My Homemade Laundry Products “Cheat Sheet”

laundry symbolsI’ve had a few people lately ask me about my favorite homemade laundry products. Well, I’ve posted about a LOT of laundry products…and I like them ALL, or I wouldn’t have bothered to share them with you.

But, that being said, I do have a handful that I use on a regular basis that instead of just giving you a bunch of links for…I decided to make up a “Cheat Sheet” of sorts. To be honest, it’s something I can use as much as anyone! I’m always having to go back to the original posts to find the ingredients and amounts when it’s time to make a new batch of something. Not that that’s a BAD thing! ;-)

So here is something I worked up that you can download and print out with all my go-to laundry product “recipes” on it (if you are so inclined.)  I hope some of you find it helpful. (I know I did!)

Jillee's Laundry Chart



I apologize for not having much to say today. I’m feeling a bit ragged around the edges. Just need to regroup a bit after a very event-filled week. I promise to be back in full chatter soon. :-)


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  1. Renea says

    Thanks Jillee for the cheat sheet. I make all these recipes and will love having them all in one place. Even made some of these things for my daughter-in-law for Christmas as this is what she wanted. Thank you for all your research and for sharing everything you learn.

    • Jo says

      Hi Beth,
      I have an HE machine and I have used most of these recipes and they work beautifully! I haven’t tried the stain remover yet (I will when I run out of my old stain remover). But just reading the ingredients, it should work just fine in an HE machine.

    • Ashlee says

      The recipe for laundry soap is actually recommended for HE machines. The special detergent you buy for HE machines is a “low sudsing” detergent. And that is exactly what this homemade recipe is, a “low sudsing” formula. I have been using it in my HE Front Loader for over a year now and frankly won’t ever go back. I haven’t tried the softener yet, but I currently just use white vinegar and it works well enough for me. I’ve used the stain remover & it works great, but like another mentioned earlier I also had problems with it separating. I’ll have to give the suggestion of the hot water a try on my next batch. I broke down & bought Shout recently & hated spending that money.

  2. Anne says

    @Brenda. WASHING soda is different from BAKING soda. They are packaged in similar looking boxes. I find it in the laundry section of my local grocery stores. (Walmart, Kroger, etc)
    -As stated in the recipe, the conditioner is HAIR conditioner.

  3. Laurat99 says

    I haven’t been able to keep the shout mixture from separating (and ruining my spray bottles), so I put it in a “drizzle” bottle I had found. A ketchup/mustard bottle would work as well.

    Love, love, love the laundry products. I use the liquid detergent (dawn), oxyKleen, shout, and fabric softener.

    • brenda says

      Is there such a thing as washing soda. Never heard of it. And what kind of conditioner are we talking about.

      • Linda says

        Yes, there is such a thing as washing soda. You can usually find it right next to the borax in a bright yellow box. Regular baking soda is in a golden color box and also usually found close to these products as well. And it’s hair conditioner that she used in the recipe for the fabric softener. I don’t usually use fabric softener so I haven’t made this yet, but my friend does and she loves this recipe.

        Thanks Jillee for the free downloadable recipes!! I’ve been meaning to do this myself and now I don’t have to!! Hope you get to feeling back to yourself soon. All us woman can so relate – the holidays can wear you out!

      • Cynthia says

        Washing Soda:,mod=2&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
        It’s found on the shelf in the laundry detergent aisle, usually on the opposite side from commercial detergent. Or, next to dishwashing liquid.

        Also, I’m surprised not to see the tip on here about the balls of wool yarn. Jillee once did a post about the benefits of adding little balls of 100% wool yarn to your dryer, instead of using fabric softener. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to soon. Sounds simple enough.

      • Kristal6571 says

        Brenda, Walmart carries Washing Soda for $3.12 for a 4 lb box. It’s on the shelf right next to Borax in the laundry soap isle. Washing soda has a pH of 11, baking soda pH is 8. Hope this helps.

    • Hazel says

      With my first batch I had that problem but now I run hot hot tap water and put the baking soda in that and stirr it and let it sit for a whilet until its completely dissolved then I add the rest of the ingredients and haven’t had a problem with my spray bottles, hope it helps

  4. Tammy says

    @Wretha I have found the best spray bottles at Walmart in the gardening section on the bottle it says “Professional”

  5. Siebolt Dykstra ("Steve") says

    Dear Jillee
    I printed a copy. Never done anything like this before but I’m beginning to see the economic benefits of this and other ideas from you and other like minded bloggers.
    Thanks once again.

  6. says

    Just curious Jillee, where do you get your spray bottles? I have purchased many of them over the years, and the majority of them are, well they are garbage, lasting a short time, I can’t tell you how many dead spray bottles I have laying around… do you have a particular one that you like best and that actually works for more than just a few weeks or months?


      • Ginger says

        You can purchase Spray Bottles at Dollar Tree or Just a Dollar stores. You can also, usually, find them in your large hardware stores.

      • Diana says

        I reuse old spray bottles ie shout bottles for homemade shout or cheap ones from dollar tree. Not great there and can leak or drip but I figure they are only $1