Original Blue Dawn . . . It’s Not Just for Dishes Anymore


If you’ve read my About Me page…you will know I used to produce a daily talk show called Good Things Utah.  Well, things have come full circle…because TODAY I am APPEARING on the show. :-)  Funny how life turns out sometimes. Anyway, after talking with the producers…we decided that in today’s segment we would focus on some of the homemade laundry products that have been so popular on this website. In gathering up my supplies for the show…I realized that all three of the homemade solutions I was going to feature (Armpit Stain Remover, No-Grate Laundry Detergent and Homemade “Shout) had Dawn Dishwashing Liquid as an ingredient. When you think about it….Dawn is a pretty amazing. It’s great for washing dishes, pots and pans, flatware and crystal, but all the REST of the stuff it does is what makes it really extraordinary. It’s ALMOST up there with Baking Soda as a versatile cleaning tool….almost.

Here is MY list of the “best of the best” ingenious uses for Original Blue Dawn gleaned from dozens of websites and reader’s comments I have visited:


Ever wonder why Dawn Dishwashing Liquid is the wildlife cleaner of choice after an oil spill? According to the International Bird Rescue Research Center, Dawn effectively removes grease but does not cause harm to the skin of the birds. It’s also biodegradable and contains no phosphates.


According to Bubbles.org, Dawn dishwashing liquid makes great homemade bubbles. Here is the Giant Bubble Recipe used in bubble makers at many children’s museums: 1/2 cup Ultra Dawn 1/2 gallon warm water 1 tablespoon glycerin (available at any drug store) OR White Karo syrup works too! Stir gently. Skim the foam off the top of the solution (too much foam breaks down the bubbles). Dip bubble wand and get ready for some good, clean fun!


Kids get into the darnedest things! Like Vaseline and baby oil rubbed into their hair!  Dawn is mild enough to use on their hair and strong enough to remove the most stubborn grease.


Once a month use original Dawn as you would shampoo. It will remove excess oil from your hair and scalp and strip away any build-up of styling products without any damage. Perform this once a month and you won’t have to buy expensive salon products that do the same thing.


Soak fingers in full-strength blue Dawn. It makes the cuticles soft and easy to work with. And it removes the natural oil from the fingernails, which allows the polish to adhere very well.


A safe, effective way to repel insects from your houseplants, including aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs. Put a drop of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid in a spray bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake well, and mist your household plants with the soapy water.


Try this recipe from Merry Maids: mix 3 drops Dawn in 1 gallon water and fill a spray bottle with the solution. Spritz and wipe as you would with any window cleaner.


Use it to bathe the dogs. It kills fleas on contact and is much cheaper than expensive dog shampoos.


After you have finished your automotive repair project, soak your dirty tools in Dawn before you put them away to remove all the oil and grime. Dawn also helps prevent rust from forming on the tools.


Partially fill a strong zip-type sandwich bag with Dawn dishwashing liquid, close and freeze. The liquid soap stays cold much longer and it can be re-frozen many times. It will conform to the place you need an ice pack.


Take a spray bottle and fill it halfway with white vinegar. Heat in the microwave. Fill the rest of the way with blue Dawn. Put lid on and shake to mix well. Spray on your tub and shower walls. Allow to sit for a few minutes and rinse away. It will totally melt all the gunk, slime, sludge and other stuff that builds up including a bathtub ring.


Spray counter-tops, cupboards and any other area where you see ants with a solution of Dawn and water. Wipe dry. The slight residue of Dawn that remains will not be a problem at all for kids or pets, but ants hate it. Should you see a trail of ants, go ahead and hit them with the Dawn spray.


Add a squirt or two of original Dawn dish soap to your washer and run a hot wash, then rinse until there are no more bubbles. Dawn is a degreasing agent and helps stripping by removing oily residue. Be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse until the water runs clear.


A cup of Dawn detergent poured into a clogged toilet allowed to sit for 15 minutes and then followed with a bucket of hot water poured from waist height will clear out the toilet.


Poison ivy spreads through the spread of the oil within the blisters. Washing the affected area with Dawn, especially on children who keep scratching the blister’s open, helps dry up the fluid, AND keep it from spreading.


If you have gasoline or motor oil stains on your driveway, you can use the kitty litter method to clean up the excess oil and then use a scrub broom and a solution of biodegradable Dawn dishwashing detergent and warm water to safely and effectively remove excess motor oil from the pavement.


Dawn makes a great facial cleanser for oily skin. A drop or two combined with warm water will do the trick.


Dawn combined with corn oil makes for the perfect paint or grease remover. Simply combine a little bit of both in your hands then rub it over affected areas. The corn oil and the dishwashing liquid both help to dissolve the grease and paint – yet leave skin soft, unlike harsher paint removers.


Plastic wading pools can get very gunky, very fast. Dump the water, then scrub the pool with Dawn and a sponge. More potent cleaners like bleach will weaken and dry out the plastic in the sun.


Merry Maids recommends using a drop of Dawn in water to clean ceramic tile and no-wax/linoleum floors. You can also use the spray on:

  • Bathroom and kitchen counters and sinks.
  • Woodwork, e.g., baseboards, shelves, and wainscoting.  (Dry as you go–wood doesn’t like prolonged contact with water.)
  • Tubs and toilet seats.


For oil-based stains such as lipstick, grease, butter, motor oil, cooking oil, and some pen inks, simply apply some Dawn dishwashing liquid directly to the stain and scrub with a small brush or toothbrush until the oil is removed, and then launder as usual.


Sliding glass doors, door knobs, hinges etc. It lasts much longer than any aerosol type spray that I have tried. And Its non-toxic! It does a great job of cleaning the parts that its lubricating as well!


For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing temperatures, mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 gallon hot/warm water and pour over walkways. They won’t refreeze. No more salt eating at the concrete in your sidewalks!


Squirt Dawn down the middle of the pool and all of the dirt, suntan lotion, etc. will move to the edges of the pool for easy clean up!  AND it makes the pools sparkle.


Simply rub a small drop of Dawn on eyeglass lenses, and wipe clean. It will leave a very thin film that will prevent them from fogging up.


Cover greasy footprints on shower floors with a coating of Dawn; let sit overnight.  Scrub away the gunk in the morning with a stiff brush.


Mix two tablespoons Dawn to a gallon of water and put in your sprayer. Try to get spray both sides of the leaves, branches and the tree trunks. Let sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse the trees THOROUGHLY!


Here’s a brilliant idea!  Need a hostess gift when visiting friends and family this summer? Print off this post and include it with a bottle of Blue Dawn! Talk about USEFUL ! :-)


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  1. Steffi says

    I tried your shower cleaner the other day … wow … I could not believe the results. I LOVE IT!!! Keep up the great work. I love following your blog.
    Thanks for making my life easier.

    • Felicia F. says

      Me too. Can’t believe it worked, but it did. Mixed it with equal parts white vinegar, but will try Dawn alone next time.

    • mamaG says

      I have been using it for several months now and love it. Love the simplicity and how non-toxic it is.

      • Lacy Waters says

        I have used it on my dog before…. it works great!!! I also is great for when you have fleas in your house. Mix 2 tbs of dawn and warm water in bowls. Leave around the house the the fleas jump in :). Orkin pest control told me this trick :)

      • Audrey Boltz says

        For Fleas, I used to also add nightlights above the jar lid filled with straight Dawn while we slept. In the morning, the light had attracted to many fleas into the “bait lids” I could barely see any blue Dawn!

      • Shannon Hensley says

        Sprinkle Borax over your carpets and leave on for hr or so not really sure but that kills the fleas. I did a cleaning job that when i walked into the house my white socks were black it was infested. for two or three days we bombed the house spent close to 80.00 on flea bombs and still made no difference. This old lady at working at the store my husband was telling her about it. She said to buy that borax and the fleas will be gone. so we did the next morning there was not one live flea. the Borax cost i think 4 or 5 dollars. awesome

      • Denise R says

        I want to caution you using Borax to kill fleas on carpet. It’s very toxic to cats that walk across the carpet ven after it’s swept up. They absorb it through their paw pads and it causes livr damage and failure. I know this 1st hand… please use something other than Borax.

      • James N says

        Check at local farm and fleet stores for food grade DE (Diatomaceous earth). This will kill them as well. Just search the internet for more info on its uses.

      • Krista says

        This works! It can also be used like a once a month treatment for the animals. Did grade DE can be fed to them as worm prevention, tick, and flea repellent! You only treat once a month and it’ll work just as well as the expensive stuff from the vet! If you treat more than that, you can hurt them though. It can also be spread in the yard to stop the pests from being picked up in the first place. We use it regularly for all of our animals (we have a farm).

      • Debbie Sitzes says

        Krista, How much per pound of dog do you use? Is it a particular type of DE? How do you get your dogs to ingest it? DE is not harmful to the dog? If you use it in the yard to you run it around with a spreader or is there a better method? I know this is a lot of questioning. I have heard and read a lot of references to DE but have not been able to pin down any specifics. Hope you can help me out…. Thanks! Deb

      • Dawn says

        Does this ae the same effect on dogs? We dont have cats just dogs ans was wondering if they would get sick too…

      • Charlotte says

        Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!! Studies have shown that no live fleas have ever been found inside a vacuum. Vacuum everything, furniture, pillows, carpets, drapes, mattresses and box springs, every thing. Do this every day because flea eggs will hatch every few days and you want to get them too.
        Vacuuming is cheaper than flea bombs and is safer for pets, too. It is also great exercise.

      • Carrie Winborne says

        If you put a clip on light over the bowl the fleas will jump in faster after the sun goes down and the lights are off. Have used this trick for years.

      • i says

        Very young kittens can’t use anti-flea products, so I used dawn. Saved his life, he had 100s and he was such a tiny little thing.

      • Ashley says

        As a dog groomer I can tell you that Dawn is NOT good for your dog’s skin when used as a shampoo. Using it every once in a while you may not see an issue, but dog’s skin is much different than ours or the wildlife that Dawn has on the bottles. If you contact Dawn they will even tell you not to use it on your dog. If you use it to replace your dog’s normal shampoo eventually you will dry out the skin and start to see sores, and can possible see chemical reactions. If you want a shampoo that works good, not filled w/ chemicals, and not very expensive try Earthbath. You can normally buy it at Petco and some of your grooming salons and specialty pet stores may carry it.

      • Passingship says

        Speciality is correct. Petco is a speciality store, which is a store that specializes in a specific range of merchandise and related items, and usually has an extensive depth of stock in the item that they specialize in and provide high levels of service and expertise. Especially would not only not be correct but would not make sense.

      • colleen says

        Thanks for saying what I wanted to say, but in a much nicer way. Anyone w/the name”mudslinger” needs a response. Thanks for doing it.

      • Web Chic says

        I groomed dogs for 4 years. Ashley is right. Think about how sore and stiff your Dawn dish pan hands get. It is too drying.

        Also, most dog shampoos are tearless. Have you ever gotten dish washing liquid in your eyes?

      • mavrick says

        Vets say otherwise when my dog had a bad reaction to some flea and tick shampoo they told me to wash her a few times in dawn to strip the chemicals off her if your dog is getting sores more then likely you are bathing them to much in the first place or they could be allergic to it!

      • Kathleen says

        You absolutely can use Dawn regularly to bathe your dogs, but afterward you should use a conditioner on them. You can actually buy Suave conditioner which is inexpensive and works great. I have dogs that the other “Pet” shampoos and conditioners irritated their skin and now have used this for years with out one issue. Their fur and hair is soft and their skin is not dry or irritated. Besides that, they love the smell.

      • Monika says

        Exactly. I did this the other day with my little dog when I saw a couple of fleas on her belly. Haven’t seen a flea on her since then.

      • Becky says

        I have used it on my two big boxers also but they keep coming back when they go outside we have sand fleas but it does kill them dead

      • Kimberly says

        You can put Dawn in a yard sprayer (a little bit mixed with water) and it will kill the fleas in the yard. You have to repeat every 3 days because of the life cycle of the flea. Repeat this several times and the fleas are gone!!

      • Angie says

        If a person had fleas, would it be good to use the dawn dishsoaps a shampoo or leave it in my hair and put a shower cap on and let it sit? I ave fleas and can’t seem to get rid of them. I have looked for ways and found this website and was Hoping that the dawn would work. To be honest, I did se the dawn on my hair as a shampoo and I still have them in my hair… any suggestions on this?? I also washed my sheets with dawn and yet the fleas are still on me.. :(

      • Kathy Dittmer says

        You may have head lice actually. You can get shampoo specifically designed to kill lice. I would high tail it to the store, you must be so uncomfortable.

      • Tonnia Williams says

        Actually blue Dawn is good to use for head lice also. Coat hair with Dawn, leave on 3o minutes,comb through with a fine tooth comb to remove lice and the nits (rinseing comb after each stroke) follow up with a good conditioner since Dawn will take out natural hair oils also.

      • Penny Urban says

        Go to the store and Buy 20 MULE TEAM BORAX its by the laundry detergent and stuff.Sprinkle on your carpet ,floor’s Bed mattresses, furniture. etc Let it sit a couple hours and vaccum it up repeat it in like 3 days or so and the flea’s WILL BE GONE Good Luck .

      • Claudia Stanley says

        I have a cat so will the Mule Team Borax hurt her any at all. I want to try this trick to get rid of the fleas in my house!!

      • Denise R says

        Borax is highly toxic to cats. It absorbs through their paw pads even after vacuuming and can cause liver damage and failure… I learned the hard way.

      • Dana says

        If you have lice or fleas you can shampoo with Dawn soap. I did this many years ago for my girls who contacted lice (from a family that wouldnt treat) and tried the Rid and it never worked. I had a wonderful woman that was in line behind me at Wal Mart tell me to use Dawn orginal blue and it would help. I replaced my Rid ( I think it was my third time) with Dawn and went home washed the bedding, walls, clothes and hair in The Dawn soap and it worked!! I keep a big bottle of Dawn at all times and yes I have always used on my animals as a flea shampoo and I take amd mist my floors as well.

      • Kristine says

        I think you have something more then fleas, body lice, crabs, bed bugs, head lice. Fleas would jump around these other type of bugs would not. I think you need something more then dawn dish soap.

      • Jessica says

        If it was not safe for animals they would not wash the oil covered wildlife with it. Just sayin and I use it on all my animals, and its the only safe thing to wash animal babies that are covered in fleas.

      • jill says

        safe and PH balanced are two different things. I am a groomer and I can tell you this is not a good idea for regular bathing, neither is baby shampoo.

      • David says

        I will believe a vet over a dog groomer, sorry, but 3 different vets have said to use dawn because of how gentle it is. If a vet is going to recommend something cheaper and safer I will use that. My dog has major skin reactions to the chemicals in flea shampoo, so that would be way worse than dish soap!

      • Pam says

        I mix coconut oil with dawn to wash my dog to get rid of fleas to prevent drying of her coat and skin I also use Diatomaceous Earth found at your local garden center, it also kills Bed Bugs we also put it in the yard no ants or fleas in 4 yrs

      • Michelle Miller says

        I”ve used Dawn for years on my dogs for flea control. Also use it to remove TICKS!! Wet a cloth, drop of Dawn, rub on tick, it will pull out of you or your pet,found out abt this when my grandson had a tick on him over the weekend one time. ER told my daughter abt this!!

    • says

      Our vet recommended this very thing when we got a kitten who was covered with fleas because flea shampoos and dips would have been toxic to the kitten, but not Dawn.

    • Sarah says

      When we got our 3 week old kitten the vet recommended that we wash him in dawn because he was too young to be exposed to all of the toxins in a regular flea bath. Worked great!

    • jill says

      It isn’t PH balanced for a dog. It is going to ruin their coat and strip them of their natural oils and ruin the PH of their skin. I am a groomer. The reason why people UESED to say don’t bathe your dog often is because people used dish soap.

      Todays pet shampoos are gentle and will not do harm…dawn will… go spend a few bucks on their own shampoo…and DO NOT use baby shampoo…not PH balanced either, dogs and cats are not babies.

      But hey if you want you dog to itch and have awful fur and skin go ahead…your mistake.

      • Lydia says

        Jill, if it is so awful, then why do vets recommend it? I am sure a vet would not recommend something that is harmful to a pet. And, they have been using it for years for wildlife caught in terrible human oil spills, would they use it for wildlife if it were so dangerous? You say your a groomer and talk about it not being PH balanced, but you do not explain what you mean by this. Just wondering. Oh and the correct spelling on a yelled out word is “USED” not ‘UESED” just saying.

      • Holly says

        I think what Jill is saying is that a vet may have said to use dawn because that was safe for the kitten at the time, I doubt a vet meant to use it regularly and for the rest of the cats life. Same for the oil spilled wild life, those are special circumstances but I think ideally you should use a shampoo that is meant for pets.

      • Heidi says

        Jill, just give up. As someone in the vet field, they are going to do what they want. The saying goes, you can’t fix stupid and these people appear to be just that.

      • Bob Goodenough says

        It is the defence of the arrogant to call “stupid” when one has run though one’s arguments. In polite society, it is accepted to just remain quiet in the the face of the unchanged mind of one’s debate opponent.

      • Annabelle says

        Dog Groomers – understandably you don’t want to lose customers….but please remember, these people are NOT washing their dogs/cats every week with Dawn…..they are only using this method as a flea deterant. Your words might be true but only when it is used too much.

      • Bob S says

        Wow what a blanket statement. Must be some sort of Psychological projection, perhaps you might need to seek help.
        I believe using Blue dawn to kill fleas on pets is just fine in moderation as I am sure others are implying. Does that statement make me stupid as well?
        I would love to see you call any of the commenters stupid to their face and not hiding behind technology.

      • Patty says

        Jill- sure if you bathe your animal in this EVERYDAY then the pets skin is going to become dry, but every now and again, its not going to cause a problem. I too am a groomer and have had zero problems using dawn on my very own pets!

      • Dana says

        Jill, I disagree with you! I have a Rat terrier who we all know that most have skin condition. I use Dawn soap on her and then we wipe her down with a little bit of baby oil. Her coat is so pretty and she feels so much better. We did use expensive dog shampoo and we used a brand name and it almost killed one of my dogs and this is when we were adviced by a top vet from A&M to use the Dawn soap. My mom who is a retired Vet tech knew this trick as well and Vets would not tell anyone to useDawn soap on their animals if they would think for a minute it would harm them or hurt the Ph balance. To help with the Ph balance you can use apple cider vinegar as a rinse (mix with water). I want to mention my Rattie is 11 years old and she has never had a bath with anything but Dawn soap.

      • Jenn says

        I believe they are saying to just give the pet one bath with dawn in order to deal with fleas.. I have done this for my dog before and then followed up with a bath a few days later using his normal oatmeal/good skin and coat doggie shampoo. He was fine, the fleas were gone and both of us were happy.

        For those of you that live in areas where fleas are a regular concern – I would heed Jill’s advice and definitely *not* use dawn on your dog on a regular basis. Dogs don’t have the same type of skin pores that we do and it takes them a LOT longer to re-produce the oils that their skin and coats need to stay healthy.

        Jill: If someone does wash their pet regularly with dawn, is there a conditioner that they can use afterwards that helps to restore some of the oils in their skin and coat?

      • says

        I am a veteran pet groomer and a educator to the grooming industry. Blue Dawn is an effective degreaser. The pH (pH is a measure of the acidity/alkalinity of a liquid) is 7.0, which is perfectly neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline. The product contains strong detergents and solvents, including alcohol. Alcohol has an immediate “knockdown” effect on fleas, so they can’t scurry away or hop off during treatment. The strong detergents soften the outer “exoskeleton” of the parasite causing rapid death. It is not necessary to leave the Dawn in contact with the skin for longer than 3-5 minutes. Longer contact increases the risk of irritation. Thorough rinsing is also essential to avoid detergent irritation. For fleas, Dawn can be diluted up to 10 parts water one part Dawn. Ticks need neet, full strength, application as they have a thicker exoskeleton. Any conditioner will replace the lost oils from the skin and coat and restore moisture balance. IMHO, Dawn is less toxic than pesticidal flea/tick shampoos, and less likely to cause allergic reaction than d’limonene products. D’Limonene can be toxic to cats and a potent allergic sensitizer to dogs, especially if it oxidizes over time. Dawn is not for frequent everyday use.

      • faith says

        Jill, I understand you concern, but my vet. Was one of many that help with the exxon valdes wreck, trust me you can ask any vet. And they will say it is safe for animals. P.s. I am a dog groomer and have been one for over 30 years .

      • Mary Ann Redfern says

        My dog is three years old and I have used baby shampoo AND Dawn and have had absolutely no problem with either. Of course with ANY shampoo one should rinse very well.

      • chad says

        if u wash with their regular shampoo afterwards it will not hurt them and u can ballance the ph so it is safe in other ways. however if you do as i said and rewash w/regular shampoo afterwards there will be no problem..

    • Patty says

      I have always bathed my dogs in Dawn dish soap, one is a small dog, the other is large, i put the dogs in the tub, squirt the dawn right on their wet fur and suds em up and rinse them well, I do this about 1-2 times a month during flea season, never had any ill side effects, and they smell alot better then those chemical infested flea shampoos, I have also bathed my cats in this with no side effects, I swear by it and have done it for years!

    • Jenni says

      We found a puppy in the middle of the street in the middle of nowhere where. We called our vet who was closing for the night – they told us to bath the puppy in Dawn original – lather him up and let it sit a few minutes, rinse and repeat – the fleas were dead and gone in no time!

    • Mary Ann Redfern says

      I do shampoo my dog with Dawn. It kills fleas instantly and seems to be gentle. Of course, I rinse well as with any shampoo.

  2. danielle says

    Dawn is the only flea killer mild enough for kittens and puppies. When I got my baby (6 years ago now) he was to little for any commercial flea products, the vet told me to wash him several times in a mild dawn soap bath and comb him until the fleas were gone. Three sink baths later and he was flea free. He wasn’t happy as you can see, but it worked: http://www.flickr.com/photos/muffinlikeskorn/165676738/

    • Pamela says

      Actually, if you can find the Ivory hand soap, not the dishwashing liquid, the hand soap only, liquid form it kills fleas on contact and kittens or puppies covered in fleas can become extremely anemic from blood loss and thier immune systems are not established enough to protect them from disease from flea bites, this really works well on baby animals!!

  3. peggy says

    because of the skinny cow adds I could only read the center if the post.what i could read was quite interesting .

    • Kayli says

      Just FYI, Peggy, sometimes reloading the page will get rid of annoying ads like that.

      • Kim says

        Also, holding down the “control” button and scrolling down on your mouse (with a scroll wheel) may help.

  4. says

    I tried replacing Dawn by making my own dish washing liquid. Although it worked AMAZING, I had to go back to my Dawn. This is like an ESSENTIAL in my house!

  5. says

    Great post! I love Dawn as a cleaning product! I did try the shower/tub cleaner and it did clean very well, however, I thought I had rinsed the shower well afterwards and there were still slippery spots left. Just a heads up to rinse, rinse, rinse after cleaning so no one takes a tumble.

  6. Laurie says

    The group of vets at our pet’s vet clinic and a friend of mine from church who is a vet have all told me to shampoo my dogs and cats (even an approximately 10 day old kitten we saved from becoming an opossum’s dunner) in Dawn dishwashing liquid to kill fleas. It is not harmful to them or irritating to the skin – UNLESS you don’t get it all rinsed out well. That is true of even the best dog shampoo and of people if we do not get shampoo or soap rinsed off completely. And I can personally attest to the fact that it kills fleas better than most dog/cat shampoos. Another thing that works really well on fleas is Avon’s Skin So Soft bath oil. One part Skin So Soft to 5 parts water. Get the pet good and wet with it and rinse well.

    • Tamara says

      Avon’s Skin So Soft is mineral oil and it is toxic for our skin, especially children. I wouldn’t think it would be good for our furry friends either. It’s a distilled byproduct of gasoline. Our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs what we put on it more than what we put in our mouth. Once our skin absorbs the mineral oil, it is broken down by our liver, and in passing it will absorb fat soluble vitamins and minerals from our body, which can cause nutritional deficiencies.

      Young children have died from accidental ingestion of mineral oil. When mineral oil is taken orally, it disrupts your lung function, which can quickly turn into lipoid pneumonia. Dogs lick their skin, so this is not a good idea to put on the skin of your furry friend either.

      Fleas are worse for dogs than Dawn dish soap, but I would say mineral oil is worse than fleas. I wouldn’t want to take the risk.


      • Rachel says

        I would have been dead along time ago. I had a medical condition as a child where I had to drink about a cup of mineral oil a day. The doctor told my mother to have me drink mineral oil. I have never had Lipiod pneumonia. I have never had a lung problem either.

      • Teresa says

        As far as Avon’s Skin So Soft Bath Oil… The University of Florida did a study sponging dogs down with it. By so doing, they saw a 40% drop in the amount of fleas on the dog. You can try it by mixing 1-1/2 ounces of bath oil to 1 gallon of water. It is also recommended by “Field and Stream.”

  7. Teagan says

    I love blue Dawn dish detergent. I’ve been using it as a stain pretreater/laundry booster, hair shampoo, face/body wash for a long time now (and for my dishes). I feel about Dawn the way the Dad from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” feels about Windex, that it can fix anything! Thanks for putting together this list of all it’s wonderful uses. I’m excited to try it out on ants. :)

  8. Lulu Scott says

    What the crap!! I had no idea this stuff has so many uses!! My dog, Suki, is allergic to fleas (I know right, how in the world does that happen!?!?!) so I’m always buying her shampoo in the summer to keep her happy and healthy but that adds up after awhile! Can’t wait to try the Dawn on her!

    • Ellen says

      We have a cat that is allergic to fleas…after calling a local vet, we tried Dawn on her. It worked wonders on her.

      • Cristan says

        Ellen, I would like to know if your cat got scabs, lost hair, and lips swell? Because my cat has not been diagnosed, but I do think that she is allergic to the flea saliva as well.

      • Betsy says

        Cristan, Both of my dogs are allergic and yes the do get very crusty scabs. They chew their hair out i have never noticed swollen lips. Maybe that is a cat thing??? I think I am gonna try the mild dawn soap to see if this helps as they are also allergic to many of the topical chemicals.

      • Susan says

        Not the solution for flea allergic dogs!
        I’m a vet tech and I’ve seen Dawn work well for flea baths (or J&J baby shampoo is my preference since it’s gentler and not as drying- in theory, any soap should kill fleas; they breath through their skin so the thick soap suffocates them). BUT, if you have a pet that’s allergic to fleas, baths aren’t going to cut it. You need to be using a product that will prevent them from getting on your pet and biting in the first place. Flea-allergic pets are allergic to the BITES- what do you think those fleas are doing before you wash them off? Biting! Instead, use a safe, effective product like Frontline Plus or Comfortis to prevent fleas. These products work all month long vs baths where your pet is miserable the next day when the fleas have re-infested.

      • Michelle says

        Ladies: I have a dog who is allergic to fleas/bites/saliva as well. This is the FIRST year of his adult life he has been completely covered in fur. I have to thank my vet for this wonder (although, with the heat, Ted (dog) might not be liking me). I have done the Dawn-as-a-shampoo on him as well. While it worked great for a few tries, eventually (per vet) it does wipe out the animal’s natural oils in the fur, which work for him as well. She suggested using the Dawn BEFORE a regular oatmeal-shampoo bath.

        As for the reason he has fur…She suggested Trifexis, and it has worked wonderfully for him. I haven’t seen my poor baby with fur on the back 3/4 of himself in 4 years. (note: cost = about $90 for 6-month supply), but is helps with fleas and prevents heartworm and intestinal worms. (NO…this is not a plug for it).

      • Candee says

        I have given my dogs baths with Dawn and the fleas do not come back on them the next day. One of my dogs were allergic to fleas and had allergies. the fleas stayed off of them completely and did not re-infest the next day. the small amount of residue left behind, keeps them away. Also got rid of everyone of the fleas.

      • Whitney says

        i agree with Susan, i’m also a vet tech and dawn is very commonly used in shelters for that reason and its donated so they have it, but i also prefer baby shampoo even the generic, if its safe for ur tattoos and piercings should be good for them. but if you think flea allergy, always best to never depend on a bath to solve the problem and help you and ur pet out by getting them on a flea prevention. for flea allergy dogs really like trifexis its a pill however pet has to be up to date on prevention and tests. comforis is awesome and revolution for a cat. if u need imm. relief u can combine capstar and another that topical. i would just advise getting it from a vet then another carrier so ur sure the product will work for the situation and u can ask questions. flea eggs are not on them they are in ur carpet, hardwood, curtains, bed, couch, dark nice hiding places waiting to hatch and then look for ur pet so that’s why a bath wont solve the problem.

  9. Denise says

    Great ideas. Dawn and water in a spray bottle are also great for killing box elder bugs outside the home. Spray it on them and they stop moving almost immediately. We use it on the siding, in landscaping, etc. Rain washes it away and it’s easy to do!

    • says

      what ratio of Dawn to water do you use? I hate, hate, hate those bugs…and the exterminator’s prices are horrible!!!

    • Crystal says

      Thank you for this comment. You just saved my husband and I a bunch of frustration this summer!!

    • melissa robinson says

      whats the ratio for this? my friends house is crawling with these bugs and the stuff for them does not work thanks

    • Kate says

      I wish I had known this before I moved out of my house.

      A good way to prevent the boxelder bugs is to get rid of all the maple seeds (helicopters) that drop from the maple trees. I had a major problem one year and didn’t realize it was because of the seeds. I had to completely remove all of my mulch and spray Se7en all over the yard. (I hated doing that.) The next year. I went out daily to remove all the seeds as they dropped from my tree. I ended up with a few bugs here and there, but was able to use a hand-held bug spray to kill them. I wish I would have known the dawn trick!