NEW Life for OLD Cookie Sheets!

It all started with a sticker. 

I bought a “new to me” clothes washer last week because my ancient one finally bit the dust. I found it in an online classified ad and brought it home and installed it all by own self because the hubster was half way around the world on a business trip. (Does anyone else suffer from this syndrome? Dad/husband is away….so all hell decides to break loose!?!? Please say it’s not just me!)

Anyway, the washer is a GEM! It has hardly ever been used, works GREAT, and looks like it’s brand new! The only thing that was bothering me about it was a small 2 inch square sticker stuck to the front of it. Something from the manufacturer that was just never taken off.  I was lamenting the fact that our bottle of “Goo Be Gone” was…well….gone, when I discovered something under my sink that I didn’t even realize I had!

It’s called Sol-U-Mel and it’s made by EcoSense. I honestly had no idea where it even came from and then I remembered a long time ago someone giving me a box of cleaning products from a line they were selling.  I think it was one of my sisters, (I can’t even recall that for sure) and I think my husband just ended up putting it all under our kitchen sink and there it has sat.
Since I needed some sort of “solvent” to get the sticker off...the name “Sol-U-Mel” sounded promising. :-) Sure enough, it took the sticker off in a snap!As a matter of fact, it was SUCH a snap that the wheels inside my brain immediately started spinning……………………..

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about how my “miracle cleaner” had made old cookie sheets of mine that I had long since given up on look like (almost) new again. A LOT of people commented on it and tried it themselves with great success! However, there were a few that lamented it just wasn’t working as well for them and even *I* hadn’t had COMPLETE success because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the REALLY TOUGH STUFF in the corners and on the sides to budge! So I pulled out the cookie sheets that I had worked on before and decided to see what this bottle of stuff I found under my sink could do.

Well, here’s what it did:


Not bad huh??!! I was pleased as punch at these results and was ready to put all my cleaning supplies away and call it a night when I spied one of my WORST cookie sheets peeking out at me from the cupboard. It was calling out to me! HELP me!  lol!  OK, not really, but once I noticed it sitting there looking so forlorn and unloved…I just couldn’t help seeing if maybe, just maybe, this Sol-U-Mel could show this pan a little love too. I admit it…I am a bit obsessive when it comes to things like this (OK…a LOT obsessive), but I’ve learned to just go with it. :-)   And this time it paid off! Big time!

See for yourself!!

cleaning cookie sheets

Point of information:  I ended up using steel wool to get the hardest stuff off…and it took a pretty heavy dose of elbow grease to get it to shine like that….but definitely doable!

Also, before I started I checked the ingredients on the bottle to make sure it wasn’t something toxic (I really have been trying to make the switch to natural cleaners in general) and it listed Melaleuca Oil, soap and green tincture.  After some research I discovered that another name for Melaleuca Oil is……Tea Tree Oil! One article I read about this product swears that using a combination of Tea Tree Oil and some Dr. Brommer’s Castile Soap will yield the same results! Haven’t personally tested this out yet….but I guarantee I WILL! And then I, of course, will pass it on to all of you. :-)   I was just too excited about these results to wait and post this.

I have to say, each time I look at the picture of those shiny pans….I’m a little stunned.  I NEVER thought they would come clean…and yet they did…and without harmful chemicals!   Very cool……….


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  1. Anonymous says

    I absolutely love Melaleuca products & I too have a love for the many uses of baking soda. It’s easy for the casual observer to confuse Melaleuca with a tradional MLM, but they are NOT. Regardless, not all MLM’s are bad, but most often people get hurt, don’t make very much money or even lose money. There is absolutely no risk in being a preferred customer (get 30-40% off)or a direct customer and using these amazing products.

    Solumel is my go to for so many cleaning challenges…nail polish remover/a great mosquitos repellent/salad dressing oil on shirts/etc. There are like over 160 uses for this amazing product. I am saving money by buying my cleaning products at Melaleuca…they are super concentrated and end up being cheaper than even the dollar store.

  2. Anonymous says

    I love your tips. I would love to find something to clean my gas stove top, under the burners is bad.

    I also was a melaleaca member, products are fantastic. If you have a large family I believe you can save money,BUT it was just me and my husband and there was no way we could use the amount you needed to buy to stay a member. I even supplied my mom with all her cleaning and health products out of my surplus and still had too much on hand.

    My husband shot a nail thru his hand twice one day with an pneumatic nail gun, I cleaned area with peroxide and put the pure tea tree oil on his hand…..the next day he said his hand wasn't even sore. Their products are natural and doesn't have the carsinegines ( I hope I spelled that right) in it. If you want to be a member and have a small household I really would recommend that you have a few friends to go in with you and you share the one membership. You can buy as much as you want but you have to buy a certain amount to stay active.

    • Kira says

      Please, please don’t use hydrogen peroxide on a wound. It doesn’t discriminate between healthy and diseased tissue and can really exacerbate the damage by killing good cells. Tea tree is great because it’s antibacterial, but hydrogen peroxide is a bad thing. Soap and water is infinitely better.

      • Bree says

        Actually, hydrogen peroxide on a wound isn’t harmful. But you are right about soap and water being more helpful. Your blood contains an enzyme called catalase, and when catalase comes in contact with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), it breaks down into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). So essentially, all you’re doing with peroxide is flushing it with really pure water. But water doesn’t kill bacteria, so use an antiseptic, or soap! :)

      • Apryl says

        I often wonder what our parents did when we would scribble on the walls or make scuff marks on the floor without having something as awesome as the Magic Eraser. I have used it on EVERYTHING from dingy white shoes to a dirty stove top…. I will also confess to a small group of friends that I have even used it to clean up some hair color on my skin. I would NOT recommend using it on any part of your face…… lol

    • VickiRush says

      Surprised to see your comment that you couldn’t use the recommended 35 product points per month of Melaleuca! In our house, it’s just me and my husband and we use well over 75 points every month. Of course, we use a lot of the nutritional and sports products as well, so maybe that’s the difference. We are totally in love with these products!

  3. Marlene says

    I have been a Melaleuca member for 15 years and I absolutely love their products! Once you start using them, you won't go back to store bought products. The Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) is in most of their cleaning products and in many of their first aid products as well. You simply can't go wrong with Melaleuca!!!

  4. DJRowell says

    At least 12-15 years ago my little sister out in Texas sold this stuff from Melaluca and I promise you I absolutely covet every last drop in my bottle only using it super sparingly for the magic marker streaks and everything that nothing else works on. I love, love, love it and wish I could get gallons of the stuff. Very, very non-toxic and safe. I would be willing to use an equally effective even DIY version if someone has it. Otherwise, my last drops in my Solumel bottle will be a sad day.

  5. Kathy says

    someone asked about getting baked on grease off of pyrex…haven't tried the melaluca route, but I've had good success with PowerSolve (use it all the time on my burner pans, too.) It gets rid of those more recent stains that are still "brown"….for the ones that PowerSolve doesnt take care of, I use oven cleaner. I know, nasty chemicals, and all..but it does work! (PS Do NOT use oven cleaner aluminum…it will get it clean, but will ruin the finish!!)

  6. Kel says

    My husband and I always joke that I do crazy things when he is off on business. Like cancel the cable, rearrange the furniture, and most recently– move. We'd been talking about moving to the next town over, and while he was gone I found a rental below our price range and above our expectations, so with his "okay," I did all the paperwork, packed up our stuff, and we moved the day after he got back. Good thing he loves the new house :) So you are not alone in going crazy when the husband is gone!

  7. Deb says

    I happened upon this site via Pintrest, and was very happy to see the comments on the Melaleuca products. I too have used these products with great success for over 10 years. I would be happy to help anyone obtain these products. You may email me, Deborah Bessom at

  8. Brzerkpenguin says

    While looking for some online without going through a seller I found this comment:

    "Sol-U-Mel is just a light soap solution with Tea Tree Oil added. Seriously, that's all it is. You can replace it by taking a couple drops of Dr Bronners liquid soap or similar and adding a couple drops of tea tree oil (available all over the place, even at Walmart!), then filling the spray bottle. Same stuff. BTW, I do participate in Melaleuca, I have nothing against them. I use a bunch of their products where I'm just not willing to mix my own or whatnot."

    Maybe that will help?

  9. Rachel says

    Love Melaleuca products!! Cost I pay for an 8 oz bottle of Solumel is $10.99. The one on amazon is selling for an exorbitant price! Just thought I would mention it. blessings, Rachel

    • kara says

      If you would like to get some Sol-U-Mel, please shoot me a message. Melaleuca is the company that sells this product. It is an American based company. Their whole line of cleaning products are AMAZING, its all I have been using for the last 4 years. My email is usselman dot kara at yahoo dot com. Please put Melaleuca in the subject line.

  10. Anna says

    My parents used to get Melaleuca. I don't know if it's still the same, or if there are different types of accounts, but if they didn't order their points for the month, the company would send them a random assortment of stuff equal to or over the points needed to stay active. It's good stuff, and there were some things that I just loved, but it was pretty expensive to keep up with, even for a large (8 people) household.

  11. Amy says

    I've never bought goo-be-gone. I use facial astringent on anything sticky. It takes price tag sticker residue of stuff, especially glass. But it may take the finish off some things. Like nail polish remover, you'd have to test it first. I wax my own eyebrows and astringent takes extra wax off of everything amazingly well.
    My mom buys everything Melaleuca. They are pretty good products. My husband didn't like the smell of the mela gel with melaleuca oil in it but I didn't think it smelled bad. The all purpose spray cleaner is great.
    PS- I love your blog and you! Every time I click on something on pinterest that sounds like awesome advice, it always comes from your blog!!

  12. says

    This method endlessly might be stunning to my opinion just how blog owners particularly on your own can see the period as well as responsibility which keeps for writing good content. Your internet site isfantastic anyone associated with excellent will have to go through web sites. I simply planned to thank you.

    • says

      This reply is for Julie….The Solumel is very effective…it even takes permanent marker off surfaces like linoleum. I guess it would depend on what you are cleaning with it as to whether or not you let it stand a few minutes or not.

  13. says

    Love your site & the testimonials for Solumel! I too have great success with Solumel & many other Melaleuca products. If anyone would like the products at wholesale pricing…which is LESS than E-bay as far as what I have seen, feel free to contact me at in the meantime, there are great recipes & gardening tips at the following website: Enjoy everyo.e

  14. staci says

    Melaleuca products are amazing! There are over 350 basic household products that have no harmful chemicals or toxins and are a better value than shopping elsewhere! I do this as a part time business, work from home , and i am earning a full time salary working 20 hrs a week! It’s not an MLM , i have no inventory and all i do is set up customer shopping accounts for the company! I don’t sell anything! I love what i do!

    If you know anyone who is looking to supplement their income or replace an income, please call me asap! i am always looking to help others earn some great residual income! Staci 818-398-3700

    • Judy says

      Hi Staci! I am new to Pintrest and just sat down and started “wandering” and found the comments about Metaleuca. I’m 56 and have been a clean-freak most of my adult life. I’m also a trained Surg. Tech. so cleaning on the cootie level and my OCD with cleaning all/everything, especially things I find in second hand shops; dumpster dives, etc. is not only a challenge for me, but it’s fun! I’ve never heard of this company or their products and would like to know more. I’ll pass the information onto my British Mom, who, by example, cleaned her pots and pans until they shined. She still has her original cookware that she got when she first came to America in the early 1950′s; and they are as shiny and new-looking as the day she got them. She uses elbow grease and well-known products you can buy at Dollar Stores… do I. But she’s now 80 years-old, but still loves to cook. I’d like to share with her anything that would make cleaning easy for. As for me, I’m still a “scrubber”, but no longer at a hospital. I have Lyme disease along with severe rheumatoid arthritis and Epstein Barr and am on SSDI. I still clean like a maniac, but my hands and wrists pay a big price the day after…i.e. painful and swollen. Cleaning; furniture re-finishing and metal make-overs (amongst anything I picture after a makeover) is my number one hobby. Please tell me more about, what sounds like, a “miracle cleaner(s)”; I might not pay the price physically for what I do best. Thanks! Judy

  15. Robin says

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me, I don’t have the ingredients for this cleaner, but I DO have the ingredients for the original post of using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I tried making a paste with it, as mentioned in your post, and used a scrubby sponge but found it didn’t do anything. I then took out some steel wool and tried using that along with the paste and after some heavy scrubbing got a little results. Can’t tell if that was just the steel wool working or what. In my opinion, it wasn’t very miraculous.I think I am doing something wrong.Any advice?

  16. selina says

    i think melaluca is great to! also the dollar tree has dollar white erasers and those make a lot of problems go away!! try in kitchen the stove, fridge and any thing you want looking great again!!!

  17. Chris says

    AND THE TEST PANEL RESULTS ARE IN: Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda: This doesn’t work.
    Look at the photos – there are two different pans here for your example.
    I made the recipe and lavished it on a pan. Did not work, so I smothered the pan with the recipe. When the peroxide seemed to have evaporated, I poured on more to liven up the paste. It did foam up, however it only cleaned up about 30% of the stain, and that was after letting it soak for three hours. HOWEVER, the solution did liven up my white formica countertops considerably.

  18. Kathryn says

    I’ve just come across Quickleen-S which is fantastic for cleaning burnt-on grease like what’s shown in the photos. No fumes, no scrubbing, and no wire wool needed. It’s a powder that you use with a wet cloth or sponge, and it works by breaking down the grease, which is why you don’t need lots of elbow grease. It was originally created for commercial kitchens so is food-safe and non-toxic (which is important to me). I got some from a friend who has a restaurant, but you can buy it from the Quickleen websites – I say “sites” in the plural since it looks like there’s a different website in each country.

  19. JeanConk says

    Some other ideas:
    For Baked-on, Cooked-on Stains (Cookie Sheets, Stove Drip Pans, Stove Grills, etc):
    Good ol Spray-on Oven Cleaner works slick. I know it’s not eco friendly, but it’s fast. I diligently scrubbed tons of baked-on crud off the used Jenn-Aire range I bought for $75 (!) – managed to dull the finish because I scrubbed so hard and so long — and then realized Spray-On Oven Cleaner worked in a snap. A 2nd application for hard-to-remove spots. Steel wool is awesome, as mentioned — it’s cheap at Dollar Tree. Only one grade, but it’s a good one for these things.

    For Removing Sticky-Labels:
    Goo-Goo-Gone is good, but spend (& evaporates quickly if you don’t get the little lid closed just right . . .)
    WD-40 works well too – just be sure what you’re cleaning won’t be stained by the WD-40. (i.e. fabric . . )
    And don’t forget just regular Solvent (Paint Thinner). I keep a small container handy for little jobs such as this. Buy it by the gallon at any Hardware Store. The Eco-Friendly one is not as functional for this (but smells better).

  20. Jamie says

    Funny! I was doing dishes this morning and while looking at nasty pan I thought to myself I totally pinned something for that so I looked it up and you recommend using SoluMel….I sell Melaleuca and love all their products but I’ve never tried SoluMel on my pans….thanks for giving me another way to use the products I already have in my cupboard :)

  21. Debbie Hamlin says

    Place a paper towel on the cookie sheet. Pour on some ammonia. Cover or wrap it in plastic wrap sealing in the fumes and let sit over night. The baked on grease will wipe off with an abrasive scouring pad. This also works in an oven overnight.

  22. Claudia says

    Tea tree oil is most certainly toxic, though I’m sure if you clean it off the pans, they should be safe to use. We’re just lucky because our kidneys can filter the toxicity- and that’s just what’s absorbed through the skin. I know that’s not what this post is about, but please do not use tea tree oil on your pets. Their kidneys cannot process it. I had read on a couple of websites selling it warning to not use it on small pets, but I have a friend that almost lost his 105 lb dog to tea tree oil. He had put it on his dogs skin to treat an issue, by the end if the day, the dog was going into renal failure. It’s very scary, I’ve never forgotten his warning to me and thought I’d pass it along.

  23. This American Wife says

    Thank, Jillee! I sure wish I had read this post before ruining my four half sheet pans from Wlliams Sonoma. I had the “brilliant” idea off praying them with easy off & e along them inside a garbage bag. The result was that the chemicals “ate away” half the metal of the pans no I had to toss them. Live and learn. Thanks!

  24. conscious says

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  25. says

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    This may be an extremely amazing strong resource that you’re supplying and also you simply deliver it away cost-free!! I comparable to discovering internet websites which view the distinct worth of providing you an excellent mastering resource for zero price. We truly dearly loved examining this article. Be thankful!

  28. Donna says

    I love Melaleuca products , my mom has been selling this product for years. I would never ever use store deodorant again!!! or anything but sol u mel for stains and what not. I can’t wait to try it on my pots and pans!! I never even thought of that. Melaleuca has too many amazing products to even mention!!!!! They are awesome.

  29. Janette Wischerath says

    Wonderfully informative post. I’m not sure how I missed it the first time around. I love reading all the great tips too!
    Oh, how I wish my husband was only gone on business trips! My hubby has been deployed off and on for nearly 6 years straight! I do everything on my own…take care of emergencies, cars, fix dishwashers, replace thermostats, and faucets, etc. I don’t mind (most of the time)…it’s my part of the “mission” He’s serving our country, I’m serving our family. Our home is always rearrainged when he comes home…kind of a running joke.
    All these tips and ideas certainly help…thanks all! JW

  30. Angel says

    I like the Melaleuca products just fine but what I don’t like about the company is in order to get products at decent prices, you have to spend anywhere from $75-$100/month. Huge turn off for me.

  31. Skian says

    I, too, discovered Melaleuca products about 5 years ago. Being allergic to a lot of products and always looking for natural remedies for every aspect of life, I have been so blessed to have found such a company. Their products are out of this world fantastic and range from supplements, personal products, laundry & cleaning, etc. They are more of a ‘membership’ type company and stand behind every product they carry. Their on-going research of better and healthier products is on-going. These products have definitely made a difference in my families lives and to those whom I have introduced the products to. If you do research on melaleuca oil, you will find it to be one of natures most versatile healers and cleaners. There is no end to what this can do! I appreciate yet another use for this product. Thanks so much.

  32. Barbara says

    I was at my Mom-in-Law’s home a few weeks ago. Hubby and I stayed for about a week. I was cooking something in a small silverish metallic fry pan. When she gave it to me, I felt it needed a good scrub. I rinsed it with soap and water real quick while she was in the bathroom. When I finished my hubby’s couscous, the pan had burn marks on it. I set it into the sink for a soak. The next morning, I got up and it was still there, along with a whole crap load of other dirty dishes. I looked around for brillo pads. nothing. No Comet. No Ajax. I found salt. I then took the salt, and sprinkled some into the pan. I then took a few folded paper towels and started wiping. ALL of the burn marks were gone! What a relief! I did not know if Mom was mad or not. I used the pan one more time, and used the salt again to clean it. DO NOT USE THIS ON TEFLON! When it was time for hubby and I to leave, she asked me what I used, as she was never able to get it clean. I told her, I used the salt. You can probably use the salt on the non-teflon baking pans too.


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