Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homemade Citrus Degreaser

citrus degreaser

A couple of months ago my ancient stove finally gave up the ghost after an unfortunate oven fire. Fortunately, there weren’t any casualties, but it did result in us having to make a fairly hasty purchase of a new range.

I actually really like my new stove…especially the cast iron grill built-in to the center of it. The only problem is that as handy as it is to be able to cook bacon (or the like) on it without having to pull out a pan….it can result in a greasy mess!


Yesterday afternoon my daughter Britta made BLT’s for lunch and kindly left THIS for me:

citrus degreaser

Thanks Britta! :-)

Since the mess was pure GREASE, I knew I would need a good grease-cutter to get it clean. There is no better ally in the fight against grease than citrus. It’s the limonene found in citrus peels that does such a great job at getting the grease. It cleans and disinfects, removes stains, and is an extremely effective degreaser. It has been used in cleaning products since the 1990s.

I have made homemade cleaners before using lemon juice, but I decided to stick with strictly Lemon essential oil this time. Then I added a few of my favorite homemade cleaning ingredients and came up with what I think is a WINNER!


citrus degreaser


Homemade Citrus Degreaser

Mix all of the ingredients together in a spray bottle. Spray mixture on greasy messes and wipe with a wet towel, then shine with a dry one.


I think the BEFORE and AFTER pictures speak for themselves. But what the images DON’T tell you is how GOOD it smells! :-)

citrus degreaser

citrus degreaser

citrus degreaser

citrus degreaser


I was super pleased with how this cleaner worked on the stove top. Later on the same day my husband used it to get a greasy spot out of the upholstery in his truck. I guess I should rename it the “Homemade Multi-Purpose Citrus Degreaser.”  :-)


citrus degreaser


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47 thoughts on “Homemade Citrus Degreaser

  1. Jessica

    My aunt and grandmother both have this stove so I’ll be making them each a batch of this! I’m also jealous I’d love to have a stove like this :)

  2. Karen

    I just made this and it works well, and as long as you FOLLOW the directions and shine with a dry towel, you won’t end up with the white residue it will leave behind. It also smells great, and isn’t laden with chemicals so it doesn’t burn my nose to smell it, bonus! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Katie Mundt

    I don’t have any Castile soap on hand. Would also like to know of a possible alternative.

    Do you think this would work on hubby’s greasy work clothes?? Thank you Jill!

  4. Barbara Tyler

    Sure wish I still had a gas range, but now living in all electric community. I did find, however, some years ago a fool proof way to get those burned on stains off the gray colored burners. Soak them overnight in a plastic zip lock bag with straight household ammonia. The burned on stuff just washes right off after that. The people who design appliances ought to have to clean and maintain them.

    1. Gwyn

      Barbara are you talking about the grey catch things under the heating element or the heating element it’s self? If element how do you protect the end that connects to the stove and how strong is the scent and how long does it last when you put everything back together?

  5. Dori

    what can be used, if anything, in place of the Castile Dr. Bronners, and, how long will this 2 cup of cleaner stay useful? Thanks for all your great ideas!

  6. Christie

    Please share the brand of range in your pictures!! Ours is limping along and yours looks like a wonderful option to research!!
    P.S- love your blog and follow you on Pinterest. Is there such a word as “hero-ess”?

    1. Christie

      Of course- heroine! Thanks, Maria :)
      Jillee, did you happen to get an electric oven in your gas range???( We’re thinking ‘combo’ for the best of both worlds). Please share!

  7. Gail Storment

    Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap (I have found this soap at Walgreen’s, Target, GNC, Vitacost.com and Amazon.com), is available in a clear unscented variety but also 9 different scents. You can buy a 16 oz, 32 oz or gallon size online, most stores only carry the 16 and 32 oz sizes. I would use the unscented variety and add the lemon EO as Jillee directed for a citrus degreaser. Baking soda will leave a white film if the cleaner is not buffed off with a dry cloth. I use it on my glass cooktop often for cleaning.

  8. CTY

    I’m so glad to see your stove a greasy, grimey mess, it looks almost as bad as mine; now I don’t feel so alone.
    Made this up ASAP & using it now. One thing though–I decided to make mine with a combo of lemon & wild orange oil and put 20 drops of each instead of 20 total drops. That’s OK because my stove needs the extra muscle right now.
    THANX for this–I think you really are the Queen of Clean ;)

  9. Sue

    I have what looks to be similar to Jillee’s new stove-I LOVE IT!! It’s a GE Adora Gas/Convection. We bought it through a promotion that Home Depot was having. We are moving soon, and I am planning on buying the same stove for the new house (actually 105 yrs. old!).

  10. Cathy

    I also have that stove and absolutely love it! It’s a GE Cafe Series duel fuel double oven stove. One of the ovens also has a convection feature. I searched online for the best deal and got free shipping from an appliance store in NY State, can’t remember the name off the top of my head.

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  12. Mary Howe

    Does anyone else have this problem? I get Jill’s emails but no pictures, there is just square with ? In them. It’s that way on Facebook also.

    1. Michele

      You may have a content blocker in your system. I find I have to turn off the ghostery and/or ad block for a lot of sites. With the email, try adding her site to your safe list in your default windows settings. Also make sure her email address is in your email directory.

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  14. Lauren

    Maybe sub coconut oil for castille soap? Fight oil with oil! Haven’t tested that sub out myself but I can’t sing the praises of Coconut oil enough, cook with it, clean with it, use it in salves, beauty products, it has healed my daughter’s eczema…I’m crazy about it like that father on My Big Fat Greek Wedding is for Windex. Ha!

  15. Rhonda

    Hi Jillee!

    I’ve commented several times on your lovely recipes. I have made many and haven’t bought laundry detergent in over a year!!!

    However, I am not thrilled about this annoying Jennifer Aniston pop up that appears more than once on your website; even if I just go to another recipe!

    Unfortunately, if it keeps happening, I’m will have to unsubscribe. ;-(

    Happy holidays!


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