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Make Your Own SIMPLE Moisturizing Lotion

I have been wanting to make my own lotion for a LONG time! But I haven’t been able to find QUITE the right “recipe” for me. There are as many formulations for lotion out there as there are fish in the sea it seems! Heavy, light. Greasy, non-greasy. Scented, unscented.  etc etc etc. To be honest I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted…but knew I would know it when I found it.  Sure enough…I did!

I found this semi-homemade version on and thought it sounded like just the ticket for me. Simple, inexpensive ingredients and no melting or cooking required. Funny thing is I recently bought some beeswax pellets online in preparation for making lotion…but have yet to use any of it. I might have to find another project that requires beeswax…because I LOVE this lotion! It’s rich and creamy and yet not too heavy…and it smells heavenly! I just love the smell of baby lotion. :-)

The original recipe called for: 16 oz. baby lotion8 oz. Vaseline, and 8 oz. Vitamin E Cream

But after consulting with my staff of advisors (my sisters), we decided to try replacing the Vaseline with Coconut Oil. The result was LOTION PERFECTION! It’s thick, but not heavy, so it’s very moisturizing but doesn’t leave your hands (feet, etc) feeling greasy. Oh, and did I mention how good it smells!?!?  I was considering adding some essential oils to make my own “scented lotion”, but thought better of it when I smelled this.

My sisters and I immediately started slathering this stuff on and my oldest sister said it reminded her of her favorite Burt’s Bees lotion, but at a FRACTION of the cost.

So here is the revised
Homemade Moisturizing Lotion:

16 ounces baby lotion
8 ounces coconut oil (solid form, not melted)
8 ounces vitamin E cream

Mix together with handheld mixer until it resembles icing.

Store in air tight containers…keep it for your own supply…or slap on a quick little label for gift-giving!

I gave one to each of my sisters’s that were visiting. :-)

Cost breakdown:

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil $7.00
Dollar Store Baby Lotion $1.50
Dollar Store Vitamin E Cream $1.50

Use roughly half the jar of coconut oil, the whole bottle of baby lotion and 1/2 the jar of vitamin E Cream.

Approximate cost: $5.75 for roughly 32 ounces. Or $1.44 for each 8 ounce jar I filled.

Ready? Set? MOISTURIZE! ;-)

{{{Update:  Here’s a fun idea!  Put on one of those pump tops! Find out how to MAKE one on this post:  Make Your Own Mason Jar Dispenser}}}


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247 thoughts on “Make Your Own SIMPLE Moisturizing Lotion

  1. Anonymous

    I made this using vitamin e cream, vitamin e oil Vaseline, and lavender baby lotion. Wow! This stuff is great to put on your feet at night then cover in socks. Also, when you are going to be running errands all day wear your socks with tennis shoes then you are able to put this great moisturizer on b 4 the socks. I just can not say enough good things about it. PS: I purchased vitamin e cream at Kroger. I do know that my dollar store carries vitamin e oil at fairly inexpensive price.

    1. danna

      The only thing I can add to this is a tube of Preparation H!!!! I’ve been making this for about 3 years. My sister in law gave me a jar of it and then the directions….it’s simple and is also wonderful

        1. Carlee

          I’m not quite sure about the addition of preparation H and its benefits…. But I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that since preparation H constricts the blood vessels to reduce swelling and discomfort that maybe it’s good for things like varicose veins and redness?

      1. danna

        This is what I do also. Preparation H. I have an 80 yr old from my church whom I gave a jar of it and when she found out it have Prep H in it, she started using it on her face!!!! Told her NOT to get it on/in her eyes.
        Mine is the same story…Sister in law gave me a jar and then the directions!!!! And I’ve been making for about 3 years!!!!

    2. Trish

      I made this, but I had to substitute cocoa butter lotion for the baby lotion, since it was what I had on hand. I love it! It makes a great night cream on my face.
      I’m going to have to work on my coconut oil whipping skills, because it was lumpy, so I had to put the mixture in a makeshift double boiler, then blend it.
      Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. My next project, what else? Mason jar lotion Despenser.

      1. Debbie

        Coconut oil has two kinds of oils. They solidify at different temperatures. You will notice small round balls within the bulk of the solid. So using solid coconut oil, there is naturally lumps. If you would like it all smooth, you can measure out your cup of solid and warm it up in the microwave until it is all liquid, then immediately place in the fridge until solid. Doing this solidifies both oils at the same rate — so no lumps.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm wondering, can Shea butter be substituted for the baby lotion? I'd rather not put the mass marketed product with who knows what ingredients on my skin. …and no petroleum anything either.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe!

    1. Kim Bornhorst

      I would love to know if I can use shea in place too…mineral oil is not absorbed and made from petroleum…..which I didnt know until I went to Cosmetology school…

      1. danna

        why do they put baby lotion on the market then? Doesn’t bother me and besides, it makes it smell good. I use products with petroleum in them all the time and I’m still here, healthy, etc. AND I’m 76 years old!

        1. Angela McAvoy-Belote

          76 is impressive!! I don’t get the whole 100% natural only thing all the time either. I’ve used stuff that’s “bad for you” all my life and never had any problems whatsoever, along with my grandparents and parents. It’s a nice thought to be able to not have additives, but really I don’t think it’s much different except the price. I can’t afford to buy essential oils at all so I use store bought things all the time and my skin hasn’t fallen off yet or gotten cancer lol. :)

  3. Anonymous

    Would this cream be okay as a daily face moisturizer?
    i know coconut oil and vitamin e cream are both good for your face, but I'm not sure about the baby lotion

  4. windi

    To Abby who posted on March 4….
    please repost when you try softening and mixing your coconut oil. I had the same problem and thought about softening it – but then didn't know how it would re-solidify… i chickened out. Can't wait to hear about your results.

    1. Abby

      I totally forgot that I’d posted on this! I didn’t end up rewarming it, we had a 90+ degree day a couple days ago, and it got warm enough in our bedroom that the coconut oil did melt, I was able to mix it back up with my finger and when it cooled off again the lotion was perfect! no lumps! So I would say either throw it in a double boiler and heat gently until smooth or wait until it’s 90+ in your bedroom. =)

  5. Jill Nystul

    I've never heard of coconut manna before…but apparently it's something like coconut butter? I say give it a try and see! :-) I'm all for experimenting!

    1. Carlee

      Coconut manna is NOT the same thing. I bought it thinking I could try it like coconut oil and was sadly disappointed. It has a much denser texture and does not melt or spread like coconut oil.

  6. Dawn

    Hello I am a new pintrister and I LOVE ALL your natural and money saving cleaning products. I keep reading about essential oils. What are they and where do I find them. I went to Hobby Lobby and they knew nothing. Thank you for all your help and tips.

    1. Suzanne

      Essential oils are the natural extracts from plants and flowers, and can be used in many applications. They are best when bought as “pure”…no fake stuff added. You can find them at Whole Foods, or most any health food type store. My favorite is lavender. You can also get them online…just google “pure essential oils”. I hope I explained this right, and I hope it helps.

      1. Megan E.

        I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and they had some essential oils. They are by the soap making stuff. They also have fragrances you can add to soaps and lotions in that section too. If you want you can try looking on their website and try searching for soap making stuff. I found some on there as well.

      2. Raye love

        Can also find lots of things by googling natural foods or pantries in your area. Can also use GNC in a pinch, which I’ve had to do a time or two. Hope this helps ;)

    2. Teresa

      Dont trust the people at Hobby Lobby to know what or where anything is. After 5 years of being a college art student with Hobby Lobby being my only supply option, I can promise you that pretty much no one on the staff knows anything about the stock.

  7. IAM

    Just made my first batch ~ about half of the recipe since I noticed when I got home that my baby lotion from the Dollar Store was only 10 oz., so I adjusted accordingly. The only thing I would change is making it fresh out of the shower so I can use it ~ since I had so much on my hands and in the bowl and on the mixer, but didn't 'need' it at the time. Also made a complete mess trying to make a funnel and get the lotion in a lotion pump ~ fail! I wonder if this is just extending the life of the baby lotion, though??????? Oh, and my local Dollar Store didn't have Vitamin E cream, so I had to buy it from Walmart.

      1. Beth

        Try shoveling your cream into a ziplock bag, snipping the bottom corner and squeezing it into the pump bottle. =) Just like icing a cake.

    1. Erin

      I stick my lotion in a ziptop bag, cut off a corner of the bag, and “pipe” it into containers. Funnels are very difficult for me but the bag seems to work great!

  8. Brenda

    I recently tried making this using coconut oil. Big mistake for me in Texas. It was solid when I bought it but soon liquified. Coconut oil must be kept below 76 degrees or it liquifies. Wasted lots of product. Think I need to use something different instead of the coconut oil. Any suggestions for my next batch?

    1. Nancy

      An elderly woman with beautiful skin gave me a similar recipe years ago when I moved to the south. Hers just required baby lotion, small jar of Vaseline, and a container of Vitamin E cream (she advised me to “cut the top off your lotion bottle” to get the product that doesn’t get squeezed out – so I did and there was nearly a half cup still inside!). I picked up everything at the Dollar Store, so it probably runs about $6 a batch. I swim in a chlorinated pool every day and this recipe keeps my skin smooth and soft. Love it!

    2. Jenna

      It may seem to be a bit in convenient, but you could always store your lotion in the refrigerator. It it’s that hot, then cool lotion just might hit the spot. ;)

  9. Brenda Turnblom

    I love this recipe! I put it in 1/2-pint, wide mouth canning jars, and they make a beautiful gift. The first time my lotion had lumps of coconut oil that wouldn’t whip out, even with a wire beater on high speed. The second time I made this, I first melted the coconut oil in the microwave for one minute on high (in the bottle it came in). When I mixed the ingredients, they were smooth, and excellent consistency. There is no need to throw out coconut oil if it melts! Next time I make this, I will add bergamot essential oil, my favorite natural fragrance.

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  11. AliCat

    Where do you buy your coconut oil? I’ve gotten some at sprouts for 8.99 on sale (I love that kind) and then some refined stuff at whole foods for 6.99 (Im not too sure about this stuff)

  12. Connie

    I recently tried the original recipe I saw on pinterest with the Vaseline and it is greasy so I will be trying yours in a small qty hopefully it will be better thanks

  13. Jen

    Just an FYI for those who are concerned about this… Baby lotion typically contains mineral oil (as does baby oil), which is petroleum based (as is vaseline). Often people looking for homemade products are looking for something natural & actually good for your skin. I agree that vaseline makes your skin soft, however I choose not to put petroleum products on my skin. Our skin is an organ & it absorbs into us what we put on it. Chemicals & petroleum based products are off limits for me. If I won’t eat it, I typically won’t put it on my skin. So, if you’re concerned about the same thing, I would use more body friendly ingredients.

  14. Gmasalis

    I have made both recipes. I did not like the one made with coconut oil. it did not mix well and had tiny lumps in it. also ,I noticed it separating a day or two later in the jars . The recipe with the vaseline is just as creamy as the day a made it, and the moisturizing last longer. I live in a very dry climate. harsh cold winters, and dry hot summers, what kind of climate you live in ?

  15. Jennifer

    Im gonna try this with emu oil instead, I have excema on my arms and my ankles, and that seems to help a lot. Especially right after showering.

  16. Gmasalis

    I have to re mix it every time I use it because the coconut oil has separated (again). It is very light and fluffy though I must say. Going to try and mix the petroleum free jelly kind next time instead of coconut oil although I am worried about the olive oil going rancid before I use a whole batch unless I store it in the fridge. My fav is still the vaseline recipe so far…..

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  18. Lisa Curtis

    I do not want to use coconut oil, nor petroleum jelly, what else can I use ? Has anyone added any essential oils ? when adding essential oil, do I change the quantity of any of the other liquids ? Thank you for your help. Am looking forward to trying this at some point when I can figure out the right items to use.

    1. Faith Redmond

      I used Natures way organic extra virgin coconut oil, Ojoba Collective shea butter (both from Amazon), vitamin E oil and few drops lemmon essential oil (Mountain Rose Herbs). Most of those are organic certified and while they might cost a little more, I still have plenty of ingredients left to make more lotion. I’ve had some tumor issues so for me organic is a must. I melted the shea and coconut oil together in glass measuring cup in microwave using 15 sec increments…took about 30 sec. Stirred it all together with few drops vitamin E and lemon essential oil. Made a water and ice bath in a bowl and set measuring cup with ingredients in the bath. Beat ingedients with a mixer until nice and fluffy. I live in Florida, if your coconut oil turns liquid (it does at 76F), stick in fridge for few minutes.

    2. Fawn

      I make my own version of vaseline. Works great! In a double broiler or in a pan on low heat melt 1 part beeswax to 4 parts oil (whatever oil you like best). Let cool and homemade vaseline! Hope you like it! As far as essential oils, you shouldn’t need to change the liquid quantities at all.

      1. kcm

        Beeswax and oil (I use EVOO) is actually beneficial vs neutral (some will argue that petroleum jelly is not neutral, though) . In fact, olive oil all by itself is medicinal. This is superior for absorption to petroleum jelly (vaseline) based products. BW and OO absorb into the skin, whereas vaseline “seals” – so if you use essential oils (medicinal properties) the BW/OO combo will allow those properties to absorb. If you have horrible chapping tendencies due to extremely dry conditions, vaseline-based will help seal the skin against the dry conditions. THANK YOU JILLEE FOR THE RECIPE!

    3. Mavis

      Hi! Instead of coconut oil, try Crisco or store brand. It blends beautifully and has no harsh chemicals. As soon as it hits your skin, it begins to melt. Perfect for extra dry skin. Give it a try.

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  20. booklvr52

    Made this recipe with coconut oil, lotion and vit E cream…..LOVE IT! However, been wondering what I could substitute for the baby lotion to make it more natural, organic, etc….any thoughts, ideas?

  21. Sara

    I just made this and can’t wait to use it! I found myself slathering it on and I was making it. I wish time in the kitchen was always this enjoyable! Bought the vitamin E cream at krogers but ended up spending almost $10. I’ll have to do my dollar store research next time.

    1. booklvr52

      @anid…..perhaps you could expand on your issue with dollar store products….without more details or info I dononot see a reason to not use their baby lotion..

  22. Melissa Loughney

    I’m curious if you have checked all the ingredients in the baby lotion to be sure there are no petrochemicals or less than desirable ingredients? I know we want to trust that baby lotion is safe, but with everything I’m learning about the world, I have to wonder. I’m almost wishing I still had a baby so I could run and check…

  23. Candice

    Personally, I just use coconut oil , nothing else. Apply it to your skin while it’s wet, and it’ll absorb better then anything in the world. Pure and natural.

  24. Sharon

    Just made my first batch, well I love it !!! My husbands response was that will sure fel good on my feet. Guess maybe I should stash a bottle, dont think I will be the only one using this. Thanks a million !!

  25. Melissa

    I love this lotion and I add my own natural scents, but the coconut oil makes the lotion clumpy. Any suggestions to reduce the separation?

    1. booklvr52

      my first batch had some small clumps…which dissolve very quickly in your hand but still….for my second batch I heated the coconut oil a little to soften it and the clumps were much less…making another batch this weekend and will heat it again …. I measured it into a microwaveable cup and popped it in for a little bit to soften it….worked well…

  26. booklvr52

    oh, and mine never separates….it does sometimes get very soft and liquidy as the weather gets warmer but I just pop it in the refrigerator and it sets right back up and nice to put on cool moisturizer in the warm weather.

  27. barbara noland

    I made both recipes…one w vaseline and one w coconut oil. I love the coconut oil recipe. One thing Dr Oz recommends for dry skin is to lather body BEFORE you shower…it works as shaving cream and really helps your skin. I have been trying to use up my store bought lotions as my before shower lotion and the coconut oil lotion afterwards. my skin is finally improving. Now Jillie has put a new “wrinkle” w her sunscreen recipe. I am seriously considering adding the Destinex to the coconut lotion…when I walk in the mornings I know I have the sunscreen on.thanks for all your marvelous ideas, Jillee.

  28. dianne

    I made this and it is just ok.I won’t why you use baby lotion to make lotion. It makes 4 jars and I gave one each to daughter and daughter in laws. I probably wont be making it again.Thank you though

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  30. Lexie

    I also agree with others that the chemicals in Vaseline and baby lotion are veyr dangerous. I love this receipe but as others above will use organics only. The petro chemicals in those two products cause abnormal cell growth which leads to tumors. I already use organic coconut oil and vitamin E organic on my face and will mix with purified organic V E concentrate to make this great lotion. I like Bergmont aromatherapy oil for scent mixed with sandlewood. What a money saver. I am currently spending 30-50 a month on my face products. I will find all my products at Whole Foods or my local owned health food stores.

  31. Jackie

    Check to see if the baby lotion has parabens for any other ingredient that you cannot identify as natural. Making a lotion with any less than all natural ingredients is a waste of time because the lotion will not provide nourishment that skin needs. If there is any nourishing qualities in there, they will be zapped by the chemicals in the baby lotion. Just because it says “baby lotion” does not mean it is a quality product or even good for your baby’s skin much less yours.

  32. Candy

    What can you use in place of the baby lotion, so this will actullay be homemade lotion? i am looking for something NOT store made.

  33. Aisling

    Am I the only one who sees the irony in making a “homemade” lotion with LOTION as an ingredient? Why not just use the baby lotion alone?

    1. Kristina

      Yeah I think it’s pretty pointless and not very good for you. The point of making homemade lotion is to eliminate all the parabens and unnecessary chemicals that are added to the mass produced cosmetics, mixing up some lotion and a couple of other ingredients doesn’t make it homemade, it just makes a waste of time!

    2. um

      The baby lotion doesn’t provide as much moisture on it’s own. The three combined make a nice moisturizer. Maybe it’s a misnomer to call it homemade. Maybe a concoction would be a better term?

      I personally love this stuff. It gets me through windy Chicago winters and baby lotion alone would not do that. PJ is too thick and Vitamin E lotion alone doesn’t cut it either.

      And I don’t think the purpose of homemade lotion is to eliminate the crap you don’t want. It isn’t for THIS recipe. It’s simple enough to find something that does that for you if you don’t care for the chemicals in this one.

  34. lovie2five

    I have made so many of Jillees products, I cannot wait to try this one. but I need to know if the ingrediants are measured by weight or by volumn.

  35. lovie2five

    Jillee, I made the moisturier yesterday, so easy and so love it. Going to take samples to work. the Vit. E cream I used was Fruit of the Earth from DG. Cheap!! it also has Aloe Vera Gel and Collegin in it/. it is great.

  36. Dee Baker

    The only thing I would question on this is that you are using mainly petroleum products. I would like to see a similarly easy solution without using petroleum…

  37. Kathy

    I make this 1 part vitamin E oil, 1 part vaseline CREAM, and 2 parts baby magic.
    example:4 ounces, 4 ounces and 8 ounces. And yes I use it on my face. Everyone
    I have given a jar to has loved it, wanted more for other family members, and no
    one has found it greasy.

  38. Kathy

    I did put mine in 12 ounce quilted jelly jars and cut a hole in the lid and placed a dispenser in the lid. I ask my friends and neighbors for their accent kitchen colors and accent bathroom colors and bought inexpensive liquid soap with those perticular colors of dispensers. We filled a gallon jar full of all that liquid soap and shared it with our adult children.


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