Make Your Own Moisturizing Body Butter

Moisturizing Body Butter

We are experiencing one of the mildest winters I think we’ve ever had since I moved to Utah from California almost 18 years ago! So WHY, I ask you, am I experiencing the WORST dry skin I’ve ever had in my life this winter?? Answer me that Riddler!

While you ponder that oddity of Mother Nature…let me share with you something I made to help combat the problem!  BODY BUTTER! 

I admit, I have never used Body Butter before. The thought of rubbing “butter” all over my skin just wasn’t appealing to me.  That was until I saw a picture of a homemade batch that someone had made. It looked so creamy and fluffy I wanted to grab a spoon! And even better…I couldn’t believe how EASY it was to make.

So in light of my seriously itchy, dry skin this winter I decided I must give this stuff a try! And it just so happened that I had all the ingredients on hand because I had ordered them from not long ago with the intention of making my own Lotion (which I still plan on doing.)  But I was so intrigued with this “recipe”, I decided to try it first.

The recipe I used comes from Susan Powers website

Body Butter

1 cup shea butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup almond oil (you can substitute olive oil, jojoba oil, any organic, liquid oil that is healthy.)

1. Melt shea butter and coconut oil in the top of a double boiler. Remove from heat and let cool for 30 minutes.

Moisturizing Body Butter

2. Stir in almond oil and essential oils of your choosing.

Moisturizing Body Butter
Moisturizing Body Butter

I added probably 20 to 25 drops of Lavender oil, but when it was finished it was still
hard to even smell. Next time I will use more.

3. Wait until oils start to partially solidify….

Moisturizing Body Butter
……then whip until a butter-like consistency is achieved. This should only take a few minutes.

Moisturizing Body Butter
Moisturizing Body Butter

4. Place in clean, glass jar and enjoy! A little goes a long way.

Moisturizing Body Butter

So for the last two days I have been using this stuff every chance I get! At first it felt really strange to put on because as soon as it comes in contact with the heat of your skin, it basically melts and feels….well…oily.  Imagine that! lol.  But after working it into my skin for a few seconds, the oily feeling is gone and it just feels smooth and moisturized! If I need to handle something right away after putting it on, I would just wipe off the palms of my hands slightly, just so I didn’t get my cell phone (or whatever) oily.

That is my first experience with Body Butter! Suffice it to say…my body LOVES it!

UPDATE: March 6, 2012
I wanted to just post a short “update” of sorts to this post and reiterate how much I am loving this stuff!  When I first looked at my four jars of this stuff I thought I’m NEVER going to be able to use it all! Like I said above…a little goes a long way when you’re just rubbing it occasionally on your hands, etc.  But lately I have started literally SLATHERING myself with it when I get out of the shower (I probably use a good 1/4 cup!) and then letting it “soak in” while I dry and style my hair and do my make up. By the time I get dressed it’s no longer oily and my skin feels SOOOO soft!!!  Now THAT’S what body butter is supposed to do!  I think. :-)


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  1. Jill Nystul says

    lisalwright…I think you could just as easily use olive oil or almond oil for this as well.

    Becca…I love coconut oil too! Removing the butter and using only coconut oil might work. I say go for it and let us know! ;-)

  2. Becca says

    Jill- I love coconut oil (use it for everything.) In your recipe, would you replace the shea butter with coconut, then add the remaining oils? I am very excited to try this. Thanks so much for sharing it with us :)

  3. Shelly @A Creative Space says

    Oh my goodness! This is a very chatty post! :)
    So, does the recipe make 4 jars? If so, it looks easy enough to make a 1/2 recipe. Good to know that you used Cocoa butter & it worked, because I LOVE that smell! Maybe that is why you had a hard time smelling the lavender – ha, ha!

  4. Jill Nystul says

    Well Anne-Marie…you should be delighted because while I didn't MEAN to use cocoa butter…lol…I did in fact use cocoa butter. The recipe called for shea butter and I thought that's what I had ordered, but was apparently mistaken. I have since learned that either butter will work…but shea has no smell…unlike cocoa butter…that has a definite chocolate smell…which is fine by me! But might not be for others. So there you go. I hope that helps! :-)

    Deborah…I think the Vit E oil is a good idea as a natural preservative.

    Ellen…you are very welcome!

    • Kimberly Johnson says

      I’m a bit confused. You stated that Shea Butter doesn’t have a smell, but it does. It has a nutty, and very specific scent to it. Some people don’t like the smell. When you use Shea butter are you using unrefined or refined?

    • Karen says

      I love this body butter recipe. I have seriously dry skin and this is now my winter skin Rx. Love how it soaks into the skin after a few minutes so that you don’t feel greasy. And the texture is amazing. Have numerous family members with eczema and psoriasis and they say this works better than prescription creams. One friend has daughters who are competitive swimmers and their feet were so dry and cracked from the chlorine. This body butter healed their feet completely in days. I am allergic to shea butter, so I use a blend of cocoa butter and kokum butter (from Mt Rose Herbs, which has great skin healing properties). For my oil, I use a blend of coconut, avocado and macadamia nut oils because each brings unique fatty acids to the butter. It’s better than anything I’ve ever purchased and I love that all my ingredients are organic and don’t contain chemical additives. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!!!

  5. Deborah Jennings says

    I have made something similar before, but I use about 2 Capsules of Vitamin E oil in mine, and haven't tried using it with coconut oil. I may just have to try it with that in it. The Vitamin E oil is a sort of preservative.

    • Brittany says

      Vit E does perserve lotions and scruffs and the best part about it, it has awesome healing factors in it as well. I have been in many 4 wheeler accidents and I love what Vit E does for my scars!!

      • Liana says

        Vitamin E is NOT a preservative. It is an antioxidant. It will keep your oils from going rancid as quickly but will do absolutely nothing to keep microbials away.

  6. Anne-Marie says

    The top photo with all the ingredients shows cocoa butter (not shea butter) in the melting pot. Just confirming that it's definitely shea you used for this recipe? I've been looking for a cocoa butter (whipped) that worked like a whipped body butter frosting forever so I would be delighted if you really had used cocoa butter. LOL! =)

      • says

        I have been experimenting with body butter recipes and this one is amazing.
        It is the perfect consistsncy.
        I did not have coconut oil so i used only shea and cocobutter along with the other oil.
        It came out creamy and wonderful.
        you can buy unscented cocobutter.
        If you use the scented cocobutter you can add a bit of cocoa powder to enhance the chocolate theme adding peppermint or orange essential oil. Super decadant!
        Thank you! I will use this base recipe again and again!

      • connie says

        You have to be careful with coconut oil. It can dry your skin. I make homemade soap and use cocout oil in it for the lather. Don’t over do it with coconut oil, especially if you have dry, itchy skin.

      • Deborah says

        I was wondering why my skin kept drying out so quickly! Thanks so much for your comment because I do have seriously dry skin and don’t need to add to the problem.

      • Jennifer says

        Coconut oil dries out the skin?! Not in my book! Its probably one of those things that depends on you. I’ve only known coconut oil to be oily and moisturizing.

      • Liana says

        Coconut oil is only drying AFTER the saponification process has taken place. Its fatty acid profile is actually very close to our won human sebum profile in its natural state which makes it easily absorbed and very emollient.

      • Sally says

        I found that I would get really dry if I was using only coconut oil. I love it IN other stuff but I can’t use it on its own. Maybe different skin reacts differently to it?

      • Sam says

        Thank you Connie. I am trying to moisturize my skin and not make it worse. I am making this in a few days and I can’t wait. I want to make soaps also and if you are willing to converse with me I’m on Facebook Sam McAnally. My pic has red hair a black sweater and glasses and I’m from Kansas. Thanks

      • says

        I love the idea of adding cocoa powder and peppermint essential oil. That would make a perfect holiday scented body butter to give to family and friends as gifts. I think I’m going to give it a try.

      • LisaL says

        Hi Brie,
        I’ve made this recipe 4 times now. I’ve never used anything other than this basic recipe’s ingredients so far, but I do change my essential oils. I’ve used Bergamot, Lavender, and Grapefruit! I’ve given these as gifts, and every single person has been thrilled with the results. I always tell them I’m happy to make more, just need the jar back! :-D I even asked my massage therapist if he’d use my personal jar of body butter, and he was more than happy to use it. He loves the feeling on his hands too!

        Many people suggest using beeswax in that it would cut down on the oily-ness of this recipe. I haven’t tried it, but I wouldn’t mind having options in my body butter. Thanks, Jillee, for posting this!

  7. Jill Nystul says

    Diane…I'm sorry your question has been getting lost in the shuffle!

    Good catch there! It is supposed to be shea butter! (Although cocoa butter would be just as good…just has a cocoa smell to it).

    I have updated the Amazon link to SHEA BUTTER. Shea butter shouldn't have any smell to it…which would make it better for adding your own essential oil fragrance.

    I hope this answers your long-awaited question! :-)

      • lesley says

        If your shea butter doesn’t have a smell, it has been processed to take it out which will also take out a lot of the good properties. Unprocessed shea butter does have a smell. Most people compare it to a camp fire smell or a nutty smell.

  8. Sam says

    I wanted this to work so badly… however it never solidified. I let it cool and it started to gel up so then I whipped, and whipped, and whipped until I couldn’t whip anymore and it was just a foamy liquid-y mess. I put it in a jar and put it in the fridge and I’ll see how it goes from here. It is still useable and I dip my finger into it and slather it on but it is not how it should be =[