Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

floating cheesecloth ghost

Let me just start out by saying I am not much of a Halloween decorator.

About the most I ever do for this holiday is set out pumpkins early in October and then just before Halloween I carve a few of them.

This year I went “all out” and added these cardstock bats to my front door! I even ordered a witch costume from Halloween Express.  I know! I got a little crazy! :-)


But the “craziness” didn’t end there, because when I saw this idea for a Spoooooooky Cheesecloth Ghost at Every Day Is A Crafting Day….I simply could not resist trying to make one. I say TRYING because I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.  It may be a “kindergarten craft” idea but it still seemed a little intimidating to me.

Turns out it really was as easy as it looks!

Here’s all you need:

  • 2 liter soda pop bottle
  • starch
  • cheesecloth
  • styrofoam ball
  • wire


floating cheesecloth ghost

Since the pictures are pretty self-explanatory….so I’ll just add a few tips (or a few things I might have done differently):

  • double the cheesecloth to make a stiffer ghost
  • “puddle” the cheesecloth at the bottom for a sturdier base
  • for faster drying set in front of a fan
  • fill the 2-liter bottle with water to make it more stable
  • use a fairly heavy gauge wire to hold the arms up, or you could do an “armless” ghost too
  • you can either spray the starch onto the dry cheesecloth already draped over the form OR soak the cheesecloth in starch and then drape it over the form
  • the ghost eyes can be drawn on with a marker or added with black construction paper or felt

Once dry, remove from form and place on a table. Or, for an even spookier effect, hang by a string from your ceiling fan!

Take a look at this super SCARY video I made!



Ghoulish isn’t it!?!? I hope I didn’t scare you too badly!!


Now it’s your turn to share……how do YOU decorate for All Hallows Eve

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  1. Shelly Duggan says

    LOVE THIS! I’ve made these before but I think I need to make some more with my kids before they get much older! Thanks Jillee!!

  2. Lisa H says

    Ok…..the music is THE BEST!! LOL….I needed that laugh! LOVE IT!! You have the best sense of humor and it shows through your writing. I am a recent fan and have enjoyed your blog immensely.

    • says

      hahahaha! I am so glad you got a good chuckle out of it! I was laughing my head off at how pathetically awesome it was! lol! Thanks Lisa! :-)

  3. CraftyMamaT says

    We don’t usually decorate for Halloween either. Like you, we stick to just pumpkins. I may have to try this with the kiddos though, it’s cute!

  4. Susie says

    I love all your stuff, Jillee! You are so full of fantastic ideas. I love the idea of making these ghosts into Christmas angels. And in the same “spirit”, one of your ghosts had sort of bat shaped wings. You could add pointy ears and paint it black. Add yellow eyes if you want.

  5. Erica says

    Can these go outside (on a covered porch) or will the humidity take the stiffness out of it? These are so cute – they would be adorable for outside decorations.

    • says

      I’m not sure about the humidity (don’t have much of that here!), but I would think they would be great if you hung them outside. Standing, they would probably blow over.

  6. Comet says

    These can be sealed against humidity with clear hairspray or Krylon.

    We have done these forever with school, Scouts etc. If you “unravel” a bit at the tail ends you can get a “ghostlier” effect. You can use either liquid starch–I like this better–or spray but you need a few coats of spray to soak the fabric.

    Another way to do a bunch of these at a time is to use BALLOONS as the round mold. Blow up small balloons, tie a thread or fishing line to the end. Put string thru the cheesecloth and either dip them or rub the starch on with your hands or use spray starch. You can also run the thread thru after they have been coated with the starch. Tie onto whatever you have–shower rod works well—to let them dry. This way you can also do different “hem” styles since you don’t need to prop up for standing. Just carefully remove from balloons at the end or when they are almost dry–if they dry fast you can still peel the cloth off; to reshape just dampen a bit. This also allows you to use different shapes of balloons for different effects. Or leave the balloons inside!

    You can decorate with almost anything–try shiny black or red beads for eyes!

    You can get a similar but “heavier” effect with old sheets or other fabric–use old rags or balls to make the “head” and gather the “neck” loosely with a piece of rope or string—decorate by cutting the “tails” at angles and unraveling—use buttons, markers or felt to do features. These can go outside and can be made in different sizes–a “Pumpkin Patch” place near us does these in all sizes and hangs them on fences and stakes. Another “old sheet” ghost idea is to make these out of a whole sheet–or a large piece of fabric-=–and place them on tall stakes. Take the “arm” sides and join them to the other “arms” of the ghosts in a line or circle. You can use straw to stuff these too! A circle of these is awesome!

    These also make great fund raiser items and or party favors.