My KITCHEN "Miracle" Cleaner turned BATHROOM "Miracle" Cleaner!

bathroom miracle cleanerLet me just preface this by saying, “I am not a clean freak.”  Not that I think that’s a BAD thing!  Honestly, I could use a little more of that particular kind of freakiness. But lately, I can’t stop cleaning stuff! :-)  I don’t really plan it out. I’ll just notice something that I’ve probably overlooked (or tried to ignore) a thousand times before and suddenly I’ll have to clean it! Right then, right there. And since it doesn’t happen probably nearly as often as it should…I try to go with it when the urge strikes!

Witness this afternoon. I was working on the MILLION and one things I need to get done before the Open House for my son and his new bride next Saturday, when I noticed the faucet handle in my bathroom that today seemed particularly yucky!  I swear, I clean my bathroom sink on a fairly regular basis, but after awhile, make-up and hair spray seem to combine to form an almost impenetrable film on everything around my sink.  I have wiped this particular faucet knob a million times, but the make-up/hairspray gunk refuses to budge. For some inexplicable reason, today is the day I decided enough was enough.

I went to the cupboard under my kitchen sink where I now keep a supply of my favorite “miracle cleaner” (it’s just baking soda and peroxide but “miracle cleaner” sounds more impressive.)  The “paste” was all dried out since my last cleaning attack…but a couple squirts of peroxide and it was ready to go! (I took a picture of my little bowl, but for some reason it didn’t turn out.)

First, I worked on the faucet.

Impressive huh?  Wait, it gets better.

Second, I decided to attack the crease around the sink edge that also collects that stubborn-to-remove make-up/hairspray gunk.

Amazing! I didn’t think that stuff would ever come clean.

Third, my eye was drawn into that corner that never seems to quite get completely clean.  Mostly because it’s a corner…and it’s trickier to get in there and get the gunk.

Chalk another one up for the “miracle cleaner”!

Many, many other tasks demanded my attention today….so I decided to call that good, for now. That was until I moved my Chi hair straightener out of it’s usual place (while I was cleaning) and saw the horrible “burney spot” that’s been there for a couple of years now.

Warning: do not leave your hair straightener on all day 
sitting directly on the bathroom counter!

I think you can surmise what happened here. I assure you, I have tried and tried and tried to get that stuff off (mainly because of the dirty looks I get from the hubster each time he notices it), but NOTHINGhas worked. I seriously doubted even my “miracle cleaner” was going to have a chance here….but you know I had to try.

Ummmm…..hello!  Within SECONDS of applying and rubbing with my fingers… was gone!

No kidding. Pinky Swear. I actually laughed out loud for real and summoned the hubster immediately.
I think his exact words were, “No way!”    WAY!!

So, that was my afternoon. When I SHOULD have been sewing, baking, shopping and planning for next Saturday’s celebration….I was cleaning my bathroom sink and giggling like a school girl over it.

Life is never what I expect…..and I wouldn’t change a thing! :-)

UPDATE: 11/26/2011: Today I am saddened to report that I discovered something my “miracle cleaner” could NOT clean in the bathroom. :-(((   I used this to deep-clean our bathtub today…and had high hopes it could work on the badly hard-water stained tub jets. While I WAS able to get a LOT of the gunk off…the plaster-like hard water deposits would not budge! Of course I am working on formulating a NEW plan to attack THOSE!


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  1. Lanie says

    We had horrible hard water stains/buildup in a rent house on glass shower doors, fixtures, and tub – I tried several things and finally made a paste/gel with white vinegar and borax, let it sit for about 15 minutes – used minimal elbow grease and ALL GONE!!!! Hope this helps. I use the miracle cleaner for everything too – love it!!

    • Heather Johnson says

      I just tried the borax and vinegar mixture and it harden like a rock and I had to scrape it off my sink and almost completely clogged the drain. What exactly did I do wrong?

        • Cathy says

          Wanted to tell everyone if you will get some of the eraser pads and use with the dawn/vinegar combo you will be shocked how well it works. I used it today on my tub and then in my walk in shower. Sprayed the dawn/vinegar mixture and then used the eraser pads to clean. Absolutely no effort at all and sparkling clean. I don’t think my tub has ever been as clean as it is now. And the walk in shower, which is all white porcelain tile, is sparkling as well.

  2. Rumor says

    If you have etched the glass or tub with lime build up…it is like glasses that usually don't come clean in the dishwasher. Saying that Most of the time you can get it clean. CLR and a green scrubbie. I put it in a spray bottle and scrub the heck out of it. I know it isn't green clean which I do most of the time. I have a professional cleaning business and most of the time I can use vinegar and baking soda or dawn and vinegar. The key to keeping it off is to dry your showers and tubs. I go and buy a Commerical window squeedie. And dry them off. Once it is etched you want to keep hard water from building up again.
    I love the fact you try out whatever you post. I am trying them out also. Trying to get all my customers to go green. : )

  3. Anonymous says

    Fill your tub over your jets with HOT water, throw in some homemade dishwashing detergent and turn on for ten to fifteen minutes…it cleans the inside of them…and just be prepared for the yuck that comes out! By that time all of the gunk around the jets is loosened and comes off easily with a toothbrush.

  4. Anonymous says

    Have you tried a little citric acid mixed with water to clean hard water gunk off your jets. I use about 2 tsp. in my dishwasher and it cleans out my washer to an amazing sparkle (stainless steel).

  5. Linda says

    Not sure what your jets look like or where the hard water deposits are, but I wrap a paper towel (or washcloth) around the base of my bathroom faucets and wet down with vinegar. Then just let it sit, a couple of hours or overnight. The deposits just wipe right off. I also found your blog through Pinterest and liked it so much, I subscribed! First blog I ever subscribed to!

  6. Jill Nystul says

    Anony and Linda…thank you so much for those suggestions. I am definitely going to try that. It's sad because no one wants to use the bath with those icky jets. :-/ Oh and Linda…I'm honored to be your "first"! ;-)

  7. Anonymous says

    Try "Bar Keepers Friend" it is next to Comet and in the same kind of container. It will not scratch and it also great for getting rid of rust and the ONLY thing to get those metal marks off a porcelain sink or tub. I use it for copper pots, etc. If baking soda or vinegar won't clean something, I go to my Bar Keepers Friend. Gently rub it in with a sponge or washcloth & let it do it's thing. You could also try cooking oil. It sounds strange, but when I can't clean something I try oil. (as long it is something that I can get oil out of.)

  8. says

    I have several things that have worked great on hard water marks depending on the surface…

    Vinegar works great where you can soak it for a while. On tub jets – get those cotton squares you use for removing makeup- soak them and let them sit on the jets for a few hours. Redampen if they dry out.
    For shower heads and faucets – take a ziplock bag full of vinegar and rubberband or zip tie it to the faucet… let sit then just wipe the crusty stuff off.

    Glass shower doors- toothpaste seems to work best for mine now. The actual paste, not the gel. I usually just do it while I am in the shower, and it smells good. Just remember not to wipe water out of your eyes while you have any toothpaste residue on your hands!!!! Not a good experience ;o)

    I have been told that 1 pt vinegar and 1 pt fabric softener works great on shower doors too. I just don’t use fabric softener, so have never tried since the toothpaste works great on our showers.

    Cut an old lemon, and wipe it over your faucets… that will help with the deposits too. Has only worked on some of my faucets though… not sure what the difference is… but it works great on most of them.

  9. Donna Attisano says

    I am a HUGH fan of perixode & baking soda…stop spending so much $$ on the white strips for your teeth. A combination of perixode & baking soda as part of your daily cleaning of your teeth & watch & see in a few weeks how much whiter your teeth look & so inexpensive. Another great job that perixode does is – mix it with water in a bottle with a spray top & do your mirrors but most importantly do your windows…unbelieveable how clean they come – do your car windows in & out too…amazing..I use an old t-shirt or a shamy to dry, thus saving a ton of $$ on paper towels…….
    Oh, I almost forgot…use this on your bathroom sink & counter tops…so clean & shiny & no more lysol, etc, which also costs way too much $$..hope this helps too

  10. says

    Hi Jillee,
    My daughter found you on Pinterest, and I followed her lead. Yours is my new favorite, and SO practical!, blog. Thanks for doing what you do.

    We recently gave our bathroom a face-lift, which included a new tub & surround. The instructions which came with it said to wipe it down after using it. I have a lot of microfiber cloths, so each day after the last shower (mine) I use one to completely wipe down the whole thing. It doesn’t take long, and I noticed that I can tell by feel when the soap scum is not there anymore. Still like-new shiny after two months of use! I’m glad I added it to my routine!

  11. Kelli says

    hey Jill

    LOVE your blog, I’m soaking my husbands t-shirt armpits in dawn and peroxide at this very moment! I wish I had known about your blog back when my job was cleaning houses! However, if after all these wonderful ideas your shower jets still aren’t clean…. I had a house that I cleaned with a jet tub and I would always use the Works tub and shower cleaner. for the picture :) spray on, clean rest of bathroom (with fan on for fumes – its no green cleaner that’s for sure!) then wipe down tub and use a dentures brush for getting everything off the jets, minimal elbow grease required, the cleaner is a gem!

  12. cricket says

    My trick to cleaning our tub and shower is this …… pour vinegar in a squirt bottle and add a few drops of dawn dish detergent! spray on tub/shower , let it sit for an hour and , you can literally wipe away the dirt, mildew, water spots with a wet towel ! i spray our shower out every other day a little before i get in, and the steam and my spray nozzle takes care of it!!!

  13. KARLA says

    I have fought hard water spots all over the house and here is a cure all including hard water spots from the sprinkler system on windows Also works for built up water deposits on trim/molding. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice. Also denture tablets from Dollar Store are a dream for toilet and bathroom/kitchen sinks. I can’t wait to try the Peroxide/Baking Soda Magic Potion as soon as I sign off of this computer tonight. Thank you!!

  14. Cheryl says

    I used a generic form of Dawn degreaser (from the Dollar General) on my bathtub/shower and it works like magic. Anything that is left I use the magic eraser on. I am going to try your “magic cleaner” right in a few minutes. Thank you. Now, if you have some “magic” that gets the yucky gunk off of the stove top where drip pans should be PLEASE share. Thanks so much!!

  15. Diane says

    I read on the internet that amonia works great on drip pans. Spray them with with amonia and put them in a plastic bag, seal it shut, leave them soak overnight ( I would put them outside/in the garage to avoid the smell). They are supposed to wipe clean. My neighbor tried it and said it worked like a miracle. Good Luck

  16. Mary says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have spent loads of money and time attempting to clean cooked on Pam spray off our black gas stove and a gray shower floor that’s supposed to be beige. We have literally purchased every kitchen and bathroom cleaner sold by Target, Wal-Mart, and the Dollar General but nothing worked. This past weekend, we tried your Miracle Cleaner and were amazed that it worked!!! It took quite a bit of elbow grease and a scrubbing brush, but it worked!!!! Both DH and I are VERY impressed. This will certainly be our go to cleaner from now on!!! Thanks again!!!

  17. Jenny says

    How can I create one or both of these with the miracle cleaning recipe?

    1) spray ( so I can just carry it aroundm spray, and wipe off

    2) Wipes so that I know my kids can clean toilet seat safely ( in the non-ventilated bathroom!).


  18. Brandy McCabe says

    For terrible hard water stains in the bathroom, I use a mixture of half clorox half water to wet my sponge, then dip the sponge into borax powder. Then just use the coated sponge to clean the surface. You have to keep dipping the sponge in between the 2 containers; however the borax really does a great job of softening the hard water and the bleach water makes sure to kill the germs and/or any possible mold/mildew. The solution washes off just as easily too. The effects of this easy homemade cleaning solution are stunning. I am always pleased with how my bathroom sparkles after I am done!

  19. says

    Hi Jillee,

    I had 7 years of hairspray and dirt build up on my vinyl floor. I had tried everything, even asking a friend with a chemistry background what would lift it up. No luck! I tried your miracle cleaner and I LOVE it!! I scrubbed a lot, but it got all the gunk off my floor! NOTHING else would work. I love when the “old” basics beat everything else!!


  20. says

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