DIY Makeup Remover Cloths – UPDATE!

homemade wipes

A few days ago I posted about making your own makeup remover cloths. I like taking makeup off with them, but they are pricey!

The idea intrigued me and I was almost out of my store-bought package…so I HAD to give it a try! (CLICK HERE to go to the original post for instructions.)

It was SOOO easy to do!

Here is my photo tutorial of the process.

Makeup Remover ClothsMakeup Remover ClothsMakeup Remover ClothsMakeup Remover ClothsMakeup Remover Cloths

TADA!  Finished product!


And I LOVE the way they make my face feel!! Coconut oil is AMAZING!  (I got mine from Tropical Traditions but they have started carrying it LOTS of other places…including Costco.)

Makeup Remover Cloths

It kind of looks like shortening when you scoop it out…but just a few seconds in the microwave with some warm water and melts into this soft, silky-feeling mixture. I really ♥ it!   I think next time I might add a few drops of some essential oil of some sort, just to give it a “nice smell”.  Right now there is virtually no smell.  Which is OK too. :-)

These would also make great baby wipes!

OK…that’s all I got.  I just couldn’t wait to share my “success story”!  Give it a try!!!  The $$ savings are phenomenal! (I’d figure it out…..but I have an aversion to calculators!)  :-)


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  1. IzzyCal says

    Coconut oil is great on your skin, it’s the most common skin moisturizer in the tropics, I use it in my lotion for face and body, it also makes a great deep conditioner for hair: apply, let sit for at least 15 minutes, then shampoo. It helps get rid of itchy scalp. I have made an effort to use as many all natural products as possible, and in order to save money, I make my own. The chemicals in most commercial products can be toxic, so why put it on your skin? I love saving money and doing something good for my health, it’s a win-win!

  2. Courtney says

    I am having trouble getting the recipe. I click and it doesn’t take me to it. Please help! I am excited to do this myself, as make-up remover wipes are so expensive! Thanks.

  3. julie says

    Hi! I love this idea, however, for whatever reason I can’t see the pictures and the link doesnt bring me to the recipe/instructions. I would love love to try this! Anyway you can send me the instructions?

    Great blog!

  4. DeeRay says

    I’m thinking of trying the homemade make-up remover clothes but wanted to know if these oils/lotions are safe if you get them in your eyes? Is coconut oil and olive oil ok to get in your eyes? I wear contacts but I take them out before removing my make-up. Some of the store bought products tend to irritate my eyes.

    Also, I buy Walmart brand make-up removing clothes and they tend to shed and leave “fuzzies” on my face. Does anyone have this problem with paper towels?

  5. Lynn says

    Would love to try this, but the link (“CLICK HERE”… original post…) to the instructions
    and supply list isn’t working…
    I keep getting rerouted to this page and the pictures help only to a point.
    Help? Maybe add the written instructions and supply list to this page as well?
    Thanks, I will revisit.

    • says

      Lynn….thank you for pointing out that the link wasn’t working properly! I have fixed it so you should be able to get to the original post when you click on “CLICK HERE” now. :-) Thanks again!

  6. Joy Gallagher says

    Jill. Went to Wal Mart. Didnt find coconut oil or lavender essential oil. Not all Wally Worlds are the same but what section did you find yours in? They directed me to the lamp oil. LOL Been loving your site and my family has had to pry me off it the last few days. Gonna make some wipes and have been intrigued by your essential oils post. Trying the lavender on my boys skin to help w/ eczema and sleeping issues tonight.

    • says

      Joy…..I think the coconut oil was in the international foods aisle? I’ve since ordered mine from Amazon. You do NOT want to get LAMP OIL! lol. Unfortunately you’ll probably have to go to a health food store for essential oils…or order off of Amazon. I live in a dinky town and our health food store has lots of the essential oils for a good price. Hope this helps. :-)

  7. says

    Does anyone who has tied this have oily/acne prone skin? I’m curious about using the coconut oil on my oily skin. It has gotten better with age, but I still have a tendency to break out unless I use oil-free products.

  8. Helen says

    To Maggie, I haven’t use these clothes, but I have become such a coconut oil convert that I do use it on and in just about everything I can. I have VERY sensitive skin and I have had no issues at all with it. Neither has my daughter and while very skeptical to try some of my homemade remedies for various things, she has not complained at all .

    Hope this helps.

  9. says

    I have been following various homemade skincare regimens, and if you are using coconut oil, it is advisable to use “unrefined, organic coconut oil” because it will not clog your pores. I think it is from another Jillee “how to” product recommendation?

    • Katie Hackett says

      Candace, it would take awhile longer, but you could tear off & fold your paper towels to fit in a smaller container (like the one the store-bought wipes come in). I’m trying to come up with a version I can wash and re-use to reduce trash…anyone have suggestions for reusable wipes that would be nice to my face?

      • Jamie Nedderman says

        Yeah…. I cloth diaper and am NOT a “sewing person.” I went and bought cloth wipes to go with on Etsy – they were about $1 a wipe and have lasted for 17 months (so far) of cloth diapering. I’m off to buy some now for my face for this recipe. Hope it works. They are a very soft flannel-type material. This is the person I bought them from:
        Was very pleased with her product, not so much from others. She had a time where she didn’t have any “posted” and I emailed her and she made me some. Very nice.

  10. Heather says

    I love making homemade scrubs and trying different ones! I have a question…I have oily/acne prone skin on my face. Can I use this recipe with the coconut oil on my face as a scrub? I will take any advice anyone has to offer about this topic or anything to do with getting rid of my acne. ~Thanks~

  11. Tracy says

    Method of cutting the paper towel roll? Mine was very hard to cut and ended up looking like a beaver had gnawed it in half lol I wonder if I could use a thicker brand of toilet paper instead? Like that one type of charmin that is more like a paper towel that toilet paper. Hmm something to consider.

  12. says

    If you look on her post called Homemade Baby / Makeup Remover Wipes, she has the recipe posted… but here it is:
    Cut paper towel roll in half and place in container.
    Add 4 cups warm water, 1-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil. (1-2 squirts of baby wash or your your favorite face wash if you want, but it’s not necessary)

  13. says

    Hi, Only speaking from experience. I Made wipes, & Facial cleansing cloths out of a cut in half napkin and essential oils, I even tried with just coconut oil. . . Sadly if you dont use up your invention within a week , it starts to mold. Be careful.

  14. Mac says

    You may want to look up the proper use of quotation marks.
    Some wrong Examples:
    Fresh “Eggs” Sold Here
    Lost “Dog”
    My neighbors cat “sat” on the roof.
    “Children in the Area”

    I’m no expert by far but I am unsure if you used them correctly. Sorry for critiquing!


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