Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner!


I fear I am becoming like the Dad in the movie  My Big Fat Greek Wedding. You know the guy who goes around spraying everything and everyone with  Windex  claiming it’s pretty much the cure for EVERYTHING!
“Toula Portokalos: My dad believed in two things: That Greeks should educate non Greeks about being Greek and every ailment from psoriasis to poison ivy can be cured with Windex.”

Since I discovered the “miracle” of  baking soda and peroxide…I can’t stop cleaning stuff with it! Last week it was my stove top that I had UNSUCCESSFULLY tried EVERY OTHER CLEANER on and now sparkles like new!  This week I have cleaned my toaster, blender  and  KitchenAid  mixer til they  SHINE!

Today, as I contemplated what I could clean next, I noticed my nasty-looking utensils that are covered with hard water spots and thought….why not!?!? :-)

This time I decided to document with pictures. Although my camera phone doesn’t really do the Before and Afters justice…I still think it’s pretty dramatic!


This is my “recipe”:

I put about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste.  Then I rub it on the offending dirt/stain/grease…whatever!  I usually just use my fingers…but I also use a small sponge at times as well.

miracle cleaner

I’ve never used gloves and my fingers have never bothered me.  As a matter of fact, this stuff seems to make them softer?  Is that possible?


big greek wedding

SEE!  I AM becoming like the Dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”!  Next thing I’ll be putting it on my zits!  hahaha.  Probably not though. ;-)


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195 thoughts on “My Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner!

  1. courtney

    I have figured out that to keep the hard water spots from making my dishes look more dirty than when they went in, I do not use the pots and pans feature on the dishwasher, only normal wash. Also DO NOT use the heated dry, this is what is baking on the minerals in the water. So far it's worked great, and every time somebody pushes the buttons and I don't notice I once again have dirty dishes :(

  2. wpfarmgirl

    Just tried this on a pan I was starting to think was a goner. My peroxide was expired (2008 – eye roll), but I scrubbed like my life depeneded on it (or at least my sanity) and all the gunk is gone! I have pinned a couple other "recipes" for future use. Love your site! Thanks!

  3. Deanna Desrosiers

    I wanted to mention something about zits and blemishes. I have heard of using the baking soda mixture, but I have never personally tried it. I do know however, that toothPASTE really helps to dissolve blemishes fast. My sisters and I have used this for years when we didn't have facial cleaning products on hand.

    If you dab a little toothpaste on each blemish and let it dry and keep it there for a bit (I personally have left it on overnight) it helps bring down redness and inflamation and seems to just suck the oil and gunk out. Usually in the morning the zit is ready to expel and then it dries and heals within a day and a half or so. On the plus side, it's gentle and it has a slight cooling sensation that can be really soothing if you have a painful blemish.

    I do not think that the toothGEL works because now that I think of it, it must be the baking soda in the toothpaste that makes it work.

      1. Tazz

        I use baking soda every once in a while. Just add some water to the baking soda and once it’s all pasty, you can dab it on your face. It might sting so if you can’t stand it, wash it off. I usually wear it for 15-20 mins, someties longer depending on how I feel. Another good scrub which leaves the face feeling soft is 1tbs honey, 1/2 tsp numet and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.

        I use baking soda for everything, even on they grimy oven! Spray the mixture on it then leave it for a while then come back and scrub. My husband is happy since we don’t buy the expensive cleaning products and baking soda works just as fine, if not better, since it’s all natural!

  4. Anonymous

    I noticed my fingers become soft after using Oxy Clean. My mom always said it was the chemicals taking off dead skin. Be careful with the Miracle Cleaner– might more powerful than you thought!! Gonna have to make some of my own

  5. Anonymous

    As for the dishwasher….use TANG for one wash with an empty machine. It gets rid of ALL the stains in the machine. Has worked in several machines I have had over the years.

    1. Magi

      I have always soaked my gold jewelry (no pearls, tho) in hydrogen peroxide.
      Just let it sit for a while. Put the jewelry in a fine mesh colander and run hot water
      over it. They come out sparkling like new! This was recommended by my jeweler
      and I did it every week to my wedding ring and the things I wore every day.

  6. Donna

    I'm not sure if you answered this already but what do you do after you put the mixture on the grease?
    Do you just wipe it off with a wet towel/rag/sponge? Do you wash it off?

  7. mamalewie

    My dentist recommended using a paste of equal portions of baking soda and salt, and enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Soda cleans, salt helps the gums, and the HP bubbles its way into all the nooks and crannies! Cant wait to try this on my cookie sheets!

  8. Denise

    I just used your all purpose cleaner to clean my oven, and now it's just like new! I also used it to clean gorilla glue off of my granite countertop (long story), and it took that off too. I've tried all kinds of things to get the glue off and none of them have worked until now, thanks!

      1. BBD-Lite

        If you’re talking about gorilla glue stains, what I did to get some off my eyeglasses (don’t ask haha) is soaked a cotton bud in acetone a.k.a nail polish remover and wiped it off.

    1. Gabrielle

      Just be careful if you try this. Baking soda is too harsh (it’s alkaline, your skin’s pH is slightly acidic, so it prefers things that are slightly acidic) for some people. It made my scalp angry when I tried to wash my hair with it, and the same with my friend’s face when she tried a scrub with it. Try it on a small patch of skin first.

  9. Jeanine

    Do you think this will work on the bottom of a pot? My husband had the grand idea to deep fry some hot wings and splashed hot oil all over the pan and still continued to cook it baked the oil to the bottom of the pan. I have tried everything i can think of to try and save the pan. It's one of my favorites. I have an electric stove so the coil marks are baked in oil on the outside of the pan. Any tricks or advise would be wonderful. Thank you

    1. Angie

      I have a pan I use to fry things (far too lazy to go out and buy a new deep fryer) so the sides get all yuck and gross from batches and batches of frying things. I use the ammonia method of cleaning the stove grates. For the stove grates, you just toss in a capful of ammonia into a gallon ziplock bag and put the stove grate in and seal it up. Let it sit overnight (preferably outside) and the bulk of the grossness comes right off. Well, for my pan, I put it in a trashbag with about a quarter of a cup of ammonia and tie it off and sit it outside for a day or two. Pan comes out looking like new. I’m glad I found this method for the stove top and my pans because there was no way I would let the ammonia sit out on my stove for hours and hours. The whole house would be high from the fumes!

  10. Anonymous

    I read a lot of the comments on this post (not all, but a lot) and I just want to say that the best thing I have found for hard water in the bathroom is a pumice stone! I had a BAD ring around my toilet and it took it RIGHT off! I have used that on my toilet ever since! Good luck!

    1. Monica

      I’ve heard Coke will work wonders in a stained toilet. Let it set and the Coke eats up all the stains. Haven’t tried it yet, but planning on it.

      1. Kim

        “The Works” is the best for hard water stains in the toilet. Apply, let it sit for ten minutes then flush. It looks like a brand new toilet with no scrubbing at all. I couldn’t believe it. You can get it at the dollar store but have have also seen it at Home Depot and Kroger. $1.28 at the dollar store. Best stuff ever!

      2. Jennifer

        I haven’t tried core in a toilet but I would believe it. I used to work at an auto parts store and one thing I learned during my 8 years there is that coca cola works great for getting rid of battery acid on a car battery, instead of having to buy the battery terminal spray.Just make sure you remove the battery before you do it and then rinse and dry the battery before reinstalling it.

  11. Jill Nystul

    hey noni, noni…would you believe I forgot to ask my dds! I have to go back next week. I promise I won't forget. ;-)

    I had to add to the dialogue tonight (Thanks Patty!) because I found a "new" use for the 'miracle cleaner' tonight. I have been attempting to do a craft (I know, scary thought) and I needed some empty glass jars. I soaked the jars in hot water overnight to remove the labels, but there was still some very stubborn glue on a couple of them that would not come off! Out came my little bowl of MC from under the sink (I just add a little hydrogen peroxide to "reconstitute" it when I need it) and just rubbing with my fingers I was able to get all the rest of the glue off! I really do LOVE that stuff! ;-)

  12. Anonymous

    You can also clean your sterling silver jewelry with boiling water and baking soda! Came out of all the nooks and crannies those annoying "polisher cloths" can't begin to touch. :)

    1. kim

      yes i did this with some tin foil at the bottom as well, it even took rust off my gold bracelet (9ct) that had attached itself from sitting next to a piece of junk jewelery. winning :)

      1. Renee

        I do this all the time for silver jewelry and it works great. I bought a disposable aluminum loaf pan that I can reuse for this. Otherwise line a bowl with foil.

  13. Helen

    Here is a hint for baked on stuck on pans. Put some hot water and dish detergent in the pan, then put some baking soda in with it and let it sit for about 15 minutes. What is stuck will come off w/ little scrubbing. I use this on my crockpot all the time and it works better than the expensive stuff you buy.
    I am loving your blog but wishs I knew where to fine my URL for when I ask a question. I am not computer literate. About all I know is how to turn it on. lol

    1. Athena

      Thanks for the tip. My crockpot is sitting in my sink right now-We had porkchops that left gunky stuff on the sides. I have not been able to get it clean. I’m going to go try this right now-by dish detergent do you mean the liquid handwashing type or the powdered dishwasher type??

    2. Melanie


      I like the idea of using baking soda + hydrogen peroxide on pans, but baking soda is extremely abrasive. It can scratch and take the shine out of metals and other materials. Just be careful when using. It will destroy chrome, especially.

  14. Megan

    My husband is a mechanic and he tracked grease all over our carpet…I tried everything I could think of, and still there were big globs of grease everywhere! As a last resort, I mixed up some miracle cleaner (which I use all over the rest of the house, so I figured…why not?) and rubbed it into the grease. After it sat for a few minutes, I used a brush to scrub the spots…and they came clean! Most of them came up completely after just one application, the rest came out after two (and one stubborn one had to be attacked 3 times) So amazing- you saved my living room carpet! Thank you for this, and the many other recipes I've gotten from your wonderful blog!

  15. Jill Nystul

    Helen…do you know how to add bookmarks? Thanks for the hint!

    Megan…that is wonderful! A new way to use the miracle cleaner. :-)

    Gina…thank you so much for that information! That makes perfect sense!

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  17. Cheryl

    Thanks for the tip! In my experience, your miracle cleaner also can be used to ENTIRELY remove the smell of cat urine from carpet, if you change it up a little bit: 1 qt hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 tsp liquid soap (any kind). Vacuum, then thoroughly saturate the spot (you need to make sure there is enough to saturate the padding, too) with a spray bottle full of miracle cleaner. Wait for it to dry, approximately 48 – 72 hours, then vacuum again. I got down and sniffed the carpet afterwards and it was fresh as a daisy! Make sure to test a spot first to make sure the cleaner doesn’t bleach your carpet. It shouldn’t, but better safe than sorry. Anyone trying this should Google the recipe first, because there are a couple of other important disclaimers I can’t quite recall–it’s been a few years since kitty had an accident. So after that success I wondered how it would work on stinky gym shoes–again, it’s just perfect! I sprayed the inside of the shoes really well with miracle cleaner then vacuumed them out a few days later. It’s amazing!!!

    1. Courtney South

      Cheryl can it be used to clean kitty pee out of a duffle bag?? does this stuff take the color out of anything anyone has used because it is hydrogen peroxide..

      1. Tana

        Maybe this would work on a leather sofa to remove cat urine odor? My old cat decided that he doesn’t like the smell of my new leather couch … he never had a problem with my fabric couch – but the expensive leather one apparently offends him. I tried baking soda and vinegar – which didn’t do anything – but haven’t tried the peroxide. I’m going to give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.

        1. mookieueller

          Plain unscented Ammonia works really well for that. Saturate the urine stained area, then blot up as much of the moisture as you can with a clean dry towel, and let dry. Works great on urine stained carpet too. As always, spot test first.

          1. Sab

            you should never use bleach or ammonia when cleaning up cat urine, both of them smells like cat urine to the cat, so it’ll attract them to the spot even more. Even unscented ammonia still smells like cat urine to the cat, their sense of smell is stronger then humans.

      2. Linda

        This is the peroxide that you put on cuts on your skin and it will not bleach out… not the same. It does work,
        I have a cat with total attitude and it works.
        Also for Tana…I have discovered over the years that cats do not like change..and when they are pissed off … they tend to piss on! Try the peroxide and good luck.

        1. Sue Z.

          The first aide peroxide will indeed bleach. My dear brother in law attempted to “lighten” his hair with it one summer – turned his very dark brown hair orange. :D

    2. Louise W

      Oh my, I’m going out to buy this in bulk!!!!! I have 2 cats that have retaliated at the outdoor neighbor cats and marked. I love them and won’t get ride of them so have to adjust and this may be just the trick. Will try it SOON.

    3. Mavis

      This mixture also takes skunk smell off of dogs. just mix it up and shampoo them with it – let it sit on hair for 10 min. and all the smell will be gone. I use rubber gloves when shampooing because it will make your hands tingle if you have any sores.

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  19. Amanda

    I don’t know what the rest of you are doing/using but it didn’t work for me *sadness* I made up the paste and scrubbed with my fingers till my fingers began to tingle from the paste–owie!–and then I switched over to a sponge, like she said, and still no miracle. Believe me, I went after this for about 10 minutes, and then I just coated the paste on my pans (thinking “Maybe if I let it sit on there for about 5-10 minutes, maybe that will be a miracle???”).

    But NO! Nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. When I started out, my pans looked like her before picture, and when I finally called it quits–in frustration & disgust–they were MAYBE, just MAYBE, one, at best, shade lighter. Oh, well, I guess not everyone can expect a miracle everyday. Better luck to all the rest of you. :)

    1. Anne

      Me too unfortunately, I had oil spill over onto the sides of my andondized calphalon pans and I hate the way it looks – was sooo hoping for a miracle – but it didn’t do anything for the oil marks.

    2. crazywoman/Billie

      I have had the same experience. Didn’t work miracles for me either (and I’ve made sure I had “fresh” peroxide, as I’ve read that the peroxide might be old, and not good). One thing it did work on, was my almond refrigerator handles, and the area around them. But most other stuff,,,, NADA. :>(

    3. Jess

      It’s not as natural, but Barkeeper’s Friend will make your pans shine with very little effort. It’s in a gold shaker jar (like Comet comes in) and can be found in the cleaning aisle. Get the pan wet, shake some of the powder on, and rub with a sponge. I have stainless pans with copper bottoms. I use them HARD every day and they are about 7 years old. They shine like brand new :)
      It also will make your stainless or ceramic sink shine, takes stains out of white crock pots, makes flatware shine, the glass on your oven door won’t know what hit it, takes rust off ceramic tubs, you name it! I do make sure to wash anything food will touch with dish soap after using it, just because I’m paranoid.
      Oh, and my mom uses it on her silver, she’s just careful to rub GENTLY!

    4. Kathy Halbrook

      I’ve found that scrubbing my stained pots and pans with straight baking soda and hot water using a scotch brite pad will usually remove the “gunk”. Good luck to you..

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  21. Aubre

    I so can not thank you enough for this! I put in on my flat iron and it worked wonderfully! I’ve had my flat iron for, oh, 5 years now, and although I use it maybe 3 or 4 times a month, that’s still pretty gunky! I try not to have product in my hair while I’m using it, but, well, it happens, right? This took it right off in about 30 minutes! Thank you soooo much!

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  23. Cari

    I have a wonderful recommendation for trouble with hard water on dishes. When I moved to the country with well water 2 years ago, all of my dishes started getting so chalky & white in the dishwasher. I tried several things, and finally found 2 products that work wonders.

    The first is just a heavy dose of phosphates, but if you don’t mind that, then it’s Glass Magic by Finish. Here is a link…

    The other is a more natural product called LemiShine. I believe it works just as well, so I use this (since I like the “natural” aspect of it.

    Each of these is a powder (or granular) product. You just add it in with the detergent & run the dishwasher as you normally would. It’s amazing the difference. I will sometimes have a few spots on clear glass, but it beats the heckoutta having a completely cloudy, scummy, chalky, disgusting film on every dish!! I sware by the stuff, and won’t run my dishwasher without it.

    1. nanaquinn

      I think Lemi Shine is the best stuff going. My dishwasher had to be scraped every few months as the detergent built up on it. It took me hours to clean it. The coil was totally covered & if someone put it on heat dry, it smelled like it was burning. My glasses were really gross & I was embarrassed to use them for company. After Lemi Shine (I put a little in each cup) my dishwasher sparkles & so do my glasses. It may take a little while to cut through the buildup, but it works for my heavy mineral stained needs. My daughter in law thought she needed a new dishwasher, but after using Lemi Shine, she is happy.

  24. April

    Am I the only one who thinks having to go over something several times to clean up all the residue makes this just inconvenient? Maybe I’m only supposed to be using the MC as a spot treatment for tough spots? I cleaned my bathroom last night and spent more time getting the powder up than I did cleaning and then the counters still felt kind of gritty. Advice?

    1. Donna

      I had the same problem while cleaning my stovetop. Scrubbed and scrubbed with minimal improvement, it felt like I could achieve the same effect with plain baking soda. Also took forever to wipe clean. Maybe I left my stove get too dirty before trying this? I didn’t leave it sit at all.

    2. Nancy McManus

      Try doing the scrubbing, giving a good wipe to get a lot of it up, then just let it dry. I find it’s easier to “dust” off the residual when it dries. And it sort of gives a buffed look.

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  27. Ruth


    I have been making my own cleaning products for years.
    I discovered about 6 or 7 years ago that baking soda could be purchased much less expensively in 50 pound bags at an agricultural supply store. If they don’t have it on hand (depending upon where you live) they can order it for you. We live in a more suburban than farming region, however we do have an Agway three towns up.
    Sometimes the brand is Arm & Hammer sometimes another. Please be advised that this is NOT food grade, it is AGRICULTURAL ONLY. Do not have your children start mooing by making a mistake.
    Must not be eaten or cooked with for humans. I have no idea why and I never went so far as to call Arm and Hammer.
    When I began my bulk purchasing of baking soda, it was 11 cents a pound versus $1.00.
    Probably depends upon where you live and I am sure that the price has gone up a bit since then as gas and diesel has.
    If you are interested you could probably get someone or a few someones to go in on a bag.

    I first heard of you, Jillee, when a friend sent me your link and recipe for citrus enzyme cleaner. I am patient (or at least for that recipe felt I was), so it is still brewing in a glass bottle near kitchen sink. Luckily, we have had a bit of a cold spell, here in CT. I do wonder about this brewing in the hot and humid weather.
    Can’t wait for it to be done and have been saving some spray bottles for that day.

    Happy Cleaning and Making It Yourself to all.


    PS instead of Jet Dry and those sort of products for dishwasher, I have been using white vinegar. It has been many years now and I find it to work just as well. When I switched I just re-used the little Jet Dry container and filled it with vinegar. I suppose if you like the thicker consistency you could add glycerin but I wouldn’t waste the $.

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  29. Rachel

    Just used you “Miracle” Cleaner on my kitchen counters, bathroom floor around our toilet and the bathroom sinks. Works so great! My husband was quite impressed with the results as well! Love your site. Thank you! :)

  30. Ashley

    Love this! I started investigating the baking soda/peroxide combo after I read this. You can use a mixture of baking soda/hydrogen peroxide to gargle with! (you can also help dilute it with water if your gums are sensitive) Just don’t swallow lol. It is supposed to kill gingivitis, prevents cavities and whitens your teeth!
    You can also make a paste from the baking soda/peroxide and use a toothbrush to scrub the stains off of your sneakers!

    1. L

      “I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but it did not work on my pans. Maybe they’re too bad for it to work.”

      That’s how you spell all those words. Also, punctuation is not optional.

      1. Cathy

        How very kind of you, L, to declare yourself queen of spelling and punctuation. I’m an English/Language Arts teacher, and I spot spelling errors very easily. But, with maturity, I’ve learned that kindness and encouragement is more important, especially in situations like this. There is a time and place for everything.

        1. Melanie

          Cathy, you sound like a pompous B-word. Maybe you can help me spell that.

          I don’t know why you get off on belittling people, but you sound like a pretty miserable person.

          1. Melanie

            SORRY, CATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That message was not intended for you.

            It was actually intended for the commenter with username “L”–the one who decided to be a spelling monitor of this forum!!!!!!!!

        1. Melanie

          Shannon Lude, I agree! I appreciate good grammar and spelling as much as the next person, but I don’t see the point in attacking people and correcting them.

    2. Nancy McManus

      Try letting it sit longer. If it still doesn’t work, try Bar Keepers friend, letting it sit a bit, too. And if they’re really bad, you can bring them outside, on a thick layer of newspaper, and turn them up-side-down. Brush on oven cleaner (don’t get any on the inside or it will strip any seasoning you’ve accomplished.) Works like a charm on all that gunky cooked-on oil.
      Not a “green” natural solution, I know, but effective. Test a small area, first.

  31. Caitlin

    LOVED this! Used it tonight on my very burnt, disgusting burner plates and it worked like a charm! They are now shiny and clean. This is a new favorite in my house, thank you!

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  34. Emily

    I have been cleaning my house and brushing my teeth with this combo for a few years now, and haven’t had any draw backs. Well, except the time I used too much peroxide for brushing and my gums were white and sensitive for a few hours. I explained to a friend who is not the most kitchen/cleaning savvy gal and called me up to complain that it wasn’t working for her. I went to her house and realized she was using baking powder and not soda. Make sure your using the right products if you are not getting results.

  35. shannon

    Lol its so funny that you used that comparison bc my friend just used it on me about baking soda. I use it for everything. Also, idk of you know this but there is a non chlorine bleach alternative out there that is actually hydrogen peroxide but instead of the 1% the medical stuff has it has 3% or more. We use it to clean everything. Put it in a bottle of 2:1 ratio of peroxide and water and you can spray it on your floors, mop and its not sticky. As for cleaning a stove top, may I recommend Bar Keepers Friend… It works great esp for glass top stoves.

  36. Brittany

    I use undiluted lemishine to clean BAD soap scum off pots and pans but for glasses and dishes I used it diluted in water. I fill the sink a quarter of the way with warm water squirt on the lemishine and scrub the dish with a sponge. Hopefully this will help other people for the tougher stuff. I also use it undiluted on my youngest’s bottles to get them squeky clean and looking brand new again:)

  37. brandi

    I use a mixture of 3 parts water, 1 part peroxide, and Dawn (my personal favorite) in a spray bottle and THAT is my go to cleaner for EVERYTHING! Best part – it’s cheap :)

    Peroxide is the most amazing stuff on earth – I totally swear by it for everything! lol

  38. Rachel Loveridge

    Another vote here for LemiShine for hard water buildup on dishes. When I moved here a year ago, all my roommates’ dishes were covered with the stuff. I Googled for a solution, bought the stuff, and was shocked when it all came off in one wash. I was even happier to find that you can buy LemiShine at Walmart for cheaper than Amazon. This is what it looks like, for those who missed the earlier post: . It was right next to the Jet Dry at our local Walmart. In some places, you can find it at the grocery store.

    Can’t wait to try the “miracle cleaner” on some other stuff.


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