raised in the country back in the 60’s and most everything was made from “scratch”. We had hot chocolate almost every morning before school, except we called it cocoa and Mother made it using one spoon of Hershey’s cocoa powder, three spoons of sugar, she then filled the cup almost up with boiling water and finished it off with a generous dollop of canned milk. Just an idea for those who might want to get away from the packaged hot chocolate.

  5. nicole says

    we made something like this when we were starving college students, pretty sure we just added a tiny bit of cocoa and a little sugar but we also added a drop of vanilla right in the glass. Really good. I might whip up a batch of this i have a big chocolate milk drinker in my house.

      • Connie says

        Vanilla would add a lovely flavor to the chocolate milk mix! I am going to try this with some vanilla sugar. Great idea, ladies.

  6. says

    I LOVE this recipe! Thanks for sharing. My hubby loves Nesquik but it is so dang high at the store. I am going to make him a batch and surprise him with a big glass this afternoon :)

  7. gloria78245 says

    Has anyone given this a try with splenda (?) — The original recipe has so much sugar :( – Just wondering if someone has figured out the ratios. :)


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