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Make The Most Affordable Easter Basket With A Paper Bag

Two affordable pictures of a woman opening a brown paper bag.

The Best Last Minute Easter Basket

Easter is just a week away, so I thought today was the perfect time for a post about a last minute Easter basket DIY. If you can’t remember where your Easter baskets are, or you just need an inexpensive but super cute way to hand out treats to teachers and neighbors, this post is for you!

This quick and easy Easter craft turns a paper bag into an Easter basket, plus I’m sharing a free printable design you can download and print on the bags. Voila — instant Easter “baskets”! (And don’t worry — I’ve got all the details for printing on bags below!)

There are so many things you can do with paper bags, from packing lunches to wrapping gifts, making book covers, and storing things (to name just a few), and best of all, they’re incredibly affordable.

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How To Make A DIY Paper Bag Easter “Basket”

A woman holding an affordable paper bag with an Easter bunny on it.

Step 1 – Print The Design On Your Paper Bag

To dress your bag up a little, I put together an Easter-themed design as this week’s free download that can print onto your paper bags (though you can also skip this step entirely — it’s up to you!) Download the file near the bottom of this post, then you’ll need to adjust a few setting in the Print menu.

Find the area where you can designate the paper size, then enter the dimensions of your paper bag mine was 5 inches by 10 1/2 inches. (You can also select A5 paper, which is close enough to the size of a standard paper bag. You don’t have to be super precise here!)

I recommend doing a test print to determine the right way to feed the bag into the paper tray of your printer. (With my printer, I ended up feeding the bags in open end first with the folded side facing up, but it might be different for yours!)

A woman is making an affordable Easter basket, cutting a brown paper bag with scissors.

Step 2 – Add Finishing Touches And Make The Handle

If you have standard brown paper bags, the black design really pops as it is! With white paper bags, it might be fun to color in the design with colored pencils or crayons (a fun project for the little ones, perhaps?).

Finally, make two cuts starting at the open end of the bag that curve outward toward the side of the bag, leaving a 2-3 inch wide strip at the top. Open the bag, then tape or staple the ends of those strips together to make the handle, and you’re done!

Two pictures of a woman holding an Easter basket filled with affordable candy.

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Have you tried making a non-traditional Easter basket?

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  • Hi all, here every one is sharing these experience,
    therefore it’s nice to read this weblog, and I used to pay a quick visit this webpage daily.

  • Thank you for this wonderful and sweet idea. Your photos and baskets came out so cute! Can’t wait to try this out w/ a group of kids this week.

  • From another Jill S! (see above)……What a great idea, even if we DO know where everything is! I think the kids would enjoy them, and I like the thought someone gave about letting them color the picture. LOVE craft time with the family…..Thanks…….Blessings! Jill S in St Louis

  • You always have such great ideas! I love these bags! I will certainly be making some of these for Easter! I have other ideas and occasions, that I can use these also! I make ALL my own gifts for all holidays and for friends in nursing homes. Thanks so much for the project and the guide on how to cut the bags!

  • These are adorable. The miser in me would print in black and I’d color by hand; better yet- let the kids color their own before the hunt. I think I’d tape the handle with wide packing tape all around to make it a little sturdier.
    I suspect we “lose things” so that we can craft/do something new & different. The only holiday I store for is Christmas (just tree decorations). It’s okay, I use compost friendly disposables & recyclables for everything else.
    Thanks soooo much. I am always on the look out for easy, fast, inexpensive & versatile.
    Happy Egg Hunting!

  • These “bagskets” are awesome. .one add.. unless I didn’t catch it in the post. .I cut squares of cardboard to fit the bottoms of the bags.. this stopped the bottoms from sagging.. (too much candy on the pre run) LOL. .but the cardboard helped.. you know .. all that cardboard you keep from shirts.. sheets.. t-shirts etc..

  • These are so adorable. I’m not sure my printer would handle it but I’m for sure making note of this because I too love using paper bags.
    Love your blog btw ! :)

  • I was just looking for my Easter stuff yesterday. You guessed it. I cannot find the Easter baskets I use for the grandkids Easter Egg Hunt. I love the bag idea. I think I’ll personalize them. Thanks!

  • Jillee, you amaze me at what creativity juices you have! I love following your blog and learning to do new things all the time! I love to cook and give away homemade goodies and these bags are perfect! I thank you for figuring out all the computer stuff, that would have been my biggest problem, and you’ve helped me solve it! May you have a wonderful Easter!
    Debbie in B’ham

    • Why does only the picture copy and not the writing below it, like recipes, or the way to do things? Is there something with the printer that I bought . It prints your pictures of things, but not the how instructions below the pictures. I always have to write in what and how you are to do them or the ingredients. Thanks for a response. I’m getting writer’s cramp. Like all the soap and cleansers.

      • That is really odd…have you tried clicking on the “clean print” button above? You can customize your print settings there and you should be able to make sure the words still show up.

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