Creamy Frozen Yogurt Chips

frozen yogurt chips

A few months ago I posted a simple idea called “Frozen Yogurt Dots” and little did I know how the idea would EXPLODE! People went bonkers for these little bites of creamy deliciousness. As a matter of fact, that post has been pinned on Pinterest over 572,000 times! I kid you not! :-)

If you read through the more than 120 comments you’ll see that a great deal of the interest came from Mom’s who were thrilled they were able to get their little ones to eat something “good for them” without them even realizing it. :-) They really are like “healthy candy”!

Ever since then I have tried to figure out an even SIMPLER version of the same idea that I could make in several different flavors of yogurt to keep on hand in the freezer for quick summertime treats. But I had apparently reached the limits of my creativity in this area because nothing was coming to me…..until last week……when TWO things happened.

First, I did a post about Florida Orange Juice which inspired me to create these Mini Orange Yogurt Pops (which I can’t stop eating!)…..and second, I stumbled across these awesome miniature “ice trays” in the grocery store when I was looking for plastic straws. Adorable right?

(I have had many emails asking where to find the mini ice cube trays. Like I said above, I found mine in my local Kroger chain grocery store in the paper products aisle. But I also just found some that are almost identical on for anyone who is interested. Here is the link.)


frozen yogurt chips


I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them. Inspired by my Mini Orange Yogurt Pops…I took a few different flavors of yogurt (strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla)and combined them with just enough orange juice to make them a pourable consistency, then filled the mini trays and stuck them in the freezer.



Approximately one hour later…..“Creamy Frozen Yogurt Chips” were born. :-)



And once again…I can’t stop eating them! I have decided I must suffer from some FROZEN FOOD deficiency because I truly do LOVE frozen treats of ALL kinds! (And I have the Pinterest board to prove it!) :-)


Anyway…that is my latest foray into frozen treats creation and I apologize that you have to suffer through yet another post about it! But hey….in the words of Betty Rizzo…“there are worse things I could do!”  ;-)


Happy Sunday Everyone!

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  1. Rose Myrtle says

    I’m confused. So, you just add yogurt and orange juice and freeze or just yogurt?

    • says

      I added a little orange juice to each yogurt flavor, just enough to make the yogurt “pourable”…then froze the ice cube trays.

  2. Lisa says

    My MIL introduced my 3 year old twins to frozen ice cream dibs (they loved them because they are not allowed to eat those types of things and never had something like that). I think they mostly love the idea of small frozen treats-not so much the content. I am going to make these as a “treat” and I know they will love them, love me, and feel special-even though I would give them to them anytime. Plus this is faster and easier than the dots and I have very little time with my 2 “helpers”! Love it, it is going to be hot here again this week, these will be on our menu.

  3. says

    Hi Jillee

    I came across you website a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! Frozen yogurt chips will be great for me because I am diabetic and I am always looking for carb friendly frozen treats. Thanks again!


    • Virginia Peart Stevenson says

      Hi! Are you a Peart or is your husband? Fun to find another Peart. I suppose there are many.

  4. Judy Ann says

    Oh my gosh Jillee! Brilliant! Who wouldn’t love these! My favorite yogurt is the Coco Rico Los Fat (Publix brand), and that would be soooooo good frozen. I like the Publix Vanilla yogurt as well. I eat it with animal crackers or teddy grahams LOL sooo good.
    Thanks for all the great ideas and “recipes”.

  5. Patricia Williams says

    Oh, my! I have become addicted to frozen yogurt this year as well. These are the perfect solution to why cravings for frozen delights. And – I already have the ice trays picked up for another experiment. Thank you!!!

  6. Linda says

    These would be great to keepin the freezer to throw in the blender to make a smoothie!

  7. Maggi Barth says

    Jillee, you know there are laid back(aka lazy) people out there who would PAY you to make these!! You could make a fortune selling the chunks in the freezer aisle!

  8. Alisa says

    I suffer with a frozen food deficiency also. I can’t sleep if I don’t have some frozen red grapes each night as a bedtime snack!
    I will have to try these yogurt bites this week!
    Thanks for great ideas !