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Say Hello To Silky Smooth Hair With This DIY Hair Serum

DIY Hair Serum - spray bottle of homemade hair serum on a counter with a comb and hair pins

My Search For An Affordable Anti Frizz Serum

I have tried quite a few different anti frizz serums in my search for the perfect one, but my favorite one, Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum, has one distinct drawback: the price tag. Paying $15 for 5 ounces of serum is not my idea of a good deal!

I’ve tried more affordable serums too, but many of them made my hair feel unpleasantly sticky. Some of them also contained silicone, which coats hair and lead to breakage, which is not exactly what I’m looking for in a hair product.

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After doing some research, I came up with a recipe for a homemade hair serum that I ended up liking a lot! This DIY hair serum leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, without weighing it down!

DIY Hair Serum - empty spray bottle, bottle of flax oil, bottle of castor oil, and a bottle of avocado oil

What’s In This DIY Hair Serum?

The first ingredient in this homemade hair serum is avocado oil, which is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, D, and E, as well as minerals, protein, lecithin, and fatty acids. It’s the a great moisturizer and makes a great substitute for silicone.

The recipe also features castor oil, which is rich in fatty acids, and has a soothing and lubricating effect that leaves a silky soft texture behind. Castor oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can help keep dandruff away.

Finally, flaxseed oil helps to promote hair growth and nourishes hair with omega-3 fatty acids. (You can read more about the benefits of flaxseed oil here.) The oils in this hair serum work together to smooth hair and condition the scalp. Learn how to make it below!

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DIY Hair Serum - measuring a spoonful of avocado oil over a funnel in a blue glass bottle

DIY Hair Serum Recipe


*Note: Adding essential oils to your serum is a great way to customize it. Here are a few recommendations:


Add the avocado and castor oil to a small amber or dark-colored spray bottle. Fill to just shy of full with flaxseed oil, then add your essential oils (if using). Replace the spray top and shake to combine.

DIY Hair Serum - small blue spray bottle labeled

Using And Storing Your DIY Hair Serum

To lengthen its shelf-life, store this homemade hair serum in your fridge. Before each use, give it a good shake to remix the oils, then apply a spritz or two to damp hair. You can also add a small amount to dry hair for a little extra shine and moisture.

I have loved using this serum! It is nice and lightweight, but provides plenty of healthy oils to make my hair soft and shiny. It also saves money, and can help strengthen your hair over time!

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Do you have a favorite hair serum?

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Essential Oils

  • lve found the glass spray bottles with the lids and caps at our local Sprouts. Sues story about Great Grandma reminds me of my mothers Grandma. I only met her once as a little girl. She was from one of those eras where the women didn’t really cut their hair. I vaguely remember meeting her. The pictures of her on our family photos she always had her gray hair in a bun. I’m sure she probably braided her hair first.

  • I am in love with this serum!!! Recently my hair has changed, it has always been thick and straight but a couple months ago it became dry and frizzy. This works like magic! I towel dry, rub the serum onto the ends then blow dry. My hair feels so soft! Thank you for a very inexpensive solution.

  • Has anyone with curly hair tried this serum? Did it hold the curl/wave in addition to moisturizing and taming frizz? And what about the effectiveness of the serum due to hard vs soft water? I have naturally curly hair (very fine in texture, but LOTS of it), but my water is very hard, so it’s difficult to find natural products that don’t either weigh down my hair and make my curls limp–or dry it out by interacting with the high mineral content in the water. (I have a shower filter, but it only removes so much of the minerals). I prefer to use natural ingredients (no silicones), so this serum looks right up my alley. I have made my own flaxseed gel in the past, and my hair and budget loved it, but it didn’t seem to work well with my hard water. Any advice?

    • Hi Anne! I have really curly hair and love using this serum! I wouldn’t say that it has much hold, but it definitely moisturizes and tames the frizz. You have to be careful not to use too much, or it can look oily. I also have pretty hard water, and I don’t notice any issues there. I hope that helps! :)

  • I don’t have words to describe how dissapointed l am! I have tried many of your ideas and they have worked wonderfully.This one? Not so much. I bought the, not so cheap, ingredients and proceeded to make your serum. l sprayed it in my hair with the wonderful smelling tangerine essential oil. The next day my hair smells like rancid oil. Two weeks later, with many washings, my hair still has a faint odor of rancid oil. I had a concern about using a food-grade flaxseed oil that had to stay refrigerated,which it did, and I only used it once. I will assume after the flax seed became warm that it went bad in my hair I really don’t know what else to think. What I do know is I still don’t know how to get the smell out of my hair.. any ideas?

    • Wow! It sounds like you must have used a lot! I would definitely try again – using just a couple of squirts! Rub it around in your hands first, and then apply it to your hair. With a thinner application, it has washed out of my hair easily every time! I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience, but I’ve heard a lot of great reviews on this product so far, so I wouldn’t give up just yet. :-)

      To get the smell out for now, I would try this method: http://ogtbj.com/1QSjySR

      Again, so sorry for the hassle!

      • I did use quite a bit, a dropper full. SO , trying again with 4 drops in my hand and just getting the ends. still have the smell in my hair, the wonderful tangerine smell is gone the next day.. I have to think the refrigerated oil once warm in my hair is going bad.. I do sweat a lot working and being under hot lights in a band. My hair looks great! lots of complements, just doesn’t smell good :-(
        I will be trying the detox. Thanks.

  • I never post comments about products I try since they rarely seem to work for me, but this one is different! Finally!!! Something that works on my coarse hair! I recently had a LOT of blonde added (to help cover more grey, of course) and my ends got fried… and nothing has helped short of cutting them off….until now! I made it exactly as noted. The cost for supplies was about $45, which I would pay for some high end product anyway, and this makes a ton more! Since my ends were soooo bad, I pumped about 4 times some serum into my hands, rubbed my hands together and applied to damp hair. 4 will be too much after this, but let me tell you, the style is holding, it stood up to my flat iron at 400 deg, and best of all, I’d say about 80% of the horrible, dried-fried, kinky ends are GONE! Thank you Jillee!! I’m so happy to have this and I’m sure with continued use, I’ll get that last 20%! :))

  • Bought all of the ingredients and they weren’t cheap, but, it seems to be working. It has been hot and very humid the last few days, and is now raining. My normal hair without the serum would have looked, well, you know, and it just has a slight puff of frizz to it.
    Karen W and I are experiencing the same problem, I can’t get it to spray out of the bottle. It is exactly like the bottle you’ve used in your photos. Any suggestions on making it work?
    Thank you.

    • So strange, mine has been spraying really easily! I would suggest adding more avocado oil, because it has a thinner consistency that the other oils. That should thin it out and make spraying easier :-) Glad you’re enjoying the serum otherwise!

  • I am looking for a great place to buy carrier oils. I am in a very rural area and don’t have any local places. I look online, but I worry about the quality. I do get my EO from Sparks and love it.

  • I love this idea, but am afraid if I have to keep it in the fridge, I would forget to use it and it would go bad anyway. Is there a good alternative to the flax seed oil? Perhaps I will try it without the oil. Wonder if substituted coconut oil instead? At room temp in California it is almost liquid.

    • You can find it in a refrigerated section, kind of strange. I would suggest trying to track down flax oil, it has some pretty unique benefits! Coconut oil has always been too heavy in my hair, but you can definitely give it a try!

  • I love it when anyone can have there hair long . My great grandmother bless her heart who always said she was going to live to 100 and did. Her b-day was in Mat and passed in June years ago .Had hair below her butt PURE white and she was able to pull it up to a bun by herself up till she was 95 years old … And she was as cute as a bug ! ! !

  • I can’t wait to try this. I just have to get a hold of some of the oils. My hair isn’t as long as some of the other ladies, but it’s always even since I was little been very thick and coarse.

  • I am a retired senior citizen with a limited income and am soooo hoping this will solve my problem of dry and frizzy hair ( almost to my waist). It would have been helpful to have seen a cost wise breakdown for this product, but i will be happy to do one for myself.

    • This sounds like it will be a step towards not having the frizzy halo that my hair gets when it’s super humid outside. My hair is down to my waist also, and I love playing with many different stlyes, sock buns, French braids and any sort of fashionable for my age updo styles. It’s very hot and humid where I live, and keeping my hair long and being able to put it up is much cooler than having short hair. Short hair, been there and done that and it doesn’t work.
      Diane I’m in total agreement with you about hair length, it’s cheaper since you don’t have to spend a fortune at the salon. You do have to watch your budget as you get older, I know because I will be 60 tomorrow, and take nothing for granted. Katerina, you owe this lovely lady an apology.

      • Argan oil is inexpensive and does a fantastic job! Has anyone considered that some people have a religious conviction of cutting their hair. Reference: first Corinthians Chapter 11

    • Diane have tried coconut oil on your hair? I have read that it is good for all hair types, but especially for dry hair. Use it like cream rinse or deep conditioning oil.

    • Unfortunately, Flax must be kept in the fridge or it will go rancid. Never buy it if it’s just sitting out on a shelf either, it should always be in the refrigerated section. It’s great stuff though!

      • Well put, Dana! It does need to stay in the fridge, sorry for the hassle. It is worth it, though, flaxseed oil has some really great benefits for your hair!

  • I can not wait to try this on my hair and both of my daughter’s hair. We all have long natural waves, my girls have more wavy hair than I do. So we all would love to have our hair shiny, and soft. Especially over time it will still be great for hair, and won’t cost a fortune. I’m IN!! Thanks so much for posting for us all

  • You have made my life so much more rewarding as well as saving me money.I love all of your tutorials.l have my friends around and we make your things together. So we are all benefitting in so many ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a lovely lady wanting to share all you know with us.

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