Make Your Own Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

citrus enzyme cleaner

Back in March of last year I posted about making my own Citrus Enzyme Cleaner from leftover lemon rinds! I know, it sounds a little crazy, but after reading pages and pages of information and comments about it, I decided to give it a try…and I have been using it ever since. (You can find the tutorial by CLICKING HERE.)

citrus enzyme cleaner

I love this cleaner because it’s natural, environmentally-friendly, and non-toxic…it’s made from kitchen scraps…AND it’s effective!

Leave it to one of YOU to improve upon the idea! This idea came from a comment left by Red Curl who decided she couldn’t stand to see the rinds, pulp, and seeds go to waste when she strained the liquid out to make her enzyme cleaner. Instead, she decided to grind it all up, add some baking soda for the “scrub factor”, and make a SUPER cleaner! :-) How brilliant is THAT?

I have been meaning to try this for months…but it wasn’t until recently that I finally exhausted my most recent batch of enzyme cleaner and needed to make a new one. Today my new batch was finally ready so I decided to try my hand at making my own enzyme scrub.

citrus enzyme cleaner

citrus enzyme cleaner

First I strained the LIQUID enzyme cleaner into a bowl and set it aside to use in my spray bottle later.

citrus enzyme cleaner

After straining, I took the pulpy stuff left over, threw it in the Blendtec, and pulsed it until it was nice and slushy. (Red Curl used her food processor, so that’s another option.)

citrus enzyme cleaner

Next I added the baking soda and continued to pulse the Blendtec until it formed a nice, thick paste. I ended up adding about 1 1/2 cups of baking soda total…but that amount will depend on how much slush you have in the first place. Just add about a half cup at a time until it’s a good consistency.

citrus enzyme cleaner

Then put the concoction in a lidded container and start cleaning!

citrus enzyme cleaner

So far I’ve only used it on the kitchen sink. The baking soda and citrus enzyme combination not only made my sink clean as a whistle, but made it smell SO clean and fresh at the same time! Can’t wait to try it out on other “messes” around the house. Some of the things Red Curl has used it for include, bathtub rings, pet stains, clothing stains, cleaning the oven, cleaning the toilet, house siding, and, I quote — “16-hundred other things!” — unquote. Pretty powerful endorsement! ;-)

citrus enzyme cleaner

Now you have another powerful tool in your fight against grime, high prices, and chemicals.

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  1. Jeni Rose says

    Oh, I bet that smells delightful!! My hubby has been itching for citrus-y smells, and I think this will do the trick. Thank you Jillee and Red Curl!! <3

  2. Sandra R says

    Just wondering if you store it in fridge, or cupboard? What is the shelf life for this? I LOVE THE IDEA AND WANT TO GIVE IT A GO. Thanks so much for all your amazing tips.

    • the red curl says

      i store mine in a big tub under my sink in the darkest spot. it separates over time, so i just give it a quick shake or stir (i use a long handled spoon) if i haven’t used it in a bit. i had tried the fridge, but it became far too hardened.
      note though, i use mine (even large batches) within under a months time, as it has replaced almost every scrub and scour cleaner in our house (except bon ami which i keep for plates and whatnot). i’m not sure what a timeframe beyond a month is….

      hope that helps! give it a try! i hope you love it as much as i do!

  3. the red curl says

    oh. my. gosh.
    i feell honoured…. wow.
    thank you so much for giving my own little jillee moment a shot! what a powerful endorsement!
    for another bazillion uses, i’ve discovered it works well on infant clothing “issues”, smelly dog collar stains, grass stains in carpet, and the hub thought it was something else (how do you misread a giant cleastic tub with “homemade enzyme paste” handwritten on it?!) and cleaned oil stains off our drive with it (and this stiff bristled long handled brush thing, and a few drops of dawn apparently).
    i am such a hardcore fan of the enzyme cleaner liquid that i not only bought a local market out of their lemons when they were on sale over the holidays, but i ended up giving it all away as gifts! it’s my go-to miracle. and my paste? pure icing on the cake for my really tough jobs, our jobs that just need some oomph!

    thank you thank you jillee for not only giving my cleaning paste a try, but for making a post out of it as well! i couldn’t have made it though, without your awesomesauce cleaner in the first place!

    • the red curl says

      ah the joy of using my phone to comment late at night while trying to soothe a teething baby
      please disregard my forty million spelling errors above. it’s been a day!

  4. calliope says

    Such a great idea!
    I’ve been making scented vinegar with lemon or orange rinds and then I’d toss them!
    The scented vinegar is a more powerful vinegar where cleaning is concerned AND a scented softener for the washing machine

  5. Susan says

    I have used this since you posted it last year! I use it to wash my produce (Veggie Wash), so I’ve saved a ton of money–those bottles of Veggie Wash are about $5.00 each. I will definitely be making the paste!

  6. Zoquara says

    I love the smell of lemons, and I really want to try making these! Also…. I freaking LOVE the glittery nail polish! I’m also jealous of how long your nails are! Mine don’t grow well. Pretty sure it’s genetics because I’ve tried vitamin supplements and everything, and the ONLY time mine ever grew well was when I was pregnant. I can’t even keep professional fake nails on for more than a couple days before they start lifting!

    • Maria says

      Hi Zoquara! I had the same trouble with nails until I started taking a womens’ multivitamin- though I eat healthy, I feel all shiny and strong now- nails included!

    • Lily says

      I’m wearing the Gel Nail Polish. It starts to lift after 3 weeks, but otherwise perfection, and my hands are in water all day long.

  7. Sarah says

    Ooo I can’t wait to try this! And I’m more than happy to vote for you, Jillee! I stumbled upon your website totally by accident a few months back and couldn’t believe this great little nook of the internet that I had found. You deserve a win. Thanks for all your spectacular work! :)

  8. mary says

    I have this vinegar/citrus rind concoction brewing right now. Now I know not to throw out the rinds!

  9. Laura Lazzell-Pannell says

    What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. Also, voted for you in Parents Magazine.