A Recipe For Ranch Chicken

ranch chicken

Yesterday I got thinking about the GREAT IDEAS that come from all of you in the form of emails and comments on the website and I realized another “One Good Thing By YOU” Giveaway was WAY overdue! :-)  I just LOVE doing these!  (More at the end of the post.)

As I was looking over some of the “good things” submitted in previous contests…I ran across this recipe from Elizabeth for Ranch Chicken. I had saved it because it sounded like it would be right up my family’s taste alley…and yesterday decided to give it a try for Sunday dinner.

Happily, I was right! It was quickly gobbled up by the hubster, myself, No. 2 and 3 sons, my nephew Nate and his daughter Maya who dropped by, and my sister Rebecca who also conveniently popped in just as dinner was being served. ;-)

This recipe is very similar to my Parmesan Chicken recipe that is a FAVORITE around here, but the addition of the ranch dressing gave it such a wonderful flavor and the chicken was SO MOIST! Definitely no need for a knife to cut this! A fork will do quite nicely.

Here is the recipe for Ranch Chicken that Elizabeth credits to her mother-in-law (yay for mother-in-laws who are good cooks!):

Ranch Chicken


  • 3-4 boneless chicken breasts (mine were LARGE, so 3 was plenty cut up into strips)

ranch chicken

  • 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 2 cups Panko bread crumbs
  • Italian seasoning, to taste
  • 1 cup ranch dressing (I made my own, but you could used bottled as well)
  • oil for cooking


ranch chicken

Pour oil to cover the bottom of your skillet and set on medium-high heat.

ranch chicken

Pour some ranch dressing on a plate (or in a bowl).  Mix bread crumbs, cheese and seasonings in a shallow bowl.

ranch chicken

ranch chicken

Dip chicken in the dressing and then coat in the bread crumbs, and place in pre-heated skillet.

ranch chicken

Turn halfway through cooking. Cook until no longer pink in the middle.


The main change I made to Elizabeth’s recipe was based on the need to make it gluten-free. I substituted the Panko crumbs (which are wonderful if you don’t need to make it GF!) for my own Homemade Italian Bread Crumbs made from gluten-free bread. CLICK HERE for the bread crumbs recipe.

ranch chicken

I also substituted SHREDDED Parmesan cheese for GRATED, because that’s what I had on hand and I didn’t want to go to the store. But next time I make this (and there WILL be a next time!) I will try the grated cheese because I think it would make this delicious recipe even MORE delicious! I might also try baking it in the oven next time….just to see which way we like it better.

ranch chicken
Now…for MORE delicious stuff…A GIVEAWAY!  Announcing VOLUME FOUR of “One Good Thing By YOU!” All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling us what YOUR “One Good Thing” would be if you were ME for a day!  It can be a tip, technique, recipe, craft, etc!  The possibilities are limitless!

Just leave it as a comment below, and myself and a “distinguished panel of judges” will pick ten finalists that will each receive a $15 Amazon gift card, and one winner who will receive a $150 Amazon gift card! PLUS, I will feature the winning ideas in a future post! :-)

amazon gift cards

So don’t delay! Put those thinking caps on and get busy commenting! There is no limit to the ideas you can post, just make sure they are each in a separate comment. The finalists and the winner (along with their winning ideas!) will be posted this Friday, January 11th! Good luck everyone!

UPDATE:  The winners and winning ideas will be posted on SATURDAY, JANUARY 12TH! I apologize for the delay!


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  1. says

    I am new to your website and LOVE it!

    I honestly don’t have any ingenuitive ideas for you because I think you do pretty well without my help and my ideas would pale in comparison to yours! ;)

    I probably won’t win but here I am putting my name in the hat!

    Have a great day!

  2. says

    If I were you for a day, I would write a tip about the value of volunteering. I do arts and crafts at a nursing home and I can not tell you how much I enjoy my time there and look forward to my next visit. There are so many different ways to volunteer and you can match your interests to the best place for you. There are also many benefits to volunteering. It gets your mind off of yourself and your problems. It makes you appreciate the blessings you have in your life. It evens helps combat depression! Plus more!

    • Tamsin says

      I am so instantly inspired by your post! All the benefits you have mentioned could really help me in my very recent and serious pursuit to improve myself and my life and I love older people and arts and crafts!!! I think you might have actually helped me find my passion in life :D could you give me a few ideas on what to have us make together to get me started?? Thank you!!!

      • Beth Sherrill says

        Lap robes, quilted or knit or crocheted they can use, or share. Walker/ wheel chair pockets for carrying stuff. Depending on your population, even just squares of knitting or crochet to be made into blankets for the homeless. It is also just fun to paint, scrapbook, make little things from sculpy clay too decorate their rooms.

  3. Pamela says

    My best tip I have to offer & one I follow religiously is to complete important & necessary tasks one full day before you think you should. I can’t tell you how many times “something” came up & if I hadn’t followed my own advice, I would have been up the creek without a paddle. I utilize this concept every day – grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, packing for a trip, everything.

    Thanks for all your tips, btw. I Love your site!!

  4. michelle says

    I have a tip I have been using for many years. I enjoy hand washing dishes( ya kooky i know) …I used to go through a ton of liquid dish detergent. One time i bought some and had a small amount left in my old bottle.. and i saw the words “ultra concentrated” on the new bottle. so i poured half the new bottle into the old bottle and topped the 2 bottles off with water. I gently shook them to mix and viola! I had 2 bottles for the price of one!. I used the new liquid the exact same amount as i usually do and it did the trick!…so now..i do this all the time…and works like a charm!

  5. says

    I would love to learn how to make regular bought at the store lotion from scratch. I don’t know how, but I searched the internet and it came up with salves and body butter but nothing that quite fit the consistency of plain ol’ regular lotion.

  6. Catrina mathis says

    My one good thing is a recipe. My husband fell in love with a name brand bread mix….tastefully simples bread….for just over $8 they send you a mix you add herbs cheese and carbonated beverage. It is wonderful but ridiculously expensive. So I made my own. the basic recipe is
    3 cups self rising flour ( I pre mix my own in 5 lb batches. 1 cup of white flour 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1 1/2 baking powder)
    3 tablespoons of sugar
    1 12 oz. carbonated beverage (7 up or ginger ale work well but you can use any beverage that is carbonated and not sugar free you need the sugar to raise the bread)
    Stir with a wooden or plastic spoon (no metal)
    Place in greased bread pan in preheated oven to 350. Bake for 45 ~ 50 min till done in the middle and golden brown.

    I add garlic salt grated cheddar and mrs dash seasoning to my bread for italian meal and chili.(about one cup of cheese I don’t ever measure out the seasoning)

    For the kids I use orange strawberry or grape soda. And serve it with peanut butter and jelly its always a hit.

  7. Shelley says

    Two tips that were handed down to me from my mom:
    1. Whenever you are making a recipe, whether it be cookies or a roast, measure all ingredients
    and have them ready before beginning. That way, while you are creating your masterpiece,
    you aren’t constantly distracted and the process goes much smoother.
    2. Wash your sheets the same day every week. That way not only does it become habit, you
    aren’t left scratching your head trying to remember the last time they were washed! As an
    extra special treat on clean sheet day, spray your sheets and pillows with Jillee’s homemade
    essential oil Lavender spray! :)

  8. Amy H. says

    My “one good thing” and lifesaver recently has been baby leg warmers- made from women’s crew (for newborns) and knee high (for older babies, or just chunky ones!;)) socks!! They streamline diaper and outfit changes, are perfect for those multiple well baby visit at the doctor’s where they are constantly being dressed and undressed, and importantly- they’re so stinkin’ cute!! ;) and super budget friendly because one pair can be made from socks picked up at the dollar store or Target for only $1-2

  9. Amy B says

    My one good thing is a simple…full of flavor marinade recipe my Dad had used at every family event. California Marinade: 2 cups oil , 1 1/2 cups soy sauce , 1 cup lemon juice (fresh is best) ,1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce , 1/2 cup yellow mustard (not dry mustard) , 2 tsp coarsly ground pepper, 4 cloves garlic-chopped. Mix everything together and marinate meat, chicken or pork at least 2 hours (overnight is best) Grill, broil or bake as usual and enjoy! Make sure you throw out any marinade that has been used. Any unused marinade can be frozen.

  10. Brenda Watkins says

    My “One Good Thing By Me” for a day would be……………
    *Tips for sharing with my friends would be a couple of things.
    -Keeping it simple is best as I don’t want to overwhelm them with too much information. It just gets forgotten.
    -What I would share would be a recipe and a great household tip. They are the best!

    Recipes are great, so most of the people I would assume are like me and love great hardy meals in the winter and in the summer a wonderful light barbecue idea. (Hardy meal- layered in the crock pot your lasagna ingredients and keep on low all day. Make a fresh salad, and top it off with a great loaf of french bread. My family loves this and thinks of it as a treat!). (Barbecue meal- we are venison eaters and this meat tends to get dry when barbecuing, so I have learned this great idea……….drum roll please…….. I spray each steak with Pam or olive oil in a spray bottle and then sprinkle on any seasonings. This helps keep the seasoning on the meat also. *If you have ever barbecued boneless chicken breast, this works on chicken also.)
    Now for my household tip. I love clean kitchen floors. This is what I do after the dinner meal. I sweep the floor after all the dishes are in the dishwasher and the counter tops are cleaned up and the table is wiped off. I then take my cleaner, you can use what you like, but I love Simple Green. It smells so good and cuts grease like crazy. I wet down a cotton rag with hot water and spray in sections the floor with the Simple Green and with the folded cotton rag I take my shoes off and put my foot on the cotton cloth and start cleaning. My legs get a work out, I get a clean floor, and the kitchen smells fresh. My floor is clean for the next day, in case someone stops by and we have coffee.
    That is how I would be “One Good Thing By Me” for a day…………

    Thanks Jillee for this fun giveaway! I think this is a great way to read through the posts and get some great ideas.

  11. Melodee Fiske says

    Ranch is definitely the moist maker! I have made something similar but with cheddar cheese on top. Oh gracious sakes alive!

    One Good Thing: The food processor. I am learning how much of a necessity it is in the kitchen. Next time, throw your shredded parm in there to grate your own. The number one way I use it in my kitchen is to grind my own chicken. I buy breasts, trim them up and throw them in the processor with a little olive oil. The chicken is perfectly ground and ready for delicious meatballs (which are made often in my house), burgers, chili or tacos! I can buy a huge package of chicken at SAMs, yet still be able to cook it a variety of ways. This is just one of the many ways to use it too! It is most definitely One Good Thing to have in your kitchen!

  12. Margaret says

    Love your site. tip I found years ago and it works every time but I have never seen it posted anywhere again.

    TIP: to remove grease, oil, or even blacktop from the road use LARD. I use a lot and make sure it covered the oil spot and the surrounding area of garment. Then wash with regular detergent. Lard breaks down oil, detergent breaks down Lard and its all down the drain.

    Hope I win your give away!

  13. says

    My “One Good Thing” is Wildtree food products – the all-natural (and pursuing 100% organic certification) preservative, dye, and chemical free product line is designed to make cooking quick and delicious – it is a life saver on those busy days that I “don’t have time to cook!”

  14. Carolyn says

    My one good thing that I rely on and have seen on your “One Good Thing” is the soap scum cleaner for the shower doors with equal parts of vinegar and Dawn.

    If you are a sewist, a good tip when trying to thread your sewing machine needle is to put something white, like a piece of fabric or interfacing, right behind the eye of the needle. You can see right where the thread needs to go every time.

  15. Carolyn says

    If you are a sewist, a good tip when trying to thread your sewing machine needle is to put something white, like a piece of fabric or interfacing, right behind the eye of the needle. You can see right where the thread needs to go every time.

  16. Pamela says

    One good thing is that I have found is saving the bags frozen products come in that have a zip self closer on them. I reuse them for storing either leftovers or produce that is about to turn and don’t have to worry about frostbite. Some of the frozen products I buy come in plastic tubs so I use those as well. In one at the moment in my fridge you’ll find ice cubes of homemade chicken broth. I hate having to buy it and freezing it in other containers always leaves me with more broth than I need once its defrosted. This way I can have my exact amount of broth in as many ice cubes as I need and I have a storage device that happily holds them.

  17. susan says

    I would like to see a post about everybody’s frugal tips. Whether it’s something they learned on your site or whatever people do in their lives to save money/simplify their lives. I have saved a lot of money since you posted the citrus enzyme cleaner back in March of last year. I use it to clean my fresh produce—a bottle of veggie wash is $5.00, so my savings has been significant. So, thanks for the savings Jill!

  18. Jean says

    I couldn’t find one of those mesh bags ( the kind I wash my bras in) In our ONE store. My old one died ( yes, it died!). I HAVE TO HAVE one, the hooks on my bras catch things or my bras get so tangled with each other! Anyhoo, what to do? I put them into a pillowcase! Yea! So simple, so easy, and actually better than the mesh bags.

  19. Dawn Jay Varjabedian says

    The One Good Thing for me if I were you for a day would be that I would be more creative in preparing foods for my family. I am a good cook for the basic things that I know but I am never comfortable with chaning things that I am not familiar with. I wish I could just try it and not be afraid. My “comfort zone” needs to be expanded and challenged more. Thank you for your website for helping me to do this!!!

  20. Alison G says

    I too am new to your website and just love it!! One of the first websites I visit each day!!

    Next time you bread chicken, line your counter with wax paper first …. it makes clean-up a snap!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • HJ says

      I save the plastic liners cereal comes in and use them to line my counter or when I take two meat servings from the freezer to thaw for dinner. It saves and makes me feel good about recycling the bags.

  21. Sheila says

    The one thing I do, is when I purchase a article of clothing, and the cashier asks, do you want the hanger. Well if the hanger has the little clamps on it, like the kind that remind me of a clothes pin, I always say yes. I use these for all kinds of things, I have my husband saw off the clamp part and I use them for chip clips..I get alot of laughs, and wow I never would of thought of that, when I use them, but you never can have to many of them…I use the hangers for drying bras, mittens, and I use them for hanging shorts, skirts, and pants(mostly for kids, but anything lightweight)…and if they eventually break, well they were free, so no biggie….

  22. Marcie C. says

    My OGT is The Body Shop’s almond oil pen. My cuticles are perpetually dry and cracked. I carry this pen around with me and moisturizerize my cuticles as needed. It has really helped!

  23. Barbara says

    My one good thing is homemade vegetable stock. Whenever I’m chopping/peeling carrots or onions or potatoes or bell peppers or anything, the scraps go into a gallon size freezer bag, and when it’s full I boil it in a gallon of water till it’s reduced to a half gallon.

  24. Marcella says

    My tip, is learn to love your crock pot. At our house Monday is crock pot Monday, my daughter has dance and we do not get home till late so we are usually tired it makes all the difference to come home to a cooked dinner

  25. Donna R. says

    My one good thing for today is low fat cream of veggie soup. Take any cooked vegetable (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) and puree with cubes of tofu and a bit of water until it is the consistency you like. Add spices to taste and you have a beautful, filling healthy lunch. Keep the great ideas coming!

    • Sue says

      Great minds think alike. I have at least two (or more) of many items I use a lot frequently…collanders, stacking mixing bowls, dry and liquid measuring cups, etc.. When one mixer bites the dust, I save their beaters forthe next mixer (regular mixer beaters do not work as well with Kitchen Aid, but found another set for it at a yard sale.) My daughter made fund of me for years but since she has been on her own, she sees that having more of an item you use frequently is an asset. :)

  26. Sarah says

    Love your website, Jillee!
    My tip that really works great is to use a dryer sheet to clean a 9×13 pan.
    Simply fill the pan with warm to hot water and place a new dryer sheet in the pan.
    Let it soak overnight and in the morning all that baked-on stuff will wipe away with ease.
    Then I wash with dish soap and I’m done!

    • Katie Johnson says

      Okay Sarah, even as we speak, I had just put a casserole dish to soak (again) trying to loosen baked-on gunk from a cobbler. I refilled with frresh HOT water and plopped in 2 dryer sheets. If one woks….just think what two will accomplish. I’ll let you know. Now I’m wondering……if this works, why wouldn’t the DIY fabric softener I made from Jillee’s post work as well? Gonna try it. Don’t you just love Jillee and her posts. At my house her Mother’s English Muffin Bread is a staple.

  27. Laurat99 says

    Whenever I make my grocery list I try to make it in the order of the store layout. Also, if I have a coupon for an item, I circle the item on my list. If I have 2 coupons for something like toothpaste, I put a question mark by the item name so I know to compare the two brands with the coupons for the best deal.

  28. Marcia says

    This is a tip many may already know but that I just learned recently . . . When boiling something like pasta, or potatoes, anything where your water boiled over and makes that very UN-nice smell, using a wooden spoon or a wooden fork laid atop of the pan will keep the water from boiling over!! I can’t believe it works!! It’s the little things in life :)

      • Sue says

        For those you have cramps in their feet or their feet try to draw up, use a bottle of very warm water for each foot. I gave platlettes at ARC for several years. Towards the end of the cycle (1-1/2 Hrs.) my feet would start cramping/drawing. They would give me antacids and filled either baby bottles or disposable gloves to put the hot water in and then put on my feet. Another thing I do is keep my heating pad by my bed. When my feet start hurting, I wrap them with the heating pad until the pain subsides.

  29. Debbie says

    My One Good Thing is regarding home improvements around the house. The key to remember is that “Air” is the enemy. . . I’m not one to buy very expensive paintbrushes and clean them from job to job but I do want the paintbrush to last from one day to the next (or one week to the next :-) while I’m finishing the job. Therefore, when done painting for the day, I wrap the wet paintbrush with aluminum foil to keep the air out and it will be fine the next day (week) you decide to paint again.

  30. Lee Ann says

    I love your blog, Jillee! My good thing is that I have been gathering ideas from this blog and others- recipes, how-to’s, good ideas, diy projects, etc.- printing them out and putting them into a notebook for my teenage daughter. She loves to cook and bake, enjoys any kind of craft, and especially likes the idea of repurposing things we’d otherwise throw away. When she leaves home one day, she’ll have a collection of recipes, tips, and instructions that she can take with her to her new home (along with lots of love from Mom!)

  31. katie e says

    My OGT is this, stop and smell the roses, take a deep breath and laugh. Yes people will give you strange looks :) but you will feel better and some of the day to day stress will disappear.

    • Tracy H says

      I so agree, this is something my Gramma told to take time to smell the roses. S Shen my kids were little we smelled flowers, watched ants crawl and other bugs, took the time to not let the world pass us by! Good advice! Laughter is the best medicine!

  32. Debbie says

    Another comment regarding “air” is the enemy is the spackle or sheet rock mud that you use for repairing holes in the wall. The plastic can that it comes in does not provide the best seal once opened. If you will simply use a large Ziploc type bag to store it in, it will not dry out before you go to use it again.

  33. kathy in stl says

    My ogt would be to make your own napkins and “paper towels”. You don’t have to be the world’s greatest seamstress (you could hand sew them if you had to) but they save money and just get thrown into the wash when dirty. I found an old tablecloth from goodwill and cut it up and sewed the edges to make my napkins. I also found a little wastebasket at goodwill that we kerp in the kitchen, so when our napkins and towels get dirty, we throw them in the little basket and then i dump the basket into the laundry basket on the way downstairs to do laundry. Thanks for all the great tips and tricks!

  34. Karen says

    Love your blog…especially your yummy recipes!

    My one good thing tip is waxed paper. I always have it on hand to use for cooking and for crafting. For cooking, two things I use it for are for lining cake pans and to place my rinsed chicken breasts before I pat them dry (saves washing a dish). And for crafting, I use it to catch paint, modgepodge, etc. as I’m crafting and also as my paint pallete.

  35. says

    Use a calendar for EVERYTHING! Our family is split between several households (both my husband and I had our children with previous spouses). We use an internet based calendar – google calendars – that we can share and invite others to. It features the ability to subscribe to someone’s schedule, with color codes like those “mom” type calendars that cost so much at the stores. Using this item has helped in so many ways. One of my favorite uses for it though is reminding me of tasks that need to happen on a yearly or otherwise farther out basis. Once a year I contact our cable/internet/phone provider and ensure I am getting the best rates possible for the services we use. Every year they will lock in a lower rate for me (this year it was a savings of $30 per month for my bundle). I immediately went to my calendar and put in the reminder to call for the best rate. Now I won’t forget! Plus there is a “remind me” feature which will send you a notification in the method you choose with the time frame you choose. When synced with a smart phone it is even MORE useful.

  36. Linda D says

    I am also new to the website Jillie, and don’t know where to start with Good Things…if I’ve repeated anything you have said in the past – sorry for the re-run! My most recent One Good Thing is FREE Kindle books on Amazon…Yes, you will need to hunt through the titles. NO, you don’t need a hand-held Kindle device, you can download Kindle-For-Computer, and YES there are many books that would be useful for launching a business, classics for an English paper or for mastering math, tons of fiction, spiritual, biographies, you name it. Her is the initial search link, with categories down the side! Happy reading!


    • Stephanie says

      Thanks for the great tip. I hardly get chance to read through all the comments – so I am way behind. Not only am I pleased to find this site but my grandkids are excited and waiting for me to get off the computer so they can look at this. They have Ipads, Iphones, kindles and they want my computer. Thanks again.

  37. Linda D says

    …a recent Recipe One Good Thing “Save”…if your cake turns out dry, cube it, throw the chunks in a bowl layered with cool whip or whipped cream, and frozen berries. We call it “crash cake” , if you use a glass bowl it looks pretty….and it disappears fast!

  38. Mary Alice says

    My one good thing is to remember this idea when doing laundry. Put the water and detergent in the machine and then, when the water has filled the machine, add the clothing. Agitate for a minute and then turn the machine off let the clothing soak for 10 minutes. This will help with getting any stained clothing completely clean.

    I’m doing laundry right now and just did this. I read this tip many years ago from a woman who ran a laundromat. A simple, yet effective idea.

  39. amber trussell says

    My one good thing is, make a menu every week. I write it on the front of the fridge with a dry erase marker that way I always know what’s for dinner and I no longer hate dinner time. It also makes grocery shopping a breeze, write out your menu then look at each recipe and write down the things you don’t already have and that makes up your grocery list and you don’t end up with a bunch of random ‘non-
    meal mailing items ‘ from the store. :o)

  40. says

    You’ve done so many wonderful articles and given such good advice. My OGT would be to combine some of them for a “Me Pampering” Day. You could suggest a couple of good healthy eating choices which could be made (green smoothies, cool refreshing veggie/citrus water), some zen music, a bubble/epsom salts bath while your hair is being nourished with hot oil; then a petti and mani. AND it would be wonderful if this could be a shared day with a best friend or a mate so you could pamper each other. Good for body and soul!

  41. Vickylynne says

    My One Good Thing is to keep a binder of the many good things I have found on your website! I keep a three ring binder with divider tabs, then I file away each wonderful tip in the corresponding section. Makes it wonderfully easy to find what I need when I remix/refill. I love the binder so much, I am making one for each of my kiddos for their houses! Thanks for all you do to make our lives easier!!

  42. Claudia Larin says

    I just discovered your site, your tips are wonderful. I can’t wait to try out this chicken recipe =). My one good thing, hmm. I’m a lazy cook and I’m always looking for good ways to cut my cooking time in half. Crock-pot Set to low + Chicken parts + Jar of Salsa = Awesome chicken dinner on a weeknight, just serve with rice or on a bun or as tacos. People think its all made from scratch. But I just use organic salsa, or some of my homemade salsa.

  43. Linda D says

    Oh, response to Lea,

    lotion is easy: get some emulsifying wax flakes…(I got mine on amazon and the 1 lb bag is going to last forever!). Heat 1 & 1/4 cup water in a small saucepan, add 1/4 oil of your choice (olive, coconut, jojoba, etc.) 1/4 cup emulsifying wax, a few drops of fragrance (essential oils are my fave.)

    Gently whisk together. It will look very runny at this point, until it has cooled….

    Then using a funnel pour it into bottle(s) leaving about 3/4 inch empty space at the top…

    …here’s the TRICK: as it cools it will thicken, so come back and shake the bottle gently periodically, to keep it blended, otherwise you get blobs of thick goo and blobs of watery goo mixed together.

    I did this for Christmas gifts with just a few drops of tangerine and lime for a light citrus scent suitable for men and women…got rave reviews!


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