The Secret To Perfect Shredded Chicken In Seconds!

I ran across this idea on Pinterest (shocking huh?) awhile ago and have been using this method for “perfect shredded chicken” ever since. This one definitely falls under the “why didn’t I think of that?” category.  But hey, at least SOMEONE did! And now all of us can benefit from it!

So that’s why I’m posting it here, for those of you who haven’t yet been let in on the “secret”. I decided to make Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas for Sunday dinner and since it calls for shredded chicken, I just decided to snap a few pics while I was at it. I’m pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves. Just make sure you do this when the chicken is still warm/hot!

Update: a few people have asked for a few more details….so here they are.  I used the paddle hook on my KitchenAid…and I did it on a low setting for a couple of minutes.  Start slow and speed up as it becomes more shredded.

Perfect Shredded Chicken
You’re welcome. :-))
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  1. says

    Question… what’s a “Paddle Hook” attachment? I have a professional grade KitchenAid mixer with the dough hook, paddle, and wire whisk attachments, but I don’t have a “paddle hook” attachment, and when I attempt to search the KitchenAid website for a “paddle hook” attachment, I get zero returns, so I’m not sure that’s the correct name for the attachment. Can you clarify as to whether you are talking about a certain type of dough hook or paddle attachment because I don’t believe a “paddle hook” actually exists.

    • Karen says

      I wasn’t sure which attachment either….but I was looking around and on the link for the garlic chicken puffs, it shows shredding the chicken in a kitchen aid mixer with a better pic of the attachment. It’s the same one that I use for making cookies. She calls it a cookie paddle on there. Hope this helps!

  2. Wendy says

    OMG you just became my new best friend…..can same process be used on pork/beef ect???

  3. spitefulilsprite says

    This can be done with just a humble old handmixer as well. I currently am making the honey lime chicken enchiladas and cooked the chicken in the crockpot. When they were done I simply used the handmixer directly in the crockpot, mixed the first four ingredients with the chicken and let marinate in the crock. Worked just as well, took just as little time and I have even less clean up. :)

  4. Jenny says

    You can also do this in a Bosch, I use the wire wisks on mine. As long as the meat (roast, chicken, pork, etc.) is piping hot and fully cooked it will shred it for you in seconds. HTH someone!

    • Christine says

      Sorry, the link doesn’t take you right to the page with those attachments. It would be page five on that link.

  5. Mark says

    Once I get a KitchenAid with a paddle hook I’ll go this route. For now I just use 2 dinner forks on a cutting board to shred. Takes a while and sometimes hurts my hands, but it gets the job done fairly quick and the meat stays pretty hot.

    • Brenda says

      I use my hand mixer the same way with cooked beef or chicken. I use it right in the crockpot.

  6. Kitty says

    What if you have an Oester Kitchen center and no paddles? I only have regular mixer “blades” “beaters”, etc,

  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks! I'm making buffalo chicken wraps and will be shredding them with my KitchenAid mixer!!

  8. Renee Richins says

    I'm cooking a pork roast and need to shred it. I wonder if this would work on the pork. I think I'll give it a try.