Towel Folding 101

I just loved this photo that someone recently pinned on Pinterest…..and it got me to thinking about how pretty towels are when they are folded properly.

Would you like to learn the simple and efficient way to fold your towels so they look their best on the shelf? Would you like to learn how to eliminate untidy ends where they don’t match? Would you like to have all your towels align evenly with each other?

Here is a simple instructional video from a home decorating pro that shows you 3 simple towel folding techniques that will add elegance to any bathroom. :-)

Towel Folding (click here for video)
by host Meghan Carter

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  1. Anonymous says

    I refolded all my towels last night (we did a load of towels, so it seemed like a good time to pull them all out). But now they don't fit into the teeny space we have for them! Crud. But even though I kind of jammed them in there, they still look super nice. Until I pulled one out this morning and they all came crashing down. HA! :)


  2. Mashe says

    I love this, but… Where do I get the fancy towels at a convenient cost? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • karen says

      I found some on Amazon and they r pima towels and 2 sets are 19.99! I bought.all.white so they r all matching now and got it all done for 40.00! They are awesome towels as well. Very good quality.

  3. says

    You are so right about how pretty towels are when they are folded properly! I used to be a maniac for perfectly-folded towels. But after many years of marriage to a quality assurance expert who can make sure every single product coming off a high-speed production line looks identical and exactly to specifications, but still can’t fold a simple bath towel the same way twice (even from the same load), and has never folded it the way I want, I finally “threw in the towel.” Add in 5 kids and I knew I’d either have to fold and refold towels like a live-in, OCD bathroom attendant or find another way.

    Here’s my “other way”: I don’t fold the bath towels anymore. At all. Ever. Instead of having a set of perfectly matched, perfectly folded, fluffy towels on the linen shelf, we each have a totally different, fluffy *beach* towel that hangs on a hook. Every couple days, I gather the towels for the wash and when they’re done, I skip the folding and just hang them right back on each person’s hook. Not a single one of them matches another and not a single one of them matches the rest of the decor of the bathroom. But every single one of them “matches” us and I love it that way.

    I still keep several perfectly-folded, regular bath towels for any guests that might stay, but otherwise, it’s no folding for me.

    Just had to share that.

    P.S. I love, love, LOVE your blog!

    • Murphy says


      you sound like a wonderful mix of realist with a positive outlook. I think your solution is great!

  4. Connie says

    Can’t see your page, Jillee. A huge beauty rest ad covers it as soon as I get here w/no x to close it.