How To Fold A T-Shirt Like A Pro! {Video}

T-shirt folding

Do I have a treat for you today!! Today’s “One Good Thing” is NOT by Jillee…but by a very talented singer-songwriter by the name of Skylar Grey who is going to share with us her super easy, super fast way to fold a t-shirt that will astonish you! No, really….it will!  Trust me on this one!

You might know Skylar from Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie”, Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor”, or Sean “Diddy” Combs “Coming Home”….all of which she co-wrote and performed on. She is debuting her solo album titled “Don’t Look Down” on July 9th.


skylar grey

I recently had the pleasure of having lunch with Skylar and my nephew/business partner Scott and while we were enjoying our salads she told me about her “one good thing” – a quick and easy method of folding t-shirts. I was intrigued and wanted to know more, so right there in the restaurant we cleared off a table and she showed us.

It pretty much blew my mind and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

I took some pictures of the process for reference (which are posted below), but it really has to be seen to be believed, so Skylar agreed to shoot a short video of her doing her t-shirt voodoo magic!

Today in honor of her new single, ‘Wear Me Out”, that was just released yesterday….I bring you “How To Fold A T-Shirt Like A Pro!”


Amazing huh!?!?  Don’t worry if you didn’t quite catch how it’s done the first time. I had to have her show me about 10 times before I finally GOT it. But now I can do it so fast you’d be amazed! :-)


Here are a few pictures of the process for reference…but the best way to master this technique is through practice!  Pretty soon you’ll be amazing all your friends with this trick!

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

T-shirt folding

Photos by Anna Gleave


 Jill and Skylar

 Thanks Skylar for sharing YOUR “One Good Thing” with us!



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  1. says

    This is the most amazing thing I have seen in ages!! Two days ago I was complaining about ironing a huge stack of T-shirts, none of which were mine. For the first time EVER I can’t wait for the next pile so that I can perfect this technique! (Yes life is dull at the mo, lol)
    Love your voice, Skylar, best wishes for your single and album : D

    • LeeAnn S. says

      Who irons T-shirts? Blech! I iron as LITTLE as possible. Hang/fold everything right out of the dryer. If something I want to wear is wrinkled, I iron it then. Or choose something else to wear. ;)

  2. Barbara says

    I wish it wasn’t 6am, and I didn’t have to go to work, because I want to try this now! I wonder how many times I will have to watch the video before I master the technique? Thanks Skylar Grey and Jillee.

  3. says

    I fold my shirts similar to that but on in one big swoop, buy almost to a swoop. Ironically my husband likes his shirts folded a different way. It would be easier if I could do it just one swoop full way. I will have to try it like this. Thanks!

  4. Stephanie A. says

    OK………….you’re right! I was thinking, ” I think I know how this is going to go.” But no……………you totally amazed me and now I’m going to go fold all those t-shirts that have been piled on my dryer waiting to be loved! :) Thanks!

  5. Esmer says

    It’s time to re-re-arrange my husbands t-shirt drawer. I’m gonna try this right now. I think it’s gonna make for better usage of space. Thanks Skylar & Jillee! B-)

  6. Jan says

    How timely! I was just thinking about this process last night, which I had once viewed online by another example (was unable to master). My DS came for dinner, and I offered to do his laundry in return for helping Dad move some stuff into our basement. I think, after watching this video, that I can now attempt to fold all his tees in this manner! Thank you once again for sharing!

  7. Jo says

    Hi Jillee! I love this way to fold shirts. I have done it for a few years now. I saw it on the internet somewhere and I have done it ever since. I actually fold the shirt in half again from where your last step is. It gives you a long, narrow shirt (rectangle). Then I put them in the drawers on their sides so the shirts are in the drawers much like files folders would be. So when you want one you don’t have to pull the bottom one out messing up the stack of shirts. You just pull one up and out. I even organize them by color. So easy to find what you’re looking for this way. I hope this makes sense. It’s hard to describe without seeing it.

    • BK says

      Jo –

      I do that same kind of organizing with our shirts straight out of the dryer, too. They fit the drawers very well and make it so much easier for DH to find his ‘favorite’ shirt. He likes that he can see the fronts of them at a glance and doesn’t have to lift up the whole stack just to get that ‘one’ (like you said: file folders). Also, having no crease down the middle is a bonus. He says that ‘dividing line’ separates his belly, but not in a good way. I usually just end up ironing the better ones, so he’ll look nicer when he goes out, rather than just to work in the yard or something around the house. Some might think it’s an OCD thing, but he’s used to wearing a suit and tie to work everyday, so we really don’t like wrinkled clothes when we go out. We’re in our 60′s and still ‘old school’ on certain things. The younger folks don’t understand and think it’s too much trouble, but it works for us. The funny thing is, when the children were still home, they came to mom when they needed something ironed and taking it straight out of the dryer wasn’t good enough that day. I didn’t mind, because I love to iron and my ironing board never goes down. Once again … ‘old school.’ :)

      Btw Jillee, I love, love, love your website and recommend to anybody that will listen. You seem to have a solution for any problem I cannot figure out. Have a great day!

    • Gwyn says

      Not sure if you will see this Jo but I’m interested in how you do this. Neck facing up or down? What do you do to keep them up especially as a few get worn? Seems like they would slide down, fall over or wrinkle on the bottom end from weight and scrunching up. Unless I’m totally picturing it wrong…I would love to see a photo of this. I also have been using this method but folding again the way you do. Great for packing…actually I have folded again and made a small package at times for packing.

  8. KimH says

    Cool! But ti takes longer to lay a shirt out flat me thinks… than it does to do it in the air like I do. Either way… fun fun.. Gonna give it a shot just cuz I can. ;)

  9. Shannon says

    I saw this technique on another website about a year ago and I just love it. It does take a few times to master, but now I do it without thinking and I don’t even need to use a flat surface anymore. Makes folding a ton of t-shirts fast and easy.

  10. Jeanne says

    I saw a video of this done by an Asian woman years ago. The speech was foreign, so I could not understand what she was saying. The video repeated the folding technique many times, but went way too fast and was hard for me to follow. Thanks for getting it to us in English and slowing the process down enough for ME to even get it! I thought it was lost forever!

    Thanks again!

  11. Ana says

    Wow! That WAS amazing! I totally thought I knew what it would be, but nope. Blew my mind. Can’t wait to show my husband!
    “Love the Way You Lie” is Eminem and Rihanna though, not Skylar Grey. Love her work!

    • Sabre Jade says

      Just a gentle side note to clarify: Skylar Grey co-wrote the song and received a Song of the Year Grammy nomination for “Love the Way You Lie”. It wasn’t mentioned HOW she was noted for the songs, simply that she was. :)

  12. CTY says

    That is so awesome! So glad there is video, I would never be able to get this with just the pictures.

    Also just wondering–who took his/her shirt off in the restaurant for her to show you?

  13. Rhonda says

    I was just showing the “Asian” video version of this to a co-worker yesterday!! Too funny. He is bringing a tshirt in today to practice. LOL. Now I will have the English version. Thanks!

  14. Sabre Jade says

    Ohmigosh!!! That is soooo stinkin’ impressive!! It’s the little things like that (you know the ones – they don’t really have a name but just make things in life either easier or just more fun while you do them) that really put a smile in your heart, and laughter in your smile!! ;)

  15. says

    Um, Jillee, I saw that video this morning and I just laughed. That is the most complicated way to fold a shirt that way. I have a wayyy better way of folding a shirt that way. I wish I could get a video to your to show you. My way is so much easier and faster. I don’t mean to be rude or condescending or anything but I was like ‘wow’…. :) If you let me know how I may get a video to you, I would more than happy to show you :)

  16. Jen says

    I’ve been folding hubby’s shirts like this for years. I think I first saw it presented on Martha Stewart. Anyway, counter space is always a premium so I had to alter the directions a bit so that I could fold the shirts in the air. I start by picking up hubby’s shirt at the shoulder point with my left hand and the hem point with my right and let those 2-3 inches (and the sleeve) fold to the back of the shirt. I fold it in half across the middle of the body of the shirt so both the shoulder and hem are now together. Then as I lay it down I fold the second sleeve behind the shirt. It works faster for me. I shake the shirt out before folding it instead of laying it out on a counter or my bed to spread the shirt out.
    Easy peasy! I love it. and hubby has so many t-shirts, this folding method actually folds them flatter so more fit on the shelf :)

  17. says

    OH MY GOODNESSSSSS! I watched the video and was both aghast (mouth wide open) AND giddy! I could not stop laughing! I promptly showed it to my DH, and HE had the same reaction! This is so awesome! DH immediately “fetched” an already clean, folded, put away t-shirt to try this on…. AND HE DID IT on the first try!

    I really dislike folding clothes, so this is going to help me a lot. OMG, I wish I could share this on my blog! It is so good!

  18. Pennie Saadallah says

    Wow. I actually got the hang of this pretty quickly! Now can you find a good video of how to fold a fitted sheet?! I’ve watched a couple of videos, but I just can’t get the hang of it.

  19. Whitley says

    My husband has been doing this for years! I always wanted to learn so I could actually fold his clothes, but he moves to fast. Now I can finally learn his way. Thanks!

  20. cms says

    Tried this on one of my husband’s tee shirts once I watched the video. It folded beautifully in seconds flat, once I figured out what you were doing. Then I took all the tees out of the two drawers that are stuffed with my husband’s tee shirts and refolded & organized them all in less than ten minutes.

    I am also amazed that it left a lot more room in the drawers than my old method of folding. Wonderful!

  21. Ashley says

    Oh I love the video! Makes so much more sense now!!! I read it in a book before on how to do it, and well I just never got it! Love this!!! Will make packing much easier! Thanks!

  22. Barbara Medeiros says

    OHH I love this!! I just folded a whole load of t-shirts! I normally try to leave them for my hubby to do as I HATE, DETEST folding shirts!! This is so easy and neat! The T-shirts take up half the room with them folded so neat! I am hooked!!! Thanks for the video!! :)

  23. says

    My shirts look the same way when I’m done folding them, but I just hold them up facing me, flip the sides back with each hand, lay it face down, then flip the front half to where it’s facing up. It takes the same amount of time as the video, but without having to lay the shirt out flat first & figure out where to grab it. But this looks really cool…maybe if I show my kids it’ll motivate them to fold…and I end up with the same style in finished piles! :-)

  24. Stef D says

    This is flipping amazing! And once I get the hang of it without pictorials, it will be faster than the lazy way I do it now. I never gave any thought to a better way to fold before. Thanks!

  25. Stephanie W says

    The funniest part is that I was reading this in bed and got up and grabbed a shirt out of the dresser just try this. My husband said only I would unfold a shirt just to fold it again. only took me 3 tries once I realized the first “pinch” is easier with my ring finger then my index finger.Now to teach my

  26. Dawn says

    This is super cool. I also watched a video by Martha S. that showed how to fold towels professionally. I am sure you can find it online and it is really a great space saver and the towels look so nice and neat, like how hotels do it!

  27. Kerry says

    WOW! Going to try this with tomorrow’s laundry for 5 people! Wish I knew this trick when I was working retail around the holidays and folding millions of t-shirts! Would this work with long sleeve shirts as well? Or sweaters/sweatshirts? Thanks for this!

  28. says

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