How To Avoid Detergent Overdose

how to avoid detergent overload

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Method. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a measurer or a guesser when it comes to putting detergent in your washing machine? I admit, I’m more of a guesser, and according to Method Products Inc., I’m not alone! They found that 53% of liquid laundry detergent users don’t use the recommended amount of detergent per washload. The majority of people will just guess or simply fill the cap up to the top. Guilty! Or at least I USED to be, before I started making my own laundry detergent. But even with homemade detergent, I fear I am guilty of using more than is necessary.


how to avoid detergent overload

Did you know that if you use traditional liquid laundry detergent and simply fill the cap each time you do a load you are most likely using more than TWICE what you should be for a normal load? I’m embarrassed to admit I did not know this. So I decided to buy a bottle of inexpensive liquid laundry detergent (I felt quite conspicuous doing so since I haven’t PURCHASED laundry detergent in a very long time!) and check it out.


how to avoid detergent overload

Sure enough…even though the markings inside the cap are almost completely invisible to the human eye…if you look REALLY, REALLY, REALLY closely you can see that the amount for a normal load is NOT a capful, but roughly HALF a capful. (Kinda makes you wonder why they make the measurement lines so hard to read! You don’t think they WANT us to use more than we should do you???  Nahhhhhh.)

I measured it out into a clear, glass measuring cup, that you could actually see the markings on, to show you.


how to avoid detergent overload

The amount on the left is how much is recommended for a normal load, the amount on the right is a full cap, meant for a heavily-soiled load. I would almost bet my life that what Method says is true…more than half of laundry-doers are simply filling the cap each time.

So why is “overdosing” on laundry detergent such a big deal? Well, despite the fact that it’s like pouring our hard-earned $$ down the drain….overdosing also creates excess suds, which results in:

  • Residue on clothes that fades colors and attracts more dirt.
  • Odors in the washing machine because trapped residue.
  • Loads that haven’t been properly drained because extra suds slow down the spinning cycle.
  • Leaking, especially in front loader washers.
  • Decreased water savings because more water is used to rinse the load if excess suds are detected.
  • Extra wear and tear on the washing machine’s pump and motor because the suds act like a brake.


how to avoid detergent overload

Bottom line: a lot of us are overdosing on laundry detergent, so the folks at Method are working on a fix. They’ve come up with this compact, precision-dosing pump bottle that virtually eliminates overdosing, so you get the loads that you pay for…and it comes in a recyclable bottle made from 50% recycled plastic.


how to avoid detergent overload

Method’s detergent is so concentrated the dose for a normal load of clothes is 1/4th that of the leading brand.


how to avoid detergent overload

This entire load of whites only required 4 pumps and came out extremely clean.




I have done many posts on making your own laundry detergent and while I’m not backing away from what I believe to be the benefits of doing so…I also know that there are many people who simply aren’t going to do it. For those people I highly recommend this Method product. I believe Method is trying to make products that work for us and for the planet.

And since the average household does about 600 loads of wash per year…every LITTLE thing we do to reduce and reuse makes a BIG difference.


method-laundry-for-1-year-giveaway (1)


Method Laundry Detergent is anxious for you to give their product a try, so they are giving away A ONE-YEAR SUPPLY of laundry products! 

Make sure you CLICK HERE (or on the image above) to be taken to their Facebook page to enter!


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  1. CTY says

    I am one of the 47%. To make the measure line easier to see I put a piece of electrical tape on the outside of the measuring cap (you can see the black through the cap). When starting a new bottle I would toss the new cap & keep the taped one.
    However, thanks to Jillee I have been making my own for quite some time now (I make the powder version).
    Even so I’m with Bekah; what’s wrong with free?

  2. Penguinlady says

    I have used Method laundry for a few years now and love it. Method Baby is wonderful, too, with a lovely, light scent. I just wish my local stores carried more than just one scent!

  3. Kristy says

    When we bought our 1st washer 20 years ago, the sales person told us about people using to much detergent. She also said that every 4 or 5th load could be done with out detergent because of all the soap residue left on our clothes. I have followed her instructions and I think that is the reason I still don’t have a NEW high efficiency washer!!! :) I was still an estimator but I estimated at the half way mark. Now I make my own detergent and I measure accurately every time. I have to admit when I made the no boil method I tended to use more because it was so thin, but I will be more careful now.

  4. Tina Kaye says

    We’ve been using Method Free and Clear for a couple years now, and it works great! Not only does it remove stains better than more pretreaters (when squirted directly on the problem), it’s really easy to handle and measure. For us, though, the most important feature is being the only detergent we all can use! I have 3 children with asthma, and I have allergies to many products as well. None of us have rashes or trouble breathing with Method Free and Clear!

  5. says

    I am one of the 47% that measures. We have a septic system and excess suds from using too much laundry detergent (or household cleaners in general) can play havoc with how waste materials settle in the system and eventually cause the leaching fields to collapse. I have also found that too much detergent leaves your clothing dingy and causes them to wear out faster.

  6. Sue Schaff says

    It’s the same thing with powdered detergent……the measuring cup that comes with it is also too big. So I threw out the one that came with the detergent, bought a set of inexpensive kitchen measuring cups and put the correct size it the box..

  7. Vicki F. says

    I entered their giveaway, and they complimented me on my form filling skills. I love humor in the middle of everyday things.

  8. says

    I’ve been using Method laundry soap for about six months, and I’m sold. You carry home a smaller “jug”, and it’s so easy to pump the detergent in. Also, I’ve purchased the refill container and refilled my pump bottle (saving more plastic as the refill container is more bag-like than jug-like). Even though we do recycle, I appreciate that there’s much less plastic going out the door. And our clothes are clean. And they aren’t fragranced.

    • Judy says

      I too have used Method and I love the smaller container (more room on the shelf) and the pump idea. Just wondering if anyone else has had issue that since the tube doesn’t go all the way to the bottom – I end up having about a good 1-2 inches left of liquid but can’t pump it out – unless I hold the bottle *straight up. Holding the bottle “straight up – well – it doesn’t make it into the laundry tub —— but against the wall.

      • Tara says

        Hi Judy…I’m a little late on reading this post. I use Method detergent. love it! Have you ever looked at the bottom of your bottle of detergent? The tube is angled so you can twist the top and make sure the tube is angled the way the spout is facing. that way when you squirt your detergent into the washer, the tube is ALL the way at the bottom of the bottle. I think there is also a picture on the side of the bottle that might explain it better than I can. Hope that helps!!